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What you should know before you turn 30?

What you should know before you turn 30?, 100 Things Must Know Before you turning 30
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What you should know before you turn 30?

Before turning 30, I don't like spring wind, summer cicadas, autumn wind, and winter snow. Life is bright and everything is lovely.

After turning 30, it's hard to avoid hurting the spring and autumn. I don't want to live as if I'm pretending to be, and I don't want to live as the envy of others that's why what things to do in your 30s.

100 Things Must Know Before you turning 30.

1. It's better not to smoke, it may help you attract some girls, but not smoking will never cause boredom, there are many ways to show masculinity, and there is no need to bet on health.

2. Set a goal for yourself, one year, two years, five years. Maybe you are not as good as others when you are born. Through hard work, you can often change 70% of your destiny. Broken can only make friends with cowardice.

3. Looking for a girlfriend's appearance is the first step, but it's not too late to plan after you know her character.

4. Don't care about small money. People who work regret that they didn't treat their GF well enough. Remember your important days, your conversations, girls are much more sensitive, and doing so will at least prove that you value her.

5. Love her, but don't be afraid of her. You are lovers and friends. What she wants is not pets. Such feelings can't go far.

6. If she is ill, take her to the hospital. When she is afraid, find a place with few people to hold her, give her courage, help her to line up, register, and put down your sad face. People around will only look enviously at her, and will not talk to you.

7. Don't put two people's lives together, space is the long life medicine of love. Don't be jealous often. Everyone has friends of the opposite sex. Only eat when you need to, and let her know.

8. Be kind to her friends. Even if she hates people, you are not qualified to speak ill. All you have to do is listen to her quietly. Comfort her appropriately. Sometimes, they need to rely more on upon, even if you are still students.

9. Don't ask her about the past. When the time comes, she will tell you without reservation. If she wants to see the former one, let her go. The reason is that you won't let her go, she will go too. Why not be generous, but let her know that you are rather depressed.

10. Cherish the people around you, don't think of changing things, everyone needs stability. Even if the other side is 10 times more beautiful than your gf, still actively approach you, give you a code, please seriously tell her that you have a girlfriend!

What you should know before you turn 30?

11. She starts to take care of your life, your money, nagging you, sending messages frequently to ask your location. Don't worry, she just gave herself to you, afraid of losing you.

12. Take her to the place you used to go, she will be very happy, when you are frustrated, she will find you for the first time.

13. After a quarrel, don't turn off the phone or hang out with other opposite sex in the street. That will only aggravate the conflict.

14. For a birthday, send her strawberry cake, not too big, but delicate enough to put your greasy scale on the cake. Buy another big one for her to spend time with friends.

15. When holding hands, even if your hands are sweaty, don't let go.

16. Introduce her to your best friends, including those of the opposite sex.

17. Don't let her call all the time. She needs to be valued, too.

18. Try to match her dress with her taste, even if you want to improve the quality, please take her with you.

19. Don't peek at her privacy, don't guess, it's fate to be together, and it's fate to leave.

20. If you are lovelorn, don't trust the rumor in the Jianghu to relieve your worries by drinking wine. It's not easy to vomit. Even if you drink it, don't rush to drink tea. Tea can't solve the wine, but it will hurt your kidney.

21. Don't think about how to mend the old. In addition to love, there are many problems ahead that you need to solve. This is a real society, feelings can not be used as food, poor couples are sad. Don't believe in movies. It's just a place for lots of strangers to make noise.

22. After breaking up, you can be sad, but the transition period can't be too long, because this period is the best time for study and work.

23. If you can't help being lonely, at least wait for the first half of the year, or you will not only deny her but also yourself.

24. When she no longer loves you, no matter how much you think about it, don't call her to tell her, because of some people will remember the first one, while others will only remember the last one.

25. In a good friend, you must cultivate confidence. Don't think you are so smart. There are friends everywhere. At last, there is only one true friend. Believe me.

What you should know before you turn 30?

26. If it's a big blow for her to leave, find a hairstyle with good craftsmanship to design and get a haircut, which can make you feel refreshed.

27. Don't disturb her life. She will only feel that you despise yourself for seeing the wrong person in the past.

28. When you meet in the street, please smile at her and leave the smile to the person who hurt you the most.

29. Tell the people around you that you have broken up with her to avoid them calling you reports and seeing who and who one day.

30. Don't believe in the fate of the constellation. It's to coax children. The fate is in their own hands. Do you want to wait for a house or a car?

