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What Is The Best & Most Reliable Washing Machine Brand

What Is The Best & Most Reliable Washing Machine Brand, They are Splendide, GE, LG, Equator, Speed Queen, Samsung, Kenmore
In this article, we talk about What Is The Best & Most Reliable Washing Machine Brand. Which can help you select the best reliable washing machine brand. 

Choose wisely, it can last for a few years-maybe even a decade.

The washing machine is an essential electrical appliance and the most reliable washing machine brand is necessary for every household. The invention of the washing machine liberates our hands.

In my opinion, the two greatest inventions of the modern world are air conditioning and the washing machine. Both are equally necessary for every family. 

But most people don’t know What is the most reliable brand/model of washing machine to buy.


These two inventions are even more important than wives (or girlfriends). After all, we have a long or short time to live alone, and that time will pass. 

If I had a choice between "no air conditioning in summer, no washing machine in winter" and "no girlfriend", I would have chosen the air conditioner and the most reliable washing machine brand instead of a girlfriend.

Well, let's go back to the washing machine and see how we can buy the best reliable washing machine brand from my wife.

Find Out Which one is the Most Reliable & Best Washing Machine Brand is Right for You. What You Need to Know Before Buying the best washing machine Brand To Buy

What Is The Best & Most Reliable Washing Machine Brand

Which is the Better Pulsator type vs Drum type Washing Machine?

After a long time of development, there are many types of washing machines. The most common types are the pulsator type and drum type. 

Many friends don't know the difference between these two types and which is better and what the most reliable washing machine brand is.

I believe you have heard the following points:

  • Pulsator saves electricity and water, drum saves water and electricity
  • Pulsator is washed clean but wears clothes, the drum wear clothes small but not clean
But I want to tell you, the above view is wrong!

The correct point of view is: self-use, must be the selection of drum, drum, drum. There is only one case of Pulsator, that is, as the landlord, you provide the rental house with a washing machine, in order to save money.

However, the wear and tear of the two clothes are not the same, which leads to a very large gap.

  • Men wear five or six shirts for work. The price of each shirt is not cheap. Wear it every day and wash it every day. If it is old and fast, don't you feel distressed? Which girl does not have a few expensive big brand clothes, wash bad is not very bad? So, be sure to choose the drum, clothes can wear longer.
  • Now the clothes are basically washed and changed every day. They are not worn for a week and they are not dirty. Even the dirtiest shirt collars and cuffs, there are collars that can be targeted.

So, different from other people's views, my view is:

Self-use must be the choice of the drum washing machine because the cost of washing (water and electricity) is the same and more protective clothing. The pulsator washing machine is only bought in one case. 

The landlord provides a washing machine for a rental house, which saves the purchase cost.

How to choose the washing and drying sharing set of the washing machine?

Ordinary drum vs washing and drying integrated vs washing and drying set

At present, there are two opinions about the drying function of the washing machine.

After long-term use of the washing and drying integrated drum washing machine, there will be residual fluff because there is no filtering device in the air duct. 

Therefore, choose the washing and drying sharing set washing machine (drum washing machine + dryer) because the air duct has a filtering device, and there will be no residual fluff.

The washing and drying machine is cleaner because the first one is old and outdated. Now the latest washing and drying integrated washing machine, in the air cooling link (condenser) has filtered the fluff, and with the sewage discharged. Also because after washing and drying, the drum is kept dry, so it is more hygienic than the ordinary drum.

I personally prefer the second statement, that is, the combination of washing and drying is cleaner than ordinary washing machines and washing and drying sets. Of course, the premise here is that new models will be produced in 2020 and after.

At the same time, the integration of washing and drying saves space, only one washing machine is needed, while the washing and drying set just needs the space of two washing machines. In the city, an inch of land is an inch of gold. I still like the space to be bigger.

If I choose personally, my choice is:

Limited budget: "single washing drum washing machine + dehumidifier" combination

A budget allows: for washing and drying

Among them, the "washing machine + dehumidifier" combination also needs some flexibility.

I am located in the UK. Clothes often dry and stink. Washing clothes in the balcony or bathroom can be a closed space, combined with a dehumidifier or very easy to use. In addition to drying clothes, you can also dehumidify the bedroom and bathroom when necessary.

