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What to Look For When Buying a Central Air Conditioner


2020 home central air conditioner purchase, installation, maintenance guide, comfort system purchase no longer panic!

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We are facing the topic of the central air conditioner; there will always be n questions! Should the household central air conditioner be installed? How to choose a suitable home central air conditioner? What should I pay attention to before installing the central air conditioner? How to carry out maintenance after installation if you make painstaking efforts. 

Congratulations, and you have found the right article.

    What are the differences between a central air conditioner and ordinary air conditioner?

    The household central air-conditioning is a miniaturized independent air-conditioning system, which is similar to the large-scale central air-conditioning in the refrigeration mode and basic structure. 

    A host connects multiple air outlets through an air duct or hot and cold water pipes to send cold and warm air to different areas, so as to realize the purpose of temperature regulation in multiple rooms.

    Compared with traditional air conditioning, home central air conditioning can easily introduce fresh air and greatly improve indoor air quality. Avoid the trouble of "air conditioning disease" of traditional air conditioning. 

    Connecting the air duct can supply air to the toilet, the air distribution in the room is more reasonable, the temperature is uniform, the fluctuation is less, and the comfort is good. 

    Indoor ceiling decoration can make the indoor unit conveniently placed in the ceiling and integrate into the whole decoration effect, which greatly improves the appearance of the building and the hidden danger of insecurity caused by too many outdoor units caused by the use of multiple split air conditioners. 

    And it can avoid the traditional air conditioning refrigerant connecting pipe exposed and hanging in the indoor air.

    Comparison between home central air conditioning and traditional air conditioning: aesthetics

    Household central air conditioning: adopt concealed installation, indoor unit, and refrigerant pipeline are hidden in the local ceiling space to maximize the indoor space. 

    The indoor unit and outdoor unit of the household central air conditioner is connected with copper pipe and the installation position of the indoor unit is not limited by super long piping, which can fully consider the requirements of beauty and comfort, so that the central air conditioning and indoor decoration style can be integrated into one body, beautiful and generous.

    Traditional air conditioning: the indoor unit of a traditional wall-mounted or cabinet type air conditioner needs to occupy the wall decoration space or ground space. The refrigerant pipes of the indoor unit and the outdoor unit are exposed, so the overall decoration style of the air conditioner and the room is difficult to coordinate. 

    Moreover, the installation position of the indoor unit is limited by the installation position of the outdoor unit. In order to make the installation effect of the air conditioner as beautiful as possible, the indoor unit of an air conditioner is generally installed close to the outdoor unit Perhaps this location is not the best location for the air conditioning effect and aesthetics.

    Comparison between household central air conditioning and traditional air conditioning: Functions

    Household central air conditioning: in addition to the three functions of traditional air conditioning, it is convenient to connect the fresh air system. The fresh air system will monitor the indoor air quality for 24 hours. 

    When the air quality deteriorates, the outdoor fresh air will be introduced. The fresh air system will save part of the heat of the indoor air to ensure the healthy indoor air quality and reduce the heat loss of the room.

    Traditional air conditioning: traditional air conditioning generally has three basic functions: cooling, heating, and dehumidification. Traditional split air conditioning can not introduce fresh air. 

    In order to ensure the healthy indoor air quality, it is necessary to open the door and open the window for air exchange. In this way, a large amount of cooling capacity in the room will be lost, which will affect the room temperature and cause energy waste.

    Home central air conditioning and traditional air conditioning comparison: comfort

    Household central air conditioning: the indoor unit of the household central air conditioner is hidden in the local ceiling space, which can avoid the air conditioner directly blowing the human body. 

    It's super long piping makes the air conditioner be installed in the position with the best comfort. The airflow is well organized so that the whole room is in the return air area of the air conditioner, which makes the temperature in the room more uniform and increases Enhance the comfort of the room.

    Traditional air conditioning: the installation position of the indoor unit of traditional wall-mounted or cabinet type air conditioner is limited by the installation position of the outdoor unit. 

    The indoor unit of air conditioner can only be installed on the wall near the outdoor unit, and the position of air outlet and return air outlet cannot be adjusted. When refrigeration, it often causes the air conditioning can directly blow to the area is cold, a non-direct blowing area is hot, affecting the comfort of living.

