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What Are The Best Ways To Make Your Life Easier?

What are the best ways to make your life easier? Three ways to make life more efficient. 9 habits to make your life more orderly.
In this article, we'll talk about "What Are The Best Ways To Make Your Life Easier?" The famous Harvard scholar Malden said: "Uneasy and changeable, it is a description of modern life alive apt words. 

"He believes that we must face an uneasy life and make our ship sail through the dangers of life-otherwise, we will only have to return to the womb and restore delusions and depression. 

Because there are very few things that can guarantee us, we have nothing but to Learn to do our best to overcome those dangers in order to live a more satisfying life.

In the real world, there are indeed many things that make us uneasy. At home, at school, in the company, or even on the street, we may encounter many annoying things. Then, in the face of many annoying things, how should we deal with and solve them?

As a member of social life, we are active on every production line. In our daily life, we will inevitably encounter some headaches, but there are solutions to everything. Practice these life tips to make your life easier and easier.

Three ways to make life more efficient, easier, and more concise

1. "Throw things" on time

The so-called "throwing things" refers to the loss of useless things in the mind. That is memories of unpleasantness, unhappiness, and uselessness. A person's brain capacity is that big. If you keep storing things in it without releasing them, it will make you very tired. 

It will feel much easier to erase the worthless memories on time. Simply put, selective forgetting. Forget the unhappy things, forget the painful things. Don’t be entangled with the past pain, don’t be constrained by the past. We have to learn to look forward.

2. Don't twist for what didn't happen

The fantasy is that everyone will have. Fantasy is good, fantasy is bad. It’s a wonderful thing to think about it occasionally and look forward to your future. If you always stay in fantasy, it becomes a pipe dream. I don’t have to do anything for a day, I’m thinking about the marginal things. 

Twister is stupid about what didn't happen. The actual action is always greater than fantasy. Why sometimes many people have a lot of sighs and a lot of sadness. I just think it out. If you are busy, you will find that this phenomenon is much less. So don't ever worry about things that haven't happened

3. Live in the moment

Living in the moment can be said that everyone is tired of listening. It's easy to say, but it's not difficult to do. It depends on what mentality you are doing. If you always think about it all day long, you will often miss the present opportunity. 

As long as you grasp this moment well, do what is beneficial to you, and act. Isn't that just living in the moment?


9 habits to make your life more orderly

First of all, if you want to make your life more orderly, then you need to build a powerful system that will work together to restrain your life from many aspects and keep it on a controllable track.

01. Leave space for yourself to plan

I have to set aside time for myself to plan every once in a while. My habit is to set aside 2 hours every weekend to plan the next week’s tasks.

You can’t always expect yourself to work non-stop without having time to think,

Without planning, our affairs will become more and more, our lives will become more and more chaotic,

Therefore, the first step to making your life more orderly is to set aside a fixed time to plan your life.

02. Maintain work-life balance

Don’t be a workaholic, don’t be a lazy person. It’s better to achieve a balance between work and life.

Since working in the media, in the beginning, my life and rest were very chaotic. I was working every day. I found that I could not get out of this state. I became anxious, insomnia, and irritable.

Because of constant output, I stopped learning, that is, the process of input. As time passed, my inspiration became more and more exhausted.

This is why I emphasize the principle of work-life balance. Humans are not machines. Our bodies and brains need time to rejuvenate and be inspired, and we must continue to learn new things so that we can continuously output.

03. Empty your brain regularly

Don't trust your brain too much. Research shows that in our short-term memory, ordinary people can only remember 7 things at a time.

We always think we can remember many things, but if you don’t write them down, you may forget them in a while.

So it's important to clear your brain regularly and write down what you want to do.

04. Build a convenient information system for you

This system can be a book, a software, whatever, as long as you can use it smoothly,

Don't choose the uncomfortable for aesthetics, you should choose the tools that can most synergize with your brain, and you should be able to use them easily at any time.

I am accustomed to using Notion. I like to do plan management and knowledge management on it. It is my second brain. I have developed the habit of recording casually so that my brain can only focus on one thing. It's thinking.

05. Put small chores together

We cannot avoid many small things in our lives, such as replying to emails, answering calls, taking express delivery, and so on. But these things take a lot of time,

My method is to record them first, and then do it together.

When our brains switch back and forth between tasks, the efficiency is lowest.