During the rainy season when the clothes stink, it can keep the bedrooms, especially the bathroom, dry and refreshing. It is a rare experience in the humid and hot Guangdong area.

What is the working principle of a washing machine?

The drum washing machine imitates the principle of hitting clothes with the mallet and is controlled by the mechanization program. When the drum rotates, centrifugal force generates, which drives detergent and water to clean clothes.

There will be a circular pulsator at the bottom of the washing machine. Driven by the wheel, the water in the bucket rotates left and right to form an eddy current, which drives the clothes inside the washing machine to rotate and roll and remove the stains on the clothes.


What is the washing Machine's Shape?

The roller type is compact and compact in shape. The design of the side lift cover also makes it possible to produce more collocation possibilities, such as an embedded system. The roller type can be selected if there are high requirements for the family layout.

Pulsator the shape is generally monotonous, larger body, due to the design of the top flap, can not be very good with other homes.

What about water and electricity consumption?

The washing The power of the drum-type washing machine is generally about 200 watts, and the washing time is about one to two hours. From the working principle, the effect of the drum-type, of washing machine is worse than that of the pulsator-type washing machine. 

Therefore, in order to make up for the deficiency in the working principle, the general drum-type washing machine will heat the water to about 60 when washing clothes, which will increase the power consumption, and the total power consumption is about 1.5 degrees.

The power of the pulsator-type washing machine is generally about 400 watts. 

The washing time is about 40 minutes. There is no need to use hot water. The power consumption is about 0.5 degrees. However, in terms of water consumption, because the pulsator-type washing machine needs to soak the clothes completely, it needs a certain water level.

While the drum type does not have this requirement, so the water consumption of the pulsator-type washing machine is about double that of the drum-type washing machine.

With comprehensive water and electricity consumption, the pulsator washing machine is more energy-saving than a drum washing machine.

What is the Cleaning rate?

The washing rate of the drum washing machine is about 75%, especially for dirty clothes.

The pulsator washing machine cleaning rate can be as high as 95%, and dirty clothes can also be cleaned very cleanly.

What is the wear rate of laundry?

The drum washing machine simulates hand rubbing, and the cleanliness is even, the wear rate is relatively low, and the clothes are not easy to wrap; the washing cleanliness of the pulsator washing machine is higher than that of the drum washing machine and the natural wear rate is also higher. 

According to the empirical data, the wear rate of the pulsator washing machine is about 10% higher than that of the drum washing machine. 

However, the two washing machines are not suitable for cleaning high-end clothes, high-end clothes still need to go to a professional cleaning shop.

What about washing machine Service life

The rotating the drum of the drum washing machine is mostly horizontal prevention, and the parts are mostly metal, with long service life, which is generally about 15-20 years,

The rotating drum of the pulsator washing machine is vertical prevention, the parts are mostly plastic and the service life is short, generally about 8 ~ 10 years.

Now some people think that the drum washing machine is higher than the pulsator washing machine, which is unreasonable. If it is in the case of the same function, the performance-price ratio of the pulsator washing machine is even higher. Therefore, there are different choices for different needs. 

For example, the drum is small in size and occupies a small area. It can be embedded in the kitchen or bathroom for use. At the same time, it has the characteristics of power-saving, multi-function, and no damage to clothes, so it is more suitable for office workers. 

On the contrary, the pulsator washing machine has the characteristics of flexible adding clothes in the middle, short washing time, low power consumption, and high cleaning rate, which is more suitable for home life.

What is the washing machine capacity?

The capacity of the washing machine recommended by merchants is as above.

In practice, it is recommended to choose the capacity of 6, 8, and 10 kg.

For the washing machine of 5kg or smaller, due to sales problems, the design concept and structure evolution is slow. In particular, the main cleaning for the baby washing machine, on the contrary, will be due to the unreasonable results of the barrel, resulting in residual stains and pollution of the washing machine.

Even if you are single and want to buy 3 or 5kg, don't you think about the possibility of making new friends?

6 kg to wash the curtains.

The principle of drum washing is to drop clothes from high places to achieve the purpose of washing. It is suggested that only 80% of the washing capacity should be put into the clothes and some space should be reserved to wash them more cleanly.

