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Principle for Success and 100 Things Every Man Should Know

Principle for success and 100 things every man should know. Everyone has his own principles to live in this world

The Principle for Success that Everyman Should Know

Today's topic is the Principle for success and 100 things every man should know. Everyone has his own principles to live in this world. Everyone has different origins and experiences, which makes us have different cognition and different principles. This principle also reverses the deep construction of our cognition and then affects our choice. Layers of different lives are superimposed.

The principle should be the direction of everyone's judgment, which can help us to allocate our resources more efficiently in all dimensions of life. Among them, the principle of life tells us not to test human nature, which should be one of our core principles. 

At the same time, investment should not exceed the credit value. We need to face this problem when making an economic investment or emotional investment. Let oneself need to face human nature directly, this is a kind of omission in itself.

In real life, most people can't understand the relationship between credit and human nature. Always seize the opportunity cannot grasp, but again and again into the unknown field to be reaped. In fact, this is not enough understanding of money. People in the non-financial sector trade time for money. We pay for talent, knowledge, and labor to gain public recognition, so we earn all our hard-earned money. In this way, if you pay, you will gain. If you don't pay, you will get no income. 

In other words, it's life for money, so it's often more important. Because of the loss of perspective, it is easy to turn a blind eye to real opportunities. Have or because of the problem of face, always think others will take advantage of, cheat money. Coupled with the lack of financial training, we always try and fail. We should analyze the nature of money from the perspective of human nature and credit. Don't always think about being rich, just be exploited by others.

Investment does not exceed the credit value, which is the creed we must keep in mind. If the credit value of this event or this person is not high, then the event or person advocated by him can no longer seem to have a high income, strong ability, and can't vote because The cost of betrayal is too low.

Conversely, if we invest in the credit value, or even far less than the credit value, then we can basically close our eyes. And we should pay a lot for an investment opportunity. For example, someone has worked hard to sell pirated CDs for six years, only to save 100000 dollars. This is all he has. In the same age is small rich, so usually always invite friends to eat, drink and play. 

By chance, a friend said that he would take the money out and sell coal with him. He agreed before long. The basis for making a judgment is: I have been to his home before, and my parents and family are the leaders of the city.

It can be seen from this that we should follow this principle when seizing opportunities. A lot of time and energy should be devoted to finding the elites in the front-end in the field, and then try to generate links, build trust, wait for opportunities to show sincerity, and put money in. The most profitable projects in this society are all based on this routine, which helps others. They play with them or talk about it at the dinner table, and then they pay the money as soon as possible.

Identifying a direction represents a bigger trend. Then find the best one in the field and then invest it. Although there are risks, the specific implementation should be considered comprehensively and put more factors into consideration, but this is the approach with the highest probability of success. It should also be a principle of success!

100 Things Every Man Should Know

In the vast world, there are all kinds of people. Some are very smart, some are more stupid. Some people remember things twice, while others need ten times. According to the data, the most successful people are those who often need to remember things more than ten times. 

Among 100 Things Every Man Should Know, they are not particularly smart, but they have made achievements that are hard for ordinary people to reach. Why? Just because they work hard, they can suffer. 

A person has worked hard enough, when the opportunity comes, he can find it better, and then catch it. A very smart person is easy to be conceited and open-minded. With the migration of time, he gradually starts to lag behind the people who keep on working hard, and finally disappears.


This is A List of 100 Things Every Man  Should Know

1. If a woman neglects you, leave her. Since you pay money, you don't have to continue to pay your noble love.

2. At any time, don't be sad for a woman who changes her heart. If that woman is merciless, you don't have to be sad. Live a good life, at least better than her.

3. Don't go around the woman you like endlessly. Even though you like her so much that you are going to die, you still need to learn to give her space. We're men. We need to be brave.

4. When a woman says to you: break up! Should smile and say: wait for you to say this for a long time! Remember to drink to her, and then tell her to bring money with you for the next meal, because you won't pay for her again.

