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Open Up The Gap With Peers With 100 Small Things

Before the age of 30, open up the gap with peers with 100 small things
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Open Up The Gap With Peers With 100 Small Things

Before the age of 30, open up the gap with peers with 100 small things.

This year, in the countless days of staying up late, milk tea, and midnight snacks, do you still, remember the oath of "pay attention to your health" made last year?

It's OK. I'll help you remember. 

Here are 100 Tips for you to change.

In 2020, health is the most important.


In 2020, it will be delicious

1. People who drink alcohol will not adapt to it. Stay away from those who have been advising you to drink.

2. It's not a light diet to eat only vegetables but not meat. The real light diet is to eat more steamed, scalded, stewed soup, and other cooking methods. When cooking, put more oil, and this meal will be eaten for nothing.

3. Weight loss can not only reduce weight but also reduce body fat.

4. Sunscreen in winter, on cloudy days, and indoors. Even if you have already been tanned, you should continue to do so.

5. People who are prone to blush when drinking should try not to drink. Because of the poor metabolism of acetaldehyde and the weak ability to relieve alcohol, it is more likely to cause liver function damage due to drinking.

6. The roast duck of 18 yuan on the roadside can be eaten as long as the shop is clean and has a hygiene license.

7. Honey is better stored instead of in the refrigerator.

8. Don't want acne is not only can't eat spicily but also far away from cake and milk tea.

9. In fact, there is no absolutely inedible food for hypertension, but any food should be well-controlled.

10. For healthy people, there is no fruit that can "hurt the stomach". If you have diarrhea, you may be allergic to this kind of fruit, or the fruit is not cleaned.

11. The nutrition loss caused by heating fruit is not as much as expected. Some fruit proteins are more easily absorbed by the human body after heating, but it is not recommended to use a microwave oven to heat durian, which may cause complaints from neighbors.

12. Drinking more mung bean soup can really prevent heatstroke.

13. It's true that flipping kebabs are healthier than non-flipping kebabs. You must go to the self-baking shop next time!

14. Dinner should be eaten at least 3 hours before going to bed, otherwise, it will affect sleep quality.

15. Hot water soaking feet can promote blood circulation and improve sleep, but there is no need to add so much material. Skin is the most lateral barrier of the human body, most drugs are difficult to be ingested through the skin, let alone the wolfberry in the foot basin.

16. The difference between the nutritional value of anti-season fruit and that of corresponding season fruit is not big. Which kind of fruit to eat depends on the thickness of the wallet.

17. There may be insects in cherry and bayberry. It's normal. You can eat it at ease and it won't do harm to your health.

18. Eating too much is related to the use of large meals. Changing a large bowl into a small one can reduce the amount of food eaten by 22%.

19. Ejiao does not replenish blood. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy Ejiao, it's better to eat 20 pieces of pan-fried pork liver.

20. Eating porridge can reduce the digestive burden of the stomach, but it can't "nourish" the stomach. What can really nourish the stomach is a regular diet, less tobacco, and wine, and less pickled food.

21. Moderate drinking water is good for your health, but it's enough to drink cold water at home. It is a marketing gimmick to claim that water can preserve health and even cure diseases.

22. At the beginning of the diet, what we lose is not fat, but muscle and water, which will also lead to the imbalance of human nutrition.

23. Never drink raw milk. It is recommended to drink it after boiling.

24. Eating vinegar properly can inhibit the digestion speed of starch and make the sense of fullness more lasting.

25. For people with poor digestion of casein in milk, can choose fermented dairy products, such as yogurt, cheese, etc.

26. Fumigating the room with vinegar can not kill bacteria or resist cold, but can stimulate the respiratory tract and cause discomfort.

27. For Pregnant women's face edema can try to use massage to reduce swelling, pay attention to control salt intake, and ensure adequate sleep.

28. Apple, lettuce, mint, spinach, potatoes, and other foods can quickly remove the garlic flavor in the mouth.

29. You can't have breast enhancement if you eat papaya. Of course, if you eat papaya and get fat, you can have breast enhancement.