For example, when we are writing an article seriously, we are suddenly interrupted. At this time, it will take a long time for us to return to work. Some people will be irritated because they can't remember what we were writing just now. This is the impact of the short-circuit of the brain’s workflow,

Our brains are not adapted to switch back and forth between different tasks by nature, which wastes a lot of energy.

The best way is to put similar things together.

If you want to go out, finish all the things that need to be handled outdoors, take your shopping list with you, and buy all the things you want to buy after handling the things. If you want to write something, just spend a few hours, calm down, and finish writing the plan and email. This efficiency is the highest.

06. Always do the most important thing first

We should not only list the daily tasks but more importantly, learn to prioritize and finish the important things first. If you don’t know which things are most important to you, you should always ask yourself if you can only Do the 3 most important things, which one will you do first?

Do the most important and difficult things first every day, you will be much easier the rest of the time

I now like to use the four-quadrant rule to plan my tasks,

Four-quadrant management

The four-quadrant rule is an important concept of time management theory. It advocates focusing the main energy and time on dealing with important but not urgent tasks so that you can take precautions and prevent problems before they occur.

Quadrant 1: Important and urgent

This quadrant contains urgent and important things, which cannot be avoided or delayed, and must be dealt with first. It includes important meeting work, negotiation of major projects, etc.

Quadrant 2: Urgency is not important

These things are urgent but not important. Because of its urgency, many people misunderstandings and think that urgent things are important. In fact, events such as unnecessary phone calls and meeting other people's expectations are not important. These unimportant events often occupy a lot of people's precious time because they are urgent.

Quadrant 3: Not urgent, not important

Most of them are trivial chores, without the urgency of time, and without any importance. Being in a daze, surfing the Internet, and chatting are all chores that kill time.

Quadrant 4: important, not urgent

There is no urgency in time, but it has a major impact on personal development. For example, learn a new skill that is very helpful to the work, and obtain a very important certificate.

Processing principle

1. Prioritize the first quadrant

First of all, we must have the ability to make accurate judgments, determine whether it is an urgent and important matter, and deal with it first.

2. The fourth quadrant of investment

Things in the first quadrant are important and urgent, and people often cannot do well due to time.

Things in the fourth quadrant are very important, and there will be plenty of time to prepare and plenty of time to do well. Therefore, the investment in the fourth quadrant has the greatest return.

Due to the DDL, things in the fourth quadrant may become the first quadrant. For example, if you are preparing for a major exam, but you have not studied in advance, then when the DDL comes, you will have a lot of important and urgent things to do.

Therefore, spend as much time as possible on important but not urgent (fourth quadrant) things, so as to reduce the workload of the first quadrant.

3. Do less of the second and third quadrants

The trivial matters in the second and third quadrants often make it difficult for people to get out, so people often fall and become unable to extricate themselves. For example, playing games, watching entertaining videos, etc., as long as they play, it is difficult to get out, and it takes a long time to achieve results. So it should be avoided as much as possible.

07. Process your task box regularly

Many people like to write to-do lists, and I am no exception, but as my to-do list becomes more and more, I also become overwhelmed and even don’t want to act.

Therefore, we need to check our task boxes regularly, empty completed tasks, delete obsolete tasks, categorize small tasks, and assign our task boxes regularly so that you can better understand your time utilization and plan new ones. task.

08. Plan ahead before doing major tasks

Don’t immerse yourself in doing it right away before taking over major tasks. Plan first and do what to do in the first step and what to do in the second step. This process is a bit boring, but it can cure the confusion and waste of time caused by your lack of structure in handling things.

09. Plan tomorrow's task before going to bed

I’ve been sticking to this habit for a year. I plan what I’m going to do tomorrow 10 minutes before going to bed. I organize all the clothes I want to wear and put them next to the bed so that you don’t have to worry about what to wear when you wake up tomorrow morning. 

You don’t need to plan what to do the next day, you can start working. Since I have this habit, my life has become more docile.


Learn these three points and face life easily

As Dickens wrote at the beginning of "A Tale of Two Cities", this is the worst era, this is the best era. In today's society, we enjoy unprecedented convenience and speed, as well as unprecedented material and spiritual wealth experiences. But in such an era of rampant consumerism, our wallets have been repeatedly emptied. 

We are forced to work in 996 and 007. We overdraw our youth and body and our health by staying up late, and we are burdened with mortgages. life is really tired. When you are too tired, if you want to understand these three points, you will feel relaxed.

1. Health is the most important thing.

Recently, there has been a popular saying that young people exchange health for money, and when they are old, they exchange money for health. The elderly always like to tell us that health is the capital of life. 