31. It's better for your friends to focus on yourself and allow a few fulcrum connections. Don't turn your circle of friends into an airtight multilateral type. You need to reserve a base card for yourself.

32. Don't touch those who don't like it, but don't speak ill of them behind their backs. Those who say right and wrong must be right and wrong. Remember that evil comes from the mouth.

33. You in the circle of friends are usually very tolerant. Please take your opinions out properly. On the contrary, don't worry too much.

34. Leave a good impression on teachers or leaders. They will not step on you when you sink but may pull you. In social communication, the principle is to stop stocks, secular stocks are potential stocks.

35. Play fewer games. It's not Korea. You can't fight houses, cars, and women. Enter university, enter society, this is a marathon. Now a brick is thrown up in Beijing, and 7 or 8 graduate students are injured. Do you have any plans now?

36. Take out the limit and do your best. You want success, not failure. So in the face of difficulties, the first thing is to show confidence. Besides the encouragement of your beloved woman, this should be the most useful thing.

37. Tidy your desk and bookcase regularly. A good mental outlook can make you get twice the result with half the effort.

38. Learn English well. Those who say that learning English is useless can be ignored for the time being. They are either old or they have already passed CET6 to prepare for TOEFL. They are making a fuss here. You can do without proof, but you must learn it well.

39. It's not enough to love your major, and the future is not bright enough when you learn it, so you can change your career as soon as possible. Now more people value the "money route"

40. Knowing what you are going to do, the sleeping meeting in the dormitory can really help you sharpen your mouth, keep quiet at night, ask yourself what you want to do in the future, and realize it in that direction.

41. If you flip through fashion magazines occasionally, your girlfriend and female friends can benefit from it.

42. Try not to watch porn as much as possible. Even if a normal man is single, he will not be obsessed with lust all day long. And every time you have sy, there will be a lot of zinc loss, which is closely related to your brain activity.

43. Stick to exercise. Push-ups can exercise your chest and abdominal muscles. Remember that the swimming circle is a luxury for successful people.

44. A glass of water every morning to prevent gallstone. Don't drink water an hour before going to bed, or the pouch will appear too early.

45. I would rather buy dark socks than white ones, which will make people feel that you are not mature enough, and students and friends can help themselves.

46. Don't take it for granted that new colleagues or new friends invite you to dinner. Please be polite, or your reputation will become worse. Whether it's a university or a company, a lot of stories are told.

47. Don't touch a woman with a boyfriend. Even if you want to be one night stand, you should be prepared mentally. The result is the same as above. When it is serious, it will cause skin pain.

48. Don't touch a friend's woman. The consequences are the same whether it's the present or the past. You know, a man running himself is like running a company. He needs to establish a brand culture. If you want to ask why, please make a hypothesis that you are the victim first, and then send me a short message to discuss.

49. Don't touch the fraternal women. They often don't know what they want. I don't think anyone wants to share their love with some adult men. If heaven does evil, he can still live; if he does evil, he cannot live.

50. Don't touch the indolent woman who has no idea and doesn't make progress. Even if you have money, you have money, and eventually, you get bored with it. What's more, they are all vases, and you have aesthetic fatigue.

What you should know before you turn 30?

51. I know it's very difficult, but to succeed, it's a required course.

52. Don't spend all your spare time in the bar, read some literary works, learn some business processes, management norms, international current affairs, and legal knowledge. This ensures that you can talk at any party.

53. Every year you go back to your alma mater to see the teachers who have paid for you. Only when you go to society can you know that they are selfless. Compared with that tuition, they are so great. Learn to be grateful.

54. Go home to help parents do some simple housework, accompany them to buy food, cook, go shopping, and send them a down jacket in winter. They don't expect anything, but they need your recognition. Chinese parents are the most bitter and their children are the happiest

55. Everyone is young and has little money. Don't care who wears an ad, Nike, or other clothes.

56. Tell her your favorite underwear. Or go shopping with her when she wants to make a feint at underwear.

57. When bullying her, please take the cover with you. If you are not used to it, please solve it by yourself until you can't stand it, or pour yourself with cold water. Abortion is painful, I just heard.

58. Have a sense of justice, but please be more rational. Your parents don't want their son who has been raised for more than 20 years to disappear. But when she meets a rogue, please stand in front of her bravely. Talking loudly can give you a quick boost in courage.

59. It's better not to play naive in front of her. Most mm don't like it unless she asks.

60. Chew a piece of gum before kissing. Please close your eyes when kissing and tell you how much you love her when you open it.

