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Advice For New College Students | How To Prepare For College Life

Advice For New College Students-How To Prepare For College Life, Advice for new college students, 100 Things every College Freshman Needs to Know.
100 Things High School Students Should Do Before College Starts

Advice for new college students

What is life like for college students? Is it as unbridled as high school teachers say?

Answer: Yes or no. It's up to you to live your college life.

But in any case, I believe you don't want to really muddle through college for a few years, looking back at your best age and living like this.

Therefore, I have the following suggestions:

1. Before college life really starts, set the main tone for your college time.

Do you want to be a university bully in four years and strive hard at the 8000-dollar National Award?

Do you want to be a responsible president of the student union in the four-year university student organization?

Do you want to learn some special skills in four years of University, master an instrument, a language, or a technology?

Do you want to be brave in the playground and strong in the wind for four years?

Do you want to spend four days and nights in university to do everything in the library and absorb the essence of books?

Do you want to study makeup at University for four years and become a little fairy after leaving school?

Think about what you want to do before you know how to act.

Of course, as you become more and more aware of the University, you may not be interested in the original goal, so you can change the goal at any time. But one thing is that you must firmly realize what you are going to do, otherwise, attract by various electronic products and soft quilts, and it's hard not to be a saltfish.

100 Things High School Students Should Do Before College Starts

2. Go to bed early, get up early, eat more vegetables, and drink more water.

In a literal sense, this sentence tells you to keep good habits. But from a deeper point of view, these little habits can bring you more benefits than that.

College life is loose and free. When there is no class, you can choose to play, sleep, study, or read at will. But if you don't want to be a salted fish, you can't always make yourself too comfortable.

Early to bed and early to rise, you will find that compared with staying up late and rising late in peace, you can feel refreshed and energetic every day.

I know it's hard to go to bed early because there are too many temptations. It's harder to get up early because the quilt is warm. But in addition to these two moments of pain, you'll be more productive and beautiful all the time of the day.

3. Meet the right person and fall in love wholeheartedly.

College is the freest time. Love can be free and easy. There are not too many material constraints, you like who you like, like who to pursue. You can share pain and happiness with each other, and bear the growing pains at the same time. You can show your love on the street without more people interfering in your love.

But protect yourself. Sexual life is worth experiencing, but the final choice is still your own, no one can force you. The protection measures should be done well. Of course, girls don't want to hurt themselves because of love, and boys naturally don't want to hurt her because they love her.

4. Try to get along with the people you hate calmly.

Just as you fall in love at first sight when you meet the right person, you may also be born with someone's magnetic field. It's normal that people around you don't like themselves, or they don't like someone. You don't have to blame yourself, let alone others.

Only when children are childish can they be totally self-centered and fetter others with their own values.

One of my classmates and I didn't get along very well in high school. The whole class knew the awkward magnetic field between us.

Once, a psychology professor came to our school to give a lecture and relieve the students' pressure. After the lecture, I asked him what I should do in the face of annoying people.

The professor replied, "Everyone is a peacock. Don't always look at him from behind his buttocks. He is ugly. Try to look at him from the front, so you will see beautiful feathers.".

 In my heart haha da. Since I hate him very much, I don't want to see him at all, and I don't want to talk about seeing him from the bottom or from the front.

So what's the way I summed up later? No matter what kind of cooperation, what kind of intersection, in the face of people you hate, you must remember that it's not right for people.

It's a big deal that you should treat him as an NPC, and it's not worth paying too much emotion

100 Things High School Students Should Do Before College Starts

5. Try to earn some money part-time.

There are many college students who have searched for questions about part-time jobs on various platforms, and many who have written articles about part-time jobs (I am one of them).

Some people say that college students don't want to work part-time. You can earn more than your part-time scholarship.

 People who are really capable can certainly give consideration to both study and part-time work. If you have a lot of study pressure, of course, you can focus less on part-time work or try part-time work in the winter and summer holidays on weekends.

Is a part-time job for money? Yes, it is not. Although you want to subsidize your college life through part-time subsidies, you will also gain valuable experience in the process of part-time work. Of course, how much experience you gain depends on the type of part-time job you do. 

That's why I don't recommend that you always do some part-time jobs such as handing out flyers and waiters.

6. Class, listen or listen. Listen to professional courses.

Everyone said that. Of course, if you don't listen to the professional courses, you're going to drop out.

Do you still listen to classes such as Mao's original psychology? Anyway, the examination can't be carried out in any way. What's the significance of listening to such classes? Some things, learn to moisten things silently, you may not realize it's raining at all, but your clothes are wet.

