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Is A Ferrari A More Valuable Car Than Lamborghini?


Today's topic Is a Ferrari a more valuable car than Lamborghini?. From the perspective of the general historical brand, I would say 'yes'. Ferrari is a stronger 'brand', with a broader sense and tradition. Search in PDF: the envy of young people and Rubicam to know their brand and the dynamics of Lamborghini. It seems that it is becoming increasingly egalitarian.



But in practice, all the "depreciation curve" measures are the duration and value of the new car that can be sold above/below the label. The flagship models of each brand will be sold in decals for a period of time after launch. It is also important to understand that supercar owners rarely "buy and keep" their cars. Instead, they travel in a different car every 6-12 months and believe they can group it and lose their depreciation every year.

I have some friends who reach the breakeven point (and even earn money) because they have received early assignments from Ferrari and Lamborghini. I have two gallons for two and a half years, less than the depreciation of the new Ford F10. It is a super sports car race. The second class cars of each brand are different: they generally have a lower performance in resale. A year later, it seems that Hurricane is doing well in resale (except for the green variants).



The Aventador groups briefly surpassed and maintained their value until the roadster had a very strong resale in recent years. I predict that the fan has reached a saturation point, and now we see that they are beginning to decrease. Ferrari California is a disaster for anyone who still has a new car. FF is great, but due to its rarity and collecting value, it avoids catastrophic devaluation. The 599 for $ 135 is a thief. F12 can keep value for some time.

Now, while there are a number of buyers who can pay for new car orders, there are a large number of buyers who expect vehicles to enter their territory in order to experience them. Finally, a car is "crushed" in depreciation. Lamborghini is likely to keep Ferrari gallery strong, at $ 88- $ 95,000, while older Ferrari models like the 360 will drop to $ 60. It may be a bad comparison due to relative age, but the flat F430 also ranges from $ 90 and $ 110.


I could be washing. If you can afford the initial costs and the risk of expensive repairs, these cars are worth more than $ 50,000. So, while data scientists may be required to process the prices of decals and used car sales data, they can be very close In terms of the collection market, Ferrari seems to have won, but it seems that Lamborghini is catching up.


As many others have said, the answer depends on the model and the year. But the reality is that Ferrari can retain and gain more value than Lamborghini. If you look at most of the auctions or compare most of the new models, Ferrari sells for more than Lamborghini. It used to be a bigger gap, but Lamborghini has slowly eliminated it.


Much of this is due to Audi, because Lamborghini has greatly improved reliability with better parts. Although both car manufacturers need high maintenance costs, Lamborghini parts are now cheaper than before. I think it will be more interesting in 10 to 20 years because as Lamborghini becomes more involved in hybrid technology (KERS), the progress in automotive technology continues.

It depends on the car model. I am a consultant to the $ 38 million owners of the $ 1962 GTO that he recently sold. She wanted $ 50 million, but there was no buyer for that price, so the auction brought $ 38 million. In general terms, with the exception of the special SSK MB and Bugatti T35, Atlantic, the price of the classic Ferrari in the auction are higher than any other model.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ferrari and Lamborghini? Which one is better in comparison?

Ferrari has benefited from years of racing technology. In the field of its street sports cars, high-tech should be widely used. It can be said that the technology of every part of Ferrari's street sports cars has experienced severe tests on the racing field. Therefore, no matter in terms of driving experience or technical indicators, Ferrari is applied to every class of sports cars That kind of idea can't be said to be the top level, but it can be said to be the most appropriate one.

Lamborghini, on the other hand, is much more extreme. Lambo pays attention to an extreme, and its car making concept is to pursue the fastest and most extreme.

Ferrari provides technology, it pays attention to everything is just right, like Taijiquan, with the least force to send out the most powerful move. Rambo pursues a kind of wild, extreme, just like the Baji boxing in the open and close to find the strong shock.

The concept of the two is different. The comparison between the two brands only blinds the belief of the two brands and desecrates the cultural precipitation in their long history of car making.

Every man has his favorite car, and he has his own ruler on the problem of distinguishing which is better. In fact, there is no need to struggle so hard. Does it really matter who is good and who is not? The difference lies in one's attitude towards life.

which is better in terms of overall performance? 

Lamborghini or Ferrari, which is better in terms of overall performance? In terms of performance and reliability

Ferrari pays more attention to the control of the curve and the smoothness of movement. Because of strong F1 technical support, the performance of the special Ferrari is generally good at handling, especially the transmission technology (F1 Technology).

Lamborghini focuses on the output of horsepower and the stability of vehicles. Ferrari and Lamborghini of the same level can see that the horsepower and torque of Lamborghini are relatively large. Most Lamborghini is 4WD vehicles, so they are slightly inferior to Ferrari in terms of vehicle weight and handling flexibility. However, the stability of high-speed driving is better than that of Ferrari. In other words, to drive a Ferrari well, you may need the skills of a professional driver, but to drive a Lamborghini well, you just need to step on the accelerator.

In terms of style

Ferrari, I personally think the line is more soft and beautiful, but it does not have the too harsh pursuit of vehicle modeling. The design of Ferrari is more about the influence of aerodynamic force on the car.

I personally think that the styling style of Ferrari's vehicles is to meet the aerodynamic performance first and then consider beauty.

Lamborghini, rigid lines, Lamborghini car styling design is always above Ferrari, each is a classic, regardless of the car's character, history, temperament can be perfectly reflected in the shape.

Personally, I think the style of Lamborghini's vehicle design is to meet the visual impact first and then consider the aerodynamic performance.

In summary,

Ferrari's style is more professional and sportier.

Lamborghini's style is more elegant, more simple!

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