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Why Does My Dog Tilt His Head? What is the reason?

Why Does My Dog Tilt His Head? What is the reason? Dogs always like to look at people with their heads askew. What is the reason? Daily Dog Keeping
Today we will talk about Why Does My Dog Tilt His Head? What is the reason? In daily life, many people like to keep dogs. Dogs are loyal friends of human beings. 

They can not only guard our homes but also accompany us as friends. Besides, dogs are very spiritual animals.

In life, dogs also form their own living habits. For example, dogs always look at you with their heads askew, which gives people an acute feeling.

Some people wonder because people rarely look at others with their heads askew, so why does my dog tilt his head? Is there any reason? 

There are many different reasons that can cause dogs to tilt their heads. In the eyes of the owners, dogs sometimes tilt their heads, which is very cute. Some reasons are positive and some are negative, so it is very important to distinguish the difference between the two. 

If the dog is uncomfortable, this may be a sign of illness, and early detection can give the dog the best help. Next, we will list all the different reasons to help owners understand this behavior of dogs.

Dogs always like to look at people with their heads askew. What is the reason? 

Dogs do a lot of cute things, but there are few behaviors that are cuter than tilting their heads. I made a lot of strange noises around the puppies, just to see if they tilt their heads to the side with a confusing and weird expression

Most dog owners will tell you that a tilted head means that the dog is fascinated and has experienced unusual things. But why do you want to do this? Well, there are many reasons why your dog might make some cute nods. 

Here are some possible explanations.

Positive reinforcement behavior

Dogs can learn anything through reinforcement learning, whether it is negative or positive knowledge. If the host praises them after it is made into action, they may often do this action. In the same way, if we scold them after performing an action, they may not do it again. 

After understanding this premise, we can understand why dogs tilt their heads because they are cute when they tilt their heads. The owners like to pet them and reward them. At this time, the owner is strengthening the dog invisibly. Behavioral learning.

Because they believe that through such actions, they have the opportunity to get praise in any form. Even if they are not praised later, they will still associate the tilted head with the reward, so they always do this action. 

Others believe that if a dog tilts his head to accept praise, another dog may also imitate this behavior, hoping to receive similar praise. Therefore, the dog's learning can also be achieved through observation and imitation, but all of this comes from active reinforcement.


Some people think that pets have incredible empathy. Every time they talk, they will listen. Every time you interact with them, they will begin to associate certain words, changes in tone, and tone with certain emotions. Connect. 

Of course, dogs actually don’t understand what we’re talking about, and they don’t understand everything we say, but they can understand the emotions we show, and sometimes they can even understand the direction of emotions. 

So, when dogs tilt their heads and look at you intently, it may be because they know something is wrong, so they are listening to certain voices, tone of voice, or observing your behavior. They may be trying to go further. 

Understand our emotions. Remember, even if dogs don’t tilt their heads and look at you, it doesn’t mean they have no empathy. Some dogs may understand emotions more easily, and some dogs may observe differences in their behavior.

To Hear Better

As we all know, dog ears are more developed than human ears, so they can perceive more frequencies, many of which we do not have the ability to notice. Based on this, some researchers argue that when you talk, the dog will tilt its head to better perceive the sound you are making. 

Now, why are they doing this? Although they cannot understand what you are saying, it has been proven that dogs can recognize about 200 human words, including the commands and instructions you have taught them and those related to active reinforcements. 

Therefore, when you talk to your dog, maybe they are waiting for you to listen to them take them for a walk, give them a treat, and even draw their attention to what they are doing at the time. In addition to this word, they are also analyzing your intonation.

Because of Hungry

A lot of times, even if the dog is around you, it is very happy. But if it suddenly quiets down and goes to see you in front of you, most of you should be eating at this time. 

Yes, it's because it's hungry that it uses this posture to see you and wants you to give it some food.

To See Better

From a very young age, when the dog is with you, the dog often looks up, always looking at your face and your facial expressions. This helps them determine your expectations of them and your mentality. 

Therefore, one of the theories about why dogs tilt their heads when we speak focuses on this fact to try to explain this phenomenon. They hypothesized that for certain breeds, due to their appearance, it is difficult for them to see humans from the front, so when they tilt their heads, they can see our faces completely. 

Under what circumstances is this assumption valid? For those with long muzzles, when they look straight ahead, they can prevent them from seeing your face completely. Tilt their heads so that they don’t miss any gestures or expressions, and have more opportunities to explain to you. the words said.

It needs to know what you want to do

So, what does it see your face for? According to expert research, a dog can judge your mood at this moment by your facial expressions and body movements. 

Then, it will make corresponding actions according to its judgment. For example, if you are happy, it will be closer to you. If you are angry, it will naturally run away.

In order to recognize the source of sound

If the dog's ears are at the same level, the sound comes from both sides at the same time. It can't understand where the sound comes from. But if it tilts its head, it can hear the nuances. However, the dog does not tilt his head, his loyalty is still there, with no impact. 

Do they suffer from any discomfort?

Sometimes the head tilt may be due to the dog's ear problems, so they will turn to seek relief from the discomfort they feel, which is usually itching or pain. Of course, the dog will not turn his head when this is the reason, but many times. It is not difficult to detect. 

In addition, they are accompanied by different signs, such as redness, crusting, or abnormal wax accumulation. Therefore, if you suspect that this may be the cause, please do not hesitate to go to the vet. On the other hand, a deaf dog will tend to try to listen to your voice better. So, this is another possibility, you should consider when to discard why your dog tilts its head when talking. 

