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What Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

What Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy? The online growth strategy of digital marketing will focus on two directions

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In this article, we will share What Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy? All the growth topics in 2021 are baptized by strategies, brain maps, and white papers. 

However, the implementation direction of the market people fighting on the front line is totally different from that of the market public opinion. 

The market people on the front line should know what is expanding cognition and what is growing in detail. Don't be obsessed with being tall. We need to give full play to our capabilities in detail. 

The online growth strategy of digital marketing will focus on two directions.

Online customer acquisition and user operation.

These two lines will support online growth throughout the year.

What are the ways to get customers online?

  1. SEM Search 
  2. SEO 
  3. Content acquisition 
  4. live broadcast 
  5. DSP 
  6. Information flow 
  7. Media operations (public numbers, micro-blog, headlines, etc.)

In 2021, the growth engine of Tob enterprise services will also focus on SEM Search. As the second-largest power of the growth engine, content acquisition is very different from delivery. The difference lies in the clue composition, which is caused by two contact modes.

The traffic and clues brought by the launch are more accurate, such as the advertisements on search engine marketing (SEM, information flow, Baiyi), which match the users' search intention and interest intention. 

However, there is a relatively strong demand for visitors to click on advertisements.


We call it the act of giving clues harvesting or hunting.

Why does the top brand still rely on online delivery? Because domestic top products are still in the early stage, it is difficult to rely on word-of-mouth, and the domestic recognition of software is not enough, so we have to use this powerful way to win customers. 

My opinion on online delivery is that we should maintain a certain proportion, but not absolute dependence.


The traffic brought by content acquisition is larger, but the demand is not direct, because when we provide high-quality content, we pay attention to the content value, fewer advertising ingredients, and more users are concerned about learning and growth. When users grow based on the content you provide, they will tacitly recognize and rely on this product.

We call the behavior of bringing clues to the content cultivation or animal husbandry.

The two ways of delivery and content acquisition are important customer acquisition modes for the top.

Although other channels can not bring too many clues, they are very necessary. 

Although cultivation can not bring clues in time, it can continuously affect users. 

When users have needs, they will come to you, which is also in line with the characteristics of the Top business decision cycle.

Key Interpretation

To do a good job of online delivery, it is important to clarify the transformation effect of all channels and the upper-level indicators. When we have this data, we get two executable insights.
  1. Release budget allocation 
  2. Channel effect optimization (this is SEM's duty)
The delivery itself depends on data to improve the effect.

User Operation

This is the weak point of Tob's business. We all know the importance of cultivation, but there are few organizations that can realize that cultivation is a long-term process. 

Therefore, we often don't expect to buy cultivation products. We should take the expectation for a long time and manage the growing desire of the team.

In addition to the cultivation of user operation, there is also a good direction and effect, that is, intelligent user operation.

User identification is based on user behavior and user label, accurate touch, precipitation user management, and wake-up.


Key Interpretation

In many areas of Top, intelligent users the operation can play a great role. For example, through the connection between the tag and CRM to judge the user's activity, screen active users for outbound calls, example, explore magic behaviors and magic numbers, and what kind of behaviors the user will trigger are more likely to become SQL.

We have obtained effective magic behavior analysis in 2019 and will scale intelligent user operation in 2020.

Intelligent user operation has user identification in the front, clustering in the middle, and workflow intelligent operation in the back.


Direction: the two lines of customer acquisition and user operation are mining growth, long-term incubation is carried out with cultivation, and the whole process data is taken as the bottom layer.

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