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Best Air Conditioner Brand In World - Buying Guide

Best Air Conditioner Brand In World - Buying Guide Air Conditioner Brands Name World's Best Air Conditioner Brand of 2021
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Today's topic is the best air conditioner brand in the world. With the rapid development of science and technology, people's life has been greatly improved. 

To some extent, the development of science and technology has brought a lot of high-tech products to people, and people's lifestyle has also changed. 

In the past years, the most advanced product people used to cool in summer was electric fans. 

But since the advent of air conditioning, electric fans have gradually withdrawn from people's lives. People now want to use the best air conditioner brand in the world.


Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, many intelligent products are popular, and household appliances are widely used. Now people's lives are indispensable to many electrical appliances. One of them is air conditioning & we always search for the best air conditioner brand in the world.

Indeed, now the environmental temperature is getting higher and higher. In summer, air conditioning is basically indispensable. Therefore, basically, every home will install several air conditioners.

Air conditioning is an essential electrical appliance for every family. It can provide us with cool in summer and heat in winter. How to choose an air conditioner is also a big problem. 

With so many brands on the market, how should we choose the best air conditioner brand in the world? There are so many series under each brand, with different functions.

Many people think that the quality of imported products is always higher than that of domestic ones. In fact, it may be reasonable to think about it carefully. After all, foreign electrical appliance manufacturers have developed very well in the last century.

After all, we are used to a comfortable environment, so we all know air conditioning what brands are there? What are the most famous air conditioners in the world? Let's have a look.

Best Air Conditioner Brand In World - Buying Guide

Hot Spots of Air Conditioner Purchase

1. Cooling capacity

The output power of the air conditioner must be selected according to the size of the room to ensure the effect. The manufacturer's requirement is an average of 200W / m2. For example, an 18-square-meter room requires 3600 watts of cooling capacity. You can buy a standard 3500-watt machine on the market, referred to as 35 machines, that is, 1.5 HP machines.

2. Frequency converter and constant speed machine

The working principle of the frequency converter is that The compressor is always started without stopping. It outputs different sizes of cold/heat through different rotating speeds, and the constant speed machine outputs constant cold/heat, so the temperature should be controlled by starting and stopping the compressor.

3. Cold/warm function

General air conditioners are both cold and warm. The model labels are KFR and kfrd. If you don't need to warm in winter, you can buy a single chiller. The model label is KF - * *, which is much cheaper.

With ten years of experience in purchasing and purchasing by experts, millions of users have unanimously recommended it as the most complete collection of air conditioning in 2020.


The next editor to bring you is the world's top air conditioner brand list in 2021.  

Air Conditioner Brands Name:

  1. Daikin
  2. Gree
  3. Haier
  4. Trane
  5. York
  6. Midea
  7. Mitsubishi
  8. Hisense
  9. Hitachi
  10. Panasonic 
  11. LG
  12. Samsung
  13. Carrier
  14. Blue Star
  15. Electrolux
  16. Whirlpool

After reading; I believe it can help you to buy air conditioning.

World's Best Air Conditioner Brand of 2021



Daikin, founded on October 25, 1924, has a history of more than 80 years. Although it has gone through the oil crisis era of a bubble economy, DAIKIN Daikin is still active on the world stage and continues to grow and develop with its magnificent posture by virtue of its leading technology and excellent business philosophy.

From Japan to Europe, America, and Asia, Daikin Daikin has become a first-class global enterprise step by step, and has been committed to developing new technologies that are more efficient, more energy-saving, and more environmentally friendly, and has made great contributions to various fields such as hydraulic machinery.

The main fields are air conditioning and refrigerator, hydraulic technology, defense system, the chemical industry, computer system, etc.

Especially in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration, it has 5000 kinds of products, and its market share in Japan has always remained the first. For every two air conditioners sold, one of them is sold Dajin air conditioner is a multinational enterprise integrating R & D, production, and sales of air conditioning, refrigerant, and compressor in the world.

See the top & best-selling Daikin brand air conditioner.

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Gree Group was established in March 1985, formerly known as the Industrial Development Corporation of the special zone. In 2009, it completed the company system transformation and changed its name to Zhuhai Gree Group Co., Ltd.

As a large-scale electrical appliance manufacturer focusing on air-conditioning products, Gree Electric is committed to providing air-conditioning products with advanced technology and excellent quality for global consumers. It has over 80000 employees in Zhuhai, Chongqing, Hefei, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Brazil, and Pakistan.

