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How do B2B enterprises do digital marketing?

How do B2B enterprises do digital marketing from the perspective of users' whole life cycle?
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How do B2B enterprises do digital marketing from the perspective of users' whole life cycle?

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In the past, I wrote several articles on how to do online marketing for B2B enterprises, most of which were about the confusion and misunderstanding about the value of a B2B media matrix and how to build a media matrix when communicating with friends at the beginning of the year. 

How do B2B enterprises do digital marketing from the perspective of users' whole life cycle?

At that time, from the perspective of marketing personnel, it summed up some methods

combining the business objectives to do a good job in the user circle, combining with competitive product research to establish the advantages of differentiated competition, and then according to the path of the upstream, middle, and downstream of the marketing funnel, using the media matrix to reach users, spread information and bring about transformation.

In the last two years of communication, I found that if I want to do a good job in digital marketing, I also need to know more about users, so I sorted out this article.

1. Change the perspective of thinking, from marketers to target users

For novices, to do well in online marketing, we should first master these points: have a basic understanding of B2B marketing, and understand how to build a media matrix for B2B business.

How do B2B enterprises do digital marketing from the perspective of users' whole life cycle?
Digital marketing flow chart collated before

But for marketers, the dividend of traffic has passed, and the way to wash users with traffic has been abandoned by most industries.

In the actual marketing work, we expect to use more accurate channels, and more efficiently to achieve marketing goals. This requires a new understanding: no matter what form, such as digital marketing, user operation, marketing brand PR, etc., marketing is a process of building trust in continuous communication and interaction with users.

This requires us to be able to change roles in our daily work, to be closer to users, and to consider 100% from the perspective of user needs - where will they be?

What can I do for you? What do you like? What do you care about?

Only with a high degree of empathy can we establish a trusting relationship in the interaction with users.

This article wants to take the user demand as the starting point, from the perspective of the user life cycle, to see how B2B enterprises do digital marketing.

2. Based on the user life cycle journey, how to understand digital marketing?

To understand digital marketing, we can start from two concepts

(1) The user life cycle journey and digital marketing channel:

User life cycle journey

How do B2B enterprises do digital marketing from the perspective of users' whole life cycle?

The common B2B customer acquisition modes, lead generation, and account-based marketing are important stage funnels of user transformation we expect, which are the process of constantly screening users. But in fact, in every transformation process, users will constantly interact with the business according to their own needs at every stage, which may be orderly or disorderly.

For example, we expect users to retrieve relevant information, compare different products and make final decisions after they have interests.

But in fact, many decision-makers of the enterprise will constantly search and compare and after the final transaction, it will also involve the subsequent secondary payment and word-of-mouth recommendation, which will lead the new demand to the new stage of interest and concern, which is a process of continuous circulation as a whole.

What we need to do is not only conduct marketing for the users after screening and sorting, but also penetrate marketing into every node of the user's life cycle, constantly interact with users, and influence users.

In order to show the entrance of consulting for the first-time users who understand the product, they also need to convey the brand information to the users who make decisions immediately. Of course, this does not mean that the entire transformation process is lengthened, but more flexible marketing transformation.

How do B2B enterprises do digital marketing from the perspective of users' whole life cycle?

(2)  Common channels of digital marketing

Common digital marketing channels include PPC advertising, SEO, Aso, display advertising, social media advertising, official website, content marketing, telemarketing, email marketing of marketing automation, etc.

In addition to the part of paid advertising introduced in the previous article, such as the official website, email / SMS, phone/content, and other non-advertising media, all B2B enterprises focus on and explore.

Making a certain medium deep enough can bring a good marketing effect

After understanding the journey of the user's life cycle and the common channels of digital marketing, as a digital marketers, we also need to have a structured awareness, starting from the concept of the flywheel, and cooperate with the business objectives and the people who want to reach, to match different media, and do a good job in each contact point with the user.

3. How to do digital marketing from sap and pin

1. Sap: The world's leading technology leader in enterprise management software and Solutions

In addition to B2B enterprises' regular offline activities for various industries, the sap is also very meticulous in the selection of online media because of its focus on marketing effect and user experience.

1) PPC advertisement for search engine 

As the most commonly used and effective means of B2B business, it can cover the vast majority of target users with search needs. In the choice of each keyword and the writing of each paragraph, we strive to be precise and extreme.

Do a good job in the first step of the user search requirements, and then use one screen (mobile uses two screens) to present the landing page concisely, highlighting the advantages and value of the solution in terms of content.

At the same time, there is more information to be filled in the registration column of transformation compared with the domestic B2B business. First, it is out of self-confidence in its own industry status, and second, it can also block some low-quality users with less strong intentions. After a period of time, a dialogue window will pop up to further guide the transformation.

For the landing page of the mobile terminal, in addition to the content of reserved information, you can talk, pay attention to we chat, and jump to other content channels. Further leverage cases, products, and solutions to impact users.

For SAP's business, it takes a period of offline sales communication and follow-up to close a deal. Naturally, the marketing funnel is not made into a short, fast, and flat style. However, no matter whether you jump to the registration page, activity page, or information page, you can find a place to interact with them.

For most B2B enterprises, SEM's budget will not be very large, and it will not be concluded only by one advertisement, but the attitude of making every contact point in place is the guarantee of B2B digital marketing.

How do B2B enterprises do digital marketing from the perspective of users' whole life cycle?