If a person doesn't even want the most important health, then how can he pursue his dreams, and how can he exchange for a happier future? 

Contemporary young people either voluntarily or are forced to fight too hard. We have to overdraft our health and use our lives in exchange for hard-earned money. Young people staying up late, skipping breakfast, taking out all meals, lack of exercise, dark circles, baldness, and hair loss, these bad habits are all asking us to pay for our sub-health. 

The chance of sudden death among young people is rising sharply, and the age of sudden death is also decreasing sharply. In fact, if we realize the importance of health, many times we won't make ourselves so tired, so hard.

2. Being happy is the most important thing.

Some people say that having money can make ghosts grind, so you desperately make money, but your money is still in your pocket, and you have already overspent it before you warm up, so you can only make money harder Come to replenish the treasury, and you will fall into the trap of capitalists. However, some people also say that money is hard to buy for an inch of time. 

The little bit of money gained by selling one's health and time at a young age is not left in one wallet in the end. After many years, do you doubt what is left of your efforts over the years? You are frowning and anxious every day because of your desires. 

Why don't you ask if your original intention is still there, and why don't you do something to make yourself happy? Don't let work kidnap your emotions, just remember that happiness is the most important thing, and many times your life will not be so tired.

3. let go of obsession.

The root of all suffering actually comes from one word, is obsession. Contented people are often happy, and those who have nothing to depend on are often the happiest. 

The deeper a person's desire, the heavier his obsession, the heavier his obsession, the less likely he is to become happy, and if a person is unhappy, his life will become painful. 

Sometimes, when you feel that life is too hard, is it because your obsession is too deep and too heavy? There used to be a temple with a wooden Buddha statue in the temple. More than ten years have passed since the 

Buddha saved all sentient beings and made good for the people. In the past ten years, the temple has also received a lot of incense money. The abbot of the temple planned to burn the wooden Buddha incense and transform a golden Buddha statue. 

But for some reason, in the raging fire, the wooden Buddha statue remained motionless. Upon seeing this, the abbot said: "I, Buddha, is compassionate. I shouldn't have an obsession. Pursuing sentient beings is also a kind of obsession. All sentient beings are endless. Let go." 

The wooden Buddha image fell into ashes with tears. . Which is especially true for us ordinary people. There are too many desires and too many temptations in this world, but people can't take anything with them when they die. It is better to let go of obsessions and live easily.


Here Are My Top Things For Making My Life Easier

1. Stopping trying to make things easier: Use discomfort as a compass.

2. Doing really hard things: I ran 50km in April.[1] Now walking to the bus is easier.

3. Letting go of trying to control things: Your organs run without a single thought being devoted to them. Rather than overthinking everything, pretend it’s like your heartbeat and let it happen.

4. Cutting out negative crap: Negative food, negative people, negative news sources (all of the news). All cut.

5. Talking to myself: I write 750 words per day no questions asked. Even if I don’t want to. Most of it is talking to myself. I’m now my own best friend.

6. Fewer decisions: Ever been to an ice cream shop and struggled to make a choice? That used to be me. Now the first flavor that comes into my mind is getting devoured. I also threw out my closet and bought 3 plain shirts. No one ever says anything.

7. Sleeping more: No alarms. Earlier bedtimes. More naps. It’s a superpower. My awake time is 40x better when I’ve slept well.

8. Loving myself: Another superpower. We’re too hard on ourselves. Now I remind myself each day I love myself. Bad day? Look in the mirror. Into your own eyes. Tell that pretty face how much you love her.

9. Creating: Creation is setting the ideas in your mind free. Trade a portion of your consumption time for creating and you’ll start to see the world differently. Everything is an inspiration.

10. Realizing no one really cares: Go for a drive. Go for a walk. You see the old lady carrying her groceries? She lives life as beautiful and as complicated as yours. Do you think she cares what you’re going to do tomorrow? Go and do your thing. No one will care as much as you. So you better make it damn good. Impress yourself for the sake of it.

Damn, I love writing. I’m charged up. Be careful with number 9, especially before bed.

Time for me to follow my own advice. Number 7 here I come, baby!


In fact, life is not originally bitter. We are born with nothing but a blank sheet of paper. What we are drawn into later depends entirely on ourselves. Everyone is like a chef, choosing their own ingredients, choosing their own seasonings, cooking by themselves, adding bitterness, sour, and sweetness, and the final taste of the finished product is entirely up to us. So whether you want a sweet life or a bitter experience depends on your own choice.
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