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What Is Your Most Favorite Ferrari Of All Time?

Everyone who likes cars knows that supercar Ferraris can be described as true track champions, and a casual low-profile Ferrari costs nearly 4 million, and a scarce model costs tens of millions, so all Ferraris are driven What kind of people do they have?

In fact, Ferrari, as the world’s top sports car, cannot be driven casually with money. In order to form a monopoly, the Ferrari headquarters not only stipulates a global limit of 499 units but also reviews the status of car buyers. Without 50 million, there would be no chance to register!

Especially for the limited edition Ferrari, the requirements are even stricter. You must be a Ferrari VIP member. Some models are not something you can buy with 50 million assets. If you want to buy it, you can only buy it from the used car market at a high price. !

This is because there are too many local tyrants in the world who are keen on Ferrari. Once Ferrari is released, they have to break the head. Since Ferrari's conditions are so strict, who can afford it? The football star Cristiano Ronaldo broke the conditions to limit the purchase of a 3 million Ferrari, and happily posted pictures online. However, in the eyes of real Ferrari players, this is simply a play!

British chef, Gordon Ramsay, worth hundreds of millions, restaurants and bars all over the world, with 15 Ferraris, the most abnormal is that he owns two limited edition cars worth more than 20 million, Ferrari Rafa, after watching What will you sigh after?


Recently, the supercar brand Ferrari, brought the SF90 Stradale, the fastest in the family. This car has profound meaning to Ferrari. Stradale stands for "road" in Italian, which means that supercars with track-level performance can be truly carried on the road. The number 90 is a tribute to the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Ferrari F1 team.

So what is so amazing about this Ferrari's first plug-in hybrid supercar?

The appearance of the SF90 Stradale has been carefully crafted by the Ferrari design team. The low front of the car is not only visually aggressive, but the exaggerated mouth and ubiquitous air ducts also make its drag coefficient change. Lower.

Looking at 45 degrees from the rear of the car, the black bumper design is particularly similar to that of the beast LaFerrari. The dual exhaust in the center and the large carbon fiber diffuser make this SF90 Stradale difficult to keep a low profile.

As a loyal fan of Ferrari, you must know that the taillights of the supercars of the family’s past generations are all round. Whether F40, ENZO, or LaFerrari follow this design style, the newly launched SF90 Stradale, in order to highlight its difference, Change it to a square rectangular style to make it look unique. This design is definitely a bold move.

The 20-inch wheels are made of lighter carbon fiber material, and they are already on the starting line based on their appearance. Coupled with bright yellow brake calipers and carbon-ceramic brake discs, owners of SF90 Stradale will be excited.

When you enter the car, you will be surprised to find that Ferrari has placed a 16-inch fully digital LCD curved instrument, a multi-function steering wheel with touch control, and the latest Human-Machine Interface human-machine interaction system on this SF90 without reservation. At Stradale, the goal is to make both technology and luxury available.

The seat of the SF90 Stradale is still an ultra-thin model that is sought after by the majority of car fans. The carbon back is matched with leather. It will make you excited just by looking at it. Although the style and wrapping of the seat are good, it will be a long time driving or riding. Feeling tired. But then again, who would use it as a major commuting tool for the car owner who really bought it?


In terms of power, SF90 Stradale integrates a V8 engine with three electric motors. One of the three electric motors is installed on the rear axle of the vehicle, and the other two motors are installed on the front axle. It is combined with an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox to make it integrated. 

The output power can reach an astonishing 1000 horsepower, the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 2.5 seconds, and the acceleration time of 0~200km/h only needs 6.7 seconds. According to Ferrari's own claims, the playability of the SF90 Stradale is much higher than the 812 SUPERFAST and the newly launched F8 TRIBUTO.

Although the SF90 Stradale with a starting price of 3.988 million yuan is a mass-produced model, it was learned from the staff that when this plug-in supercar was not on the market, and even when there was only an official picture, many prospective car owners had already submitted it. 

With the deposit, according to Ferrari’s production schedule an annual quota, the first batch of car owners will not be able to get the car until the fourth quarter of 2020 at the earliest. If you are ordering at the event in Shenzhen, it will basically be 2021. It will be delivered to you in a few years, which not only makes me sigh, the car is really fragrant, and it is great to have money!

Here Are My 7 Most Favorite Ferrari Models Of All Time

In 1954, America changed forever. This is not because of a traumatic event, or even something that seems very important when an accident occurs. However, this influence has spread for sixty years, leaving traces of inspiration and breath, as well as a lot of burnt rubber and lofty ambitions.

In 1954, Ferrari formed an alliance with the North American racing team and began selling cars in the United States. Over the next 60 years, Ferrari won countless races and built some of the most exciting and beautiful cars to scorch the sidewalks.

Let us take a moment to review the most influential Ferrari design in American history.

AutoEvolution said,

It is very likely that this car is expected to be based on the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which will add a unique exterior and interior design to cope with the nearly $3 million price increase; the standard F12 Berlinetta starts at $318,888. The upgrade includes a unique blue paint scheme with white stripes as the return of the Ferrari racing team that the North American Racing Team (NART) participated in from the 1960s to the 1980s. Significant changes are also expected in the interior of this car.

3 million dollars, it's better to be special! It doesn't matter, because there is news that only 10 cars are produced and all cars have been sold.

With this in mind, here are my favorite Ferrari designs for each decade:

1. The 1950s: 250 GT 


Hyundai cars do not have the sexy curves and elegance of the 250 GT. This is the first truly beautiful Ferrari.

2. The 1960s: 250 GTO


The 250 GTO is still one of the most expensive cars ever. When they participate in the auction, the price is expected to be millions of dollars. In my humble opinion, they are worth every million people.

3. The 1970s: 308 GTB 


The 1970s were difficult for everyone. Including Ferrari. Considering that this is the era when designers almost raised their hands to go home, this Ferrari still looks like a Ferrari. In addition, they can be used!

4. The 1980s: Testarossa 


A teenage boy in the 1980s didn’t have a poster of this car in his bedroom? Today it defines the entire decade, and for those looking for a second-hand Prancing Horse, it is still an achievable Ferrari.

5. The 1990s: F50 


It is equipped with a 4.7-liter naturally aspirated 60-valve V12 engine and remains one of the most exotic cars ever.

6. The 2000s: Enzo 


The allure of all F1 cars, but the added bonus of aggressive aerodynamics and traction control.

7. The 2010s: 458 Italia 


This proves that Ferrari design continues to age like wine.

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