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What are the differences between online shopping and traditional shopping?

What are the differences between online shopping and traditional shopping?, what is online shopping advantages of online shopping

With the development of e-commerce, as one of the components of e-commerce, the online retail industry is also developing rapidly. The emergence of online retailing not only makes people enjoy the convenience of buying goods without leaving home but also brings new means of profit to businesses. 

This paper briefly introduces some data on online shopping and traditional shopping and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping and traditional shopping.


With the development of information technology and the popularization of the Internet, people's lifestyles, travel modes, shopping modes, and so on are changing dramatically. For example, people choose the Internet to call for a car in advance to reduce their waiting time; people will choose " Alibaba ", "Amazon" and other online trading platforms for shopping to facilitate their lives. 

What is the online shopping

The traditional meaning of shopping is to go out to shops, shopping malls, markets, shopping centers, and other places to buy goods. However, with the rapid development of computer technology, especially network technology, this tradition has also been challenged. Online shopping has gradually emerged and becomes a new fashion.

The most attractive service of the Internet is that users can sit at home and do online shopping.

Users can call up information about online shopping malls from the Internet, including images, texts, descriptions, and price lists of physical objects, and can also consult with salesmen. For things like clothes, shoes, and hats, you can also input your body data into the computer, and use computer graphics technology to "wear" on customers, so that users can see the effect of different perspectives. 

After the decision to purchase, you can use the bank to know the bank account transfer method. After the payment procedures are completed, the merchants will deliver the goods to your home. Online shopping is really convenient and fast.


For example, Amazon.com, the most famous online shopping website worldwide, may list the main categories of the store's products on its homepage, such as virtual, skincare, digital, home furnishing, clothing, etc. At the same time, there are many subcategories under the general category. Such as CPU, memory, hard disk, handbag, shoulder bag, etc. 

If you click the motherboard with the mouse, it will display the web page about the motherboard. You can find the products you need according to various classifications, such as brand, platform, etc. When you find the required motherboard of a certain model, click again, and a web page will appear, that details the product and purchase method information. 

You can complete the purchase according to your specific situation. After that, you just need to wait at home, because the seller will deliver the goods to your home.

Online shopping has many characteristics. First, you can "shop" at home and order without a time limit. Second, you can learn more about the products you are interested in. If the shop and the manufacturer make it carefully together, the homepage of a product can be very colorful, and it can have a wonderful demonstration of the function, performance, and usage of the product. 

Generally, it is difficult to understand so many situations when shopping on the street because the general sales staff can’t know every product like their fingers. At the same time, you can buy goods that are not available in the local area. Third, you can really compare three products, because it's very convenient to go to various online stores to learn about each brand. 

Fourth, it saves you the toll of going to the street. It saves time and effort from ordering and buying goods to the door without visiting the site. Fifth, it is cheaper.

Online shopping can be done even on spaceships. In 1997, two Russian astronauts on the peaceful space station experienced the fun of "space online shopping". They used the Internet to buy holiday gifts for their relatives from the US Department Stores. 

The money for shopping was paid by credit card. In space, you can also join the Internet through satellite, so you can enjoy the convenience of online shopping in space and on Earth.


Advantages of online shopping:

"Online shopping", which is gradually popular in the 21st century, has been accepted by more and more people. Whether it's a wealthy millionaire, a fashionable white-collar Beauty, or an ordinary working class, most of them may have had the experience of online shopping. Let's take a look at the benefits of online shopping.

1. Save shopping time and avoid shopping fatigue. Find what you want on the Internet. You can find it directly by searching in the mall. You don't have to go to the streets to run around. You can pack a lot of bags next to you. You're so tired that you don't want to wear your shoes back. 

From shopping with tired legs to online shopping with mouse control, you can get rid of the pain of fatigue. And as long as you have a certain purchase goal, it's really time-saving and labor-saving.

2. Save shopping costs. Because online stores simplify the intermediate link from the manufacturer to the retailer, and save the rent, labor costs, industrial and commercial water, and electricity fees, inventory fees, and other miscellaneous fees that need to be paid by the physical sales place, the additional cost of selling goods is very little or not, and the price is generally lower than the market retail price to some extent.