5. Believe in yourself and make your life colorful. Don't mistake it for someone to regret, but to make their life more wonderful.

6. Go out to work, study, and live calmly every day. Women are just some kind of creature on this planet, nothing!

7. To the color, fan appreciates your woman, wants to return a white eye, or a slap in the face, don't warm vague shallow smile.

8. When a man is 30 years old, he should learn to be himself, and there is no need to sacrifice anything for a woman.

9. If you can't smoke, smoke. If you can't drink, try drinking. You'll like it. Let everyone know you're not an alien

10. If you are depressed, go to a bar. But when you see a lonely woman holding a goblet or smoking to chat up with you, remember to give her a big mouth! Tell her you're not a casual man!


11. Among 100 Things Every Man Should Know, if a man has no vanity, he has no beautiful coat! That's motivation!

12. Don't wear black shoes or casual shoes. We are not security guards or salesmen. We can't afford to lose that man!

13. There should be several sworn parties. They are far more reliable than women. Women are at best a happy alliance. It's the guys who are really in trouble

14. If you get married, even if you find something wrong, don't leave immediately. Give her a chance. Don't leave immediately like a selfish woman. It seems irresponsible.

15. With women? It's not recommended, but if she has lost her sense and self-control, at least make her faint first, and the effect is much better than a donation.

16. Don't travel if you have nothing to do. Men should sit down and have a cup of Chivas. Traveling is what women want to prove for men. Their world is too small.

17. If you don't have time, money or a good life, you don't have to pretend to be a gentleman to accompany women to have afternoon tea, read or listen to music. That's not what men do

18. Buy clothes for yourself, never let a woman buy clothes for you. Even if she does, most of the time you will not like her vulgar taste. You know, there is still a big gap between men and women in the world

19. If you have extra gifts, you can give them to women you don't like very much. This is called a gentleman. We are men, and we can't be as small as women. They are more trade-oriented in giving gifts

20. A man loves only one person in his life! Of course, if you can do it, don't be like a woman who loves only one person at a time, and they will love 12 times a year. It's disgusting!


21. Among 100 Things Every Man Should Know, Know what your lover needs! Instead of just knowing what you want like a woman! It's called caring!

22. Love better than abuse. Don't grab a woman because of loneliness! Good women are not easy to pick up.

23. Show kindness and concern to the pursuer you don't like, and say elegantly: Thank you! This is the least respect. Don't be like a woman's self-righteous. In fact, it's impolite.

24. If you don't like your work, quit! What's the difference between you and a woman if you only ask for food and a house to live in and are willing to sacrifice your ideals?

25. A career is the most beautiful coat for men! Never learn what a woman has more than five bags with different colors and styles, and five or more pairs of shoes

27. If a good woman who has lost something has to learn to repent! Even if you find another one, don't forget her. This is respect for her and for yourself. If the people you really love to forget, are you still human????? Don't be so forgetful as a woman

Among 100 Things Every Man Should Know, if you fall in love with a married woman, it's not your fault. Women are also human beings. Love is not an exchange of gifts. There is nothing worthless. Do not like women, always take marriage for material, men's love is moved. Because many women fall in love with married men. In fact, they just fall in love with money or other things they have targeted. You are nobler than them.

29. If you don't need to send flowers on Valentine's day, you should be congratulated, because you are free. Cheers!

30. Remember your own birthday, even if you have a girlfriend, don't forget that women will really value your birthday


31. You can love a woman and even pay for everything you have. Don't use self-love to escape. It's a common word for women. In fact, they just dare not do it. Unless she's for the house or your money.

32. I have time to cook for my girlfriend because the best chefs in the world are all men. If you are a man, you can go to the kitchen every day for your beloved woman. Why not just like it?

33. Have time to find some friends to drink, rub hemp and talk about a sexual experience. Nothing. They do it every day for money. Is it a crime for us to talk about it?

