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What kind of food do dogs like best?

What kind of food do dogs like best? The best food for a dog is dog food. If you can't give it dog food and eat home-made food

What kind of food do dogs like best?

1. Dog food

The best food for a dog is dog food. If you can't give it dog food and eat homemade food, you should pay attention to matching to ensure balanced nutrition. 

Animal viscera (Note: don't feed pig liver for a long time, it will be poisoned), meat, cornmeal, fish meat (Note: the hard bones of fish may be stuck, so it's better to pick them out), carrots, etc. can be dog food, almost no salt is put to cook and then feed. In addition, when feeding puppy dog food, mix it with a little warm water.

What kind of food do dogs like best?

Feeding times

Birth - 12 weeks: 4 – 5 times/day; 12 weeks - 4 months: feeding 3 – 4 times/day; 4 months - 1-year-old: feeding 2 times/day; after 1 year old: feeding 1 time/day

Note: the young dog's hunger control ability is very poor. It should be fed according to the feeding amount in the dog's food manual to prevent gastrointestinal diseases caused by overeating.

2. Nutrition for dogs

Dogs are omnivorous animals. They want to eat what people eat, but they tend to eat meat. Therefore, it is better to feed more animal protein-containing food, especially in the developing puppies, about 8-9g protein per kilogram per day.

There are many ways to eat animal protein, such as beef, fish, chicken, egg, beef liver or chicken liver, milk, and so on. But generally speaking, fish is the most abundant protein, so we should try our best to feed the dog.

The nutrient is next to protein is fat, which is twice as much as that of adult dogs. Meat and dairy products are still indispensable sources of fat for the growth of puppies, but it is safe to cook fish.

The vitamin is an important factor that affects a dog's physical strength and metabolism. Healthy dogs can synthesize vitamin C in vivo, but other foods containing vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, etc. need to be fed and supplemented by the owner. 

Therefore, when arranging three meals for dogs, such food should be included in the menu. The problem is that the dog may not like to eat these foods, so at the beginning, he should mix some food he likes to eat at ordinary times so that the dog can eat it, so as not to cause shadow nutrition deviation or vitamin deficiency.

What kind of food do dogs like best?

3. Reasonable nutrition ratio of dog food

  • Puppies: Meat 35% cereals 33%
  • Adult dog: Meat 28%, cereal 40%
Fruits and vegetables 30% additives 2% additives 2% fruits and vegetables 30% 

4. Food unfit for dogs

When the dog sees his family eating big fish and meat and delicious snacks at the dinner table, he will also be greedy for food. However, in order to consider his health, all food except dinner should be refused to the dog's begging. 

The following food should be stored:

  1. Fresh fish and milk from the freezer (easy to cause diarrhea) 
  2. Squid, octopus, shellfish, shrimp, crab, and other seafood (not easy to digest) 
  3. Chicken bone and fishbone are sharp and hard, easy to stab the mouth and digestive organs, and can not be fed. (sometimes causes intestinal bleeding) 
  4. Sweet preserves (which can be the main cause of cavities and obesity) 
  5. Pungent spices such as ginger, curry powder, and chili are too pungent to stomach 
  6. High salt food 
  7. Mushrooms, fresh grinding, and other non-digestible food may cause diarrhea or vomiting. 
  8. Onion contains the toxicity of dissolving red blood cells. It is easy to cause hematuria or anemia and other toxic symptoms after ingestion. 
  9. Chocolate may also produce toxic substances and cause urinary incontinence, spasm, vitiligo, and other diseases. 
  10. Some dogs have diarrhea when they drink milk. In this case, they can be fed yogurt. 
  11. Young dogs should not be fed with sausage, sausages, fish silk, and other preservatives, pigments, and other foods. 
  12. Do not give the dog watermelon, other melon fruit also try not to eat, easy to cause diarrhea.

5. Attention for new dog raising

  1. The newly purchased puppies should be injected with the serum or immunoglobulin immediately to enhance the system. 
  2. Do not bathe the dog immediately. After the dog adapts to the new environment for a few days and eating and excretion is normal, bathe the dog again. 
  3. After arriving home, the dog's food should be controlled. Feed less than the normal food, and slowly increase to the normal food within a few days. 
  4. If there is any suspicious situation in the newly purchased puppy, please call the doctor immediately, and if necessary, take the puppy to the animal hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible, so as to avoid irreparable consequences.

Best Dog Food Brands for your Dog

1. Royal Canin

French Royal Pet Food Co., Ltd., Huang Yu Pet Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a well-known pet food brand, a well-known dog food brand, a well-known cat food brand, founded in France in 1967, a world-famous pet food brand, a well-known pet food industry in the world enterprise. 