Especially for shopping websites such as Taobao, at present, it is free for individuals to open stores on its website (the big sellers in the mall voluntarily choose to pay value-added service fees), and eBay has to charge a certain opening fee so that the items bought by people who open stores on the Internet are naturally much cheaper than real shopping.

3. Relatively safe. In general, the online shopping payment system is still very safe. Now online banking is more complicated than before. The increase of the procedures is the increase of security efforts, not to mention a large number of Alipay's third-party trading platforms, which greatly guarantees that the money you pay is absolutely traceable. Even if the products you buy are not satisfactory, you need to return them, so your money can return to your pockets.

4. There are various kinds of goods. Sometimes I want to buy something, and I have been looking for it for half a day in the major shopping malls, but I'm almost exhausted and I haven't found it, or I need to run around and compare it selectively, but online shopping malls use a page to describe the basic parameters and data of this product intuitively and clearly.

Let you have a clear understanding of its characteristics, and the online shopping mall includes almost everything you can think of. Even the retail industry is also growing rapidly on the Internet. Maybe you accidentally found something you like for a long time.

5. It's more intuitive to compare goods, so as to avoid disputes. It's better to "compare goods with three, choose the best". When shopping online, we can open multiple pages at the same time, and browse the price, function introduction, and distribution mode of the same goods in multiple stores for multiple comparisons. It is not easy to cause disagreement and dispute between the two sides.


6. A convenient way of giving away money, convenient payment, one-stop service provided by an e-commerce website directly to the other party, very convenient, payment, direct transfer, one-step place.

7. Orders are not limited by time. You can buy it when you want. Generally speaking, there are many advantages of online shopping. If you are lazy or don't like bargaining, in reality, you can try online shopping! The above items are still very cheap, and the larger BTC online shopping malls are all genuine goods.

8. Buy for the first time, the service scope is wider and the speed of the network is faster. As long as the goods are published in their online stores for sale, people thousands of miles away can see them immediately when they open the network. The efficiency is fast, the geographical gap is small, and they can buy goods from a long distance. No matter where the natives are, they can buy goods from all over the world.

9. It's easier to find items. In real shopping malls, most of the goods in different categories are sold on different floors. If the shopping mall is large, it often takes half a day to go through a circle. And we can search the name of the goods we need directly in the online shop, or we can choose the goods according to the classification of the goods in the navigation bar, which saves the searching time.

10. The shopping environment is very "quiet" while listening to music and humming the ditty, completely regardless of other people's feelings, and there is no other interference, you can choose how you want to buy it.


Disadvantages of Online Shopping:

1. Online fraud and false advertising. Online shopping can't see the entity, can't distinguish the true from the false, only pictures, sometimes it's hard to avoid a mixture of fish and dragons. 

Now false advertising on the Internet is more defensible, using some "winning", "discount" and other activities to attract consumers, consumers only know each other through the information provided in the operator's website, but as for whether the information is true and who the other party is, it is not clear at all. In this way, under the cover of their own identity, consumers are deceived without knowing.

2. Late delivery and difficult return. Delivery delay: compared with physical stores, it is not true to realize that "hand in money, hand in delivery", it is common that goods can not be received on time after payment, and sometimes the situation that goods can not be received after payment also occurs. 

Difficulty in returning goods: Article 23 of the consumption law stipulates that: "if an operator provides goods or services and undertakes the responsibility of repair, replacement, refund or other responsibilities in accordance with the provisions of the state or the agreement with consumers, it shall perform in accordance with the provisions of the state or the agreement, and shall not delay or refuse without reason."

However, it is not easy to return the goods purchased online. Operators often refuse to return them for various reasons. Sometimes it is even explicitly stipulated in the format contract that some goods cannot be returned. For the goods within the scope of return, it is impossible to return or exchange them at all according to the regulations of the operators.


3. It is difficult to protect the right to know and the right to privacy. As the whole process is online trading, the buyer does not know the price, place of origin, producer, purpose, performance, specification, grade, main ingredients, production date, validity period, inspection certificate, instruction manual, after-sales service, or service content, specification, cost and other relevant information of the purchased goods.

