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How To Become An Early Riser In 9 Simple Steps

How To Become An Early Riser In 9 Simple Steps, People who wake up early, How to Become an Early Riser and Energetic Person.

How to Become an Early Riser and Energetic Person

What do the most successful people have in common? They all get up very early and make the most of the morning. Say why:

Getting up early before the start of a busy day gives you plenty of time to think. Simply put, the morning time belongs to you. Before others take up your time and attention, prioritize and make progress on what you need to do that day. This will give you unprecedented control over every day.

Of course, it's extremely difficult to get up early, which is exactly why early birds have a competitive advantage over others. When people push the snooze button, they're ready for a new day.

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People who wake up early

Just a few examples of super successful early risers.

Virgin's founder, Richard Branson, woke up at 5:45 a.m., even on his own private island. Before starting the day's work, he made full use of his morning time to exercise and eat breakfast.

Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States, gets up at 4:30 a.m. every day to start exercising, while her children are still sleeping.

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, gets up at 3:45 a.m. every day, processes emails go to the gym and trot to Starbucks before going to the office.

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, gets up at 4:30 to exercise, usually riding with his wife. Of course, in order to face the new day, coffee is indispensable.

Bob Igor, Disney's CEO, got up at 4:30 a.m. to read newspapers, do sports, listen to music, reply to emails, and even watch TV.

Anna Wintour, Vogue's editor-in-chief, will get up at 5:45 a.m. to play tennis for an hour and start the day.

Jeff Immelt, CEO of Gee, gets up at 5:30 and reads newspapers while doing heart exercises.

Can you find commonalities in these super-successful people? Everyone's morning exercise contains a very important element.

In addition to helping overall health and shaping, studies have shown that 20 minutes of moderate exercise can produce psychological and emotional positive factors, and can last for 12 hours!

This means that these business leaders will be more clear-minded and efficient, and these are the direct benefits of morning exercise. Exercise time also allows them to focus on thinking about problems and thinking about solutions without being disturbed.

So, as soon as they enter the office, they can enter the state quickly. Morning exercise is conducive to the efficient use of time.


How to be an early riser?

Getting up early is not a burden, but a bonus of life. Is it difficult to be an early riser? Not difficult. And it's not easy.

Why should I wake up early?

It's because I began to realize that the best time to learn is ten years ago and today. Seeing that many people in the world who have everything we seem to envy are still working hard, I would ask myself, "Why don't you work hard, but you want everything?"

I was surprised that the original rich in this world can get up so early! The gap is not just the ticket! So getting up early is not a burden, but a bonus of life.
Before reading the text, let me have a look at how people usually, make decisions?

As can be seen from the above figure, there are many factors that affect our decision-making. According to the theme of this article, let me talk about how I made my early decision!

Before college, my pressure to get up early came from my parents and school, so when I went to college, I really wanted to sleep in the morning without classes! Yes, I turn "think" into reality. Sometimes I just get up at 11 or 12 o'clock;

The first "early rise decision":

Their early rise attracted me as a lazy person. I wanted to wake up early with them "on impulse". But soon, the decision failed because of "escape psychology". Every time when the alarm rang, I thought of sleeping for "five minutes", the result was countless five minutes passed;

The second "early rising decision":

Getting up at five o'clock to run with our roommates, we ran for about a month; so I think this habit should be "catering to roommates" (catering here is commendable), but certainly not the "self-cultivation" habit;

The third "early decision" is a habit of "self-cultivation"!

Moreover, it was formed in the process of exploration and analysis. Subjectively, I no longer tangled with the decision of "should I get up early", but I firmly determined the decision of getting up early from my heart. Objectively, I made a clear plan of getting up early, so this habit was formed in this process.

That's how my early decision came

And what about you?

Are you ready for the decision to get up early?

Let's see how I became an early riser!

The figure below is a summary of "early rising experience" through my early raising this year and a half.



I will share these 9 steps to how to become an early riser.

1. Step-by-step rhythm

According to my usual early rising experience, early rising must be a "process type progress". Everything is regular. It's the same with early rising. You can't set the time of early rising very early at the beginning, but you need to slowly move the time forward (even ten minutes in advance every day). When you feel the happiness brought by early rising, Congratulations, early rising has been successful Half!

2. Training your own biological clock

First of all, we must do self-awareness, find our own biological clock, then establish our own ideal early rising time, and then slowly train to the ideal biological clock. Don't be greedy at the beginning. Set the early rising time to be very early. It is possible that you usually get up at seven or eight o'clock, but now you suddenly set the early rising time to five o'clock. Such a sudden change may make you’re biological clock destroyed, even if you get up early at five, you will feel very tired! This is the desired speed that is not reached, so, must first find out your own biological clock, and then on this basis for training!

3. Find the right partner

A good start needs company (thanks to my roommate here)

I believe that most people will feel that they have just "got out of the sea of bitterness" when they are in their freshmen year. How can we do it first! Yes, I am the one who has this idea, but soon I find that I have no goal in life. Every day, except for normal classes, meetings, and duty, I have almost no time of my own. I am very busy and confused, and I have no idea what I am doing! Even breakfast in the morning is on the way…..