Expect something to happen

When something catches the dog's attention, and he expects something to happen later, he will also tilt his head. For example, when they hear the sound of the TV, the doorbell, or the owner's snack, they will look forward to what will happen later. This situation is more likely to lead to crooked head killing.

Physical disease

In addition to the above reasons, there is another point that the host can not be ignored. If your dog often tilts his head for no reason, it may be because he feels dizzy or out of balance. This vertigo may be caused by a problem with the vestibular organs, which usually occurs in older dogs. 

Dogs with vertigo tend to tilt their heads to the left or right for a long time. Generally speaking, ear diseases, head diseases, and thiamine deficiency are the main causes of vertigo. In this case, the owner must take the dog to the hospital in time. 

Dogs learn a lot from us, and most importantly, what they learned makes us happy and brings them rewards. If, when your dog tilts their head, you are very caring and cute, and shower them with affection, it is likely that they will repeat this pose with the same attention. 

Although there are several reasons that your dog can tilt its head when talking, there are several reasons why a dog may have this behavior. They may want to hear more clearly, see more clearly, and accept the caress they love very much.

Why Does My Dog Tilt His Head? What is the reason?

When many people look at the head of a dog with a crooked head, they will praise the cute dog for being so cute! Some people also think that dogs will tilt their heads and be cute because they understand what we are saying. 

The first one is, why does the dog tilt its head? Second, can dogs understand what humans say? Without further ado, get to the subject immediately.

One, The truth about dogs tilting their heads and selling cuteness

Dogs tilt their heads, they actually have their own ideas, not just being cute.

1. In order for dogs to distinguish sounds

The outer ear will guide the sound into the ear canal, which can transmit the sound signal to the brain, and the outer ear is more convenient for the dog to hear the source of the sound. In the primitive animal world, a dog’s ear is an ear that can leak sound waves to the eardrum like a wolf's. 

So, when your dog leans towards its head, it is because it cannot tell exactly where the sound comes from, and it tries to find the sound, just like a bat is an echolocation. Therefore, the dog may tilt his head to distinguish the sound.

2. The dog uses one side of the brain to deal with problems

Studies have shown that the dog’s brain uses one side of the brain to explain certain things. For example, dogs use their left nostril to perceive odors related to fear or stress, which indicates that these signals are processed by the left side of the brain. 

When it responds to your voice, see if your dog always leans in the same direction. It may be because you or any sound you are making will only trigger one side of the dog’s brain. The dog uses one side. The brain processes information.

3. The dog is to please you

The last one is that humans are fascinated by the cute behavior of dogs tilting their heads and selling cuteness. When the dog tilts its head, you will smile or stroke or reward the dog to eat. After many times, the dog will feel it. Tilting your head is a way to make you happy and to be rewarded. 

Therefore, in order to please you, your dog instinctively tilts his head for your happiness. In this sense, it can be considered cute. However, in the eyes of dogs, they don't know what cuteness is.

Two, Dogs can’t understand humans

Okay, after answering the first question, let's answer the second question: Can dogs understand human words?

In response to this question, let's first throw a conclusion: dogs can't understand people.

1. Dogs can make instructions, which doesn’t mean they can understand human words.

At this time, someone retorted: "You are not right! Dogs must be able to understand people, otherwise, how could it listen to me, sit down, shake hands, and play toys with me?" Yes. , The dog does sit down and take things with these instructions, but this does not mean that it can understand human words. Here are two dimensions.

For example, at the beginning of your training, you change the slogan of the instruction "sit down" to the password "char siu", and then the dog will sit down when he hears "char siu", so doing actions does not mean that the dog can listen. Understand what people say.

2. What a dog can understand is a short instruction

What can a dog understand? In fact, what a dog can understand is a short instruction. Through daily communication with the owner, coupled with long-term training and cooperation, the dog has become very familiar with and accustomed to your command movements, related behaviors, etc., and gradually knows how to cooperate with you, and naturally, it will complete simple command actions. For example, as soon as you take the key, it knows that it is going to go out. As soon as you take the rice bowl, the dog knows there is something to eat.

3. Dogs can't understand complete sentences

Dogs are smart, but their IQs are always limited. Their understanding is really limited to brief instructions and linking related actions together. As for human words, they don't understand. For example, you can try to repeat what I said above to the dog to see if the dog can understand it. The answer is obvious, dogs don't understand. Therefore, it cannot understand human words.

How to Care for Your Dog (Daily Dog Keeping)

1. Daily exercise training with dogs is helpful to strengthen the bones. Exercise training can reward some dog snacks (dried chicken, goat cheese). Dogs will cooperate with you more. 

Watchdogs more and see if there are any abnormal movements. If there is something wrong with dogs, see a doctor in time.

2. In addition to paying more attention to dogs in daily life, we should also pay attention to their dietary health. Never give dog food with high salt content and large oil content. 

Dogs are prone to serious hair loss, tear marks, skin diseases, etc. if they eat it for a long time, they should choose high-quality and nutritious natural dog food to ensure their health.

3. Dog's diet occupies an important part of daily life. Here recommends healthy dog food, which is rich in protein, rich in nutrition, and strong in bones and stomach. Occasionally, it can be washed with goat milk powder or mixed with dog food, and it can also be fed with vegetables and fruits so that the dog's nutrition will be full.

4. Dog's healthy snacks recommended below, nutritious delicious, moderate taste, molar training two not wrong, can also supplement nutrition!

In a word, no matter what kind of reasons dogs like to tilt their heads, we should pay more attention to them in case of pathological reasons. 

If there is a persistent crooked head looking at you, be sure to see a doctor in time, so as not to cause more damage to the dog.

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

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