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26 Things Everyone Should Know About Life

The most important little thing everyone should know about life, 26 Things Everyone Should Know About Life

26 Things Everyone Should Know About Life

The most important little thing everyone should know about these 26 things everyone should know about life. Tonight I lost sleep, for one of the most important things at home - not turning off the gas switch.

Look at the frequent gas explosions around the world, and the destruction of residential buildings. I love to worry.

I have been told repeatedly to turn off the gas after finishing the meal, but it is difficult to carry out.

There is a saying: nothing happens but nothing happens. If something happens, it's life.

The idea worries me.

If we expose ourselves to danger without safety awareness, it's really terrible!

I grew up cautious and became a doctor again. Health care is a job that requires special attention to safety because safety awareness is related to human life. We know that many accidents come from a lack of safety awareness and non-compliance with operating procedures.

Therefore, we always strictly abide by safety operation regulations. We are not allowed to operate in accordance with the regulations, and we keep the absolute safety of everything.

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26 Things Everyone Should Know About Life

Because life is noble, can't be appointed at will.

If we don't follow the rules at will, our patients are not safe.

I remember that once a doctor did not operate according to the medical routine did not ask the medical history in detail, did not do the routine physical examination did not carry out the necessary auxiliary the examination looked at the medicine to the person with the experience, led to the misdiagnosis and mistreatment and caused the death of the person. And the victim is my brother, now this matter is still in the lawsuit, what a profound lesson!

Our doctor should be alert, which also shows the importance of following the rules.

Turning off the gas switch in time is also a matter of operating according to regulations. It's an important thing to need absolute security.

The important things are those that seem small and not urgent, but they are related to our destiny and future!

Safety is the most important thing in all things.

For the unsafe things, people can't sleep, they will be confused

26 Things Everyone Should Know About Life

After finishing the meal, we should turn off the gas main switch. This is what we have done for many years in the fire training and examination in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

Only when we do things safely can we avoid accidents, and we can rest assured of our work and life and sleep.

I work in a different place, always concerned about my family, I hope my family is happy. I have no other requirements for you, just hope you do a good job in this important thing - remember to turn off the gas master switch!

Let me not always worry and worry, let me sleep well.

26 Things Everyone Should Know About Life

1. When you move, please take a dog or a baby under the age of three to your house to have a look. If the dog will walk around and wag his tail when he gets to the house, or you put the baby on the ground to see if the baby can climb and play by himself, it means that the place is not bad. If the dog stops or barks at someplace or the baby cries loudly. It means that it's not suitable to stay here for a long time, or Pepsi will not go well.

2. When you go out for three days or more, I mean when there is no one in the room when you come back, don't open the door with the key at once. First, knock on the door three times, then wait for the first half of a minute, then knock on the door three times and then open the door. After the door is opened, no matter day or night, turn on all the lights in the room and then close it again for about two minutes.

26 Things Everyone Should Know About Life

3. When you need to take a car when you are away from home if you are a man when you get on the bus, if you find that all of them are women and there are just seven, you should never take this car. The same is true for a woman and a man. Seven ectopics for seven evil.

4. When going out to take a bus, if you happen to have a baby under the age of three, if the baby cries loudly as soon as it gets on the bus, you should get off the bus immediately and read it to the East ten times: a wood.

5. When you have a nightmare, the first thing when you wake up is not to wipe off the sweat on your forehead, but to blow three times towards the pillow and turn the pillow upside down three times with your hands. Don't let too many people know before and after the dream.

6. When you sleep, if you hear a strange voice call your name, you must not answer, but first, see if there is someone, someone to the answer, nobody must answer if you do not respond carefully, you should immediately bite the middle finger, of course, it is not possible to bite, use a needle to poke the middle finger, squeeze the bleeding in the middle of the person.

7. When you go out to live in a hotel, don't be greedy for cheap. If you live in a hotel, you first smoke in it. If you don't smoke hit it with a lighter and open the door for a minute.

26 Things Everyone Should Know About Life

8. When you see a snake mating, you should spit three times at the snake and read the fire ten times.

9. When sleeping at night, I heard the inexplicable crying of the child, and the crying continued all the time. At dawn, I found a big tree near it and engraved your name and lunar birthday on it.

10. Form the habit of washing dishes after supper, and try not to leave water in the dishes after washing. (Don’t ask why some things can't ask why)

11. Don’t quarrel with others in the morning when they are in conflict, especially those who do business and build houses. A lot of people who do business know that if they are angry in the morning, they can't do business all day.

12. It’s better not to sing at night. Some people say it's brave to sing. In fact, it will only vomit the Yang Qi of your lonely microblog. It's like fishing. The gas you exhale is the bait. You can smoke or make yourself angry.

26 Things Everyone Should Know About Life

13. Don’t umbrella at home, especially the black and white ones. Try not to pull the net when there are no mosquitoes.

14. It’s better not to put too many mirrors at home, especially in the bedroom, where women are most likely to make mistakes, and the mirrors are best placed in the bathroom. If there is a mirror in the bedroom, it's better to cover it with a cloth when not in use. It doesn't matter if a single person lives short of money.

15. If you have nightmares or the same dreams every night, take an egg and put that besides your pillow. If the symptoms continue, change the door god.

16. If you need to drive at night, you'd better have a black dog. Accompany you on the night road.

17. If you feel like you've had bad luck in the last six months and you've had a lot of ups and downs, you'd better go out for a tour or move home. Otherwise, there will be a major disaster.

18. Warn those men and women who haven't seen the sun for a month. It's better to go out and walk more.

26 Things Everyone Should Know About Life

19. If you need to sleep in the open at night, don't go to the dark and wet broken house or the land temple. These places are easy to get evil spirits.

20. Don’t pee on the bridge.

21: never put chopsticks in the middle of the bowl when eating.

22 Never plant in the yard: mulberry, locust, bamboo, eucalyptus and evening primrose.

23. The bed in the bedroom is not right at the door. This is a dead man's pose. 24: after a long journey, I had a nightmare when I went back to sleep the first night. Then I woke up and found that I was ill. I might as well put a knife that killed animals under the bed. Of course, we also need to go to the hospital.

24. After a long journey, I had a nightmare when I went to bed the night after I came back. Then I woke up and found that I was ill. I might as well put a knife that killed animals under the bed. Of course, we also need to go to the hospital.

26 Things Everyone Should Know About Life

25. On the thirtieth day of the lunar new year, don't sprinkle sugar or fruits on the road. Except for water sprinkling rice, if you accidentally fall on the ground, you should buy a firecracker to blow up the Spring Festival. Don't quarrel. Parents often do this, and children will be greatly affected.

26. When you are in hospital, don't stare at the Tenaha board in bed. When you are out of the hospital, take off your clothes, and change them.

You can't believe it or not, but everyone should know!

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