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Back to School Supplies List for All Grades

Back to School Supplies List for All Grades

Super complete list of school supplies for students

The beginning of school has entered the countdown! Are the children fully equipped for school? With a set of satisfactory supplies, they will be more motivated to go to school.

Especially for lower-grade pupils, how to choose practical and convenient learning supplies? Refer to the following back-to-school supplies list for all grades.

Some elementary schools issued start reminders

These supplies are easily overlooked

With the beginning of school approaching, these days the major supermarkets, and stationery stores began to crowd. Some schools have also issued special school opening tips to recommend what parents should pay attention to when purchasing stationery and supplies.

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School supplies list for all grades


2h pencil, about 10 pieces ready, sharpened, fitted with pencil case, no automatic pencil.


Light yellow, special for 4B or 2B, clean.

Plastic ruler

Should have zero scale and accurate scale. One side is straight and the other side is curved.


A4 size, two pieces, no pattern.

Pencil case

Don’t buy a pencil box with too many functions. It's easy to distract children's attention. A general pencil case is recommended. The pencil sharpener is kept at home and not taken to school.

File holder

File bags used to put test papers or exercise books, A4 size with zipper, the best color is different, easy to distinguish.


Backpack, lighter weight, more pockets, and space, used to place items in different categories. You don't have to pull a school bag.

  • In addition to the above items, according to the course arrangement, some special articles are needed, such as solid glue, marker, oil stick, watercolor pen, etc. Subject teachers will have specific requirements.
  • All school supplies are pasted with name stickers for students to find.
  • After getting the textbook for the new semester, write the name, class, and other information in the textbook.

List of items received by parents

Before I go any further, I'd like to talk about a few things that are easy to ignore.

1. Vaccination card

In the first half of the year, the vaccination card is also one of the preliminary registration contents. If the children's families have not yet obtained the small white card because they are under the age or have not completed all the required vaccines. 

Please go to the district hospital and get the small white card after completing all vaccination. This small white card at the beginning of school, the teacher will prompt to hand in, so parents must be concerned about this matter.

2. A bank card with the account name of the child

Most schools will require parents to provide a debit bank card with the name of the child, which will be used to pay tuition fees, monthly meals, activities, uniforms, and other expenses, and the school will deduct money from it. 

If the school has issued this requirement, parents should also take care of it. Also note: one is to ask whether there is a designated bank of deposit; the other is to deposit more money in the card as much as possible. If there is not enough deduction in the course of the semester, the teacher will "call the roll" Oh.

3. One inch and a half picture of students

In addition, at the time of enrollment information registration, parents have already uploaded their children's photos. After the beginning of school, there will be work to improve the school registration system. 

It also requires students to take one inch and a half of their body photos. If parents need to improve the photos, they can prepare them in advance.

At the beginning of school, it is necessary for parents to purchase school supplies and daily necessities for children. Whether it's the teacher's requirements or the tips issued by the school, please listen and read carefully. 

The requirements of each school and class teacher will be different, such as the model of a wooden pencil, the specification of the folder, and the type of book wrapping paper. Please try to purchase according to your teacher's requirements.

Over the years, parents have suggested that it is very important to "de toy" stationery and utensils. Although appliances with fancy functions attract children, they will also affect their attention. 

It is recommended to buy atmospheric and practical products and at the same time, it is not too "low-cost" and ignores the quality. 

In this case, parents can let their children participate in the purchase process, which can not only establish the children's sense of ownership but also a good opportunity to "put the facts and reason".


School supplies

1. Schoolbag

A good school bag, the core element is comfortable, safe, and put down!

It is recommended to choose a slightly larger size. Even freshmen, in addition to subject subjects, may need to bring literacy cards, extra-curricular reading books, dictionaries, meal mats, etc. sometimes, they also need to bring art boxes and rope skipping. So the size of the schoolbag is not recommended to be too small.

