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What food do dogs generally eat and love to eat?

What food do dogs generally eat and love to eat? What kind of food is better for dogs
Today we will talk about What food do dogs generally eat and love to eat? Pet dogs are family members who can't speak. 

Since they are raised, they are responsible for their health. Dogs are omnivorous foods. In addition to dog food, many foods are good for the body. 

What food do dogs generally eat and love to eat?

What food do dogs generally eat and love to eat?

Today I will give you an analysis of what kind of food pet dogs generally eat. and What pet dogs love to eat.

What food do dogs generally eat?

Dog food can guarantee nutritional balance. My opinion is that dog food accounts for 50%, and the other 50% does it alone. Of course, dog food should choose a reliable brand. The type can be changed occasionally, letting the dog change its flavor.

On average, I prepare dinner for my dogs three or four days a week. Dog food is always available. When I prepare her dinner, she usually doesn't look at dog food. 

Dog food is not hungry enough to eat, oh, if I think it eats too little dog food for a period of time, I will interrupt it to prepare dinner, when will it increase the speed of "eliminating" dog food when making dinner? so they can mediate between them...

Many people in foreign countries argue that dogs feed raw food and eat fresh raw meat properly, which is good for dogs' health. I have no objection. The best option is horse meat, which is rich in enzymes, and minerals, and very low in calories. 

But my dog doesn't seem to like to eat leftover horse meat. He probably doesn't bite well, so I always stew it for him. However, the only drawback is that it is difficult to make a reasonable combination of various nutrients for homemade dog food, which can easily lead to an imbalance in dogs' nutrition.

My dog's meat often eats chicken, cattle, sheep, horses, and various parts, such as chicken liver (don't eat too much), chicken hearts, beef tongue, leg of lamb, and pork belly. Instead, she likes to eat lamb and beef, haha.

I like to eat scrambled eggs with tomatoes, haha

But keep in mind that dog food cannot contain salt or condiments. The meat contains enough salt.

Also, since I can't drink milk, I always give yogurt. I really like yogurt and cheese, but the cheese is so salty that I rarely eat it.

Someone asked how to let the dog eat vegetables. I posted my answer here. You can also check it.

Dogs have their own preferences and are advised not to force them. Instead, try slowly until you find the flavor you like.

What food do dogs generally eat and love to eat?

What do dogs love to eat?

Dogs who love to eat meat are something everyone knows, but in fact, dogs are omnivorous animals. Eating more fruits and vegetables will help your dog's intestinal health and supplement some nutrients that are not in meat. After all, dogs are like our children. 

The owner must balance his diet and make them nutritionally balanced. But what fruits and vegetables do dogs eat? Today, I will introduce to you the ten kinds of fruits and vegetables that dogs love most and are useful.

1. Apple
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Everyone has heard this sentence, and it has a basis. Because apples are rich in antioxidants, they help improve immunity. And they taste good, and dogs like to eat them too. However, it should be noted that the apple core should be removed, otherwise, it will be harmful to the dog's health.

2. Spinach
Spinach is the same vegetable rich in iron and calcium. Supplementing these two substances is beneficial to the dog's bone health. At the same time, spinach also contains flavonoids and carotenoids, so it has anti-inflammatory/anti-cancer properties.

3. Pumpkin
Pumpkins are often used by dog ​​food manufacturers in fresh food and wonderful fresh packages. It helps the dog's gastrointestinal health. When the dog has diarrhea, it can become a sick meal of the dog.

4. String beans
Kidney beans have a very low-fat content and are very suitable for controlling the weight of dogs. At the same time, the fiber contained in kidney beans can promote the intestinal movement of dogs and is good weight-loss food.

5. Watermelon
Watermelon is full of the antioxidant lycopene. Watermelon is mild enough to be suitable for most dogs. In addition to its nutritious and delicious flavor, it is juicy enough to add a little extra moisture to dogs in hot weather.

6. Cantaloupe
Cantaloupe is a mild food, easy to digest, and also rich in fiber. More specifically, cantaloupe contains β-carotene, which can prevent cataract problems in dogs.

7. Carrots
Carrots can not only help dogs lose weight and supplement carotene, but they can also help with oral hygiene. If the toothbrush at home has been used up but you have not bought a new one, you can choose to peel a carrot to the dog and use it as a toothbrush.

