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What kind of good dog snacks to buy?

What kind of good dog snacks to buy?
Today we will share What kind of good dog snacks to buy and the most popular dog treats. When you have a dog, you must love him and be good to him. 

Because raising a dog is cultivating our love, and dogs are more loyal to you at home, people naturally want to return this dog's loyalty. 

Dog food should pay attention to problem of dog food. Dog snacks have a lot of knowledge. Today I will introduce the most popular dog treats to you.

What kind of good dog snacks to buy and most popular dog treats

What snacks can dogs eat? What kind of snack is better?

Snacks are obviously very useful as a reward for training dogs to enhance the intimacy between dogs and people. In order to better train dogs, snacks are often used as a tool for our owners to communicate with pets. 

If the dog performs well, we will reward some snacks, but snacks for pets should be based on the dog’s physical condition. The actual age will be determined. Like newly-born puppies, when the teeth are not straight, and the gastrointestinal function is very weak, you must not give it snacks. 

What other snacks are suitable for dogs? Let’s take a look at the editor.

Choose dog snacks from the advantages of dried meat

Dried meat is a high-quality pet snack with a moisture content of less than 14%, which ensures that the unit weight of the product can contain more nutrients, and it is also tough and chewy, which is in line with the nature of dogs like to bite and chew. 

When the dog is enjoying the deliciousness of the jerky, its teeth will completely enter and close with the jerky, and then chew repeatedly to achieve the effect of cleaning the teeth. 

Its function is just like flossing to clean teeth, and the delicious and tough taste of dried meat makes dogs willing to spend more time chewing so that it takes longer to clean and ensures better teeth cleaning. effect. 

Reduce the accumulation of dental plaque and calculus, make your pet's breath fresh, and no more bad breath when approaching.
  • The scent of dried meat will stimulate the appetite of dogs so that dogs who do not like to eat can eat a lot.
  • It is very convenient for dogs to train some movements. In order to eat dried meat, they will quickly remember some movements and politeness, which is very helpful in training.
  • I feel that it is not good to give the dog canned food for a long time. The dog will have bad breath and become very greedy. Dried meat is also very tasty and dry. Mixing it in grain instead of canned food will not only prevent bad breath, but it is also much easier to wash the rice bowl.
  • Convenient to carry. Dogs need to seduce jerky at any time when going out. The jerky is packaged separately and has a small shape, so it is easy to carry outside.
  • Can help train, most disobedient dogs, dried meat can quickly restrain them, and at the same time can help train them to become good obedient children.

Choose dog snacks from the breed

a. Dry type
The earliest original form of jerky was dried chicken breasts. Now dried chicken breasts are also the favorite of many puppies. Usually divided into meat slices, meat strips, and meat foam! Suitable for different dogs. They are usually very dry and very hard, suitable for teeth grinding and tartar removal and the taste is better than chewing gum. 

There is also a dry and crispy type, which is a very crispy jerky, suitable for puppies or dogs with bad teeth. Chicken is a high-protein, low-fat food, very easy to digest. These two dry types of dried meat are suitable for all dog breeds, and most dogs will like them very much.

b. Wet type
There are many kinds of jerky of this type, and they usually contain a certain amount of moisture. In addition to the semi-dried chicken breast, there are many other flavor options, such as cod chicken breast sushi, sandwiches, and so on. 

The taste of this jerky is better than that of the dry type. Almost all dogs like it very much! It is especially suitable for puppies that have not yet grown teeth or older dogs with bad teeth. At the same time, cats also like to eat moist jerky.

Raw or incompletely cooked foods contain a lot of bacteria, which can cause food poisoning if dogs eat them.

Snack Category

There are different types of snacks for puppies. One is a rewarding snack, which is mainly used to train dogs. There are many types of rewarding snacks in pet stores, such as chicken strips that dogs prefer to eat and sweetness. Cheese sticks.

What kind of good dog snacks to buy and how to choose?

Another type of snack is a molar snack for puppies. This type of snack is mainly to prevent dogs from grinding their teeth. They bite the furniture at home. The molar sandwiches of many dogs have relatively hard gums. There are several types of molar rods. It can help dogs grow teeth.