    Comparison of home central air conditioning and traditional air conditioning: purchase and installation costs

    Household central air conditioning: the cost performance of household central air conditioning is getting higher and higher. For example, the price of Trane and York household central air conditioning is basically equivalent to that of wall-mounted and cabinet air conditioners of joint venture brands. 

    The installation of a household central air conditioner should be carried out before the ceiling of the air conditioner, which is closely related to indoor decoration. The installation period is long and the cost is relatively high.

    Traditional air conditioning: the prices of traditional wall-mounted and cabinet air conditioners are relatively moderate. However, the price of high-grade wall mounted air conditioners and cabinet machines are always high. 

    The installation of traditional wall-mounted air-conditioners does not need decoration and coordination, and the installation period is short, and the cost is low or even no charge.

    Comparison between domestic central air conditioning and traditional air conditioning: energy consumption

    Household central air conditioning: household central airconditioning is becoming more and more miniaturized, and the machine structure can be divided into one driving one structure and multi-connected structure. 

    The power consumption mode and power consumption of the central air conditioner with one driving one structure are the same as those of wall-mounted and cabinet air conditioners under the same conditions. 

    The power consumption is the same as that of traditional air conditioning, whether it is opened individually or fully. When all indoor units are fully open, the multi-split unit is more energy-saving than traditional air conditioning. 

    Therefore, you can choose the most energy-saving central air conditioning scheme according to your own usage habits.

    Traditional air conditioning: traditional wall-mounted and cabinet type air-conditioners adopt the form of connecting an outdoor unit with an indoor unit. 

    Each air conditioner is controlled separately, and its energy consumption is not affected by other air conditioners. When it is opened separately, the energy-saving effect is better.

    Comparison between domestic central air conditioning and traditional air conditioning: After-sales

    Household central air conditioning: the service life of the household central air conditioner is generally more than 15 years. There is a (350 × 350) maintenance port reserved on one side of the connecting pipe of the indoor unit. 

    When maintaining, it only needs to open the access port, which is convenient for operation. Household central air conditioning only needs to clean the air outlet and filter screen, the air outlet, and the filter screen can be disassembled conveniently without professional operation.

    Traditional air conditioning: wall-mounted and cabinet type traditional air conditioners have a service life of 8 ~ 10 years. The whole air conditioner is installed in a non-hidden way, and the after-sales maintenance and cleaning are very convenient.

    Is it suitable to install a central air conditioner at home?

    After understanding the difference between the central air conditioner and ordinary air conditioner, there are still some babies who are very tangled and confused? 

    The following article is the industry experts from the size of the house, the number of pieces, cold and hot functions, noise, shopping and other aspects of the analysis, I believe that after watching the baby will have clearer personnel on this issue, let's listen to what the experts say.

    How much does it cost to install a central air conditioner?

    This problem is a concern for many babies. First of all, we want to tell you that the price of a home central air conditioner is nothing compared with the soaring house price. 

    We should not have too much mental burden. Secondly, the price of the household central air conditioner is determined by many factors. It is not simple to distinguish between expensive and cheap, such as the system you purchased, the water system, or the fluorine system? 

    For example, brand, domestic brand, or imported brand? House type and area and so on, the following small series for you to recommend a quotation artifact, only need to input the city, house type, area, brand, and other information, you can calculate the price of installing household central air conditioner for you, the most important is free!

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the central air-conditioner types in the list and how to choose them?

    Seeing this problem shows that you have entered the advanced stage. In fact, the classification of the household central air conditioner is relatively simple. First of all, I will introduce the central air conditioner. 

    The household central air conditioner refers to the air conditioner system designed and installed according to the design parameters and requirements of the national air conditioner design code. The household central air conditioner is an air conditioner system that sends out cold and hot air from the outdoor main unit, indoor fan coil unit, and connected air duct to achieve the purpose of the indoor air conditioner. 

    According to the working principle, it can be divided into two types: one is the air-conditioner system evolved from the equipment of large-scale central air-conditioner system, such as small-sized air-cooled chiller and small-sized air-conditioner unit. 

