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How to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

How To Increase Organic Reach On Facebook, 6 steps to help you increase your Organic Facebook coverage
How to increase organic reach on Facebook. How To Increase Facebook Followers. Learn How To Increase Facebook Reach 

Using My Understanding Facebook Algorithm Strategy To Increase Organic Reach On Facebook. If you want to get more followers on your Facebook, this Facebook growth strategy will help you.

With more than 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social network in the world. With such significant outreach potential, it is an essential marketing tool to help grow your business.
As Facebook becomes more and more monetized, it becomes more difficult to reach users organically. On top of that, the new Facebook algorithm changes mean that you need to change your social media strategy. Stick to your new rules and you can still see huge benefits from your organic Facebook reach. 

Hi, how is your operation process recently? This has entered July, which is the beginning of the so-called off-season. European and American countries are on holiday, traveling, and happy. Nevertheless, everyone should not be too idle. 

We must make good use of these two months to pave the way for our stores, so as to better meet the major events and festivals after September, and strive for high orders. The more the better.

So what should we do in the offseason?

A said: send products, adjust advertisements

B said: Do off-site promotion and drainage coverage

C said: Off-site, product, advertising trinity

Who do you think makes sense? I think what C said is right, what do you think?

So today I will bring you six steps to help you increase your Organic Reach on Facebook.

Major internationally renowned brand companies, such as Nike, Dior, etc., often spend a few days developing Facebook marketing strategies. The purpose is to let their audience see their posts online, but ultimately show very little traffic or engagement. 

In fact, Foreign SocialFlow found that the natural coverage of brand owners on Facebook in the first two quarters of 2016 dropped by 42%. In addition, data for the third quarter of 2016 showed that the brand on Facebook page dropped by 52% (a decrease of 10 percentage points).


To be honest-for those who want to increase the natural coverage of their pages without opening any paid ads, Facebook's natural rate is very low now. We also all know that most of Facebook's profit comes from its advertising revenue.

But don’t be discouraged. Although the natural coverage rate has declined, it’s not unavailable. 

Here I give 6 steps to increase your influence and build a Facebook audience.

6 steps to help you increase your Organic Facebook coverage

1. Use Facebook as a community hub

Create an audience on the Facebook business page and ask yourself why do people follow you on Facebook? If a user gives you a "like", but he doesn't get any benefit, or you don't use flexible language to guide customers to you Like and follow you, then most users will not bother you at the first time and give you alike.

However, giving customers a reason to like you will make this problem easier. One way for marketers to increase their Facebook community is to create a discussion center. Whether it's weekly chat, shopping sharing, or simple Q&A, you can make your Facebook page better.

2. Traffic from other social media

Building an initial audience is the hardest part of increasing the natural reach of Facebook. An easy way to increase traffic is to keep reminding audiences from other channels about your Facebook page.

I do not recommend the excessive use of tweets linked to Facebook and Instagram posts. At the same time, please let people know that you can be found on Facebook in your Twitter, and Instagram bio.


If not, then you can do it on your website. Simply click on your Facebook page on your homepage. Don’t worry about any bad effects on your website. Providing enough links to your Facebook page can do wonders. Attract more audiences and at the same time make a diversion for your website.

Let people know what they will get from following your content on Facebook. Open communication is always the best choice for a healthy relationship, so why not bring this aspect to your loyal customers?

3. Look for cooperation with influencers

If you think that Facebook advertising is a bottomless pit, then you can consider another channel to acquire customers and traffic-internet celebrities, and internet celebrities bring you uninterrupted traffic and customers. The most important thing is that you only need to pay once. These influencers can use the right strategy to provide real traffic to your Facebook page.

According to MuseFind, 92% of consumers are more inclined to trust influencers than advertisements or celebrity endorsements. Although this is not the most "natural" way to increase traffic, because influencers usually set prices for their work, it is still a way to provide information to potential customers. -Focus on: Compared with the continuous investment in advertising, the cost of Internet celebrities only needs to be paid once.

You may not find that many Internet celebrities are actually willing to work for free, so try to make this deal more favorable to help them gain brand recognition on your website or by establishing links. But you don’t want to start by sending emails to a group of influencers and asking for free work. No one wants to open that email. Although the work may be free, you can trade for things, understand?