Only through the "one question one answer" of both parties, if the seller conceals or misrepresents the information, the buyer's right to know will be greatly reduced. In addition, it is common that the credit card account and the password of consumers are tampered with and stolen when paying online. 

At present, the "patronage" of hackers has hindered the transactions between the two sides. If all these problems can not be solved in time and effectively, it will definitely restrict the further development of online shopping in the future.

4. The law is not perfect and after-sales service is not guaranteed.

There are no special laws and regulations for online shopping so the legitimate rights and interests of both parties and the disputes arising from transactions can not be resolved. In a period when the law is not perfect, both parties only have contract transactions, which can not really reflect the importance of legal protection of both parties and can not be guaranteed in the after-sales service.

such as electrical maintenance: after receipt of goods, the problems of maintenance and compensation are ignored, and there is no way to find a way. These problems should be paid attention to, in order to better protect the interests of both sides of the transaction.

All in all, in the Internet age, the rise of online shopping makes us feel the magic of the Internet, and its emergence enables us to buy the things we want easily without leaving home and clicking the mouse. Why do you choose online shopping first? Everyone thinks that online shopping is not only convenient, time-saving, labor-saving, and money-saving, but also diversified. 

In addition to being convenient and affordable, many people think online shopping is a fashion trend. At the same time, it will also present many disadvantages. The difficulty of compensation, the difficulty of real and fake, etc. will directly cause economic losses to consumers. Therefore, when enjoying fashion shopping, don't forget the existence of "sink-in".


Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of online shopping vs traditional shopping

With the popularity of the Internet, "online shopping" has become a trend. More and younger people and even middle-aged and old people are in love with online shopping and physical stores are gradually abandoned by them. No matter whether you are rich, fashionable white-collar, or ordinary working class, I believe most people have experience with online shopping.

Some of them just want to experience the feeling of online shopping, some may regard it as a sign of "knowledge person", and some may take online shopping as an important part of their daily life instead of the traditional way of shopping on the street. Because of the biggest characteristic of "online shopping" lies inconvenience, rapidity, and economy.

More comfortable

However, there are also many consumers who never believe in online shopping, or even abandon it. They think that cheaters are rampant on the Internet and dare not be touched. They are not as comfortable as traditional shopping methods. What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern online shopping and traditional consumption methods? I'm afraid that's different.

1. Convenience and delivery time of online shopping and traditional shopping

Advantages: convenient, not limited by time and place.

Online shopping is a very convenient way of shopping. With the improvement of living standards, the rapid development of the network. Online shopping has gradually become a way of consumption. 

The first characteristic of "online shopping" is that it is popular with young people Convenience, no matter when and where you are, you can "shop" online at any time, choose goods to buy goods and do not be constrained by time and place. 

Nowadays, young men and women are busy with a lot of work during the day. Sometimes they are late for work. It's hard to choose to shop and buy goods. So online shopping has become the fastest, most convenient, and favorite shopping method for these young people.

Disadvantages: uncertain delivery time

Although convenience makes many fashionable young friends fall in love with online shopping, it can't be said that online shopping is perfect. Online shopping is not as convenient as traditional shopping in terms of the speed of goods distribution. 

When you buy good goods online and place an order again, it will be one or two days or more than a week before you receive the real products. You don't want traditional shopping at that time In order to get the products you are satisfied with, and when you get the products you buy online, there may be these or those small problems, which are not troublesome to solve. 

You need to replace the products through the mail or distribution link so that a long time will be wasted in the middle. If you shop in traditional shopping malls, you can change the products at will if you are not satisfied with that time.


2. The price gap and quality problems between online shopping and traditional shopping

Advantages: online shopping is cheaper than traditional shopping

For online stores, the price is cheaper than physical stores, mainly because online stores, unlike physical stores, need to spend money to rent stores and a series of other costs, and open online stores without any tax,

In this way, we can save a lot of prices for physical stores. On the other hand, a lot of people who open online stores are first-hand merchants, and the price of goods is even lower than that of many physical store operators, so it is reasonable to open online stores at a lower price. 