So I want to adjust myself to the goal of "getting up early". At that time, we also had morning exercises. We usually get up at about 6:30. So it was not difficult for my roommate and me to get up at 5:00 after training. Especially, we can "sit" in the canteen to have breakfast after each run. It's really a blessing! Running early and late for about a month, the most obvious change is that the whole person's condition and skin are getting better.

This morning running with my roommate is part of the preparation for me to get up early alone! Because in the early days, if I don't have such a partner to accompany you to feel the pleasure of getting up early, I don't think I have the courage to get up alone.


One has to learn to grow!

In fact, everything needs "practice to produce real knowledge". The "real knowledge" here may be the process of finding the best state for me. For someone who can't persist in doing something at the beginning, it's probably best to find a "partner" to experience, and it's also the best to find a friend who is in the same school but has different dormitories;

Why not continue with your roommate? It's necessary to explain the real situation of "two people with weak willpower" in running

For example, when the great-aunt comes, she will stop for a few days. (In fact, they find a good reason for each other to "be lazy". If you can't run, you can get up in the morning and take a walk. It's very easy to be lazy for a while, but it's not easy for you to form a habit.)

In fact, both of us are helpless. When we get up at five o'clock at the same time, we will quarrel with the roommates who sleep shallowly in the dormitory. In fact, not only do we make the roommates unhappy, but we are not in such a good mood to run (of course, we have to blame ourselves for the fact that we just started running in the morning. So we are groping about the movement of running in the morning Progress (thanks to the running combination of the two people, we can do our best not to disturb the roommate's "foreshadowing" when I wake up in the morning). Ha-ha-ha….

Let me draw a conclusion from this experience:

It's better not to find a roommate as a partner (unless you have a strong determination to get up early) because a roommate is the closest person you are to at school. In the same dormitory, sometimes one of you doesn't want to get up early, and the other will be greatly affected! But if you are not a roommate, you will think that if you don't get up early, it's not good to pigeon others, so your probability of getting up at this time is relatively large! (My roommate don’t hit me when he sees this.)

4. Internal motivation

Now I want to be able to get up early without my roommate. It's probably related to the books I read during that time! Although I have read many books about getting up early, the content of the book that really urges me to get up early has nothing to do with getting up early. The point is that a person can overcome loneliness. Because I study in other provinces, I can say that there are no relatives in this place except those who come to school, so I want to be with others every time I do something, and I am afraid to be with others. This unfamiliar place of life is "one person".

So I think reading has brought me a lot of influence. I want to challenge my "inner loneliness". I want to turn this loneliness into a kind of power. After all, a person's growth needs to be faced by him. So at that time, I filled my daily life with plans. This kind of life with a sense of planning helped me get rid of the inner anxiety that I had in my freshman year and didn't know what to do. The result is that I have a super happy day, and I feel very full!

Remember! We must cultivate our own reading habits. With the increase in reading, many lazy ideas will be changed. Internal motivation is formed slowly many times.


5. External pressure

The reason why many people can't get up early is that they don't have external pressure to urge themselves. Indeed, many people who go to university don't say pressure; even the feeling of tension may not have been experienced for a long time! Let's share a way that I have personally experienced to bring pressure from the outside world: join the relevant punch community! (The number of people is better controlled within 10)

I have organized and participated in other organizations before! My feeling is "it's a happy thing to punch in with a group of positive partners every day. When you don't think of it in the morning, you will think of 10 people in the group. If you don't punch in, it will be obvious!"! Then the pressure to get up early comes!

Tips to share with you as a group:

Many people have joined various punch groups now. If you can't find a partner to get up early to punch, you can build a small punch group by calling on other people who want to get up early or exercise in the punching group. Don't be afraid to punch strangers. You may also have the chance to know many positive energy people. It's also a good channel to expand the social scope Way!

6. Self-suggestion

I wrote a microblog before, saying that I can wake up at about five every morning without an alarm clock! This is the role of "self-suggestion" at that time! Ha-ha…..

You must think it sounds very suspenseful, but of course, there is a premise. The premise is that I've been up early for a while. Is that training my own "biological clock"? (People who are inconvenient to use their cell phone alarm in the dormitory can consider buying a millet bracelet, which will vibrate on its own and won't disturb the roommate at all.)

Before going to bed and in the morning when you wake up to self-suggestion! But some people may wonder: don't you wake up in the morning, and do you want to hint yourself? It's because people are always inert and awake, but their brain is not fully awake. The power of the subconscious is greater than that of the conscious. When the alarm clock rings, the subconscious always turns off the alarm clock and continues to sleep, so the strength of "self-suggestion" is reflected here. For example, I will say to myself: if I don't get up today, I will be single for one year/ If I can't get up today, I'll give 100 to someone! Anyway, it's to make "self-suggestion" work! Anyway, you get up early; these words are useless to you! It's OK to take a poison oath. Ha-ha-ha-ha.

