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Learning is very important. What should I learn?

Learning is very important. What should I learn?, learning new things every day, learn something new everyday
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In recent years, the word "fragmentation" has been seen everywhere on the Internet. It's fragmenting this, fragmenting that. The most common word is fragmentation time. 

Indeed, compared with the concept of 24 hours, every hour we take out is a fragmented time. Fundamentally speaking, we can't use the complete concept of time, because time is so much every day, which is fair to everyone. Fragmentation is not only a writing gimmick.

In fact, the analysis of the concept of "fragmentation" is to hope that we can make good use of our time and improve ourselves. From this fundamental reason to analyze, all "fragmentation" is a good positive motivation.

However, what we can "fragment" is the only time, not knowledge and ability.

I have written an article before, called "Three ways to increase knowledge reserve". In this article, I share two kinds of knowledge with you. One is called factual knowledge, and the other is called methodological knowledge. This concept is mainly derived from the book The Great Migration of Knowledge.

Let me explain briefly that factual knowledge refers to geographical knowledge, economic knowledge, and historical knowledge... 

This knowledge and acquisition time is relatively long, and not easy to remember and understand, but with continuous accumulation, your understanding will be more, the thickness of knowledge will increase, and your cognition will improve.

Methodological knowledge refers to, for example, the presentation skills and communication skills we teach you in class that belong to this category. No matter what kind of knowledge, there is no way for the single learner to make their own growth and get very good results. The best way is to combine the two.

That is to say, knowledge learning can be progressive. The characteristic of methodological knowledge is that it can be learned and used relatively quickly, which makes it feel effective and effective. 

However, as time goes on, it seems that there is no way to improve in depth. At this time, you should make an hour's study plan every day to enrich the factual knowledge that you are interested in so that the accumulated knowledge will increase your cognitive thickness.

In other words, a single improvement of a certain kind of knowledge will make you feel "inadequate" one day in the future. Only the comprehensive and systematic improvement of knowledge can really internalize our "internal skill" and let us really grow.

Before growing up, the choice is very important. Now there are many people who don't know what they want to learn. They just know that learning is very important. What should I learn?

The most promising person in the workplace is called the feedback black hole, you don't communicate, you refuse to disclose your information, and no matter how capable you are, you will end up in a mess. You don't have the ability to communicate. All your other abilities go to zero. "

Communication and expression ability is the most important ability in today's workplace.

If you don't know what you're going to learn, you're going to learn speech.

And it can help you to improve your knowledge systematically:

Public speaking - basic course of speech

Speech Art - advanced course of speech

Think twice and talk -- Speech thinking course

We are all ready for the personal growth you want. What are you waiting for?

It's amazing to learn something new every day.

Usually, we learn new things for entertainment and professional development. But no matter what the purpose of learning is, you should try to learn new things every day. 

Only a few of us are outstanding lifelong learners, but most of us are busy with our habitual daily work and activities. 

However, learning new things every day offers great benefits and opportunities. You can find that informal learning opportunities are everywhere because people are always overwhelmed by free learning resources. 

Integrate the habit of learning new things into your life, and enrich your life with fresh ideas, new contacts, and inspiration.

1. Personal growth

New information promotes self-improvement and personal growth. Successful people claim that personal growth is the key to their success, which is why they are never satisfied with what they have learned. When we learn new things, we also gain new experiences and skills. 

This means that we have deepened our understanding of the world and realized our potential. In addition, learning new things will make you proud and enhance your self-esteem.


2. Knowledge armed you

You must have heard that knowledge is power. I prefer to say that the only practical thing is power. Knowledge is just information. You should take the initiative to make it useful. 

Knowledge makes you an open-minded person, which enables you to see life from various perspectives. As a result of self-education, we have learned to make better decisions, put forward more rational ideas, and can improve our lives. These give us the freedom to choose the better.

3. It makes you an interesting conversationalist

It's important to maintain the ability to talk, but if you want to be a good conversationalist, the ability to talk about something interesting and rare is essential. A knowledgeable person is always a good communicator. 

The best talker I've ever met is a traveler. But you don't have to travel around the world to be an interesting person. You can find an interesting and unusual hobby, such as carving eggshells or collecting antiques. Or, you can just listen to the radio, take free online courses, or read and learn new things to become an interesting person.

4. Fight against boredom

Nothing can fight boredom better than a new experience! Monotonous life is habitual and safe, but learning new things and getting new information gives you opportunities to make your life interesting. 

Of course, getting out of your comfort zone can be challenging, but sitting can never be exciting. New information helps you feed your mind, and develop critical thinking and imagination.

Getting new experiences is one of the most reliable ways to identify your potential talents and find out the true passions in your life. If you find an interesting topic, you will be eager to learn more about it. When you have expectations, you will never be bored.


5. You will make new friends

I realized that most of my friends make friends when they learn new things and experience new things. When you join an organization or a club, or you start a new hobby, you are surrounded by like-minded people who just have different personalities. You have a chance to find close friends.

I believe that new people are the source of new ideas and inspiration. Joining a language club, taking art classes, going to the tennis court, or mastering your cooking skills are all good ways to share experiences, learn new things, and meet great people.

6. You set a good example

When you have children, your example is one of the most powerful tools of education. Every time your child sees you reading or reading an article, it encourages them to do the same. Learning is contagious. 

If your children see your pure excitement and inspiration for learning, they will soon adopt your ideas and habits. Learning is never too late, so don't be embarrassed to watch educational programs, play growth games, or read novels with your children.

7. You have learned good time management skills

I'm always too busy to add extra things to my schedule. That's why I never have enough time for my hobbies. However, I know that adding one more task to my to-do list is the best way to organize my daily life and improve my sense of time. 

I realize that time is very flexible and I should manage it wisely. Stop complaining that you don't have free time to read. There is a saying that the busiest man has the most time. Learn to use your time more effectively so that you can do what you want to do.

Develop the habit of learning new things every day, or you will regret it. Because of the habit of reading and learning new things every day, I became a better person. It has improved the quality of my life and helped me in my work and life. Do you think it's important to learn new things every day?

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