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Best Coffee Maker For Home

Best Coffee Maker For Home - Reviews & Buying Guide, They are Breville Barista Touch, Mr. Coffee, Delonghi, Gaggia, UCC, Nespresso,Dolce Gusto
How to buy a household coffee maker machine, which brand is good, and a cost-effective Best Coffee Maker For Home - Reviews & Buying Guide.

With the improvement in living standards, everyone is no longer satisfied to buy coffee outside every morning or make instant coffee by themselves. 

Because of the home-coffee machine, you can drink a cup of pure coffee every morning without having to wait in line to buy it. Or endure the dryness of instant coffee powder. 

Coffee lovers must have a home coffee machine whether it is manual or fully automatic. Friends who have not bought it may be confused about which one is better. Today I will introduce to you the Best Coffee Maker For the Home

Nowadays, people are pursuing a higher quality of life. Drinking coffee is the norm in many people's daily lives, and it is a manifestation of elegant life. 

In order to drink coffee at any time at home, many families will choose to buy a coffee machine to use at home, but there are several types of coffee machines, which are suitable for use at home. 

Let's take a look at which coffee machine is suitable for home use? What brand of coffee machine is better?

What are the home-coffee machines?

  1. Household automatic coffee machine

    The first choice for ordinary coffee drinkers generally has the characteristics of simple operation, fast production, and comfortable taste. The price is generally around 3-8k, and a cup of coffee can be made with one click. You can choose whether to have a fully automatic coffee machine with a milk frothing function according to your personal taste.

  2. Household semi-automatic coffee machine

           If you have a certain understanding of coffee and have time to operate, if you have a certain level of technology, then choose a household semi-automatic coffee machine. Household semi-automatic coffee machines are generally single-head semi-automatic. You need to grind the beans by yourself, press the powder carefully, and extract with your heart. The coffee is full of aroma. The best coffee comes from a semi-automatic coffee machine, and the purest coffee comes from a semi-automatic coffee machine. The price of a domestic semi-automatic coffee machine ranges from one to two thousand to tens of thousands.

  3. Pure manual coffee machine (coffee pot)

        For many coffee lovers, every step from roasting, grinding, pressing, brewing, latte to coffee tasting is part of coffee, and participating in it is a kind of enjoyment. Therefore, they will choose a coffee pot, roast coffee beans by themselves, adjust the grinding thickness of coffee powder according to different coffee pots, use a variety of methods to press the powder, and then brew them patiently and carefully draw flowers. The price of coffee pots is much lower than the cost of machines, ranging from a few hundred to two or three thousand. The main ones are siphon coffee pots, drip coffee pots, and filter press coffee pots.

  4. Capsules, instant coffee

          Capsule coffee and instant coffee can be said separately or together. In the previous coffee machines, the raw materials are all coffee beans, which are made by grinding the beans. Capsule instant coffee is different. Instant coffee is made by extracting coffee and adding other ingredients. It lacks the scent of caffeine and adds many ingredients. It is no longer pure coffee, but it is easy to brew, so it is very popular.

         Capsule coffee is the special treatment of coffee beans into coffee powder and then sealed in the aluminum platinum space similar to "fruit jelly", while the capsule is filled with non-toxic inert gas to extend the shelf life and re-sterilize. When you need to brew coffee, but this coffee capsule into a special capsule coffee machine to brew. Since the coffee capsule can only be used with the corresponding machine, this is a big restriction on the choice of coffee taste, and the capsule coffee is also the most expensive coffee. The most famous capsule coffee and instant coffee are all Nestle.

Which is the best home coffee machine

  1. Choose Espresso or Cappuccino

      Coffee machines can be divided into two categories: Espresso and Cappuccino.

        Espresso coffee machine is a fast extraction method that uses steam pressure to make water pass through coffee powder. The coffee made in this way is easier to highlight the acidity of the coffee, the caffeine content will be relatively low, and the taste is very strong. There will be a layer of coffee "grease", which is the favorite of coffee enthusiasts.

        Espresso coffee (Espresso), plus a thick layer of milk foam, becomes a delicious Cappuccino coffee (Cappuccino). Obviously, the role played by the coffee machine is decisive for the production of a high-quality espresso or cappuccino.