61. Respect everyone, including those who clean your shoes, sell newspapers, sanitation workers, etc.

62. When you receive a strange call, please say, "Hello, who can I speak to?"

63. If you want to lose your temper, try to bear it. If you can't help it, go to the toilet and squat for half an hour, or find a place with a higher altitude and stand for half an hour.

64. If GF wants to quarrel with you, try to be restrained. If it can't be avoided, quarrel with her is the best way to communicate. You can get each other's long-awaited answers. But don't bring dirty words, don't bring out the relatives of the other side, and finally, try to compromise. Some things can only be temporarily compromised. Don't leave problems overnight.

65. Surprise her with a present when she comes back from a business trip.

66. Put some change in her pocket and a hundred in the pocket she doesn't usually use.

67. Respect the old and love the young. After helping others, you will feel extremely relaxed and happy.

68. When you go to the market to buy things, you first kill three-quarters of the price. Now killing half won't work.

69. If you can, you can't earn enough money to make a living for your opponent. There are no natural enemies in this world.

70. Drink water and think of the source. Always be a thoughtful person. Even if you don't have great achievements, you will spend enough money.

71. Learn a song for her. If possible, sing it to her in front of everyone when you get married.

72. To do one thing, before success, there is no need to tell others, after success, share happiness with them.

73. Every year, I go to the temple to light some oil lamps for my family and tell my conscience that I love them when you are away.

74. Learn to observe words and expressions, and don't use your heart and mind, otherwise, there will be many unnecessary troubles.

75. Enjoy the solitude. The earth will not stop rotating because you are the only one. Maybe she will appear very late. Before that, you should learn to use time properly and let yourself shine.

76. She used to call you late at night. If you still love her, answer the phone. If you don't love her, turn it off

77. It's better not to choose a remote place for a night's date. Some emergencies will make you miserable. If you still love her.

78. Don't take the company's things at home. Even if they are cheap, don't participate. Don't blame them before you become a leader. You can't control them.

79. Develop another emotional catharsis function, listening.

80. Do not cooperate with friends to do business or run a company. Trouble will follow. You need to reduce the burden and risk. You can find strangers.

What you should know before you turn 30?

81. Today's business, today's business, not day after day, year after year. Otherwise, when you are 60, you tell your grandson that Grandpa must graduate next year!

82. Thank the person who once loved you. She wishes you the message and must reply.

83. If there is a dispute between friends, don't let it happen again and again. Everyone has the right to insist on their own, let them know what you think and what you insist on.

84. Say what should be said, not what should not be said. We should also have reservations about our friends. To her, don't compare her with the former one. No one can stand it.

85. Take care of your hair, nails, beard. Society is an exclusive acceptor. The artists needed on this planet are extremely limited. Please don't take this risk. Even if you have long hair, you should try to give people a clean feeling.

86. the game is optional. That's not what young people should do. Don't cultivate this interest unless the work requires it.

87. Write a summary for yourself every semester. Study hard in class. The so-called "study hard, make progress day by day, and learn well" is the most effective skill. Opportunities are often disguised as troubles, passing by you, only for those who are ready. Friends at work do the same.

88. Don't put state affairs on your lips all day, change what you can and accept what you can't change.

89. Choose a birthday to spend with your mother. It's also her good Friday. Don't spend every year with the same group. At the end of the day, it's all for you, only her.

90. With mobile phones, try to get online as little as possible. Even if you just read the news and articles, a lot of time will be inadvertently lost from you.

91. Don't think you are a man, you don't need maintenance. At least not a too casual diet, eat more tomatoes, seafood, leeks, are good for men's health food.

92. Be kind to small animals. You will have children and grandchildren. It's also life. Cultivate your love. That doesn't mean you're cowardly.

93. If you want to be a civil servant, you should have a full psychological preparation. Start trusting early. It doesn't necessarily work.

94. Those who strive to make progress do not always think about who they depend on. People are selfish, and they are the most reliable people.

95. If you get along with each other for several years, she starts to ignore you and ignore you. Please don't blame her and let her go. Can not give her happiness, give her freedom.

96. If you want to break up with her, please after the exam, people are vulnerable.

97. She bought you a present. You can be happy, but not too happy. Life is a business. Some people manage feelings, some manage interests, some manage happiness, and some manage conspiracy.

98. In the face of failure, don't worry too much, you must first work hard, learn to blame yourself, find out the reasons, and change your bad habits.

99. Learn to smile and use it on many occasions. How to make a smile look good, first of all, you have to have healthy teeth.

100. Stick to everything and know how easy it is, just like you can read this article.

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