The self-weight of the schoolbag should not be too heavy, the back of the shoulder belt should be comfortable, and the back should be cushioned and easy to sweat. Every day the books are very heavy. 

If the schoolbag itself is heavy and the material is airtight, it will undoubtedly increase the burden on children. The overall design of schoolbags should be suitable for children's physiological curve, so when buying schoolbags, they might as well try to recite them in person.

The zipper is firm and has a compartment. At the end of a semester, children will zip their schoolbags countless times, so the quality of zippers should be more durable.

In addition to the large bag with the largest space, the schoolbag also needs a space bag, which can hold handkerchief, dictionary, green scarf, and meal mat, while the side bag can hold a water cup and napkin.

In this way, it can help them sort out in different categories, so as to avoid "flipping around" their schoolbags as soon as they look for something.

There is also a point unless the school unified configuration, or it is not recommended for junior students to buy Trolley Case schoolbags. There have been such accidents, children dragging pole case schoolbags trip other students, falling students have broken their teeth. 

For the pupils whose self-discipline is not enough, we should try our best to minimize the risk. What's more, if the classroom is not on the first floor, will they carry the trolley bag down the stairs? Most of them will "stomp" all the way down!

2. Pencil box

Pencil box to choose the basic model, countless teachers feedback, there are ejection switch, inlaid toys, shadow changing graphics, children always can't help to play in class, which greatly affects children's attention, so don't overestimate children's self-control!

Low-grade children might as well choose a plastic or iron double-layer pencil box, which is the most practical. Come on, parents advise you not to choose a pencil box that is too flat. Now some marker pens are relatively thick and can't be closed after putting them in.

In addition, some parents have reported that some children's desks are small, and the iron pencil box often falls off with a sound. They can either teach their children to place the pencil box properly or change it to a plastic one. There are also schools that require students to use light cloth pencil bags to listen to the teacher's opinions.

3. Pencil

Wooden pencils, generally low-grade pupils need to bring 6-8 sharpened pencils every day. The models required by schools and teachers will be different. Hb and 2H pencils can be provided according to the requirements of teachers. 

In the later stage of the study, if you find that the child is strong in writing, and the Hb is thick and black, you can discuss with the teacher to change it into 2H; or if the child with less strength writes too little, he can change from 2H to Hb.

In addition, because it is common for junior students to lose pencils, it is normal to reserve about 30 pencils a semester.

4. Pen holder

Do you want a pen holder? A lot of parents have used feedback, which is not practical. The pen holder is mostly made of rubber or plastic. 

First, the child should pull out the pen holder when changing the pen, which wastes time; 

second, it is easy to slide when pinching the pen; moreover, some children will not hold the thin pencil after taking off the pen holder, so the appliance depends on the child's personal situation.

5. Eraser

Many students use the feedback, the light yellow drawing 4B rubber, 2b rubber, and some imported brand erasers are clean, and the book is not easy to be torn. There are too many kinds of rubbers on the market. 

Some of they are too fragrant and contain chemical components, which are not healthy. There are also some cartoon shapes, such as dinosaurs, cars, and little people. 

They are not recommended to buy. One is to distract children's attention; The other is that the wiping effect is not good.

6. Ruler

It is recommended to buy a plastic ruler of about 15cm, which is too long to fit in the pencil box. To have a zero scale, you will need to use a ruler to measure the length in the next semester of grade one. 

If it's straight and wavy at the same time, it's convenient for children to mark books and mark key points. Similarly, try to avoid fancy.

7. Pad

Please prepare two sizes of plastic pads, A5 and A4, for different sizes of exercise books and books. It's better to have a smooth surface and no pattern so that children are not easily distracted.

8. Pencil sharpener

A good pencil sharpener can save a lot of time. Children need to sharpen their pencils every day when they go home, so the quality should be taken into account. 
Many parents use it, the evaluation of handshaking is higher, which is convenient for children to operate by themselves, safe and not easy to break open. At the same time, parents can also teach their children to clean up the scraps after cutting.