Once upon a time, there was such a statistic that in the first few years of graduation, people found that professional courses were the most important, but later, people gradually found that those seemingly boring and useless courses were slowly playing a role.

This is what my teacher Mao Kai told me. Believe it or not.

Even if the content of the class is really meaningless, you can also get the ability to understand through listening to the class, get the ability to express through answering questions, and most importantly, give the teacher the least respect through listening carefully.

7. After reading thousands of books, we have to travel thousands of miles.

I don't need to say more about the benefits of this advice. You naturally know it.

The key is that you are a poor college student, how can you realize your dream of traveling around the world without relying on your family's money.

If you want to travel and make money, go part-time. If you don't have enough money for a part-time job, go volunteer. Anyway, as long as you want to do it, you should always be able to find a way to achieve your goal.

One thing to remember is that while the scenery is beautiful, you should also pay attention to your own safety.

100 Things High School Students Should Do Before College Starts

8. Think about the future direction.

When it comes to college time, it's really called a time like water, a time like a song, a time like an arrow, a time like an arrow, a time like an arrow, a time like flying, a time like flying, a time like stars, a meteor-like moon, a time like waiting for no one else, a time like water, a time like flying, a meteor-like moon, a time like passing by, a fleeting horse, a broken jade-like flying.

When you think that you should plan for the future, the university may be half over, and you start to regret why you didn't prepare a lot of things early.

So, think about the future in advance. It's studying abroad, studying hard for the postgraduate entrance examination, and preparation. Different directions naturally mean different efforts.

What is the advice for incoming college freshmen?

College students are now a relatively relaxed group. There is no economic and social pressure on working people, and there is no academic pressure on middle school students. A few years of university can create unlimited possibilities for the future. Of course, there are those who have wasted their time, wasting their years of University. Sometimes, it is possible to change your life if you make good use of your college years. So, what is the advice for a college freshman?

100 Things High School Students Should Do Before College Starts

How To Prepare For College Life

100 Things High School Students Should Do Before College Starts

1. University should devote at least half of Its time to learning.

2. It's better not to attend classes if you can or not. The experience of not attending classes is the most perfect.

3. Find a person you really like, and go to love with your heart.

4. Learn to arrange your own time and live a full life every day.

5. Don't be a tutor just because you see others.

6. It's better not to be late for class, not to eat, and not to occupy seats every day.

7. Live in the school and have a good relationship with the students in the dormitory.

8. It's better not to run in the morning. The most suitable time for exercise is in the evening.

9. After becoming a senior, you must have the appearance of a senior.

10. You can pursue a person persistently, but if you can't catch up with him, you'd better give up and don't gloat when you get a better one.

11. When you see your former object or the person you have pursued, no matter whether there is someone around her or not, you should say hello.

12. There are many ways to train people. Do not focus on entering the student union or community.

13. If you are a student union cadre, don't surround the guide every day, and focus on the interests of your classmates.

14. It's impossible for people to realize all their promises, but as long as they are committed, they should try their best to be present and honest.

15. Don't look at others taking part in the postgraduate entrance examination. You are the clearest about whether you should continue to read and study.

100 Things High School Students Should Do Before College Starts

16. Try to wash every day when you have to.

17. When it's the last resort, a friend's wife should try not to have a wife. Even if she has a wife, she should go to the wife openly.

18. If you don't like the major you choose when you enter the school, you can continue your dream through a minor or audition.

19. The young teachers in the school are those who don't like alcohol and tobacco.

20. Don't say "I love you" easily.

21. Love your school, no matter whether it is good or bad, it is your choice after all.

22. Have a few songs that you know well.

23. If you think you can also be the leader of the country, please look at their wonderful answers at the press conference first, and you will know how far you are from them.

24. It's better not to participate in the activities of **** because no Chinese is unpatriotic.

25. If this relationship makes you unforgettable, it's better not to start another one immediately after breaking up, because it's respect for love.

26. Don't kiss others easily, because this is the greatest human behavior.

27. Don't smoke in the bedroom.

28. Sell to others what you can use and what is worth reading.

29. Be humble and know how to be modest, like the "sweeping monk" in the eighth Tianlong sect.

30. Treat those who pursue you with respect and politeness.

31. It's better not to practice speaking English with the same person as your native language.

32. Dating someone you like is the best thing for you.

33. don't easily conclude that she is the one you love the most.

34. When two people are together, they should learn to leave personal space for each other.

35. Try not to tell your previous emotional experience. It's a white lie.

100 Things High School Students Should Do Before College Starts

36. Know how to take good care of the books in the library.

37. Dare to defend your family and dignity as Zidane did in the world cup, but hold the balance because his punishment is only a red card.