However, not all low-cost online stores have such reasons, which do not exclude the black-hearted boss who mixes inferior goods to lower the price. So when choosing, we must pay attention to the credibility of the merchants.

Disadvantages: poor quality choice

As mentioned above, it's true that low prices are another magic weapon for online stores to attract consumers. However, not every business with low prices can guarantee that the quality of the products they sell is no problem. There will be a phenomenon of shoddy goods, even fake goods. 

When choosing, because consumers can't see the real goods, it's inevitable that they will be cheated sometimes. This kind of thing will not appear in physical stores generally. Everyone will pay attention to the selection of products. If there is a problem, it can be solved. If any fake goods are found, they can be returned immediately.

3. Online shopping and traditional shopping product information and quality problems

Advantages: can get the largest amount of information

Nowadays, there are more and more online shopping malls. Friends who are used to online shopping usually don't choose only one product when they choose it but choose at will. As long as you input the goods you want to know, different merchants of the same goods will appear. You can choose at will. 

In reality, there are three goods to compare, and they can become n goods to compare on the Internet and they don't It will waste you a lot of time, and better yet, if you want to choose a product that is hard to find in reality, it's like a very old novel decades ago. In reality, you may find it hard, but it's not hard to find what you need online.

Disadvantages: can't try it on the spot

It's true that you can choose what you want to buy online, and there won't be impatient service maidens who will nag at you. However, it also has a congenital defect, that is, you can only see his photos online, but you can't see the real thing at that time. 

If you want to buy clothes and other products, you can't try them on or try them out at that time, which is good for consumers It's a very troublesome thing. Maybe the gap between the products you like and the real products will be very large, which will be reassuring in the physical stores.

4. The convenience and after-sale of online shopping and traditional shopping

Advantages: online shopping is more convenient

Another advantage of online shopping is the biggest temptation for the curmudgeon. It is that you can buy goods without leaving home. You don't have to leave home to order, buy goods, and receive goods. It's time-saving and labor-saving. But of course, it's not just them who benefit from this advantage. 

In summer or winter, when the weather is very bad, online shopping is the most important thing for most people It's really a good choice. You don't have to endure the extreme cold or hot weather outside or go to a physical store to buy products. It's very comfortable to wait for the service of delivery at home.
Disadvantages: it is difficult to guarantee after-sales service

One of the disadvantages of online shopping is that consumers often don't get invoices, products can't get warranty services, and it's difficult for consumers to maintain their rights. An invoice is the basic evidence for consumers to protect their rights. 

Without an invoice, quality disputes cannot be accepted and resolved. Now there have been many cases in the country where the manufacturer is not responsible for the after-sales problems due to the lack of invoices for the purchase of mobile phones or home appliances in online stores.


5. The safety of online shopping and traditional shopping

Advantage: you don't have to go shopping with a lot of money

When paying for shopping, online shopping doesn't have to be like traditional shopping. When you have a huge sum of money or a credit card, you don't have to worry about people around you who will spy on you, but worry about your own security. 

Online payment doesn't have to worry about these problems. You can pay in peace of mind without thinking too much about whether there are bad people around you waiting to rob you because others don't know what you are doing why?

Disadvantages: online payment also has risks

Don't think that like the above, online payment is omnipotent, of course not,
His security is reflected in that you don't need to worry about the snooping of the people around you, but it can't guarantee whether there are snoops on the Internet. There are also many people who steal passwords on the Internet, and it's even worse to deal with them. 

Unless you are a computer expert, and you have made all the bug patches and all the security measures, the Internet thief will make your headache even more than the real robbers. For this point, many people take measures to value the price of products in online stores, and then go to physical stores to purchase, so as to avoid being cheated, and not have to worry about their account password being stolen.


To sum up, online shopping breaks through the barriers of traditional business models, and has great attraction and influence on consumers, enterprises, and markets. But things have two sides. 

Online shopping is also a double-edged sword. If you choose online stores and physical stores, it depends on everyone's preferences. Protecting your own interests is the most concern of consumers. Physical stores should do better in this respect. Online stores should also work hard like this to make consumers feel more at ease, which is the correct business philosophy.
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