30. Soy milk is a good way to relieve the heat, but drinking water doesn't work.

31. Don't believe in the benefits of light saltwater, not to mention long-term drinking. Increasing salt intake will lead to high blood pressure and other diseases. It is necessary to drink a small amount of light saltwater only after sweating a lot.

32. Eat "negative calorie" food that can be thin? There is no such good thing.

33. It is recommended to peel the apple. The Apple peel is nutritious, but there may be pesticide residues.

34. Drinking bone soup has little effect on a calcium supplement. There is a lot of fat in the white soup.


Good health in 2020

35. Skincare products have a very limited effect on black circles and expensive eye cream is not as good as good living habits.

36. Don't expect anti-hair loss shampoo to prevent hair loss. After all, the cause of hair loss hasn't been fully understood.

37. Healthcare products can't make you healthy if you have a disordered schedule and lack exercise.

38. Don't drop eye drops in case of eye fatigue. Try rubbing your hands to cover the palm of your eyes.

39. Neither feet soaking nor massage can treat allergic rhinitis. What you should do is stay away from allergens, insist on washing your nose with salt water, and see a doctor.

40. Girls tend to have colder hands than boys. It's not hypocritical. Girls' hand temperature is 1.5 lower than boys'. I don't have to say what to do.

41. Good living habits can prevent colds, the effect is better than taking medicine and taking vitamin C.

42. Snow can cause sun glare. If exposed for a long time without protection, it will burn your eyes and even cause snow blindness. Special goggles are required to prevent glare.

43. Smoking affects sexual function, both men and women.

44. Watermelon skin can't cure sunburn, but cool watermelon skin can relieve the pain after a sunburn.

45. There is no need to "defecate" and there is no medical concept of "defecate". So to the person, you are talking about, it is estimated that he wants to sell you Qingchang tea.

46. Pain is the body's early warning. If you feel pain during exercise, you must stop it in time. Don't try to be brave. This will only aggravate the injury.

47. Teeth washing won't make the crevices bigger. The illusion that the crevices are bigger is actually because the calculus that filled the crevices before was cleaned.

48. If the sit-up position is not correct, it will hurt the waist.

49. Walking back and forth on the phone consumes far more heat than we thought.

50. Washing your hair before bathing will not cause sudden death. Don't be afraid.

51. Have a physical examination every year, and keep your own physical examination report for comparison in the next year.

52. The beans growing on the back of the chest are actually inflamed hair follicles, which does not mean that there is a problem with the internal organs. If it's serious, you should go to the hospital in time. What beauty bloggers and friends say is not reliable.

53. Do not scratch the itchy skin. Apply moisturizer to moisturize the skin. The effect is better.

54. More solar energy can supplement vitamin D for the body, but it's not good to bask in the sun through the glass, because the rays that make you produce vitamin D in the sun can't penetrate the glass.

55. It's not advisable to run early in the morning. It's better not to run earlier than five o'clock, or it will greatly increase the burden on the cardiovascular system.

56. When you exercise for more than 14 hours a week, it will threaten your health.

57. Diet pills contain more illegal ingredients. If you buy a drug, please identify the drug.

58. Sweat is a way for the body to cool itself. Sweating doesn't mean losing fat or burning calories.

59.10 minutes of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) may burn more calories than one hour of yoga.

60. When you return to the room from the cold outside, don't put your hands on the heater to bake immediately. It will be harmful to your skin and will easily cause frostbite in the future.

61. Don't paste honey and cucumbers on your face. It's not a digestive organ. It can also breed bacteria.

62. People who plan to be pregnant should not take hot springs after drinking.

63. Hard work will lead to "overwork and fatness". When working overtime, you must remember to get up and walk more to keep enough physical exercise.

64. Cushions won't make your hips bigger, but sitting still will make your hips fatter.

65. If you have a cold, you should rest more. You can't "sweat" by exercising.

66. Can't stop burping at work? Try to press the inner side of the eyebrow with the thumb of both hands, the obvious small groove above the eyebrow bone.

