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The 13 Best Coffee Brands: Reviews

The 13 Best Coffee Brands: Reviews & Buyers Guide They are Starbucks Pure Black Coffee Powder, Nestlé, Folgers Coffee, Maxwell Roasted Coffee.
In this article, we talk about The 13 Best Coffee Brands: Reviews & Buyers Guide. We have looked at What are the world-renowned coffee brands? Which brand of coffee is better? What are the coffee brands? 

Now coffee is becoming more and more popular in the US & UK markets, and drinking coffee has become a fashion. The editor tries below has compiled a list of the top 13 coffee brands in the world to tell you which brand of coffee is better for the world. 

What is coffee:

Coffee is a drink made from roasted coffee beans. It is the main drink popular in the world along with cocoa and tea.

Coffee trees belong to the Rubiaceae family. The daily coffee is made from coffee beans with various cooking utensils. Coffee beans refer to the nuts in the coffee tree fruits, which are then roasted by appropriate methods. , The taste of a standard cup of coffee should not be bitter. A qualified barista will rigorously perform every step when making coffee, and finally, the coffee presented to the guests will show varying degrees of sweetness in taste. Degree, acidity, mellowness, or cleanliness.

Efficacy of coffee:

  1. Drink coffee in the morning. Generally speaking, coffee in the morning is best. Not only can go to work very energetically, but also improve constipation, this function is most obvious in the morning.
  2. Drink coffee before and after meals. Coffee can promote digestion. To maximize this function, drinking coffee is the most appropriate time 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after a meal. In addition, drinking coffee 30 minutes before exercise can improve metabolism and help burn more calories, which makes the exercise effect more significant.
  3. Drink coffee when you are tired. Refreshing is undoubtedly the biggest function of coffee. A cup of coffee can keep us alive for four hours. But we will also find that when we are very tired, no matter how much coffee we drink, it will not help. This shows that the human body is very tired and the brain needs to rest urgently. At this time, coffee is not God, so it is more healthy for us to go to sleep honestly.

The 13 Best Coffee Brands: Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Starbucks Pure Black Coffee Powder


(In 1971, the United States, one of the world's largest and most famous coffee chains, Starbucks Enterprise Management (China) Co., Ltd.)

Starbucks coffee is the world's largest coffee brand. This is Starbucks' medium-roasted Colombian first choice coffee powder. It has a smooth and gentle taste. It is full and full after drinking, leaving a crisp and nutty aftertaste. With it, you can drink delicious Starbucks at home.

Starbucks Coffee Company was established in 1971 and is a world-renowned specialty coffee retailer, roaster, and brand owner. Its retail products include more than 30 coffee beans, hand-made espresso, and a variety of coffee hot and cold beverages, fresh and delicious all kinds of pastries, as well as a variety of coffee machines, coffee cups, and other commodities. 

In addition, the company produces and sells bottled Frappuccino beverages, ice shake double espresso, and ice cream with joint venture partners, and produces and sells Starbucks coffee and cream liqueurs in convenient locations other than retail stores through marketing and distribution agreements. Expand new products and brands such as Taishu Tea and Starbucks Music CD.

All Starbucks coffee is freshly ground within one hour to preserve the original coffee flavors from Indonesia and Latin America. Starbucks' standard is: make every customer order on the spot, complete it within 20 seconds, and deliver it to the customer immediately. An espresso with a strong texture, unique taste, and aromatic scent is the signature weapon of Starbucks.

2. Nestlé 


(Founded in Switzerland in 1867, one of the world's largest food manufacturers, large multinational companies, top ten coffee brands, Nestlé (China) Co., Ltd.)

If you don't see Nestlé in the top ten coffee brands, then it must be unscientific. Therefore, I recommend a special flavor of Nestlé-Hokkaido Ranch Uji Matcha Latte. The favorite of matcha stars, it is fragrant and slightly bitter and has an ultra-low calorie. The calories per stick are 31kcal, which is only 1% of normal coffee.

The brand covers a series of products manufactured in accordance with international quality standards, including milk powder, liquid milk, yogurt, infant formula, and infants. Rice/wheat flour, sweetened condensed milk, grown-up milk powder, breakfast cereals, instant coffee, coffee mate (non-dairy creamer), ice cream, chocolate and candy, bottled water, drinks, chicken essence, and condiments.

3. Folgers Coffee (Folgers)


 Coffee comes from California, USA, and was founded in 1849 by James FoL-ger. Sales in California, the United States reached a share of 21.6%, and now Fortune has become the largest coffee company in North America. Fortune coffee is rich in taste and exquisitely delicious. It is deeply loved by the American people and has large market demand. Fortune coffee has become the main refreshing drink for the American people.

4. Maxwell Roasted Coffee 


Maxwell has a glorious history of more than 100 years. Since 1892, Maxwell coffee has been widely acclaimed in North America and was first launched in China in 1984. The coffee developed by gourmet Joe Cheek is mainly sold in the Maxwell Hotel. After opening the lid of this roasted coffee, it has a pungent fragrance. You can make a cup and relax at will. It will instantly lighten your mood and let you feel the joy of life. This brand of coffee is known for its pleasant smell and very smooth taste.