8. Blueberries
The antioxidant function of blueberries has been promoted many times by micro-businesses and beauty bloggers, so we won't repeat them. What we need to know is that the effect that blueberries can play on humans has the same effect on dogs.

9. Pears
Pears are helpful to the dog's heart, and their sweetness can make the dog like it, and the juicy pulp can add water to the dog. It is the taste and taste that most dogs will like.

10. Sweet potatoes
Sweet potato is also a kind of fruit and vegetable that is often used in fresh food. Sweet potatoes contain a lot of amino acids, which help protect the dog’s muscles and enhance the dog’s antioxidant capacity.

Dogs, like children, need their owners to adjust and control their diet. If the dog has a long-term partial eclipse and only eats meat, it is likely to cause malnutrition. For the health of dogs, let them eat more fruits and vegetables instead of meat.

What kind of food is better for dogs

What kind of food is better for dogs? Generally speaking, it is better to eat dog food, but not every kind of dog food is suitable for all dogs.

As we all know, dogs are very greedy animals. They want to eat anything and can eat anything. As long as they are available at home, no matter whether they can eat or not, as long as they want to eat, they can eat! 

The dog’s gluttony also causes headaches for many owners, but although dogs eat everything, they also have their favorite foods. Let’s take a look at what they have.

1. vegetables:
Cabbage, spinach, carrots, potatoes, <seaweed, and kelp (without salt) are particularly good for coat color precipitation> or other vegetables that do not need to be cooked can be eaten by dogs. The above must be chopped and crushed or not very good. It is difficult or impossible to absorb at all. It is best not to cook vegetables so that they can completely retain the nutrients; general fruits are also very good, you can eat more for dogs, five grains can be eaten, it is best for dogs to eat more Miscellaneous grains (corn, oatmeal, and millet), soybeans can be eaten every day, but they must be boiled because the fiber content is relatively high.
2. meat:
Pork <avoid high-fat parts> beef <preferably mature at 3-6 or not cooked> chicken <relatively mild> innards <dogs love to eat, but avoid eating 3 poultry's innards if you eat too many innards, stop 1 stage a week Time is because 3 poultry contains too much-blowing element> Eggs are the best nutrition for puppies, sick dogs or nursing dogs, especially egg yolk is the best for puppies and is easy to absorb; crucian carp only Can eat fish. It can help replenish protein and milk for the bitches who are feeding their young, but they must not have fish bones, which will kill the dog.

3. Bone:
Pork bones are most easily absorbed by dogs. They can supplement calcium and are good for the stomach and intestines. However, the disadvantage is that they contain too much fat. The best part is the spine fan bone. The bovine bone has low-fat content, but it is too hard. It is recommended to eat spine or sparerib cartilage for dogs. , The thigh bone can be used to chew the dog, it can help the dog’s teeth development, facial muscle growth, etc.; there is also less than 1 piece of 1 kg, chicken bone, can only eat the breast bone <chicken shell> for the dog, it must be boiled. Grated, be especially careful, and the parts that are not broken, not soft, and not rotten should never be eaten by dogs, which will cause gnawing or scratching of the intestines. Why do they give them to dogs? Because they are cheap, can help dogs absorb calcium, and have less fat content. ,

4. Soup:
Beef, pork, fish, chicken, and other soups are particularly good for dogs. Dogs also love to drink it. It is especially good for puppies or nursing bitches <especially crucian carp soup can increase milk>, but remember not to put any seasonings, milk or milk powder need to dilute and add water The proportion of 30-80% puppies is best to dilute more slowly to adapt slowly, and can not be rushed to hurt or fatal food chocolate, onion <the two are severely fatal food> followed by cold food, sweet and bitter food, poultry food Bones, fish bones, snake bones or small sharp bones <because small and sharp are not easy to digest and easy to gnaw or cut the intestine> These can kill the dog. If the dog is not used to 100% pure milk, it will cause diarrhea or severe diarrhea. Precautions.

5. Dog food
Yes, the dog food that dogs eat every day is ranked last, because dog food is certainly an indispensable food for dogs, and it is also rich in nutrients, which can meet the daily needs of dogs, but it is, after all, Processed products are not fresh, so the natural appeal is not as great as the above three fresh foods. But greedy dogs still like dog food very much, after all, it is their daily ration.