When he set his sights on the brand-new field of pet food and began to produce dry pet food, it was four years earlier than others. Since then, Royal has entered a stage of rapid development.

2. Purina Pro Plan

Nestle Purina Pet Food Company, a well-known dog food brand, a well-known cat food brand, a Nestlé brand, a larger pet food manufacturing company in the United States, was founded in 1894 in the United States, a century-old company, a world-renowned brand, and a large multinational company.

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food for Small Dogs offers high-protein foods that incorporate chicken as the main ingredient. This component works to satisfy the high-energy nature of small dogs. Phosphorous, calcium and other minerals are there to help promote strong bones and teeth in small dogs.

3. Pedigree

Mars Foods (China) Co., Ltd., Baolu/Waijia, well-known pet food brands, dog food-cat food well-known brands, internationally well-known brands, one of the world's well-known pet food brands, the world’s earliest professional pet food company, worldwide A well-known manufacturer of high-end pet food.

Pedigree has special experience in preparing the ideal dog food. The food is easy for small dogs to grind. Pedigree food for small dogs offers balanced and complete food for dogs. The advanced recipe amalgamates with all the necessary ingredients to guarantee the dog's health. This food contains no fillers or artificial flavors and is a healthy food choice.

4. Wellness

Wellness is an American pet food brand and one of the top ten imported dog food brands. In addition to dog food, it also produces cat food, canned pets, snacks, etc. It has been strictly required and reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration to ensure its quality.

It contains protein to strengthen the dog's muscles. It is specially designed to meet all the nutritional needs of a small dog. Omega 3s and 6s help keep the cat and the skin of small dogs healthy and also ensure a great taste that the puppy enjoys very much.

5. Evo

EVO is a specially designed dog food that provides nutritional benefits to small dogs. Many of the nutrients needed in this dog food are derived from raw components. In addition, a variety of fruits and vegetables with important micronutrients and healthy phytochemicals are present in this food suitable for small dogs.

6. Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo Dog Food for Small Dogs is specially formulated to provide healthy food for small dogs. The food is made with a unique formula with the best natural ingredients. It has delicious boneless chickens and fruits and vegetables from the garden. No artificial preservatives from corn, soy, wheat, or are used in this small dog food.

7. Science Diet

Science Diet Dog Food for Small Dogs provides a precisely tailored diet with balanced nutrients and easy-to-digest components. This food is packed with enhanced vitamins to maintain a long life expectancy. It is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids to improve skin and coat. In addition, it has high-quality protein and calcium that strengthen muscles and bones.

8. Holistic Select

Holistic Select Dog Food for Small Dogs is formulated with a unique digestive health support system that includes healthy fiber, active probiotics, and digestive enzymes. This food for dogs favors the use and absorption of important nutrients throughout the dog's body.

9. Diamond Naturals

Diamond Naturals Dog Food for Small Dogs offers a balanced and healthy diet for spoiled dogs. It contains DHA that helps develop the eyes and the brain. It is made with a unique antioxidant formula and includes balanced Omega fatty acids that are necessary for hair and skin growth.

10. Eukanuba

Eukanuba dog food is a wonderful diet for small dogs as it provides the nutrition needed to feed these active dogs. It is high in protein since chicken is its main component. This ingredient helps maintain lean muscle mass. This dog food contains 12 percent more protein and fat, which is perfect for a small dog's height. Antioxidants help promote the dog's immune system and keep it strong and active.

11. Nutro Ultra

Nutro ULTRA Dog Food for Small Dogs provides easy-to-eat nutritional food that is made just for them. This meal is customized to offer you a tasty diet that also has many health benefits. 

Trying this wonderful food on small dogs will increase the shine of their skin and coat, strengthen their muscles and immune system, and give them a healthy heart and clear vision. This dog food is made from chicken and other necessary ingredients like raw protein, brown rice, salmon meal, etc.

12. Beneful Incredibites

Beneful Incredibites Small Dog Food is a protein-rich mix with real beef that keeps your little friend's health in mind. It's made with healthy grains and a vitamin-rich vegetable accent. In short, it is a complete nutritional diet for small dogs, which would also feel very tasty.

13. Iams Proactive

Iams Proactive food for small dogs enriches energy, health, and general activity with concentrated nutrition that is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of small dogs until daily adventures. Some of the main components found in food are chicken, cornmeal, chicken by-product flour, dried beet pulp, dried egg, etc.

14. Earthborn Holistic

Earthborn Holistic Small Breed Dog Food is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of young puppies. It is made up of quality protein sources like whitefish meals and chicken meals to help maintain body mass. 

It offers all the necessary ingredients for a healthy diet. Balanced omega 3 and 6 fatty acids play a critical role in the formation of a lipid barrier in the skin.

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