    The other is hanging air-conditioner system by split wall The air conditioner system evolved from the adjustment equipment, such as "one for many" and so on.

    The three most common types of household central air conditioning: cold/hot water unit (air source heat pump / dual supply/water machine); air duct system (air duct fan); multi-unit system (fluorine machine). Specific analysis, click on the picture to learn more about details, after watching you change air conditioning talent!

    Is it better to choose frequency conversion or frequency selection for the household central air conditioner?

    Many people say that the frequency conversion and fixed frequency of ordinary air conditioners can be understood. How can the household central air conditioner have this kind of distinction? 

    In fact, there are fixed frequency and variable frequency for household central air conditioners. At present, frequency conversion is the mainstream in the market, but there are still some brand systems with a fixed frequency. How to purchase them?

    What are fixed frequency air conditioning and variable frequency air conditioning?

    As we all know, the compressor is the most important core component of air conditioning. According to the types of compressors, air conditioning can be divided into fixed frequency air conditioning and frequency conversion air conditioning. 

    The air conditioner with a constant frequency compressor is also called a constant frequency air conditioner. The speed of the compressor is fixed, and the output and input power are also fixed. When the air conditioner operates normally, when the indoor temperature reaches the preset value, the compressor will stop running. 

    When the temperature exceeds the preset range, the compressor will restart, and the instantaneous power consumption of the compressor will reach the maximum value. The frequent startup and shutdown of the compressor is also the main reason why the fixed frequency air conditioner consumes more electricity.

    The air conditioner with a variable frequency compressor is a variable frequency air conditioner with a frequency conversion control system. Its basic structure and refrigeration principle are exactly the same as those of ordinary air conditioning. 

    The compressor of the variable frequency air conditioner is automatically stepped less, which can automatically adjust the operation efficiency of the air conditioner according to the indoor temperature. 

    When the indoor temperature reaches the expected value, the air conditioning the host runs at a constant speed that can accurately maintain the temperature, so as to realize "non-stop operation", so as to ensure the stability of the ambient temperature.

    Comprehensive introduction of variable frequency air conditioning

    Variable frequency air conditioning relies on the speed of the compressor to control the room temperature. The room temperature fluctuation is small, the power consumption is less, and the comfort is greatly improved. 

    Variable frequency air conditioning can automatically select heating, cooling and dehumidification operation mode according to the ambient temperature, so that the room can quickly reach the required temperature in a short time, and fluctuate with a small temperature difference under the state of low speed and low energy consumption, so as to achieve the effect of fast, energy-saving and comfortable temperature control.

    Advantages of variable frequency air conditioning:

    1. Strong and rapid cooling and heating: the variable frequency air conditioner has strong high-speed operation ability. When it is started, it will immediately operate with high power to achieve the effect of rapid cooling and heating.

    2. High efficiency and energy saving: the frequency conversion air conditioner determines the power according to the demand, so the efficiency is high. In addition, since the compressor almost does not start / stop repeatedly, it does not consume excess power. Therefore, the electricity charge is only about 2 / 3 of the general air conditioner, which can be called the energy-saving model.

    3. Accurate room temperature control: the temperature control is accurate and stable, the room temperature variation range is within + 0.5 ℃, while the fixed frequency air conditioning is about + 15 ℃. Therefore, the room temperature can be avoided and the comfort can be greatly improved.

    Disadvantages of frequency conversion air conditioner:

    Compared with ordinary air conditioning, the price is about 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 4 higher. At the same time, due to the complexity of the control system and frequency conversion system of variable frequency air conditioner, the requirements for components are higher. 

    Compared with ordinary air conditioners, the failure rate of the inverter air conditioner is higher. Moreover, due to the use of frequency conversion technology, harmonic pollution will be produced at the same time.

    Frequency conversion of the constant frequency of air conditioning

    Fixed frequency air conditioning is the most widely used air conditioner in our daily life. It mainly cools or heats by controlling the operation of the compressor. In short, it needs to adjust the on / off key of air conditioning. 

    However, when it is on and off, it is easy to cause sudden cold and hot and consume a lot of electric energy. And through frequent switching, the impact on the home power grid is very big.

