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High Uric Acid Level Causes


Uric acid is the final product of purine metabolism, which is equivalent to the waste in our body. Excessive accumulation, that is, the increase in uric acid in the body, excretion problems, will cause damage to the body and will easily induce diseases such as gout, kidney failure, kidney stones. Therefore, in daily life, it is important to pay attention to changes in high uric acid level causes in the body.

These 3 signs are to remind you that uric acid in your body has increased. Let's see if you have any?

  1. Frequent attacks of acute arthritis. Arthritis in the hands, feet, etc., redness, fever, or swelling. 
  2. Multi-joint commitment, frequent attacks, short remission period increased pain, symptoms such as gout stones, joint deformities. 
  3. Renal impairment caused by renal interstitial inflammation and renal vascular damage.

It is likely that these behaviors in life cause high uric acid

  1. Eating habits: often eating foods rich in purines, such as animal offal, shellfish, beer, etc., will lead to an increase in uric acid. 
  2. Stress in life and at work: the enormous pressure in life and at work will make the spirit very nervous and will easily affect the excretion of metabolic wastes and will make body fluids acidic. 
  3. Work and rest disorders: often staying up all night, all night, it can also cause metabolic disorders and increase the acidity of the body.

The uric acid of the body is high. Once it is not taken seriously, it can easily affect normal life and work, suffer gout, and affect the kidneys. The most common is gout. The ankle joints are swollen and when they start, they will be so painful that they will not be able to walk.

Therefore, on the one hand, go to the hospital to verify the degree of uric acid. If the symptoms are more severe, you should be hospitalized. If uric acid is not serious, you can choose the best formula to treat the acid. The effect is also very good. It is the safest and most reliable therapy in acid row products today. The whole cycle is short and without toxic and side effects, which greatly improves the confidence of people with high uric acid.

How to relieve the symptoms of high uric acid in life?

1. Drink a lot of water

Drink enough water every day to help excrete uric acid. It is more appropriate to drink 2000 ml a day.

2. Keep your mouth shut

The diet should be strictly controlled, eat less seafood, animal offal, drink alcohol, etc. Eat more fruits, you can also drink some acid-reducing tea.

Pharmacological effects of various ingredients

Chicory: clear and biliary liver, Jianwei Xiaoshi, diuretic swelling, has the effect of reducing uric acid

Gardenia: gardenia glycosides contained in gardenia can promote the excretion of uric acid and reduce serum uric acid, which is called "the killer of gout"

Pueraria: relieves muscles and reduces fever, rashes, refreshes and quenches thirst, and has the effects of lowering uric acid and blood pressure

Mulberry leaf: evacuates wind-heat, cleanses the lungs and moisturizes dryness can detoxify patients with high uric acid content and relieve gout

Exercise more

Adhering to exercise, such as aerobic exercise, such as jogging, walking, swimming, can improve physical condition, relieve joint pain and help reduce uric acid in the body, but exercise should be within its capacity, not Exercise vigorously.

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