Up to now, it has developed 20 categories, 400 series, and more than 7000 varieties and specifications of products including household air conditioners and commercial air conditioners, which can fully meet the needs of different consumer groups.

It has nearly 2000 technical patents and independently developed GM A series of high-tech products, such as V-code multi-unit, centrifugal large-scale central air-conditioner, g-matrix DC frequency conversion air-conditioner, etc., have filled in the domestic gap, broken the technological monopoly of the refrigeration giants in the United States and Japan, and become a model from "made in China" to "created in China", and won wide popularity and influence on the international stage.

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Haier air conditioner was founded in 1985, and after 31 years of development has become the leader of China's air conditioning industry. In June 2013, Haier air conditioner was listed as the "world-famous brand" in the global household appliance market research index released by the world influence organization and Haier air conditioner has become the only air conditioning brand recognized as "world-famous brand" by the organization in China.

Haier Group, to which Haier air conditioner belongs, is the world's first white appliance manufacturer and the most valuable brand in China.

We devoted ourselves to energy-saving technology and launched the first DC variable-frequency multi-purpose air-conditioner By 2010, Haier air conditioner grasped the general trend of the Internet and launched the world's first Internet of things air conditioner, realizing the transformation from a domestic initiative to a global leading.123

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As the best water system brand, Trane central air conditioning is the pioneer of the air conditioning industry in the world. It has the largest and most advanced research and development center in the air conditioning industry in the world and is always committed to providing customers with efficient and energy-saving refrigeration and air conditioning system solutions.

The capitals of many countries in the world are loyal users of Trane air conditioners, such as the White House of the United States and Zhongnanhai of China. Trane is the world's leading provider of indoor comfort systems and integrated facilities solutions, headquartered in Wisconsin, USA. Since its establishment in 1913.

It has been committed to providing customers with energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and refrigeration air conditioning systems, services, and spare parts support, as well as advanced building automation and financial solutions.

Trane has branches in more than 100 countries, 29 production bases around the world, and more than 29000 employees. As a member of the Ingersoll Rand Group (IR), we create and continue to provide a safe, comfortable, and efficient environment for the world.

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York, the world's largest independent HVAC and refrigeration equipment manufacturing company, was officially established in York, Pennsylvania in 1874. Over the past 130 years, York's production technology and sales service network has been expanding.

Up to now, York has hundreds of branches, maintenance stations, production plants, and affiliated organizations all over the world. York has become the world's largest and most professional independent manufacturer of HVAC and refrigeration equipment.

Today, York has been recognized as the leader in the application of refrigeration technology in the world.

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Midea The main household appliances are household air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, large central air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, fans, dishwashers, induction cookers, electric cookers, electric pressure cookers, soybean milk machines, drinking machines, water heater, air energy water heater, vacuum cleaner, heater, electric kettle, oven, range hood, water purification equipment, air freshener, humidifier, cooker, disinfection cabinet, etc.

Lighting; the main accessories of home appliances are air conditioning compressor, refrigerator compressor, motor, magnetron, transformer, etc. Now it has the most complete air conditioning industry chain, refrigerator industry chain, washing machine industry chain, microwave oven industry chain, and dishwasher industry chain in China.

It has the most complete small household appliances product group and kitchen appliance product group in China; it has more than 60 overseas branches in the world and the products are exported to more than 200 countries and regions.

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Founded in 1870, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry has a history of more than 100 years and is one of the world's top 500 enterprises. After more than 100 years of development and technology accumulation.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry has transformed cutting-edge technology in various fields to the city field so that the public can enjoy the concept of high-quality life.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry has made remarkable achievements in a wide range of spaces related to air conditioning, such as household, civil and automotive air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, and large-scale refrigerator.

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Hisense Group Co., Ltd., one of the largest manufacturers of white goods in China is one of the top ten brands of electrical appliances, with nationally protected trademarks, and one of the largest manufacturers of white goods in China.

It has three nationally protected trademarks, namely, Hisense, Kelon, and Rongsheng, and is a super large electronic information industry group company involved in the fields of home appliances, communication, information, real estate, and service.

Innovate technology and enjoy what you want. Hisense, which takes technology and quality as its gene, has three brands, Hisense, Rongsheng, and Kelon, and two listed companies.

Its flat-panel TV has had the first market share in China for many consecutive years. It is the only enterprise in the household appliance industry that has won the Asian Quality Award and two national quality awards. 

