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How To Quit Smoking Quickly And Effectively?

How To Quit Smoking Quickly And Effectively? Nine Best Correct Ways to Quit Smoking
"Smoking", the most meaningless thing, harms others and ourselves, and all harms without benefit. People who love smoking frequently will not only cause harm to all parts of their bodies but also negatively affect the bodies of family members and friends. That being the case, smokers should "quit smoking" immediately. Quitting smoking is one thing that saves the body and can even increase the healthy life of the human body.

Of course, "quitting smoking" is not an easy task. "Smoking" is an addictive thing. When quitting smoking, there will be a certain degree of "withdrawal response". Use the right method to effectively quit smoking; use scientific methods to quit smoking. Get rid of this bad habit and your life will be more healthy.

Using these methods to quit smoking, the success rate will be higher:

Nine Best Correct Ways to Quit Smoking

1. Frequent "gargle" is more conducive to quitting smoking:

"Tobacco craving" is an uncomfortable sensation. "Gargling" can help smokers eliminate their cravings; if you feel that there is no feeling of a gargle with plain water, it is recommended that you rinse your mouth with lemon water. Glucose stimulates the "carbohydrate receptors" on the tongue, and then sends a signal to the brain to increase the body's attention, which will help the quitters to improve the body's self-control, which is conducive to the smooth realization of smoking cessation.

2. Record the "good feelings" when you quit smoking, and remind yourself of the "reasons for quitting":

Quitting smoking is a “boring thing”. When you start to quit smoking, you can record your pleasure in your notebook or mobile phone software; for example: after quitting smoking, your breath becomes fresher, your mood becomes better, and The relationship between relatives is more harmonious, the mental state can become more active, etc.

When you just started to quit smoking, it is recommended that you write down your "all reasons for quitting" in your notebook to deepen your impression. In addition, you can paste the white paper with these "reasons" in various conspicuous positions to help "Quit smoking quickly" by yourself.


3. Eliminate worries and kill time with healthy snacks:

When your addiction comes, it is recommended to use nuts such as peanuts and pistachios, or healthy snacks such as yogurt, dried fruits, fruits, and vegetables that can be eaten raw.

If it doesn't work, you can chew some gum to keep your mouth busy.

Of course, please be clear: snacks can be eaten, but you should choose those low-fat, low-sugar, natural and healthy snacks to avoid adding unhealthy snacks to your body.

4. Use "positive things" to divert attention:

Use various things to make your life compact enough. When you really want to smoke, you can use "positive things" to divert attention.

From the practical point of view, you can practice calligraphy, chat with your family, play ball, swim, watch movies, and replace smoking with "things you love" to make yourself happy enough.

5. By delaying smoking, you will feel better:

When you want to smoke, please give yourself "enough psychological hints": wait a little longer, wait another ten minutes, and wait another twenty minutes to relieve the stress of quitting smoking.

6. Refusing to drink alcohol and strong coffee:

When people do certain things, they increase their urge to smoke.

For example, drinking, the theory of "no separation of tobacco and alcohol" has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. When you drink, you always want to accompany cigarettes; in this case, you should refuse to touch alcohol during the process of quitting smoking, so as not to cause trouble for your quitting.

Another example is drinking coffee. The caffeine contained in coffee will make people feel uneasy and apprehensive, which will bring negative effects to smoking cessation.


7. Drink plenty of water when quitting smoking:

Plain boiled water is a kind of "healthy thing". When you really want to smoke, it is recommended that you drink 100-200ml of plain water, which can promote metabolism while occupying your mouth. This is a reliable thing.

8. Don't be cautious and announce to everyone "you start to quit smoking":

Now that you have "decided to quit smoking", don't leave yourself behind. In the early stage of quitting smoking, please announce to everyone that "you have started to quit smoking" and get their support, help, and supervision.

If someone helps you quit smoking, the whole process will become smoother.

9. Throw away everything about "smoking items":

Since you want to quit smoking, you must have an "attitude."

From the moment you quit smoking, please throw away cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays, and other related items out of sight.

Quitting smoking is boring, and it will "repeated" if you are not careful; because of this, I hope everyone will learn scientific methods of quitting and succeed in one fell swoop, adding points to physical health and mental health. Smoking quit early, and relax early.

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