9. Name sticker

Some schools will require name stickers on pencils, notebooks, erasers, rulers, and other items. Others, such as lunch boxes, school bags, or school uniforms, may also need to be pasted. 

The name is pasted with self-adhesive paper and cloth. If you want to have it once and for all, you can also embroider the name on the clothes, or iron them on the clothes.

10. Filing folder and file bag

You can buy 40 pages of the archive folder. The school's exercise papers and homework are in the form of A4 paper, which is filed in a folder to facilitate inquiry and review. Some schools will regularly check the classification of children's folders.

Some teachers require students to prepare an A4 zipper bag for each lesson, so that the books, exercise books, books, and test papers of this subject can be arranged together to facilitate the search and improve the efficiency.

11. Art supplies

Children should be provided with some necessary art supplies, such as safety scissors, oil sticks, watercolor pens, etc. Art class and daily painting need to cut and paste painting. For lower-grade children, glue sticks can be used if it is easy to get dirty with glue.

In the later stage, if there are many kinds of art supplies, they can be summed up in an art box. Many children have prepared hand-held ones and some flat ones can be put in school bags.

12. Book wrapping paper

There are many kinds of book wrapping paper in stationery stores and supermarkets, but different schools and teachers have different requirements for book wrapping paper. 

Some require transparent book cover, so that the book cover can be seen; some require self-adhesive, which is thinner, and the exercise books will not stack too thick and neat; there are also those with or without special requirements, such as wrapping paper and kraft paper. 

In the choice of book wrapping paper, you can first listen to the teacher's requirements.


Daily necessities

1. Water cup or kettle

Lower-grade children should learn to drink water timely in school. Generally, you can use your own water cup or kettle to drink water. In winter, parents can also use a small Thermos Pot to pack hot water for their children.

The best choice of water cup and kettle is a moderate size, which can be placed in the side pocket of the schoolbag without overturning. Usually do not put the water cup and kettle directly with the book, in case the cover is not properly covered and the book will be wet. 

In addition, try to avoid glass, ceramic water cup, plastic, and stainless steel materials that are more suitable. In addition, too expensive products are not recommended for water bottles and cups.

2. Handkerchief

If you want your child to develop a good habit of environmental protection and hygiene from childhood, you can put a small handkerchief on the book packages every day. 

First, you can wipe your mouth and nose after eating. 

Second, you can wipe after washing your hands. When you are dirty, you can learn to change and clean in time.

3. Tissue

Prepare a packet of paper towels for emergencies, such as colds, discomfort, and going to the toilet. Usually, you can also prepare one or two single pieces of wet tissue paper.

4. Table cloth

Some schools are dining in the classroom, need to prepare food mat for children, to prevent dirty desk and stationery. You can prepare a rectangular tablecloth or towel about the size of the desk.

If the soup is splashed on it, wrap it up, and clean it at home. Some children use plastic food mats, but they need to fold them up and put them in their schoolbags. Sometimes the falling leaves of rice and vegetables will pollute the schoolbags. 

Therefore, many parents feedback that soft cloth mat is more practical and can be prepared two pieces for children to replace.

5. Dishcloth

After dinner, clean the table, and clean the classroom.

6. Skipping rope

First-grade children need to have a skipping rope. Some teachers suggest buying standard rope without handle and cotton instead of plastic and handle.

Because the standard rope is used in a school test, children's performance will vary with different ropes, so it is better to practice with standard rope at the beginning.

7. Eye protection table lamp

The desk at home needs to be equipped with a desk lamp. It is recommended to buy an eye protection lamp without stroboscopic light. You can choose some good brands and get good value for money.

8. Alarm clock

Can let children choose a small alarm clock, their own alarm every day, get up on time in the morning, develop good work and rest habits.

9. School shoes

The school often has a flag-raising ceremony, various activities need uniform clothing, according to the needs of the school can be equipped with a pair of white running shoes, with white socks, mainly comfortable and convenient, do not care too much about the brand.

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