Its Rongsheng refrigerator, Kelon air conditioner, and Hisense mobile phone are well-known at home and abroad.



Hitachi, one of the world's largest integrated multinational groups in Japan came to China in the 1960s and became one of the few foreign-funded enterprises that entered the Chinese market in the early stage.

Since 1910, Japan is one of the world's top 500 manufacturers of integrated motors, whose main products are air conditioners, refrigerators, and other electrical appliances. 



Panasonic Japan Matsushita Electric Appliance Group, Guangzhou Panasonic air conditioner Co., Ltd., top 10 brands of air conditioning, the leader of the Japanese mechanical and electrical industry, the air conditioner brand with wide popularity and reputation in the world.

One of the three strategic production bases of Panasonic air conditioners in the world, and the energy-saving leading brand in the air conditioning industry.


This company is based in Korea and was founded in 1947. While Hitachi can boast the highest revenue, LG has embraced the idea that customer satisfaction and quality manufacturing are its two most important principles. 

Environmental concerns are also an important issue and efficient models are your top choice. Since its air conditioning units are minimally obtrusive, I often prefer them in homes and offices. 

Patented technologies such as jet and inverter cooling systems are some other features that have allowed LG to offer such exclusive products.

Well, the efficient and effective technology used in LG products is among the places where the company has come today. Also, LG has created some of the best home appliances along with the air conditioners produced by them. 

The technologies used in LG air conditioners eventually vary from jet cooling to the use of inverter technology and the plasma filtration function. Due to all these reasons, air conditioners made by LG are among the best ACs available. 

Finally, because of the minimal use of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for the air duct, is also one of the major reasons they classify this company as a leader in the world market. 

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Samsung is an electronic powerhouse from South Korea. The history of the company dates back to 1938 and today we regard Samsung as another leader in the air conditioning market. 

Maintenance features like “turbo cleaning” and moisture-limiting technology are notable benefits of your units. Samsung filters will help remove household allergens and even harmful bacteria from the air. Therefore, its use in hospitals and public buildings is quite pronounced.

The market capitalization of the company is extremely high, from the sale of household appliances to the production of smartphones. Speaking of the air conditioners sold by the company, Samsung uses unique technology to develop AC like star rating, humidification, and this turbo cleaning function.

Blue Star

Blue Star is one of the world's leading air conditioning manufacturing companies. Since 1943, Bluestar has delivered some of the best appliances, making it the oldest and most recognized brand available on the market. 

In fact, just recently, the company even collaborated with Hitachi to produce better air conditioners using Japanese technology. One of the major reasons I have included Blue Star in the list of the best AC manufacturing companies in the world is the technology that it has used, along with the generous price. 


Bill Carrier was the founder of the Carrier company in 1920. Since then it has become the most reliable, effective air conditioning brand available in the world. Along with this, he must have heard of the Weather maker brand, it is a sub-brand of Carrier. 

Weather maker specializes in producing the best air conditioners using a proprietary operating system that is ACE. Carrier is one company known for producing some of the best window air conditioning appliances along with reduced gas, energy, and water emissions facilities.


The best air conditioning manufacturing company in the world is Whirlpool, which is based in the United States. Whirlpool is one of the highest-rated companies in the world. One reason behind this high rating is the sale of air conditioners at a very affordable price. 

All of this is only possible because of the change in the technology used by the company for turbo cooling and with the MPFI technology used in air conditioners. Well, the MPFI technology has given Whirlpool a competitive advantage over other companies. 

The unique feature of this MPFI technology is the proper circuit design from which heat passes quickly and all of this is only possible thanks to the Japanese compressor used in air conditioners.

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The latest best air conditioning manufacturing companies in the world are Electrolux. Electrolux, which initially used to produce kitchen and home appliances, has now come a long way. 

Besides this, Electrolux is a company that is growing at a quick speed and the greatest proof of this is the rapid increase in sales of the company. One of the unique features of Electrolux air conditioners is the use of an ox guard. 

Well, Oxyguard is the best cooling feature available in air conditioners as it provides clean filtered air in three stages.

Conclusion of the best air conditioner brand in the world 

The above is the introduction of the top brands in the world air conditioner brand list. After reading, I believe you have a certain understanding of these air conditioning brands. In particular, the top three brands are very familiar to us and are often selected. 

Many people may think that the brand of air conditioning is not important, as long as it can cool. In fact, for an electrical appliance, the brand is still very important. Because the brand represents not only a trademark but also the quality and after-sales service of the product.

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