38. Fighting is money.

39. The certificate of the National Computer Rank Examination is rarely available.

40. Don't easily believe in any learning tutoring class. The best tutor is yourself.

41. Try to pass level 4 and level 6.

42. If you want to go to graduate school or find a job, you should invite the people in the dormitory to have a meal.

43. Call your family at least once a week.

44. The best gift for your family is the money you earn through labor.

45. It's the most important thing to respect your parents. Wash your feet once.

46. Don't tell your family if you are not terminally ill.

47. Try to choose a city other than your hometown to study. If you are in a city, don't go home all the time. Know how to live alone.

48. Don't gamble between classmates.

49. Don't spend too much time playing poker, watching martial arts and reading online novels.

50. Read as many classics as possible. Even if you are busy, you should find time to read Dream of Red Mansions.

51. Don't talk about the differences between urban and rural areas, don't be rich, and know how to take care of other people's feelings.

52. When you go out, you should put a book in your bag. You can read it when waiting for the bus and others.

53. You must repay the money you borrowed from your classmates.

54. Pay attention to the news every day so that you can keep up with the times.

55. Before deciding on a long-distance relationship, prying other people's objects, and stepping on two boats, we must think carefully.

56. Don't get addicted to the Internet unless you can really support yourself.

57. Don't spend all your living expenses every month.

58. Don't choose a low-end hotel to rest. At least the bedding should be changed every day.

59. I need to have a project that always takes part in the exercise.

60. Be careful when meeting netizens. One nightstand can't solve the hormones in your body.

61. Master a foreign language fluently.

100 Things High School Students Should Do Before College Starts

62. Liberal arts students should also learn mathematics, and the thought of calculus is broad and profound. 63. It's better not to cut class before the last resort.

64. The teacher may not be as good as you, but you still need to know how to respect him. 65. Don't take your classmates as the target of your product promotion. 66. When two people are close, they should contact others and occasions.

67. Don't get too nervous with the teacher and the guide. To give others face is to give yourself a face.

68. No one has ever violated the rules of the University, but only if he or she has to graduate on time and get a degree certificate.

69. When you go out with the opposite sex, try to settle your account first.

70. When we drink, we have the best relationship.

71. Respect other people's work and rest time and living habits in the dormitory.

72. Whether you like this student or teacher or not, try to say hello when you meet.

73. Don't make learning your main reason before buying a computer.

74. Don't tell others how bad your school, department, or major is. In others' strictness, this kind of performance is often to bury yourself.

75. If he is not your competitor, don't pretend to know him in the exam.

76. Learn from people with good interpersonal relationships and be a popular person.

77. Don't fight for a girl. Respect her choice.

78. If you don't make a lot of money, don't pay too much for the phone.

79. In the activity of *** we must consider those students who are not in a good family and know how to think in a different way.

80. There's no special reason. We must have free meals.

81. If a classmate "borrows" your things without your permission, no matter who you know, don't slander him or ignore him, because you live on campus, after all, you are still classmates.

82. When encountering a worry, don't hold it in your heart, know how to talk, and don't shy away from doctors. You can go to psychological consultation, which is a very common thing in foreign countries.

100 Things High School Students Should Do Before College Starts

83. Listen to more reports from celebrities on campus.

84. It's best to listen to all kinds of songs by yourself. For example, Teresa Teng's fans are no less than Jay Chou's.

85. Don't take watching Korean and American dramas as the whole of your life.

86. It's better not to bring books home during the holiday

87. If you want to pass an exam, you'd better make a study plan before you review it.

88. Very close friends, remember to keep in touch regularly, if there are some major issues, we should take the initiative to care about it

89. If your girlfriend's ex. boyfriend calls her suddenly, don't hinder their conversation Give them time to talk freely.

90. Understand that time can dilute everything.

91. After breaking up, even if you encounter it in the street or in your classmates, don't contact them again. A stable family is the most important thing for everyone.

92. It is easy to succeed to start a business after having some working experience.

93. It's useless to say that most of the people who didn't go to university are those who didn't go to university. Don't forget that Bill Gates also dropped out after he was admitted to Harvard.

94. People who say that money is useless are either religious people or people who are worth more than 100 million dollars

95. Nothing has more charisma than knowledge and wisdom.

96. The graduation photos must be well preserved.

97. It's better not to tear things posted by others

98. If others don't reply when posting on the Internet, don't force others to reply. Be kind.

99. There is no regret left in college life, so don't be too regretful.

100. It's better to stick to one thing.

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