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In this article, we'll share What Is The Most Beautiful Line Ever Written Or Said?-Reading Habits Quotes. Which can help you understand What is the most beautiful sentence in literature you have ever read? We have looked at famous English literature quotes, quotes on reading habits, of all good sentence examples, and recommended you 100 Incredibly Beautiful Sentences in Literature & Most Beautiful Line Ever Written.

1. I have met many people. Someone made me have a fever, I thought it was love, and it burned everything. Someone made me chill and disappeared in my life ever since. Some people make me feel warm but only warm. Only you, make my body temperature rise 0.2℃. 

—— "The Wild Rose of Paris"

(37.2 degrees Celsius is the limit temperature of the normal body temperature of the human body in medicine. This temperature has a hypocritical statement, but it is also a vivid metaphor for the high fever above normal but the reddish and slightly hot is the body temperature when you just fell in love with someone)

2. Lying is human nature, and most of the time we can't even be honest with ourselves.

——Akutagawa Ryunosuke "Rashomon"

3. Human nature has always been the same-it can change, but it can't be perfect, it's swaying, but it won't improve.


4. It is even more terrifying than the eyes of the world. In fact, it is your own heart that cares about the eyes of the world.

——Shan Wenxue

5. How you love yourself is teaching others how to love you.

——Ruby Kaul 


6. In the final analysis, pessimism is a vision. Short-sighted people cannot be pessimistic.

——Mu Xin

7. Remember that human beings are often lost not because of ignorance, but because of self-righteousness.


8. Many people think they are thinking, but in fact, they are just rearranging their prejudices.

——William James

9. I now understand that all serious errors have a common property: that is, there is no urge to restrain emotions.

——Proust, "Reminiscing about Years Like Water"

10. I never talk about betrayal and forgiveness. Forgetting is the only betrayal and forgiveness.

—— Borges

11. It is very difficult to heal our own grief because we are the accomplices of this grief. It is also difficult to heal the grief of others because we are also prisoners of grief.

——Baudrillard, "Cold Memory"

12. In the world, there are many incompatible things that have to accept each other in order to coexist.

—— Borges

13. Happiness is actually much simpler than we thought. The problem is that if we don’t explore and experience all the complicated misfortunes, we don’t throw all the wrestlings and climb all the mountains. , We can’t believe that there is happiness under the palm-sized tree at the foot of the mountain.

——"Give you a bullet"

14. True sympathy is to be patient with others' pain.

——Jean Baudrillard, Fragment Collection

15. It's easy to be selfish, but it's hard to love yourself.

——Janet Winterson, "Watching the Lighthouse"


16. Everyone is acting in front of each other, but no one deceives anyone.

——Zweig "Yesterday's Journey"

17. In many cases, it is not an illusion that blinds our eyes, but our own obsession.


18. Modern people think that if you don't do things quickly, you will lose something-time, but people don't know what to do with the time, except for the waste time in vain. 

​——From "The Art of Love"

19. Whether intentionally or not, we are all extremely selfish. As long as we get what we want, we will think everything is fine.

——James Soter, "Light Years"

20. Extreme behavior comes from vanity, mediocre behavior comes from habit, and narrow behavior comes from fear. It is generally not wrong to find the cause in this way.


21. For myself, I must forgive you. One cannot keep a viper in his chest forever; one cannot get up every night and plant thorns in the garden of the soul. ​​​ 

​​​​—— Wilde

22. Silence will reproduce itself. The longer you don’t talk, the harder it is to find topics to talk about. In the same way, the longer things are set aside, the more difficult it is to discuss them.

——"The Elephant in the Room"

23. Both youth and naivety cause the same weakness: lack of patience. No matter what you do, you want to see the result immediately. Life is a series of waiting. Such lessons often have to be experienced until middle age. Realizing this lesson is really insightful, and it often takes the rest of your life.

——Miyuki Miyabe

24. If you are going through hell, keep going. If you feel like you are walking through hell, don't stop walking.


25. The wind in May will blow people into nobles. Even if you fail to become a nobleman, you can start to make some new attempts.

——Takiko "God's Ramen"


26. If I become gentle, like a cloud in pants.


27. Occasionally I feel that my mother is embarrassing. Why doesn't my mother have the least face and self-esteem? I feel angry. She wanted to protect more than herself, and that was me, but I didn't know it at the time. People really become stronger not because they guard their self-esteem, but when they put aside their self-esteem. So my mother is very strong.

——"Please answer 1988"

28. When I was young, I often thought, "I hope the aliens who picked up my balloon will be very happy." 

29. Of course there is Santa Claus in the world. It's just that one person can't do so many things that he has to do, so God assigned the task to all of us. So everyone is Santa Claus. I am and so are you. Let's sleep now. counting stars. Think of the quietest things, such as snow. I'm sorry you didn't see it, but now the snow is falling from the stars.