67., you will really look good after finishing the mask, because the cuticle is fully hydrated, but this is only temporary.

68. The HPV vaccine is not exclusive to women. Men can not only avoid infecting their partners but also protect themselves from related diseases.

69. The HPV vaccine can prevent at least 70% of cervical cancer. Girls are recommended to be vaccinated before the age of 25.


Live a good life in 2020

70. Microwave ovens, mobile phones, and WiFi do produce radiation, but they are all within the safe range and harmless to the human body.

71. If you are in a hurry to charge your mobile phone, you can turn on the flight mode while charging. The charging speed will be much faster. But don't forget to close in time, otherwise, it may lead to family discord, couple breakup, and boss dissatisfaction.

72. Frequent inhalation of kitchen fume will increase the risk of cancer, so the kitchen should be ventilated frequently. A good range of hoods is very important.

73. Pet owners often use vacuum cleaners, and the hair and dust mites shed by dogs and cats are allergens.

74. Hand sanitizers can't replace soap to wash hands. If possible, wash your hands with soap.

75. There are still bacteria on the newly bought underpants. You must wash them before wearing them.

76. Those bags, ducklings, table mats, skipping ropes, etc., which are often contacted in daily life, may have the problem that phthalate esters (hereinafter referred to as phthalates) are seriously over standard. The high level of o-benzene will make children precocious. It is recommended that children purchase articles through regular and safe channels.

77. Wear the mosquito repellent Bracelet carefully. If the product is unqualified, it will easily cause skin inflammation and pharyngitis.

78. It's not reliable to check the disease by reading books and searching the Internet. It will only make you more anxious. If you feel abnormal, you should see a doctor on time.

79. In winter, too-tight clothes will reduce the effect of cold protection.

80. Air fresheners only cover the peculiar smell with a "strong fragrance", which has not been eliminated.

81. The anti-haze mask can't be recycled. It should be replaced every other period of time.

82. You just look skinny in those stretch socks? It doesn't actually burn fat


Get a good sleep in 2020

83. The liver doesn't detoxify at 11 o'clock, but it's right to go to bed early.

84. The main reason for the sudden death of young people is staying up late.

85. It's easy to lose sleepiness when playing on mobile phones before going to bed, especially since it's not recommended to search "how to spend if you win the lottery", "how to retire before 30" and other problems before going to bed.

86. Ge you are good at lying down, but it's really bad for the lumbar spine.

87. Lack of sleep can affect your social ability.

88. Always wearing underwear to sleep will oppress the breast and increase the risk of breast cancer.

89. The effect of calming healthcare products such as melatonin is still controversial. Long-term insomnia is a disease. Please see a doctor in time.

90. Too much sleep can lead to memory loss.

91. Don't look down on insomnia. It's not simply "sleepless". There is a high coincidence between insomnia, schizophrenia, and other mental diseases, as well as hypertension, obesity, and coronary heart disease.


Good mood in 2020

92. Your mood will affect your body temperature.

93. Narrow-mindedness and strong jealousy will accelerate aging.

94. Intensive phobia really exists. A picture can really ruin a day or even a week for some people. So don't joke easily.

95. If you don't like horror movies, don't force yourself. Horror films can give people strong psychological hints and may also produce psychological shadows.

Open Up The Gap With Peers With 100 Small Things

96. Long-term estrangement from nature is not only easy to causes myopia, obesity, and physical quality decline, but also causes loneliness, depression, and other bad emotions, and nothing to go to the park.

97. By writing about the positive events of the day, you can create a happy state, thereby reducing anxiety and stress.

98. Four seconds of breath, seven seconds of breath, and eight seconds of breath can relieve anxiety. Before going to bed, this breathing method can help to sleep.

99. It's no use relying on self-will and friends' care for mental illness. Please ask a psychiatrist and a professional organization for help.

100. Have a look at the article. I wish you a healthy and happy life.

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