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Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

imagination is more important than knowledge?, is imagination more important than knowledge, Why Imagination is More Important than Knowledge
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In this article we talk about Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

Today's social innovation is competitiveness. In the environment of universal university education, young people with strong creativity are most likely to stand out.

Imagination exists in everyone's mind. As long as we master the method of practice, we can also have a different way of thinking.

Through examples and concrete operations, this book inspires readers to develop their imagination and break the invisible wall in their minds. 

Imagination is the core of creation

In our daily life, how many things are carried out in accordance with the established rules? Life is changing with each passing day, but thinking is becoming more and more rigid. In order to save time and labor, a large number of convenient services appear around us, which can be done only by moving our fingers.

It seems that we can dominate everything, but in fact, we are all passive thinking, not even thinking.

Therefore, innovative thinking has become a valuable asset in today's society. Look at those Internet Celebrities, the greater the chance for the first to think of a good idea and become famous. On the contrary, even if the video is made well, the good reviews received by the imitators are few.

Imagination is the core of creativity. Any conceptual breakthrough needs imagination. To realize that you are thinking passively every day is the first step to innovation.

Imagination is not deep thinking. It exists in every moment, can be in entertainment, can be in eating, can be in work, consciousness, and unconsciousness can expand the wings of imagination.

What we have to do is to seize as many opportunities as possible to develop and cultivate imagination.

Imagination can be cultivated

Imagination is a process of conception from scratch. Creation is the use of imagination. Only when something created breaks the rules or leads the trend can it be called innovation? There is no creation and innovation from scratch without imagination.

Imagination is a kind of skill, which can be improved through training.

For learners of any age, whether individual or collective, imagination is completely plastic. We all have detailed imagination and can shape and develop it.

Having imagination will have more competitive advantages than others. Economy, culture, education, and technology are inseparable from it. Imagine the objects that appear in science fiction movies, after decades of development, appear in our daily life.

The world is driven by imagination

The essence of education is also to let students master basic knowledge and develop their imagination to make greater contributions to society. It is closely related to each of us.

How to practice imagination

Imagination can become more sensitive and powerful through continuous practice. The first step of practice is to reflect constantly on action.

Everything in life is not static. Exercise is a basic element of everything. Learning, work, life, and the brain are all busy all the time. Imagination carries on activities through memory, but there are many bad impressions associated with memory, such as fear, disgust, etc. 

If you want to have a breakthrough in ordinary people's imagination, you should not care about those negative impressions, you can't be afraid of failure, innovation is to take the road that others haven't taken.

Failure doesn't mean giving up, it means more possibilities

"I know" is the most imaginative sentence. Self-righteous knowledge can only close the door of the mind, keep a sense of awe and novelty for everything, and recreate imagination for many common things in daily life.

Emancipating thinking ability is the most basic exercise way of imagination. By intuitively observing and asking questions yourself, it is possible that the greatest ideas are generated in the arrangement and combination of common goods.

The improvement of imagination is not achieved overnight. It needs to be accumulated bit by bit. The smallest innovation is the progress of oneself. The brain has the instinct of association. They will automatically combine innovative thinking.

Practice making up stories more often. Many novel ideas will be presented through stories. Subconscious ideas will emerge through plots and descriptions. Reading your own stories can also better understand your own ideas.

Try different identities more often. Although we are not actors, we can still try various identities in our life. For example, when we go to the library, we are readers. When we do public welfare activities, we are volunteers. 

We can immerse ourselves in social roles every time we do something. The brain will receive different stimulation and stimulate creativity. Even if we play games, we can become the person in the game.

The brain has the ability to automatically fill in gaps. Many magic tricks use the ability of vision and perception to deceive the audience. What we need to do to cultivate imagination is to make the conscious fuzzy parts of the brain clear.

Imagination starts from the details, which is a kind of imagination. Sometimes the more blurred the pattern is, the more information it contains.

Through observation, thinking, and then finding out the internal connection, and self-entertainment practice with the brain, there is no need for a clear purpose. 

Breaking through the routine is the best way to create images, or using challenges to stimulate imagination, doing something you haven't done, participating in some activities, or breaking the habit and routine, you can accumulate imagination materials.

The importance of imagination in the development

Imagination is a thinking process in which the human brain processes and transforms the information of the memory system to create new images, models, or hypotheses. It is a process in which the existing temporary neural connections are decomposed and combined again. 

Imagination can be divided into negative imagination and positive imagination according to its different mechanisms and characteristics. 

Negative imagination creates images and models that do not need to be realized. It has the characteristics of aimlessness and illusory.

Positive imagination is a kind of thinking activity with certain initiatives, purpose, order, and reality. It can be divided into reconstructive imagination and creative imagination.

Creative imagination is a kind of thinking activity that creates an image or model of something that already exists in real life but has not been perceived by oneself according to the description of language or text or the schematic pattern, 

while the creative imagination is a kind of thinking activity that does not depend on ready-made description, Independently creates new images, models, or hypotheses in accordance with their own needs.

In my opinion, positive imagination

How can we encourage imagination within our children?

Imagination is the first of creativity. Children's imagination is the core power to change the world. 

So how do stimulate children's imaginations?

Respect children's thoughts

Children's world is simple, but it is also full of creativity, so we need to give them respect, full respect to bring about enough space for creation. So that children can have more unlimited imagination.

Protect children's imagination

To stimulate children's imagination, we also need to protect children's imagination. That is to allow children to have all kinds of strange ideas, not to suppress, or laugh, but to seriously protect them so that children can imagine freely.

Ask the child why?

Many parents will be very upset in the face of 100000 why children. If they are eager to shut up their children, they will lose interest slowly. In fact, the best way is to semi-guided them. At the same time, they should actively ask their children why in life, so that they will actively create and give wonderful answers.

Strengthen children's practical ability

Imagination needs to be combined with action power, otherwise, children will become dreamers, only daydreaming there, which can give children enough space to create, let children do it, and the imagination burst out into action is more instructive.

Take kids to explore nature

Nature is the source of children's creativity. Only children who constantly explore nature can get inspiration from nature and find a source of creativity. So I often take my child to travel and play around and take him closer to nature, so that the child has a full imagination.

Take children to play in places with technological elements

For example, children's favorite science and Technology museums, universe exploration Museums, Dinosaur Fossil museums, etc., fully let children feel.

Innovation is a process from observation to reflection and from scratch. If you want to make your thoughts active, you can't stop thinking. Don't keep a default attitude towards all rules and things you are used to. Ask more questions and be curious about everything. After continuous training, you will find that innovation is actually in our own brains.

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