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The Effects Of Parental Involvement In The Education Of Their Children

In this article, we will share The Effects Of Parental Involvement In The Education Of Their Children. We looked at how parent involvement leads to student success, The Importance of parental involvement in education and how do parents affect their children's education.

It is not so easy for children to have impressive results in learning. Many children start to feel tired of studying in elementary school, and their grades are naturally pitiful. Coupled with the strict supervision of parents, it is difficult for children to put their minds into learning, let alone independent learning.

All the learning tyrants have one thing in common, and that is their ability to learn independently. How can children who do not need teachers and parents to supervise and can learn on their own? Therefore, the focus of parent education should be on stimulating children's learning ability and interest.

Stanford University Professor: If parents do these 4 points well, children are more likely to become "students"

1. Protect children's curiosity

It is said that interest is the best teacher, and the source of interest is often curiosity. Children are ignorant of the world, so they are particularly curious about new things, and they will find ways to understand them in their own way. As a parent, you must learn to encourage and protect, so that your child's curiosity can be maintained.

When they are exposed to new knowledge and feel the encouragement given by their parents, they will naturally open up ideas for curiosity and exploration. On the way to study, curiosity is the guarantee of good grades. Parents should pay special attention to this. Perhaps the child will encounter difficulties when exploring new things, or even use the wrong way, parents should not easily blame.

In addition, parents can also create more opportunities for children and let them get in touch with new things. Not only retains the curiosity of children, but also provides opportunities for their creation. In the face of children's problems, parents should also learn to explain patiently or accompany their children to find answers together.

For children who are ignorant and ignorant, they are full of curiosity about everything. As long as parents learn to guide and protect, I believe they can achieve something in the end. To satisfy the curiosity of children, reading picture books is actually a good choice. Because in picture books, children see not only exquisite patterns but also many easy-to-understand stories.

Of course, the choice of picture books should not be sloppy. I recommend this set of "Children's Emotion Management Bilingual Picture Books" to parents, specially compiled for children from two to eight years old, and the content is more suitable for them. If the child is young, parents can read it to them with eloquence and teach them how to protect themselves and how to be themselves bravely.

After reading carefully, you will find that the ten picture books are mainly about behavior, habits, and controlling emotions. The point is to invest multiple gains at once because this is a set of bilingual picture books, children can watch patterns, learn Chinese characters and English at the same time. Parents who want to enlighten their children in English should not miss it.

If you want to learn more about the content of the picture book, you can click the link below, I believe there will be unexpected gains. A set of ten books only costs 69 yuan, which is far more investment than snacks and toys...


2. Good learning atmosphere

In principle, learning is really a long and boring thing, and children's hard work day after day can get good grades. If you encounter extremely strict parents again, this kind of learning journey will be even more painful. Just imagine, when the child’s psychological burden becomes more serious, he will naturally have psychology of rejection towards learning.

So parents should know that the learning atmosphere is also the cornerstone of good grades. For children, a relaxed and comfortable learning atmosphere makes it easier for them to relax and master knowledge. Although grades are important, it is not the only criterion for measuring a child's quality.

In the daily process of accompanying their children, parents can participate in their learning and enhance and enhance their children's interest in learning through small games or competitions. Recite texts or words in the competition. If children win, give them appropriate rewards. I believe they will be more motivated to learn.


3. Give children a chance to express themselves

In fact, children also have "vanity" and hope to be praised and affirmed by more people. As long as their hearts are satisfied, I believe they will be more interested in learning. Give children more opportunities to perform, invite relatives and friends to gather appropriately, and then encourage children to show their learning achievements.

Whether it is reading poems or telling stories, parents should not forget to applaud them. Regularly praising children for their achievements can increase their self-confidence and increase their inner drive. Regarding learning, the urging and requirements of parents are secondary, and the most important thing is the child's own learning interest and desire.

The more affirmed times, children will enjoy this process very much, and their sense of self-identity will continue to improve. Next, they will study harder to get more attention and praise from their parents.

4. Don't create negative emotions for children

In order to let their children have good grades, many parents choose "intimidation" education. As long as the child's performance is not perfect, parents will "threat" them with intimidating statements, such as "I don't like you", "You deserve your bad grades" and so on.

Perhaps the original intention of the parent is that the child can recognize the mistake and correct the learning style. But the wrong way of education, on the contrary, triggers bad emotions in children and makes them resist learning. It is recommended that parents educate with a normal mind and never regard learning as a task.



If you want to become the "student master" in everyone's eyes, please parents not put too much pressure on their children, and let them study in a comfortable environment. In many cases, good grades are not "forced", but because of children's interest. Therefore, a good learning method and mentality are more important.

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