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99% of successful people start doing these 9 things early in their life

99% of successful people start doing these 9 things early in their life. There are several definitions of success by successful people


Definitions of success by successful people

Many people think it is a certain amount of money. Some people define it as a way of life, a level of freedom. In fact, you can define success in a hundred different ways: the only thing that matters is if it meets your expectations.

If you ask most people what kind of life they want, almost everyone will say they want "success." They want to have a great improvement in their current standard of living, such as luxury cars, villas, strong contacts, etc. 

Unfortunately, because "success" is a subjective goal, few people have practical plans or even ideas. Most people think that as long as they say enough and think about enough, success will "happen."

In any case, do the following STEP.

Aging 20 is a basic step to achieving "success."

1. From now on, focus on your emotional management and make it work.

People who can't handle their emotions well will only be busy

Most of the time, some people say, "I'll go a little further and stick to that." Then they took another step forward and nothing changed. They simply said: "I will do something when the time comes."

Remember friends, this is a dangerous cycle!

The correct way is to spend 5 to 10 minutes a day practicing the habit of exercising emotional health. Why not friends?

2. Wasting time on people under 20 or in their 20s

Most people in their 20s don't think about that. They waste their time with people who are as confused as they are.

In fact, you can learn from the older people around you, who are already in place and have entered a new stage of work, life, and income. If you are over 20 years old, you spend time with people between 30, 40, and 50 years. They are people who really have answers, not your 25-year-old friend, and still solve some basic problems for him or her.

3. Save and invest as much as you can.

The investment benefits more from the time variables.

The sooner you start saving and investing, the higher your earnings will be.

BusinessWeek published an article, "if you start saving when you are 25, not 35, how much money you will have to retire."

The difference is huge

Once again, economic freedom does not come from the cost of brunch or buying new shoes. Economic freedom begins when money becomes a tool for you to earn more money. It's about working for you, not enslaving you. The sooner you start learning this skill, the faster you will reach an economically safe place than any other person.

4. Get rid of those friends who are in life.

It sounds hard, but it's true: you are a direct reflection of the people around you.

In some ways, it is important to be aware of the direction of people in life and time to continue investing in these relationships. And you don't have to be stingy or get along with old friends. But you should not spend a few nights a week eating, drinking and playing with your partner, because that is not the kind of life you want. 

Friendship is an investment. 

Invest wisely

5. Keep reading (even if you have left school).

Most people stop learning at age 20.

Although we live in the era of new media, reading is a totally different experience. It calms you, forces you to think, it is one of the only ways of transferring knowledge, it allows us to obtain information from those who have lived for decades or even centuries.

The smartest people read you should read too.

6. Maintain physical exercise and establish a good exercise system.

Success is almost always based on some form of physical exercise.

When we are young, we always tend to associate physical exercise with "sport." But as we age, physical activity has become one of several ways to keep in touch with ourselves: our physical activity time is our personal time; for example, run in the morning to keep our heads clear.

Instead of linking exercise with "fitness," consider it a routine to improve every aspect of your life.

7. Don't let hobbies die.

Everyone has things they like to do, just for fun.

With the change in life, interests, and hobbies are often replaced by busy businesses or family building, child rearing, loans, vacations, etc., and time passes quickly. After retirement, some people will capture interests that have not been touched for many years, while others will.

This shows that interests and hobbies are deeply rooted. They help us to take life with less seriousness, they teach us to spend time enjoying life, to handle it with adequate time, and to maintain the seasoning of life, instead of letting it die.

8. Find a mentor and give up some short-term returns.

Many people in their 20s are obsessed with success but only focus on short-term returns.

Although many young people are eager to succeed, focusing on short-term returns alone will not take you anywhere. We should learn from the teachers and train in these skills for a long time. For example: how to use 1000 yuan to promote your products as a supplier? How to serve powerful people for free and learn the necessary knowledge from them?

Many people disagree with this mentality, but this is one of the most successful shortcuts. You can give up more short-term returns and invest in yourself. At the beginning, things may decrease or not progress at all, but in the end, your roof will become higher and higher.


9. Cultivate your relationship with your partner.

Only when you are 100% focused, committed to progress, and single can you succeed (in your twenties).

There are many successful people living in this mentality, even the most successful entrepreneurs give priority to their partners and cancel the agreements between them. Even his other half would say, "He always says he has to work and I don't have time."

But it is a faulty way to start a business and live.

Someone can share their life journey with you and support you emotionally throughout the process, which will certainly not let you go back in any way and improve it, which also means that you have a responsibility to promote this relationship throughout the process (which is a duty).

Finally, I wish you all success or further progress on the path to success.

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