——Truman Capote

30. Laying in bed is the continuation of dreams and waking up to dream. It is the mind that is half-clear and half-consciously thinking about it, but it is often methodical and unconstrained in a turbulent manner to push the mind. It is a kind of hazy, unwilling to become empty immediately. It knows that this obscurity will become white sooner or later, but before it becomes white naturally, it will always be hazy.

——"Ideal Afternoon"

31. Do things today with all your heart, mind, and strength. No matter what your grades are, you should go to bed happily.

——San Mao

32. There must be someone in this world who will accept me as I am. There must be someone who will accept the two selves in me, and it is impossible to use only one side to show others.

——"Modern Love"

33. There is no sun in my sky, it is always dark, but it is not dark, because something replaces the sun. Although not as bright as the sun, it is enough for me. With this light, I can treat night as day.

——Keigo Higashino, "White Night Walk"

34. If the gods are willing to listen to my wishes, then I wish you good night, and may there be stars in your dreams.

——Yu Guangzhong

35. You have to look forward to that tender moment and don't be tempted by despair.

——Nabokov "To Vera"

36. I looked at the moon, but only saw you.

——"The British Patient"


37. Your gentleness, with light, cascades down the full length of the Milky Way along the hairline.

——Lin Yaode, "Time Dragon"

38. People always tell people they like that I like you, but say that I miss you; to people who want to see I miss you, they say whether to have a meal together; what they say is different from what they think, This is the implication.


39. I haven't communicated with my father for a long time, and suddenly a phone call comes over and I find that my voice is getting old first

——Velvet Fall

40. I love this long journey and can miss you calmly.

——Shen Congwen

41. Love is mostly unsuccessful, either from the boredom of finally getting married or from the sorrow of not getting married.

——Qian Zhongshu's "Siege"

42. I turn off the moon, you are even brighter


43. Being able to be taken for granted by one person is never a matter of course.

——"want to see you"

44, fall in love, there will eventually be people who are scattered.

——"Beautiful Below Life"

45. You are both the needle and the pocket that wraps me. 

——Liao Yimei "Amber"

46. ​​When watering the flowers, water the shadow of the flower by the way

——Jiang Yi talks about "Sentence"

47. Most of us are constantly revising our thoughts, constantly looking for our own way, sometimes bumping our noses and swollen faces, and sometimes falling apart. All this is because life is actually a gamble.

48. The world is huge, I love it in smallness. Time is long, and I love it short.

——Haisang "It's better to let small things happen every day"

49. Sometimes others treat you badly, but it doesn't mean you should be treated badly. Many people love you, care about you, and hope you will know.

——"Normal People"

50. I like to walk on the road. The sun loves me and everyone.

——Gu Cheng


51. Life is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, nothing more.

—— Wilde

52. What will become tomorrow? Will become a bouquet of flowers, a shooting star, a wish will become an oath, a blessing tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of your life


53、You are strong because you don't love me. I am weak because I love you

——Mu Xin

54. Love can read the news of distant stars but hate only limits the vision.

——Wilde "From the Depths"

55. All these are waiting for you to explore, hold on to the torch in your hand, first illuminate your soul, discover the depth and superficiality, vanity and generosity, and recognize your own meaning, whether you are beautiful or ordinary.

——Wulf "A Room That Only Owns"

56. When you are away, day and night, every minute is equal to 24 hours.         When you are there, sometimes less, sometimes more.


57. Maybe, I like you because you are the only person I know who cannot be classified.

——Liu Yu, "Yu Huan"

58. When I say the word "you", I mean, one hundred universes.


59. You asked me what I was doing before I was born replied that I picked my mother in the sky saw you think you are so good to want to be your sonI think I might not have that luck did not expect early next morning I'm already in your belly

——Jouer | Eight-year-old "Pick Mom"

60. Some silly things, not only have to say behind their backs but also have to say behind their backs. It's embarrassing to let myself listen. For example, I love you, I love you all my life.

—— Zhang Ailing, "Love in the Allure"

61. I must search for it, even if the endless stars make my search hopeless, even if I have to go alone.


62. You have a kind of pride. Although you have been hurt, you will not give in. Maybe it is this kind of thing that makes your beauty become beautiful.

——Mary Renault, "Persian Boys"

63. I long to spend every quiet dusk in the eyes of my lover.

——North Island

64. Not to talk to you, or anything else, I see you just because I want to see you.

——Take Nine Dream II

65. If I really speak to Yun, don't take it off. A city is a place where millions of people live alone together.



66. The space is vast and the years are long. I am always happy to share the same planet and the same era with her.

——Carl Sagan, "Dim Blue Dot"

67. Never think that we can escape. Every step we take determines the final outcome, and our steps are heading towards the end we choose.--Milan Kundera68. When you just stepped away from me, I hurriedly calculated your return date.