34. Never think that it's a crazy experience to visit a person over mountains and rivers. That's the strength of our men. Keep it up.

35. If we raise small animals to show our love, let me tell you that it is easier to raise a woman than a small animal. At least they will find a new family before we go bankrupt and will soon adapt to forget all the benefits we have given them.

36. Don't learn to please women. This is not conducive to equality between men and women.

37. Among 100 Things Every Man Should Know, never sing to yourself in the dead of night because most of the time we overestimate our own voice. What's wrong with listening to others? Why do you have to sing by yourself? Men do not mean that everything can be done perfectly, believe in professionalism.

38. If you feel lonely and happy for you. You are a sexual person, at least you will look at yourself. Never go to a good friend to chat, go shopping, or eat. That's what women do. 39. If you send a text message to someone you like, she doesn't reply. If you want to send it again, true love can't be angry because she is more ignorant than you.

40. The most vulnerable aspect of men is food. Show it generously

41. Men should get up at least an hour in advance, instead of looking at themselves in the mirror before going out to check whether their clothes are in harmony. Only women do that

42. When dating a woman, you should be punctual, not ahead of time, not late, and let the woman know that men are reserved

43. Drink if you want, and sleep if you are drunk

44. When I go home at night, I don't have a car, so I can walk, but I need someone to pick me up. Will make people laugh at you

45. If a woman asks you, "do you love me or not?" You want to tell her, is this the only problem left in the world? Why does every woman ask this? Let them wake up

46. If you have a lot of lovers or girlfriends, you should be careful. Your health is important

47. Don't go to the cinema alone

48. Don't miss a woman 24 hours a day

49. When you fall in love with someone, you need to say it generously, not vaguely. I like you, understand? Are you a man?

50. Don't be foolish to think that with a fixed recreation place, you will have a warm place when you are alone. Actually, the waiters there change more often than your girlfriend changes her boyfriend

51. If you can't express your thoughts correctly, you'd better find a tutor to make up the lessons for you. Many times, you need to fight against women's Rogue views gracefully

52. Being a man can be a little rough. Don't think you have a grey head and a grey face. In fact, it's a kind of the beauty of a man. A face with a little beard is more beautiful than anything

53. Among 100 Things Every Man Should Know, men should laugh at appropriate occasions

54. If a woman tells you that she likes you, trust her. It shows that at least you can use it for her at present

55. Tell your friends the truth and be honest. Remember! Be careful of women who can only say good things about you

56. Men should wear boxers, which is more sexy.

57. Stay away from soap operas and swearing. Cultured men are more popular

58. Please take good care of your woman. She is your favorite and shares any housework.

59. Love your parents. It's better to live with them instead of making phone calls or taking time to eat once a week.

60. If love can't continue, let's leave. Don't be selfish. Give her a favorable environment

61. It's more important to wear clean clothes then to find a beautiful girlfriend

62. If you come back from a business trip and the flowers in your room grow insects and mosquitoes, it's better for your living girlfriend to sleep with them. It's more interesting to take care of mosquitoes than to raise them. At least mosquitoes will sing you a lullaby when you sleep.

63. If you want to read Schopenhauer's books, you will know more about women

64. If a woman praises you for your good figure, you should go to the bus and fan it on her face, because she even describes that men should use physique instead of figure

65. Fit your hair if possible. Look at those women. Today they straighten their hair, tomorrow they make a hen house, and they dye it like withered grass. God knows what they are thinking

66. Think of her as a thief and steal something to please her. (suggestion only)

67. If a woman embarrasses you! Forgive her. That's her only pleasure

68. Don't have a lot of long-term plans. In fact, things are always changing. Most of the time, the plan is only the last one or the last one

69. If you are unfortunate to meet a woman who thinks that all men are above the bed, tell her that sex is also a way to express love, not her.

