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Women who are very elegant and temperament when they are old

Women who are very elegant and temperament when they are old

Beauty is not metaphysics, but something you can get in exchange for your efforts. Why do some women become more attractive as they get older? Their appearance is not necessarily surprising, but their temper is unique. 

Its simple forms are unforgettable. It is undeniable that they have been recommended many times. For 40-year-old women, simple basic models can also be elegant with a good temperament.

Many people will think, "What do you dress up when you are old? It does not matter if you are fashionable or not.". In fact, what is popular does not necessarily suit you, but the mental perspective and the internal temperament of the whole person are your eternal label. We do not have the financial resources and energy of the stars. 

However, women who are also very elegant when they are old will adhere to the next 20 small habits, the older they are, the more temperament they have!

1. Quit sugar, fat, drink less, and drink more water. After two weeks, the skin will look soft and delicate, which is more effective than any lady skincare product.

2. After 25 years, the woman enters the state of early aging. She has to start fighting wrinkles. She doesn't exaggerate her expression. She insists on applying eye cream every day and can use the eye massage instrument to aid its absorption.

3. Wear lip balm and hand cream throughout the year.

4. After washing the face and cleaning the toner, dry it by hand and massage 30 times from the chin to the temples. The skin will be tenser and the face thinner.

5. Stay asleep on your back. If you lie on your side, there will be many wrinkles next to the bed.

Women who are very elegant and temperament when they are old

1. After dinner, walk for ten minutes with a book on your head. One is to prevent a long stomach. The other is to exercise a beautiful shoulder and neck posture. Many models use this method to adjust their posture.

2. When you go up the stairs, you can take two steps at a time and you can exercise your hip muscles. In addition, squatting and jumping can play the role of hip training. It is very convenient for office workers who have long sat with flat hips but do not have time to exercise.

3. Often sucks the abdomen, a long meeting makes the abdomen more linear.

4. When applying the mask, do not remain inactive. You can stand straight against the wall or lie down and place your legs on the wall for 90 degrees to prevent edema and stretch the leg lines.

5. When you climb the stairs, you can use your toes to tighten your legs.

Women who are very elegant and temperament when they are old

1. Barbecue, sweets, and night snacks. If you can quit smoking, you can stop. If you play with less high calories, you will gain less weight and look better.

2. An egg a day can make the skin softer and more elastic; One tomato a day has an excellent antioxidant effect, and 40-year-old women should insist on eating more.

3. During the physiological period, special attention should be paid to strengthening the iron supplement. Foods that contain iron include lean meat, chicken, fish, etc.

4. He insists on breakfast every day. It is better to have porridge or whole wheat bread + milk for breakfast. "Breakfast must be like the emperor."

5. Do not smoke, insist on drinking water with honey every day, the antioxidant effect is not less than tomato, the key to delaying aging is antioxidant.

Women who are very elegant and temperament when they are old

1. The psychological suggestion is very important. Always look in the mirror and be encouraged to believe that you can become a more beautiful woman. This method can quickly develop self-confidence.

2. A positive attitude is very important. Remember or record the happy things that happened today before going to bed every day, and wait for what will happen tomorrow.

3. She often smiles, smiles are the internal language of people, nobody will think that a woman who does not love to smile is very beautiful.

4. Talking, eating and walking can be slower, don't panic, calm, and charming.

5. Insist on praising the people around you every day, even if it is a word, even if it is a person, for a long time, it will be very friendly and popular.

Women who are very elegant and temperament when they are old

Reading, traveling, and seeing more of the world are also ways to improve your temper. There are too many worldly requirements for women, but they still cannot prevent you from loving yourself. Instead of complaining about other people's shortcomings, focus on your own cultivation!

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