To sum up, 6kg is the minimum, and 8kg or 10kg is recommended. I chose 8kg.

What about washing machine motor

The term motor, understand a little.

The life of the washing machine, I not only look at the motor but through the "warranty period" to ensure the life of the washing machine. After all, the machine is whole, no matter how good the motor is, other parts are broken, the washing Machines cannot work normally.

Some enterprises highlight the good quality by flaunting a “10-year warranty of motor”, but at the same time only provide 1-year warranty service for the whole machine. Whether this method is of good quality or playing word games, I believe you have your own judgment.

BLDC: brush direct current motor. One of the advantages of this motor is its long life, stability, and reliability. Some enterprises dare to provide a 10-year warranty for the motor of the washing machine.

DC: the direct current supplied by a motor.

Frequency conversion: it means that the motor can work continuously in the range of 10% - 100% rated speed. In a word, energy saving.

DD: direct drive. That is, the motor and the inner barrel are directly connected by gears. In contrast, the motor and the inner barrel are driven by the belt. In theory, DD works more safely and reliably.

Variable frequency motor: there is no "BLDC", which means that the brushless variable frequency motor is used.

What about washing machine spin speed

Most of them are 1250 rpm and a few are 1400 rpm.

1400 RPM can theoretically make clothes drier at the cost of more noise. If you're sensitive to noise, won't turn 1400.

After-sales (special emphasis)

At present, most domestic brands provide a 3-year warranty, while a few imported brands provide a 1-year warranty. Be sure to pay special attention when purchasing.

In particular, the policy of "one year warranty for the whole machine and 10 years warranty for key parts" clearly means that the after-sales service has shrunk, but it is necessary to highlight the good quality by emphasizing the courage to guarantee the key parts for 10 years.

If a single part is broken, how can the washing machine as a whole work normally? If it works, why is this a separate, redundant part?

Therefore, when I choose washing machines, I only choose brands that provide a 3-year warranty for the whole machine and do not consider one year warranty.

The big names in this field and the best choice for each segment

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Splendide
  • Matsushita
  • Bosch
  • Siemens
  • Haier
  • Equator
  • Kenmore

This ranking is basically based on their market share and brand quality. It is the ranking that I think is the best to be relatively affordable.

The Best & Most Reliable Washing Machine Brand

1. Splendide Washer-Dryer


Product description

Splendide platinum washer/dryer combination - Splendide's ultra-large capacity washer the dryer is equipped with an ultra-quiet brushless AC motor, providing first-class capacity, performance, and comfort in a space-saving package. Perfect RV travel companion. To start the operation is very simple, just select a cleaning cycle, set the drying time, and then press "start". Extra-wide door opening makes loading easier. 

An electronic soft-touch knob is convenient to rotate. Displays the status of the update cycle. Automatically add laundry AIDS and adjust the water level to maximize efficiency. Two-way drum rotation reduces fabric wrinkles and improves the washing and drying effect. Ultra high speed 1200 rpm rotation helps dry heavy cotton up to 20%. 

A self-cleaning filter can automatically remove lint. It has a washing capacity of 15 pounds, a drying capacity of 11 pounds, 10 washing cycles, 3 drying cycles, and a drying time selector. Additional options such as water temperature, low heat, low speed, and additional flushing to adapt to the cycle. Quality for RV travels with heavy springs and shock absorbers and durable stainless steel rollers.

2. GE Front Load Steam Washer with Electric Dryer 


Product description

Gfw450ssmww 27 "front washer with 4.5 cu.ft. Be able to wash clothes and keep them clean and comfortable. There is a cycle end signal that tells you if the clothes have been washed and allow you to open the door to avoid unnecessary water. 

The device has a disinfection cycle that kills 99.9% of the bacteria on your clothes, and the internal water heater increases the temperature waste. It is also enough to remove serious stains such as dirt, wine, or blood on clothes. Gfd45essww 27 "pre dryer with 7.5 Cu. 

The capacity of the room can dry your clothes. It has the function of reducing wrinkles to ensure that your clothes will not wrinkle after drying. If you feel that the clothes are not dry enough and need more time, you can click the "add time" function to increase the time for the dryer to continue working. 

It also has a dry sprayer, which can measure humidity to prevent excessive drying. Stacking kit for GE front washer and dryer. Ensure Ge front laundry is properly installed.