68. Don't have a lot of long-term plans. In fact, things are always changing. Most of the time, the plan is only the last one or the last one

69. If you are unfortunate to meet a woman who thinks that all men are above the bed, tell her that making love is also a way to express love, not as cheap as she thinks. And tell her that if her body wants to keep the money for sale, you can pay her and despise her!

70. Among 100 Things Every Man Should Know, if your girlfriend, for the reason that she is busy, doesn't come to investigate your condition, sends you a lot of wrong words in the email only care about your credit card, then she goes Let's dive.

71. If a woman who likes you but is married says to you: she can't forget you, you are always her favorite person. Please comfort her. She finally tasted the bitter fruit. Don't forget to say it secretly: deserve it!

72. Have time to explore instead of doing boring equipment sports

73. A big bowl of wine, big pieces of meat, happy love and hatred, just like men.

74. Kindness is a man's shirt.

75. Don't have several female friends at the same time. It's very dangerous. Don't allow others to fall in love with you. Don't have some women. She must have several male friends. Although she doesn't want to be unfaithful, she can hammer you with her chest as a sandbag when she is wrong. In fact, they are selfish and self-interested. They are defined by their friends as being valuable to use. The feeling is not sincere communication. 

76. Learning to grow up in pain. You are a man. You need to grow. Don't mind the pain. It can make you mature and smart

77. A safety bag in a car is much more practical than a medical box at home.

78. Don't think that it's good for you that women buy you gifts. In fact, they just want to get a greater return on their investment

79. If your beloved woman leaves you, tell her that you love her body and her soul. Someone will take her place

80. If you go shopping with a woman, remember to wear comfortable shoes. With all your patience, it's no less than a college entrance examination. Patience, worry, carefulness, all in need.

81. If you have time, go to see others learn yoga. You just know what is tossing

82. When you see a woman smoking, don't frown, but beat her up quickly.

83. If you meet a woman who shows off by wearing a fake brand name, smile and tell her that she is the quietest woman you have ever seen

85. When you meet a woman who wears a real famous brand and shows off, smile and say to her that there are many things in the world that are more meaningful than wearing a famous brand. At the same time, tell her that you sympathize with her.

86. For women who don't want to socialize, tell her that there are still handsome men in three steps to wish her good luck. If you go to eat and drink coffee, don't make AA. We are men.

87. Among 100 Things Every Man Should Know, if you receive a gift from a woman who knows that there will be no result, it must be your fault. For a certain period, some of your words or actions make the other party think that they are hints. Explain it well, and then shake your hand generously.

88. If you have time to think about the contradiction between law and democracy, it will help you to understand the rules of the game in the world. Politicians and sons are brothers and sisters.

89. If you're still angry, that's great. It means you haven't become a city slave

90. If you meet a bad person, please call the police first, don't try to be brave, and believe in the profession. Although we are brave, it doesn't mean we don't cherish our life, OK?

91. If there is a need to give way to the elderly and children when squeezing on the bus, but women are not in this range, don't they always strive for equality?

92. If you are free, you will be very happy to visit children in kindergarten.

93. When going to the toilet, remember to close the door, not be afraid of going out, but respect others

94. The person you gave up before or the one who gave up, call you late at night, and never shut down after hanging up. Because most of the time we are not the director of life, we sometimes can not make decisions. You can at least comfort her, you know? Nothing can come back, only love can come back.

95. For love, we need more tolerance, trust, and wait. We're men. We can take more

96. Only when you are with the one you love can you learn to appreciate the scenery. This is a kind of mentality and an art

97. When you drink something you should not like on the table, you should drink it bravely. Don't substitute tea for wine like a woman. Men should have the principle of men

98. Never give yourself a timetable to solve contradictions and disagreements. Some things you have to do today will be more interesting to do tomorrow

99. Believe in love at first sight and believe that there will always be someone waiting for you quietly at the corner of time. It's just that you have to polish your eyes and look carefully.

100. Be a man of integrity. Don't let women control you.

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