  2. Choose full automatic or semi-automatic

          A semi-automatic coffee machine is the most traditional coffee machine, it was first born and popular in Italy, it is the first choice of coffee players. Its main features are simple machine structure, reliable work, and easy maintenance. But this also means that the requirements for operators are higher, and only after rigorous training can you use this machine to make high-quality coffee. However, because the domestic coffee machine is based on the heat exchange principle, it cannot provide enough water temperature and steam, so there is still a certain gap compared with the commercial fully automatic coffee machine.

        The automatic coffee machine is the application of electronic technology to the coffee machine, which realizes the automatic control of the whole process of coffee brewing, such as grinding, pressing, filling, brewing, and removing residue, creating a fully automatic coffee machine. The high-quality fully automatic coffee machine brews coffee according to the most scientific data and procedures and is equipped with a complete protection system. Anyone can produce high-quality Italian coffee with a consistent style as long as they follow the correct use method. The fool model in the camera. But note that the structure of the fully automatic coffee machine is relatively complicated, requires good maintenance, and the maintenance cost is also high. Household automatic coffee machines can be divided into automatic milk frothing and manual milk frothing. Automatic milk frothing is expensive and the quality of the frothing is poor, so it is not recommended.

  3. Capsule coffee machine

           The capsule coffee machine is the most used coffee machine in European and American families. In the capsule coffee machine, the manufacturer first puts coffee powder into a plastic capsule and then fills it with nitrogen to keep it fresh. When you want to drink coffee, you only need to put the capsule into a special machine, and you will soon get a cup of fragrant coffee.

  4. American coffee machine

          American coffee machine, also known as drip coffee machine. This coffee machine only costs a few hundred yuan, so you can see it everywhere in the market. Because the American coffee machine does not have a grinding function, a grinder is also required.

The brand of household coffee machine

  1. Belgian Royal Coffee Machine

      The Belgian Royal Coffee Pot is made of charming silver, gold, and rose gold, with unique styles, handed down from generation to generation, and the best classics, which are rare in the market. The patented royal siphon coffee maker not only has a perfect coffee-making process, but it is also a work of art in itself. The Belgian Royal Coffee Pot combines several natural forces: fire, steam, pressure, and gravity. These make the operation of the Belgian Royal Coffee Pot more visible.

  2. Nordic Omo coffee machine

       The Nordic Omo coffee machine is a product of Nordic Electric Company, which requires its own growth path to be unique. Nordic Electric adopts a completely different innovative experience in products and marketing, enabling us to create the most optimized sales agency model in China, all in a worry-free system. At the same time, it is also compatible with the functions of coffee powder, pressed powder, and capsules. It can also freely adjust the amount of coffee powder and coffee water output according to the intensity of personal taste. Its steam pressure is strong, the milk foam produced is dense and rich, and it can be prepared with a smooth taste. Cappuccino removable waste water tray for easy cleaning.

  3. Nordic Omo coffee machine

       The Philips coffee machine can brew 4 to 6 cups at a time, and it has a small size. It also has a drip-proof function, which can interrupt the brewing process at any time, and it can also be dishwasher-cleaned parts, which are easy to clean. It can also display the water level line in the water tank. The wire storage compartment can conveniently store over-long cables. The detachable filter screen makes it easier to fill and clean. The indicator light can provide an indication of the power-on on the coffee machine.

  4. Delong coffee machine

     DeLonghi coffee machine is a branded coffee machine made in Italy, founded in Italy, with an Italian design style, popular in more than 80 countries around the world. The innovative ideas, research and development, production technology, and brand power of the R&D team enable Delong to continue to expand and diversify. Each product has a unique design to meet the different needs of customers. Magnifica is a compact but versatile fully automatic espresso machine. The use of the latest CRF technology ensures that you can enjoy a cup of espresso with perfect quality and quantity every time. In addition, the brewer can be easily disassembled and cleaned, and it also includes an automatic descaling function, so you don't need to ask professional maintenance personnel to maintain the machine at home.

      5. Philips

       Philips PHILIPS, founded in the Netherlands in 1891, mainly produces lighting, home appliances, and medical systems. Now it has developed into a large-scale multinational company. In 2007, it has 128,100 employees worldwide. It has production bases in 28 countries, sales organizations in 150 countries, and 80,000 patents. It has strong strength. Its coffee machine has a long history of production and its design is widely acclaimed. It is one of the well-reputed brands in the coffee industry.