What kind of good dog snacks to buy and how to choose?

Finally, there is another type of snack, which is specially adapted for dogs to adjust their fitness. These snacks are sweet potatoes that can promote the muscle growth of dogs. In addition, there are nests made of cornmeal to promote the absorption of vitamins from dogs and some fruits.

The snacks that dogs eat should be big-brand snacks. The most common brand of snacks on the market today is MACED special dog food, which contains puppy snacks. This company has a rich experience and a good reputation. The country is a well-known dog food manufacturer.

Puppy snacks We should not say that we have to buy these brand-name dog foods completely because we can make some snacks ourselves, such as fruits and vegetables. But when you do, do not forget to put condiments, much less salt!

Puppies have a different appetite than humans, so the diet must be adjusted. It is recommended that you can properly eat some calcium tablets for domestic dogs. Because domestic dogs are different from wild dogs, domestic dogs face a serious loss of calcium. Take one or two calcium tablets every week!

What snacks are there to eat, and which snacks are not to eat?

Many people now have pets, and dogs and cats have become the two most common pets.

In the world, apart from relatives, another category of pets that care about themselves is the pets that have been raised for many years, but pets can't speak, so the pet's diet and daily life have become the primary concern of the owner.

Simply put, since you have raised it, you have to be responsible for it.

As animals, pets are just as greedy as humans. In addition to dog food, they also like various snacks.

So, which snacks can and cannot be eaten by pet dogs?

Snacks that pets can eat!

The first type: is dried meat
Many dogs love meat, so pet owners can buy or make homemade chicken and beef jerky. It is not recommended to feed pork here, because pork is greasy and dogs will have serious body odor if they eat too much.

The second type: bones
Dogs also have a lot of teeth, so most of the snacks on the market are for dogs to grind their teeth. It is not recommended to feed chicken bones because it is not easy to digest and will stab the dog's intestines.

The third type: is fish and meat
In order to supplement a variety of nutrients for dogs, fish can also be fed to dogs, but the fish bones should be removed to prevent the dog's esophagus from getting stuck.

The fourth type: a special ham sausage
Speaking of ham sausage, many dogs should like to eat it, but it should be noted here that because dogs can’t take too much salt, it is not recommended for pet owners to feed dogs. The kind of ham eaten by humans should be bought for dogs. For the ham, you can buy beef and chicken flavors.

The fifth type: is canned dog
This canned food can be mixed directly with dog food. On the one hand, it can mediate the situation that dogs do not like dog food, and on the other hand, it can also be used as a reward for dogs to eat. However, this kind of mistake is not recommended to eat more.

The sixth type: is egg yolk
Everyone who keeps pets knows that eating egg yolk is good for the growth of dog hair and is the best nourishing hair agent for long-haired dogs.

Snacks that pet dogs can't eat!

For the safety of dogs, these snacks are not recommended to be fed to dogs!
  1. Avocado (vomiting, diarrhea)
  2. Mixed nuts (irritating gastrointestinal, prone to collapse, muscle cramps, paralysis)
  3. Raisins (kidney failure)
  4. Ice cream (for gastrointestinal diseases)
  5. Alcoholic beverages (vomiting, diarrhea)
  6. Snacks (Urinary disorders)
  7. Broken bones (intestinal puncture, pancreatitis)
  8. French fries (poisoned)
  9. Candy and snacks (choking death)
These snacks look sweet and delicious and are loved by humans, so even if the dog looks at you pitifully, the pet owner must hold onto it. For the health of the dog, these types of snacks must not be eaten by the dog.

Special note
Puppy snacks should be changed frequently. Do not use only one brand of pet snacks. This is bad for puppies!

Advantages and types of pet snacks

There are many dog ​​snacks on the market now, not only with many brands but also with many categories. Different types of snacks have different functions and characteristics. 

The editor has sorted out the more common dog snacks on the market for you, which can be summarized into nine categories. Let's take a look at the characteristics of each category of dog snacks and the issues that should be paid attention to when purchasing.

1. Dried meat

There are many kinds and different shapes, which are almost the favorite snacks for dogs. Mainly chicken jerky, followed by beef mostly, duck meat, and rarely pork. Jerky is usually dried, with different moisture content, and there are many types.