——Jadeni Shah, "I just said goodbye to you with a smile"

69. "You must know that I love you," he said, "I don't know how to hide it." 


70. Seeing you, I think I have adapted to this world.

——Haruki Murakami, "Norwegian Forest"

71. I love her against common sense, hindering the future, losing self-control, dashing hope, ruining happiness, and destined to taste all the depression and disappointment. However, once I fell in love with her, I couldn't help but love her.

——Dickens, Great Expectations

72. I know this part of your life may be moving more slowly than you expected, but enjoy the time while you are young. One day, the years will catch you by surprise.

——"modern Family"

73. I understand your ordinary day by day, but at the same time, I love you more and more deeply day by day. If you look in a mirror, you won't see where you are particularly good, but if you walk into my heart, you will definitely know how good you are.

——Zhu Shenghao

74. No one lives a smooth life as one wishes, so everyone feels that others are happier than themselves.

——Sakaguchi Ango "Cyan Carpet"

75. I hope you are all well, and I hope that all the cliché blessings will work for you.

——Lin Yihan "Fang Siqi's First Love Paradise"

76. Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, so are you.

——Symposia "Everything is silent like a mystery"

77. Every visitor in our lives is unique. They will leave some of their own marks and take away part of our breath. Some will take away a lot, and some will leave nothing. This just proves that two souls will not meet by chance.

—— Borges

78. I hope that you yearn for the fullness of life, will not be hurt, and will love life. I want to play the world with you and love it magnanimously. I miss all my breath.

——Jia Pingwa, "Game World"

79. The thing you are most willing to do is your true talent.

——Grandma Moses

80. When the geese fly back, some people have passed away and others are there.

——Natsume Soseki


81. He ran the horse for thirty miles, and the sea breeze hardened his face, just to come here to take a look at your empty window. It is his own business to be empty or not.

——Yan Geling, "Fusang"

82. I live in a wonderful waiting, waiting for any future.

——Gide "Food for the World"

83. You are the fuzzy dividing line between hopeless waiting and no regrets firm belief

——Ruby Kaul, "A Love Letter to Future Lover"

84. I love him because he looks like love itself should be.

—— Wilde

85. It's best to take a thorn and pierce it like a fish.

——Wu Ang "Just let me speak"

86. I will be your heart in the next life. If I don't beat, you will die.

——Ximen Longying

87. Everyone wants to reach out to the night sky to catch the stars that belong to them. But very few people know exactly where their stars are.

——Yoshiki Tanaka

88. If you ask someone a question if she answers something that is not what she asked, she has already answered, and there is no need to ask again.

——Mu Xin "The Destiny of Sulu"

89. I want you to quietly learn the emotion of waiting for the time to mature, and I also want you to keep the effort and persistence beyond waiting.

——Sanmao, "Speak to Myself"

90. In the future, when I think of you, there must be an irreparable gap in my life.

—— Huang Biyun, "No Love Ji"


91. Life is full of gaps between what others think of us and our reality. Our caution will be accused of being stupid, our shy will be regarded as proud, we are willing to be with others, but we are regarded as flattering. We tried our best to clarify misunderstandings, but we were dry and speechless.

——Alan De Botton

92. I like calm people but extremely hate indifferent people. What I want is a hot soul burning under a calm face. 

——Liao Yimei

93. I always belittle myself mercilessly, feeling that I am not worthy of being loved. Behind these problems is a feeling of self-pity, which prevents me from seeing light and miracles. This is my biggest problem.

——Ken Wilbur, "Beyond Death"

94. The true self is like the sea under the moonlight. It is huge and quiet. When you want to prove it to others, you can only shoot a bunch of burnt darkness.

——"Daughter of Time"

95. Love cannot be found, so people say "fall in love". You cannot fall deliberately.

——"Hundred Years Tavern"

96. Yes-spring needs you. There is often a star waiting for you to lookup.

——Rilke "Elegies of Duino"

97. The end of every winter is the warmth of spring.

——"Camus' Notes"

98. Accompany me to exile in 10,000 glasses of red sweet wine, dear, please accompany me to live a life that will never get bored.

——Ma Liang, "Confession"

99. I started to miss someone. I wanted to see his face and listen to his voice. I wanted to miss someone. It seemed like a hot needle stuck in my leg and I could only standstill.

——Osamu Dazai, "The Setting Sun"

100. A life that can't be reborn in an instant is a temptation again and again

——Xi Murong, "Poems and Mood under the Lamp"

101. "Do you love him very much?""I don't know. I can't tolerate him, I am annoyed with him, and I have been missing him again."

——Maugham, "Blade"

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