      6. Electrolux

         Electrolux was established in Sweden in 1919 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of household appliances and professional equipment. Electrolux Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned electrical equipment manufacturing company and the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial electrical appliances. At present, it is produced in more than 60 countries and sold various coffee machine products in 160 countries.

How to choose a coffee machine

1. Determine the type of coffee machine to buy

The taste of the coffee produced by different coffee mechanisms is different, and the mainstream products on the market now include Italian and American coffee machines. The espresso machine can make high-quality Italian coffee with a strong taste according to strict working methods; it has comprehensive functions and can make a lot of fancy coffee. American coffee machine is convenient, fast, and efficient in operation, and is very popular among families.

2. Choose a good quality coffee machine

The coffee machine market in my country is still in a disorderly period. Market competition is fierce. Many brands have uneven quality, which leads to chaos in the market. Therefore, when we buy a coffee machine, we must choose a strong brand and know whether the after-sales service is reasonable.

3. Daily maintenance and maintenance of the coffee machine

When choosing a coffee machine, you must understand whether the coffee machine is easy to disassemble, because you need to clean the coffee machine when you finish drinking coffee. If it is not easy to disassemble, it will cause difficulties for you to maintain the coffee machine. Therefore, the convenience of disassembly and assembly is also an important aspect when choosing a coffee machine.

What to pay attention to when buying a coffee machine

  • First, the brand is trustworthy 
  • second, whether the sale can keep perfect 
  • third, whether the feature is their favorite 
  • fourth, if you can win your own budget 

If that product meets these five points, the coffee machine you choose is definitely something you like very much, and the quality, quality, and safety are guaranteed.

Best Coffee Maker For Home

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1. Breville Barista Touch 


Reasons for recommendation:

What's interesting about this coffee machine is that it is a separate automatic coffee machine to some extent. There are three steps to making a latte: grinding, brewing, and frothing. The machine can grind powder by itself, but it cannot brew the ground powder directly but needs to manually press the powder. But this one has a touch screen, which can intuitively select the production steps and coffee type, and the operation is still friendly.

Selling point: 

  • Easy operation with the visual screen 
  • you can adjust the coffee strength, milk texture, and temperature 
  • support storage coffee plan can define 8 kinds of personalized coffee 
  • touch screen operation

2. Breville Nespresso Creatista 



Reasons for recommendation:

The shape of this capsule coffee machine is very simple and elegant. I like the staggered production of this material 

The sense of refinement. There is also a display screen, and the operation is quite simple. What's more special is that it comes with a milk tube, which caters to the needs of garland lovers.

Selling point:

  • Visual screen, one-key operation, relatively simple
  • There is a milk tube, you can pull flowers
  • Can prevent ice cubes from making ice coffee

3. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso 


Reasons for recommendation:

This is a semi-automatic multifunctional machine. Although it requires manual grinding and pressing, after filling the bowl, you can make cappuccino, latte, mocha, and other fancy drinks with one click. It is very powerful in terms of function, suitable for lovers who don’t have much time to make coffee.

Selling point:

  • Function three in one
  • One-click control panel to simplify steps
  • Removable milk tank and water tank for easy storage

4. Nespresso Lattissima One 


Reasons for recommendation:

I have to say that the capsule coffee machine is really a leader in industrial design in the coffee industry, probably because of the small number of questions and the design language is generally light and concise, which is very suitable for modern style home decoration. In addition to its appearance, this capsule coffee machine is equipped with an independent milk tank and an automatic milking system, which can make fancy coffee with one button.

Selling point:

  • Independent milk tank, easy to disassemble and save
  • Rapid heating

5. Breville BES870XL Barista Express 


Reasons for recommendation:

This coffee machine is more suitable for fans who have a certain foundation. The design of the whole machine is full of mechanical aesthetics. Although it is a semi-automatic coffee machine, it has its own grinder and the grinding degree can also be adjusted, which is quite convenient. This is very professionally equipped with digital temperature control equipment to precisely control the water temperature to ensure the preservation of the coffee flavor.