6. The internal organs of animals
Dogs need a lot of trace elements daily, which determines that they are inseparable from the internal organs of animals. The internal organs of animals are rich in vitamins and various trace elements, which is the best choice for supplementing nutrition for dogs. Coupled with the taste of dogs, it is naturally very popular.

7. Fish
Dogs also like to eat fish, and they eat fish very professionally, and they will never get caught by the fish bones. However, it is recommended that the pet owner should give the dog the bones and then feed it to be safer. Fish meat is rich in protein, minerals, etc. It's always good to give your dog some fish.

Pay attention to nutritional medicine:

After all, for a healthy dog, the general supplement is good or not, but it is better not to overdose. It is best to take 1 month and stop 1 month. 

For dogs with poor health, the opposite is true. (Calcium tablets are good for young dogs or large dogs. For dogs, it’s best to eat some every day, but not too much)!

Attention to dog breeding:

If you want your dog to grow up healthily, you must pay attention to salt in the process of raising, especially the choice of staple food, after all, this is the food that dogs eat every day.

When choosing a staple food, try to choose those light and low-salt dog food as the main food, preferably with deep-sea fish oil, just like the following dog food, not only light, low-salt 0 additives but also deep-sea fish oil, which can effectively beauty hair and remove tear marks.

In addition to feeding the dog food, don’t forget to feed it some fruits and vegetables, so that the dog’s nutrition will be more balanced and healthy!

Dog training snacks:

When choosing dog snacks for dogs, the owner may wish to choose a dog snack that is helpful to the dog's mouth, just like the following dog snacks, which can effectively help the dog to get rid of bad breath and prevent dental calculus!

There are a lot of dog snacks available in the market. Dog snacks are generally divided into two uses. The first is to grind their teeth. Five or six-month-old puppies like to bite. You can start with a few sheep bones to grind their teeth. It regulates the intestines and stomach and eliminates body odor. 

The palatability of dog snacks is different, and the dog’s preferences are also different. It is possible that the dog may not eat it. It is recommended to open the trial package first.

According to my dog's preferences, I will give you some recommendations.

1. Carrot
My family is a VIP toy and I don't eat big things, so I cut carrots into small dice or carrot sticks. I want to pick up fresh and sweet carrots with enough water. I prefer to eat them See your mood

2. Cabbage
Cabbage contains more protein and vitamins than apples and pears, and it also contains prominent trace elements. Among them, the content of zinc is more than that of general vegetables, meat, eggs, and other foods. It is no exaggeration to say that cabbage is a very nutritious and popular vegetable, and it is also a treasure trove of trace elements required by the human body. You can usually eat more cabbage for your dog!

My dog ​​likes the stems of cabbage vegetables, such as the hard part of the cabbage (also called cabbage, cabbage) and the broccoli stalk, which is very tender and tender in the middle. 

Regardless of winter and summer, I like to eat these two after freezing them in the refrigerator. I dare not let Her eat too cold, so I usually take it out and give it for a while.

3. Cucumber
The cucumbers you grow yourself are your favorites. The cucumbers you buy at the supermarket depend on the quality of the cucumbers and your mood.

4. Pumpkin
Favorite, don't hesitate to ask, haha.

5. Sweet potatoes 
(reluctantly count the vegetables).
But it seems that the skin is not digestible. Once I ate some more and vomited once.

6. Tomatoes
I often eat scrambled eggs with tomatoes, but I also eat it, but I don't put salt and I like it raw. But it is said that giving the dog raw food eggplants will make your stomach ache, so it is rarely given.

7. Avocado
I like it very much. Rich in unsaturated fats, folic acid, and fiber. The laxative effect is very good. Suitable for dogs and dogs.

I think these can basically keep the dog's needs. In addition, humans need vegetables and fruits to supplement CV, but dogs do not need this, so even if they do not eat, the problem is not big, do not worry. Sometimes, letting you eat some fruits and vegetables is just to comfort us.

When my dog was a child, I used to stew horse and chicken stew, cut carrots, and stew them together. 

In addition, when you mix some soy milk and vegetable juice, she also drinks it, and the stools of the ground juice are probably also tested due to the taste of soy milk. Soy milk should be boiled or boiled, or bought directly at the supermarket. . .

Conclusion What food do dogs generally eat and love to eat? 

In my opinion, like humans, you have to eat everything (as long as you check the dog's diet taboos, which are not good for dogs, like onions). Be careful with homemade dog food, don't be careless. It hurt the dog instead.

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