3. GE Top Load Washer and  Front Load Gas Dryer


Product description

The GTW330ASKWW 27 Ge top mount washer is available in 38 cubic inches. Foot capacity, 700 rpm, deep rinse in stainless steel basket, electronic rotary control and cycle status light make this machine easy to use



Product description

No external ventilation? That's all right. LG's all-in-one washer/dryer uses airless condensate to dry clothes without external ventilation. The drying time is about 120 minutes. To connect to 110 volts of hot and cold water, drains are required. Use the LG smartphone application to extend the limits of the laundry.

Choose a cycle, start or stop laundry, and receive notification of when to do it, all from your smartphone. It even works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can manage your clothes with simple voice commands. 2.3 cubic feet. Ft. 

Compact multifunctional integrated washing machine/dryer 14 washing programs 1400 RPM ventilation condensation drying smart thing (Wi-Fi enabled) smart diagnosis internal heater sanitary cycle

5. LG Graphite Steel Front Load Washer and Electric Dryer


Product description

LG Electronics pursues the vision of the 21st century and becomes a truly global digital leader. Through its innovative digital products and services, LG Electronics make global customers happy. In 2010, LG once again established its medium and long-term vision, ranking among the top three global electronics, information, and telecommunications enterprises. 

Therefore, they adhere to the concept of "big company, big man". Only excellent talents can create a great company and pursue two growth strategies of "rapid innovation" and "rapid growth". At the same time, they also seek to obtain three core competencies: product leading, market-leading, and people-oriented.

6. Equator Washer Dryer with Portability Kit


Product description

The equator 13lb washing machine and dryer combination is designed for compact spaces, apartments, apartments, etc. This compact all-in-one washing machine and dryer features automatic water level and drying sensors to eliminate the hassle of laundry, and a 1200 rpm motor that dries clothes faster than ever. 

This latest version of the best-selling super combination is the winner of technological brilliance and two VIP design awards. Super combo is the only washing machine and dryer in the world that allows you to choose ventilation or condensation mode, giving you maximum flexibility when washing clothes where and when you need it. 

Its 14 programmable wash / dry features protect your clothes and allow you to choose between washing, drying, or both. It comes with a portable kit that converts your portfolio into a portable unit.

7. Speed Queen Top-Load Washer


Product description

This top speed queen washing machine offers 3.2 cubic feet. Feet of capacity to maximize bath washing and cleaning options. It also features a perfect cleaning system, a solid mounting suspension system, and a durable stainless steel bathtub.

8. Samsung Front Load Washer


Product description

27" Front Load Washer with 4.5 cu. ft. front washing machine, 14 cleaning cycles, 1300 rpm, steam cycle, stainless steel drum, energy star certification, diamond drum, vrttm, ultra high speed, steam cleaning, self-cleaning, black stainless steel additive washing

9. Kenmore Top-Load Washer & Gas Dryer


Product description

This is 5.3 cubic feet. The maximum capacity washing machine can clean up to 26 towels at a time. This huge Kenmore dryer is 8.8 cubic feet. It can handle almost any size of cargo, from mountains of towels and bulky bedding to piles of overalls and school clothes.

Kenmore's three-way impeller uses three-part flush motion to make working hard clothes easier. The movement of the laundry basket, 9 powerful spray guns and concentrated detergent explosions ensure better overall cleaning of your clothes with less water.

Stainboost option in the washing machines can remove stubborn stains, long washing time, and gentle care. The programmable oxygen distributor increases the cleaning capacity to help brighten the white without any effort. 

The deep fill option automatically adjusts the water level according to the load size, optimizes the water use, and ensures that your clothes are clean, clean, and clean.

10. GE Front Load Steam Washer with Electric Dryer


Product description

GFW450SSMWW 27" Front-Load Washer with 4.5 cu. Ft. front washing machine with slow washing function, fabric softener, LED electronic control, leveling foot and quick cleaning, blank gfd45essww 27 "7.5 Cu. Ft. 

Front electric dryer. Ft. capacity, hard drum, interior light, control lock, cycle end signal and LED electronic control, blank sbsd137hw13 "base for front-load cleaning, white. 

11 Things to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine (video)

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