Selling point:

  • Precise temperature control
  • Microfoam steam wand
  • Grinding adjustment dial

6. Delonghi ESAM6900 Prima Donna 


Reasons for recommendation:

Didn't find this coffee machine in the video, in short, it is the Prima Donna series, the price is basically not bad. This is a very popular fully automatic coffee machine in China. It has a one-button cappuccino, a milk box, and the color screen operation is relatively intuitive, and the design is a bit satisfactory.

Selling point:

  • One key card cloth
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Two cups at a time

7. Gaggia RI8263/47 Velasca Prestige 


Reasons for recommendation:

The characteristic of the GAGGIA brand is that the details are well done and the functions are complete. Although it seems to be 20 years behind other brands in design, the metal panels and this large arc shape have a retro feel. This coffee machine is a relatively basic fully automatic model, and it is also equipped with a supermini milk box, which can also realize the function of a one-key card cloth.

Selling point:

  • One key card cloth
  • Custom coffee memory
  • 10 levels of grinding degree, 3 levels of temperature, 5 levels of extraction strength

8. DeLonghi EC685W Dedica Deluxe 


Reasons for recommendation:

This semi-automatic truth-telling machine is exquisitely made and has all the necessary functions. In the thousand yuan semi-automatic market, what performance should be considered, just choose the one that looks the most pleasing to the eye?

Selling point:

  • good looking
  • Bubbler

9. Gaggia Brera Super Automatic 


Reasons for recommendation:

In this evaluation, in addition to the appearance of several capsules, this fully automatic GAGGIA machine is completely full-length in my aesthetic point. The metal shell is quite simple, with a bit of internationalism in it. In terms of function, the basic technology of GAGGIA is there, and there is also a small screen for intuitive operation.

Selling point:

  • Soy flour dual purpose
  • Easy to clean
  • Friendly operation
  • Automatic cleaning

10. Gaggia RI9700/64 Babila 


Reasons for recommendation:

The price of this finale is also amazing. Although the price and quality of coffee machines are usually proportional, a 1w5 machine at home is still a bit too heavy. But there is nothing to say about the function, 8 kinds of beverage options, at the same time you can define your own coffee type, one-key capp, and also equipped with a manual steam wand to facilitate the drawing.

Selling point:

  • Intuitive and simple operation
  • 5 levels of temperature/15 levels of grinding degree/8 beverage options
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Manual/automatic milk processing system
  • Removable brewer

Recommend the four most popular capsule coffee machines

 Next, we will reveal the ranking of different types of popular coffee machines for you. Don't forget to refer to the shopping points mentioned above and buy a useful coffee machine for yourself or your family!


4. UCC DRIP POD Coffee Extraction Capsule Machine DP1-TW 


Specializing in you who like UCC Japanese coffee, capsules can also enjoy the rich taste of dripping
Want to enjoy the rich flavor of drip filtration and the convenience of capsule coffee at the same time? This coffee machine is equipped with special coffee capsules that are professionally designed to produce the taste of a drip-free coffee machine. The seven-segment water level design can be easily adjusted according to different drinks. Even if you want to brew continuously, it only takes 30 seconds. In addition, the appearance of this coffee machine is only about half of that of A4 paper. It is very convenient for display and storage, and it can be easily cleaned with citric acid. On the whole, it is an excellent product with both appearance, function, and convenience.


3. Capsule coffee machine INISSIA series 


INISSIA is a Nespresso entry series, available in four colors: red, blue, black, and milky white. The general price is 888 yuan, and the lowest is 788 yuan. The pressure is 19 bar, and it can be heated in 25 seconds, which is completely suitable for daily use. If you want to make fancy coffee, you can buy a milk frother to use it, but it will be more troublesome.

2. Dolce Gusto

Dolce Gusto is also a capsule coffee machine brand under Nestlé, but it does not operate independently from Nestlé. In addition to 6 basic coffee capsules of different strengths, Dolce Gusto also has many fancy coffee capsules, in addition to chocolate Milk and Hong Kong-style milk tea capsules.

Recommended purchase: Delong capsule coffee machine EDG305 


Some people may be wondering how to recommend Delonghi's machine. The most important thing for capsule coffee machines is the capsule system. Dolce Gusto and Nespresso's capsule coffee machines are all produced by Delonghi.