2) Display advertising

No screenshot of SAP display ads has been found for the moment, but for B2B enterprises, some attempts, and explorations have been made, and the strategy of a regular small budget or key period launch will be determined according to the actual transformation effect. For example, the number of headlines will be expanded at the end of 18 try native ads.

3) Social marketing + content channel

Because SAP's target companies are all large companies, many of the conventional TOC practices are not applicable. But in order to be able to better expand the influence of brands and products, establish a deeper understanding, and get a certain degree of communication in the crowd. SAP tells professional solutions and cases with stories closer to public life, which brings good interactive communication effects.

This is an activity published on we chat. SAP and jitter, NBA China cooperation online activities, SAP and more closely linked to the voice of life, NBA, to reduce the cognitive threshold of the brand, to prepare for further dissemination.

In social marketing, we chat, as an equally important content channel as the official website undertakes the functions of user registration transformation, content communication, activity appointment, case sharing, etc.

In addition to the brand and content communication in the whole life cycle, we collect clues in the early stage, then manage and maintain users through telemarketing, email, and CRM, and carry out offline transactions and delivery. Then through the perception of experience and the dissemination of valuable content, further build trust and loyalty, achieve the full life cycle coverage and marketing, and finally form a complete marketing closed-loop.

Whether it's payment channels, official websites/content channels, social media, etc., each channel needs to be tested in experiments at important nodes and has a path to the final step. In order to achieve the goal of the digital marketing journey most efficiently and accurately.

How do B2B enterprises do digital marketing from the perspective of users' whole life cycle?

2. Nail: The growth path of all staff marketing and evangelists 

Nail, as a leading mobile office platform in China initially invested a large amount of budget in offline advertising, using the subway, airport, and elevator advertising to transfer pain points for screen swiping, which caused multiple rounds of hot spots, and also established brand awareness in the user's mind.

The digital marketing channel of the pin is similar to that of traditional B2B Enterprises: SEM (including product specialty), SEO, display advertising, Aso, we chat, official website, etc. The overall rhythm is the combination of online and offline, stable drainage in the regular stage, and focus on exerting force during the activity.

Compared with SAP, there are several differences in marketing methods:

1) Transformation of internal own flow 

Nails rely on Alibaba, the largest B2B enterprise in the country and there are many internal traffic resources available, such as Tmall Taobao resources, Alipay resources, and so on. Using its own traffic to transform, the cost and operational space are very large.

2) Due to the business attribute, the differentiated registration page is nailed 

The information on the registration page is much simpler than that of Sap, because the pinning business is also applicable to small and micro enterprises, so you can open the first step to collect clues. Similar strategies such as Alibaba Cloud and didi Enterprise are the same. Small and micro-enterprises can self-register and trade online, which greatly improves the efficiency of transformation.

The following figure is the registration page of the nail, which is a short and smooth transformation path as a whole. It gathers a large number of users with basic functions and then realizes the realization of realization through the mining of existing use value.

3) The nail powder of nail and the growth road of the preacher 

Nail powder and all staff preachers are an important part of nail marketing. The product value is deeply rooted in the internal and external users. Everyone can preach and all staff can market. Using the fan effect of nail star users, a large number of users are brought through word-of-mouth communication.

As a whole, the data nailing up to 18 years has covered more than 7 million enterprises. In terms of the number of enterprises, it has covered all types of super-large enterprises from micro-enterprises, and the growth space of simple numbers is not large. From the current business dynamic point of view, the nail also began to carry out a more in-depth commercial cash road.

The strategy of digital marketing is also adjusting with the development of enterprise business. For example, sap and Nailing have canceled some services of CPT advertising, which accounts for a large proportion of the budget this year, and the B2B business of large factories has also shrunk the budget. 

The efficiency of simply relying on the budget to drive growth is getting lower and lower, and everyone begins to focus on experience and services. It also has higher requirements for the channel selection of digital marketing and the refined operation in the whole life cycle.

Originally, I planned to sort out more cases. Limited by the space, I first sorted out two representative cases.

Business needs have always been a process of dynamic change. Marketers need to have a more in-depth understanding of industry dynamics and marketing methods, which requires a longer period of follow-up, attention, and practice.

How do B2B enterprises do digital marketing from the perspective of users' whole life cycle?

4. On the future digital marketing for B2B Enterprises

The digital marketing value of B2B enterprises will be more inclined to the data monitoring of the whole life cycle and the value embodiment of the longer cycle.

The introduction of a marketing hourglass concept means that from the first time users know the brand, to the time when they pay for it, they will make important contributions to the business through word-of-mouth recommendations.

For the business of enterprises, when we look at the value of digital marketing from the perspective of the hourglass, the purchase is not the last step. With the increasing cost of users, the reputation and Autobiography of users at the bottom of the hourglass will also bear the same or even more important responsibilities. This also requires us to manage the products and maintain the experience 100% from the perspective of user needs.

Make a prediction that is still under consideration: the functions of marketing personnel will also change in the later period. In addition to their professional skills, they will evolve to a certain extent more like a hybrid family, which can make more flexible use of the knowledge and skills of marketing, operation, and products, and pull new products and realize them from the perspective of the whole life cycle of users.

The future has come, we will see.


This article wanted to write for a period of time, finally, squeezing time to land into the text. There is still a lot of detailed space for the content, and there are more interesting things to study and analyze. ToB is not easy to explore and cherish.

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