7. Make an early-rise plan

Be sure to have a clear plan for getting up early, such as examinations, reading, and English... Otherwise, it doesn't make much sense for you to get up early if you don't have anything to do in the morning! Therefore, we must make a plan for the next day in advance, with which we can get up early;

Tell me what I did at the beginning! I ran to the bathroom in our bedroom to watch YouTube. Why did I run to the bathroom? It's because I might watch sleeping in bed, but when I turn on the light in my bedroom, I'm afraid that the light will affect my roommate. Why watch YouTube? It's because many people in it are just gods! Just watching their videos makes me feel yearning! Worship, so it's really helpful to find my favorite spot to get up early. And I go to the gym regularly now, so I don't run in the morning. After all, it's hard to take a bath in the dormitory, so the gym is more convenient.

Now I've basically made sure of my plan of getting up early in the morning. I still watch YouTube in the morning, but I don't need to go to the toilet to watch it. I can't fall asleep in bed, listening to the radio, writing, and so on. Ha-ha-ha! But my roommate probably thought I didn't get up early! But when it's getting early, I'll get up and make my own plan!


8. Get up early and go to bed early

Before writing this article, I knew that "staying up late hurts the body", but only stay in my mind! When I did some work, I found that the effect of staying up late is no regret medicine, so I dare not stay up late!

The influence of staying up late for a while

Black eye ring:

It is due to staying up late, big mood fluctuation, eye fatigue, and aging, which leads to slow blood flow of eye skin and blood vessels, forming stagnant flow; insufficient tissue oxygen supply, and excessive accumulation of metabolic waste in blood vessels, resulting in eye pigmentation.

My black eye circled just because I stayed up all night, and now there are some small fine lines, terrible!! No amount of expensive skincare products can be saved.

Easy myopia:

Because staying up late at night is often a dark area around you. Only the light of the mobile phone screen is facing your eyes. In the long run, your eyesight is easy to decline. Although I am not myopic, this area should be paid attention to!


After staying up late, because of lack of sleep, brain cells cannot get enough rest; it may lead to dizziness and even the risk of cancer! And it's not just cancer.

Causes of sub-health symptoms:

Insomnia, irritability, forgetfulness, anxiety, immunity decline, cold, and other sub-health symptoms may appear after staying up late for a long time

Poor skin condition:

When it comes to beauty sleep, from 11:00 to 3:00 in the morning is the best time for beauty sleep, as well as the time for the liver and the gall to fully rest. Often staying up late, the skin may become rough, prone to acne, long spots, oil, and a series of skin problems.

Can't get up in the morning:

Staying up late is the most important reason I think I can't get up in the morning. Even if you barely get up, the whole state is not conducive to you doing other things!

The above list of the effects of staying up late is not complete in fact. I asked myself, what did you do? I can't say, and getting up early shouldn't deprive you of sleep time, so you have to go to bed early!

So how do go to bed early in the bedroom I think it is also a lot of people's problem, I found a way to share it with you!

First: put your mobile phone on the desk and turn off the Internet, because if you open the Internet, you may hear the messenger or microblog messages and you will be able to help yourself to read them. Believe me; the person who is looking for you in an emergency will know how to contact you by phone;

Second: after the problem of the mobile phone is solved, it is the light or sound in the dormitory. You can buy earplugs and earmuffs!

What if you still say that you are used to going to bed late and suddenly you can't go to bed early? Before going to bed, soak your feet and sit up to make your whole body tired. You can fall asleep soon! (Disable phone)


9. Make a punch record

Getting up early is not a habit that can be formed in two days a day, so you should give yourself some rewards or punishments at the right time. It's better to punch in and record every day.

Simple and clear:

You don't need to spend a lot of time on the clock in the record. If you like to make a hand account, you can add the time when you get up early every day. If you like to use your mobile phone to record, you can also use the memo to record the time when you get up early. Such a record can't even take a minute, isn't it simple enough?

Intuitive and clear:

When you look back, there are words to depend on. You will really find that "I can also get up early, which is not difficult or simple." the record itself is to let you see your achievements intuitively;

Conclusion on how to become an early riser & bonus mechanism

Make a wish list of what you want to do and what you want to do in the near future when you punch in the card, clearly stipulate what reward you will give you as long as you get up early, and look at your wish list every time you want to be lazy, which will give you more motivation;

It seems to be the same thing to insist on getting up early and form the habit of getting up early, but in essence, there are still big differences. Because persistence itself is often accompanied by pain. If you like to do something, you will certainly do it. You rarely hear that it is necessary to "persist" in doing something you like. It is very unlikely that something you feel in pain will continue to do it. Only when you regard getting up early as a habit can you enjoy yourself!

These suggestions and success stories help motivate me to get up early, especially when I want to "sleep a little longer"; I hope they can also inspire you to make an efficient morning a mysterious weapon of my own!

9 Secrets to ACTUALLY Waking Up Early (video)


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