This model is recommended because it is cheap, generally priced at 1090 yuan, the lowest price is 940 yuan, the capacity is 0.8L, the pressure is 15 bar, the more expensive model becomes 1L, and there is no difference in other aspects.

1. Illy

Illy is a world-renowned coffee brand and the number one brand used in restaurants, restaurants, and bars in Italy. Every day, 3 million cups of illy Caffe are sold in Italy alone, and over 6 million cups are sold globally.

illy developed the Iperespresso capsule coffee system by itself, which focuses on Italian-style coffee. The biggest selling point is Illy's own coffee bean blending and roasting recipes. Compared with Nespresso, which also specializes in Italian coffee, the price is slightly higher, but the quality is excellent and higher.

Recommended purchase: illy capsule coffee machine Y5 MILK 


The illy capsule coffee machine has the X series and Y series. The pressure of X series is 19 bar, and the Y series is 15 bar. This model is recommended because only it has an automatic milk frothing function for all products.


Recommend the top American / drip coffee machine popularity rankings

Next is the most common drip-coffee machine in the general household, let's see if it meets your needs!


1. De'Longhi ESAM3300 Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine


Reasons for recommendation:

The best-selling models of the Delonghi automatic coffee machine are ESAM3300 and this BCO430, both of which have a milk froth system, both have a pressure of 15 bar, and both are metal grinders. , The extraction movement can be disassembled and cleaned and has an automatic cleaning function.

ESAM3300 is recommended because it uses a new type of electronic temperature control technology and has an instant reheating function. This function ensures that the machine is always at the most ideal temperature for making espresso. In addition, it also has an automatic pressure relief function to finishing milking. You don’t need to wait for brewing, you can make coffee directly.

2. Saeco Incanto Classic Milk Frother Super Automatic Espresso Machine 


Reasons for recommendation:

This model is Saeco's most cost-effective model. The daily price is about 3199 yuan. The product adopts an LCD screen, has a milk froth system, 15 bar pressure, ceramic grinder, extraction mechanism detachable and clean, and has automatic cleaning function.

The downside is that there are only two options for the intensity of taste. The above-mentioned Deron can have a variety of options through the knob. In addition, Saeco's after-sales coverage is small. Please check whether there are after-sales outlets in your location.


Recommend popular Italian/automatic coffee machines

Finally, there is a fully automatic coffee machine that is comparable to the professional level. Although the price is high, if you are a coffee expert, you must not miss it!


1. Jura Household Series A1 Automatic Coffee Machine 


Reasons for recommendation:
Elegant and compact, born for you who love black coffee
If you are an expert who likes to taste black coffee, then this coffee machine is a worthy choice for you. The Swiss pulse brewing method (PEP®) is used to master the optimal extraction time, retain the complete aroma, and release the best taste. In terms of operation, you can brew an American classic, an espresso, or a ristretto for you with just one button, with adjustable water volume and two-stage concentration. Before making coffee, the pipeline and the body are automatically heated to ensure the best temperature when brewing coffee. In addition, in addition to the power saving mode, there is also a one-button maintenance function, which can easily clean and descale.


2. Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine


Reasons for recommendation:
Since the pricing threshold of the fully automatic coffee machine itself is slightly higher than that of ordinary household appliances, many people will hesitate before buying it. Philip's coffee machine can be said to be the most friendly and functional product for novices. It has Italian steam extraction technology, a ceramic grinder, Panarello milk frother, which can enhance the excellent flavor of coffee and will not burn it by mistake. Readers who like the texture of dense milk froth can easily do without the additional purchase of other equipment Enjoy. It can be said that it is the most recommended entry model in the network evaluation!

Conclusion: Best Coffee Maker For Home

For Best Coffee Maker For Home, the most important thing is to enjoy the sour, sweet, bitter, mellow, and fragrance that coffee brings; to enjoy the refreshing effects of coffee, and to enjoy coffee that brings different confusion. 

After understanding the differences in coffee machines, it depends on whether you are a novice or an enthusiast. As a novice, the home automatic coffee machine is your only and best choice. 

After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone knows what kind of coffee machine to choose from for home coffee machines and how many coffee machines to choose from. The above content is about what kind of home coffee is good, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Alright, the above is just for transportation a little bit of a personal opinion, everyone is welcome to correct me. 

How to buy the best coffee machine

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