    Advantages of fixed frequency air conditioning:

    1. It has been on the market relatively early, the technology is relatively mature, and the products are rich, various, and optional.

    2. The price of the fixed frequency air conditioners in the market is relatively moderate. With the influence of national energy-saving subsidies, the price of energy-saving air-conditioning products is more affordable, and the product cost performance is higher.

    Disadvantages of fixed frequency air conditioning:

    1. With the people's demand for the ambient temperature, it is easy to cause frequent start-up and shutdown of fixed frequency air-conditioning compressors, resulting in large fluctuations in indoor temperature.

    2. The frequent start and stop of fixed frequency air conditioning compressor consumes a large amount of electricity and is not energy-saving.

    3. It takes a long time to turn on to a suitable temperature and the fixed frequency air conditioner will take a long time to reach the set temperature, which is not conducive to people's enjoyment.

    Frequency conversion or fixed frequency air conditioning is better. Frequency conversion and fixed frequency are two common air conditioning types. Frequency conversion air conditioning performs better in energy saving and comfort, while fixed frequency air conditioning is better in price. 

    However, from the long-term development point of view, frequency conversion air-conditioning, which represents comfort and energy-saving, is still the future development trend. 

    At present, many central air conditioning systems have all realized frequency conversion. The fashionable and beautiful decoration effect and comfortable air supply bring better air conditioning experience.

    Is it not cost-effective to install a central air conditioner in small units?

    For many small units, the capital investment required for the central air-conditioner is uncertain. On the one hand, it is necessary to consider the size of space, on the other hand, it should consider the use of functions. 

    Is it too luxurious to install a central air conditioner in small units? What is the cost of using a central air conditioner? Is it cost-effective? First of all, let's use a black technology artifact to calculate the price of a central air conditioner for a small house. Ordinary people don't tell him how easy this artifact is!

    After the calculation, we will find that compared with the soaring house prices, it is very cost-effective to install a central air-conditioner in smaller units. We will not elaborate too much on the beauty and comfort of the central air-conditioner and high-end atmosphere. 

    How to choose a suitable central air conditioner for your home?

    At present, there are many kinds of air conditioners. If the area of the home is large, the effect of using the home central air conditioner will be more ideal. Because there are many brands of household central air conditioners in the market, many consumers don't know how to choose. 

    Today, I will introduce some methods to buy a home central air conditioner for big families, hoping to give them the chance to buy home central air conditioner Tune friends to provide a reference.

    How to choose and buy household central air conditioner -focus on-brand

    The purchase of a household central air conditioner should generally choose domestic and foreign well-known household central air conditioner, more quality assurance. 

    Home air-conditioner systems, such as American and American central air-conditioner systems, such as Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi, etc. In the green health house, we have more than 100 first-line cooperation equipment and materials at home and abroad, with many brands and models. 

    In addition, the green health house has set up a 3000 square meter real scene exhibition hall and equipment exhibition hall, which is convenient for you to make a more intuitive choice.

    How to choose and buy household central air conditioner -a utilization rate

    Each type and model of household central air conditioner has a different specific use effect, users should choose reasonably according to their actual use. If the equipment with a higher power is selected, the purchase of the cost will be increased. 

    If the equipment with lower power is selected, the energy consumption will increase in later use. Greenhouse accurately calculates the cooling and heating load and reasonably formulates the configuration scheme based on accurate data, which can save you money and worry.

    How to choose home central air conditioner -aesthetics

    The installation of a household central air conditioner is generally designed after the indoor decoration design is determined. If the owner does not take the layout of the air conditioner and the effect of interior decoration design into account when choosing to install the household central air conditioner, it is likely to damage the beauty of the wall. 

    At the same time, the tuyere has different shapes, which also plays a certain role in aesthetics. In view of the universality of such problems, our HVAC designers will directly communicate with your home decoration designers to avoid your worries.

    When choosing a home central air conditioner, it's better to choose a big brand with guaranteed quality and service. At the same time, it is also necessary to purchase it in combination with your own actual needs. 

    In this way, you can save costs. At the same time, you can also choose a suitable home central air conditioner according to your home decoration style, so that you can match it more More coordination.

