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In Africa, The Country With More Beauties


In Africa, the country with more beauties, girls do not like skincare, but they are all beautiful.

When it comes to beauties, every country can name one or two people. Even some countries are known as countries rich in beauties because of their numerous beauties, such as Venezuela, The Netherlands, etc., but some people think that the appearance of these beauties is not due to the better genes but to the maintenance of the day after tomorrow. 

Today we are going to introduce to you a country rich in beautiful women. It's not only genetically good but also skin carefree. It's not good to let people not be jealous. Which country is it?

This country is Ethiopia in Africa. In most people's impression, African beauty is probably characterized by thick lips, high nose, black skin, and so on, which are not very good-looking in our eyes. But the beauty of Ethiopia doesn't seem like that. 

Ethiopia's beautiful women have some characteristics of African women as a whole, but the skin color is not as black as we usually see, but rather close to the healthy wheat color, giving a very healthy and upward feeling, with a different aesthetic feeling. 


At the same time, most of the beautiful women in Ethiopia are slim, almost equal to those in Europe and the United States, which completely reverses our impression of most African women.

What's more amazing is that women in this country have basically better skin, but they don't use a lot of skincare products in their lives. Why? This is because although this country is located in Africa and belongs to the landlocked country of Africa in geographical location, the climate of this country is relatively good, and there will be several months of rainy season every year. 


Therefore, the air is relatively humid all year round, and it is also because of the environment here, which leads to the good skin of most beautiful women, even without skincare, it can maintain an enviable state.

However, Ethiopia is relatively backward. Although China has been providing financial and technical support to them in recent years, the whole country is still based on agriculture. Women's status in this country is still relatively low, and their fate is miserable. 


So many women want to change their lives in other ways. But as more and more people know about this country, Ethiopia's economy may change, and the fate of these women will change in the future.

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