Purchasing points: 
Jerky with low moisture content is longer and harder, suitable for young and strong dogs with good teeth; jerky with high moisture content is softer and smells very good, but it is easy to spoil and should not be used once Buy too much. In addition, try to choose the brand-name of jerky that the dog has eaten before, so as not to cause the dog to get sick due to hygiene problems. Buying suggestion: John's Farm Meat 100g Dog Snacks

2. Meat sandwiches

Meat and other ingredients are mixed together, some are jerkily rolled on flour-made biscuits or cheese sticks, and some are made into sandwiches. No matter what the shape, you can see the meat and others. It’s made with a combination of different things. I call this kind of snack a meat sandwich for the time being. The characteristic of this snack is to tempt dogs to eat some other things with the smell of dried meat, such as carbohydrates or protein, dairy products, and so on.

Purchasing points: 
This kind of snack is usually made with high-water jerky and other things. In order to achieve a longer storage period, they are almost all individually packaged, so the price is high. But the good thing is that this kind of delicious stuff usually comes in a very cute little package. You can have many choices. Such a package or a package is like a small gift for a baby, which is very fulfilling.

3. Dairy products

It is a very favorite snack for dogs who like the taste of milk, and cheese-based snacks are also good for regulating the dog’s stomach. Although not all dogs like it, they are like milk tablets, There are many kinds of snacks like cheese bars.

Purchasing points: 
If your dog's stomach is sensitive to milk, it is best not to try it, so as not to cause diarrhea. Another reminder, you'd better taste it before you buy it for your dog. I have tasted it once and I don’t know if it’s the wrong seasoning.

4. Chews

It is usually made of pigskin or cowhide, especially for teeth grinding and killing time.

Purchasing points: 
According to the size of the dog, decide how big a chew to buy for the dog. A dog that is too big will lose interest in biting, and a dog that is too small will easily be swallowed by the dog. Shopping suggestion: Beef Flavor Nutritional Bone Chews 5 inch 95g Teeth and Molar Bone Dog Snacks

5. Clean teeth

Dentistry snacks are usually synthetic and hard. The addition of a meaty aroma can arouse the appetite of dogs, or the addition of mint spice so that dogs can remove bad breath when they bite.

Purchasing points: 
There are many kinds of dog snacks of this kind, some of them are made in very cute shapes. It is also a kind of dog snack that the owner is happy to buy, just like buying toys for the dog. When purchasing, also pay attention to choosing the size that fits the dog's mouth.

6. Starch

This is a kind of dog snack that resembles human biscuits, but the sweetness is very weak and has a kind of taste. Compared with meat snacks, it is easier to be digested by dogs. Dried meat snacks for dogs are easy to eat too much or not chewed well to cause indigestion or diarrhea. Starchy snacks do not have these problems. Some deodorizing biscuits are said to have the effect of reducing the odor of the dog's stool, but to be honest, it is not very ideal. Hehe, want to make shit not smelly? It's difficult!

Purchasing points: 
Because there are many flavors, there are many choices. But some dogs don't like to eat this kind of fooling thing.

7. Sausages

Similar to the convenience sausages that people eat, wrapped in red plastic paper, there is a small amount of meat and starch inside, it smells very good, the price is cheap, and it is convenient to feed.

Purchasing points: 
Buy products with official brands, because you can't see the ingredients in this sausage at all, and the price is very cheap, so you are really not sure about the quality of the product. Shopping suggestion: Naughty Wanpy happy100 series chicken sausage 125g dog snacks

8. Special functionality:

There are some dog treats with special functions. Not only do the dogs feel delicious, but they can also help us. For example, the dog chews that can be frozen in the refrigerator. This kind of dog chew will grow after being frozen. Dog bites with teeth can reduce the pain caused by teething; there are also mint-scented dog chews that can refresh the dog's breath.

Shopping points: 
This kind of dog snack is usually more expensive, and dogs may not really like to eat them, so be careful when you buy them.

Dog snacks can be used when training dogs, but dog snacks cannot be used as a staple food to feed dogs, so as not to cause an imbalance in the dog's nutrition.

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