    At present, there are too many air conditioner brands in the market. How to choose?

    At present, there are many brands of central air conditioners in the domestic market. In the past few years, the main brands of the central air conditioner are imported brands, such as Mitsubishi click, Toshiba, Hitachi, Daikin, etc., and American brands such as Trane, York, carrier, etc. 

    So how to choose a brand? Let's take a look at this year's central air conditioner brand rankings!

    An authoritative introduction to the ranking of household central air conditioner brands

    The brand of the central air conditioner is very important. The brand involves product quality, after-sales, and other issues, but we can't simply rely on the brand. 

    At present, the installation mode of the household central air conditioner is basically not direct, that is, the manufacturer is responsible for the installation, and the off-line agent/dealer's own workers or outsourcing team are responsible for the installation, and the installation the process is uneven Here, I especially remind you that brand is very important, but it is not the only standard for selection! 

    First of all, we should make clear the main purpose and budget of the installation of a central air conditioner. 

    Secondly, we should select a good service company, which is an integrated company of brand and installation as far as possible. 

    In this way, the equipment and installation are in one place, and the service quality is more guaranteed. 

    Finally, we can let the integrated company design according to the house structure, house type, family members' use habits, and so on. The babies here do not doubt that it is absolutely necessary to install the central air conditioner.
    A good design scheme can better meet user needs, and at the same time, it can save a lot of unnecessary expenses! Here, we have to mention a free design tool, intelligent 3D cloud design, which can be designed online for free. 

    This tool is currently free, and it is uncertain whether it will be changed later. If you need it, you can try it first

    In addition, I know that some babies are still very concerned about the price of different brands. Here is a list of installation prices of central air conditioners of different house types for your reference. Please note that for reference only, because the brand prices and installation fees in different cities are quite different.

    Between beauty and comfort, many owners are very concerned about the cost of a set of the central air conditioner. Generally speaking, if three split units and one cabinet unit are installed, it will not only affect the beauty of the interior decoration, but also there is not enough place for the outdoor units.
    If the central air conditioner system is modified, there is only one outdoor unit in the system and the indoor unit can not only greatly improve the comfort degree, but also fully It is integrated with home decoration. 

    Different types of houses with different areas should choose different central air-conditioner schemes. Next, we take the central air-conditioner of each type sold in a comfortable 100 networks as an example to see how much a set of central air-conditioner costs, how to take into account the consumption level of ordinary users and the product quality is absolutely guaranteed.

    Some people don't think they have a favorite brand price list after reading the price. Here is no need to be disappointed. The free quotation tool for 100 minutes of comfort comes. You can directly input the city, house type, area, and the system and brand you want to install to get a standard quotation list. 

    Is household central air conditioner cleaning expensive? How about adding fluorine?

    The typical example of these problems is that we are generally worried about the after-sales problem of the central air-conditioner. In fact, the general warranty period of many household central air-conditioner brands are 3-5 years. 
    Even after the warranty period, the price is not as expensive as you think. The following articles may have a look, hoping to help big guys~

    What problems should be paid attention to in the use of household central air conditioner? How to extend service life?

    As we all know, the initial investment of central air-conditioner is higher than that of ordinary air-conditioners, which makes us very concerned about the service life of the central air-conditioner. 

    Many people think that the elderly in their families are always afraid to turn it on or turn it off frequently. First, they are worried about electricity charges, and the second is that they are afraid of being used up.
    First of all, you should know that the central air conditioner is not so easy to break down, and the second is that the electrical charge is almost the same as that of the ordinary central air conditioner.

    Some water system air conditioner electricity charges are also cheaper! Let's follow the editor to popularize the most concerned about electricity charges and how to extend the service life.

    According to the central air-conditioner related issues that you are more concerned about, we have summarized these articles for you to answer questions and doubts. 

    If there is anything unclear, or if you want the editor to help you, please leave a message. In addition, once again, please check the budget before installing the central air conditioner. Please quote the magic weapon in 100 minutes for comfort and share it with you again.

    Air Conditioner Buying Guide (Interactive Video) | Consumer Reports

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