5. Millstone Coffee (Millstone)


Grindstone Coffee is a private brand of coffee that tastes very delicious. The richness of the coffee can fully increase your courage and strength in life. It can be called a refreshing tool.

6. UCC·Sugar-Free Instant Pure Black Coffee


The UCC brand was established in 1933. It is a chemical enterprise focusing on the production and sales of branded coffee. Since its establishment, the company has always been adhering to the quality-first business philosophy and has continuously innovated in the selection and production of products. To create products with the best export sense and high quality to consumers.

UCC Coffee is a world-famous brand coffee produced and sold by UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd., using coffee beans carefully cultivated and planted at designated locations as raw materials. Although this black coffee is very bitter, it is particularly fragrant. It has a kind of charcoal-burning aroma and has a slightly strong taste, but it is also pleasant. Pour some pure milk to make them taste even better. 

UCC Coffee in Japan has strictly controlled the quality of coffee beans from the origin of the coffee beans. UCC Coffee in Japan is fragrant and delicious and is a coffee that you can taste at ease.

7. Lavazza·Espresso coffee powder


Lavazza was born in Italy in 1895. It is the leader of Italian coffee and one of the most famous coffee. Lavazza adopts vacuum packaging technology to preserve the freshness of ground coffee. Black brand espresso will give coffee lovers a high-bodied, white espresso with a strong aroma. 

It is committed to making a cup of coffee with perfect taste through the art of blending different varieties of coffee. This coffee formula is blended and carefully roasted with 100% Arabica coffee beans produced in Brazil and South America. It has a strong taste and a full coffee aroma.

8. Luwak Coffee


Luwak Coffee (Luwak Coffee), which is what we usually hear of cat poop coffee, is native to Indonesia. Why is it so expensive? This is related to the production of coffee beans. The civet eats the ripe coffee fruit, excretes it through the digestive system, and collects and processes its excrement. The fermentation process in the civet body and the effect of digestive enzymes have created a particularly thick and mellow flavor of coffee beans, making this coffee very popular internationally.

For civet coffee, some people said after drinking it, "It has a bit of soil, a little choking, and visceral smell, and the aftertaste is very long." Others said: "It is difficult to swallow. It is a gimmick. It is not worth the money to buy stinky coffee." The reviews are more polarized, but in general, it has the typical earthy and traditional Chinese medicine flavor of Indonesian coffee, and the consistency is quite high. Even if it spends hundreds of dollars, some people are willing to pay for the luxury of this coffee industry.

9. ILLY·Medium roasted coffee beans


Illy coffee was established in Italy in 1933 and is the "pilot" of high-quality coffee. The Illy brand is a company that specializes in operating Italian coffee beans in the recommendation of the top ten coffee bean brands. Since its development, the company's market share has reached 42.8%, and there are also products in production. With the most stringent quality inspection, the coffee beans under the brand are rich in variety, and it is a popular brand in terms of overall taste.

The moderately roasted illy coffee has a moderate and smooth taste, which can better reflect the original taste of coffee, and is suitable for most coffee lovers and people who are new to coffee.

10. Granados Grant Instant Black Coffee


Although Grant is one of the ten leading coffee worldwide, its advertising or relative off propaganda spread is rare, even the pictures are not many, perhaps it is that this is a low-key mystery that makes coffee lobbyists love it. Bitter but not sour, long aftertaste. The first choice for coffee lovers, office workers, and those who stay up late.

11. Wallenford·Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans


Wallenford Estate Blue Mountain is an extremely orthodox Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with a history of more than 300 years and has gathered numerous praises and pursuits. It is a wonderful blend of the elegant and well-balanced taste of Blue Mountain Coffee. It is mellow, delicate, and smooth in the mouth. At the beginning of the taste, the taste changes from softness to lightness. The nose is obviously fruity. The entrance is clean and clear, and then it turns into a rounded one. The fruit is sweet and sour, with a long aftertaste, mellow and mellow after taste.

12. Dallmayr Prodomo·Top coffee beans


German Dallmayr company, born in Germany in 1700, is the top luxury coffee brand in Germany. Known for being loved by the Bayer royal family, its unique Prodomo coffee enjoys a global reputation. This coffee is very moist, very soft, and very slippery. It is specially used to extract a small amount of the strongest coffee with the least amount of water allowed by the coffee machine. Without putting anything, it tastes quickly. The strong aroma is great. Drink Many do not have the feeling of a fast heartbeat or the spicy heartburn of regular coffee.

13. JABLUM·Blue Mountain Coffee Beans


JABLUM has a history of 150 years and is the oldest and larger producer of Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica. Its output accounts for 40% of Jamaica's total production. This coffee is roasted coffee beans, directly ground for drinking, it has a strong taste, hints of fruity aroma, and a smooth and mellow taste.

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