Use some search tools

Instead of blindly sending emails, try to use some search tools to find the Internet celebrities that perfectly match your product or service. BuzzSumo is a great place to find, analyze or discover non-celebrity influencers in your industry. With a simple search function, you can limit the results to blogs, journalists, companies, or regular social media users with a good following.


Pass carefullyTwitter, Look for influential people on Instagram and Facebook to research your results to make sure they have an active attitude towards your audience. If you are in more general industry, try narrowing down the company’s search criteria to find the most suitable option.

Follow users on social networking sites, interact, and then start discussing collaboration strategies that can help both parties. Show the influencers you invest in and tell them your real problem, such as "No one visits my Facebook".

4. Know the best time to post on Facebook

Excessive posting is very bad for the audience’s experience. In major social media networks, users do not like one of the few places where the brand is too active. Even CoSchedule’s study of 10 studies found that Facebook’s middle ground is published only once a day.


If you combine this with the 2017 Q1 index findings, 29% of baby boomers will unfollow brands because of spam, and it is easy to see the danger of over-posting. This is why brands must be cautious when launching and plan how much money it will cost.

Now you know that your brand should rarely be published once a day. When should you publish it? It is very wise to know the best Facebook publishing time. Fortunately, you will know that next time is the best time to publish a post.


This is what I found on Facebook:
  1. The most recommended release date is Thursday.
  2. The most active time is noon to 2 pm on Wednesday and 1 to 2 pm on Thursday.
  3. The safest release time is 10 am to 3 pm on weekdays
  4. The recommended shortest time is Saturday and late night or early morning.
  5. Arrange to publish consistent content

After knowing how much and when to post to Facebook, it’s time to make sure your content is consistent. Although it may not be a key aspect of your natural Facebook reach, consistent content is everything.

Think about what social media actually does for your customers-this is the communication channel you want to build relationships with. If you only participate or post a few times a month, or try various content types, you will not be able to establish clear communication channels. Customers will feel that you are very messy, and there are some things about this, and the other ones, the professionalism cannot be reflected, and the customers also feel confused.

Increasing the natural coverage of Facebook is to maintain the persistence and reliability of the content. When you post on relative topics, you will eventually build trust with users. For example, Groupon is notorious for its various transactions, which would make publishing news-related articles inappropriate. Instead, the company shares Mother’s Day deals and other themed content that may not surprise readers.

However, other brands that rely on themed events may need to update their content to match breaking news or industry updates. The main goal should be to provide the content that the target audience wants.

5. More ways to stay consistent

As I mentioned, consistency is all about social media content strategy. But there are other ways to ensure your consistency through resolution, product updates, or new marketing strategies.

It starts with an intuitive social media scheduling tool. By using some software, you can easily schedule all Facebook content in multiple profiles in advance, days or weeks. There are many free and easy-to-use tools on the market, you can find them, or organize them in future articles.


6. Don't just rely on natural content coverage

Last but not least, it is in your best interest to use as many different channels as possible Facebook-including paid to advertise. Facebook has quickly become one of the most popular paid social advertising channels. This means you must incorporate your payment strategy into a successful Facebook marketing plan.

If you only rely on natural Facebook methods, then you may miss the opportunity to increase your audience. However, if you don’t consider organic coverage in your strategy, then your Facebook business page may be very boring for your fans, so even if you collect a bunch of fans by paying, it’s only a matter of time before these fans leave you.

We know that advertising on Facebook may be a bit expensive for some brands, but natural coverage content can help you keep it long-term.

how about it?

Use organic traffic coverage content for analysis and testing to see what works best. Once you understand what your audience wants, your brand can use the same content strategy for paid advertising. A/B testing on paid and organic coverage channels is a very good way.


When it comes to paid and natural coverage content, users often adopt different behavior patterns. But you can use some software to track your interactions in natural coverage and even reply to comments on paid Facebook posts.

So don’t you quickly become familiar with your Facebook strategy and use natural coverage to increase your coverage on the most popular social media channels in the world!

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