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The Best Advice for Incoming College Freshmen

The Best Advice for Incoming College Freshmen -Tips for College Freshman
Any good suggestions for freshmen who are going to college? A most comprehensive guide, lets you avoid some detours

In this article, we talk about The Best Advice for Incoming College Freshmen & Tips for Incoming College Freshmen. What do you need to prepare for entering the university campus? 

This most comprehensive admission guide can definitely save you a lot of detours!

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1. Precautions for school opening

1. Remember to join the freshman group after the notice is down

Why put him first, because it is really important.

The specific method is to go directly to QQ to search for your university name, and enter 1-3 groups in order (finally keep one according to the degree of activity)

You can not chat, but you must always pay attention to the news, otherwise, you will really miss a lot of useful information.

Your school, dormitory environment, class classification, club situation, and gender ratio can all be known in advance before you enter the campus. The grade group and class group will be basically established before the school starts. If you want to choose student leaders, you can be more active.

2. Only bring what you think is necessary when school starts

Except for the certificates, clothes to be washed, and some daily necessities that you need to use when you go, you can buy the others after you go to school.

The school staff is not as expensive as everyone thinks. How can you spend the remaining four years?

If you want to be more detailed, you can read a recent tweet by the senior:

3. Don't worry about calling card

Many people in the school work part-time, and there will be commissions if one person applies for the card, so they are all introduced to you in order to avoid disadvantages.

Therefore, it is best to understand the situation of the campus card with unrelated seniors in the group before entering the school: which network is good in the school, and which package is cost-effective. After all, this card is four years old...

4. At the beginning of school, pay attention to fraud prevention in the dormitory

There are many people on the first day of school, and the work of the dormitory will be neglected. Many scammers will pretend to be their parents and enter the dormitory to sweep the building.

Either promote products that will not be used at all in the future or tout some useless learning cards. Remember to be careful not to be deceived.

If it needs to be handled, the instructor will definitely say it in the group, and it must refuse and report to the dormitory management after discovering it.

5. It is recommended to arrive at school one day in advance

There were so many people on the first day of school officially, and all the students from all over the world went to one place, as you can imagine...

6. It’s fine if the club accepts a new newspaper

Don't think so much about your time, just pick the one you are most interested in.

If you stay in this club for a long time, you will also meet many friends with similar interests, and some friendships with them may last longer than some roommates.

7. If you want to choose class committee members, be more active in the class group

Basically, in the end, the class committees are all active people in the group at the beginning, and the group leaders have basically become class leaders.

Some get along for a period of time to judge class members, but in general, active people will be the person in charge during military training, and in the end, they basically did not run away.


2. Dormitory

1. Prepare headphones and earplugs by the bed

One prevents you from disturbing others, and the other prevents others from disturbing you.

With so many people in a dormitory, it is impossible to have the same life and rest. Getting up early and going to bed late is the beginning of conflicts in the dormitory. Sometimes roommates won’t say anything, but we’d better take care of the feelings of others.

2. Learn to organize and tidy up your belongings

Make up the bed, tabletop, and bottom of your feet every few days.

Maybe you feel that the entire dormitory is not obligated to clean, at least tidy up your own location, the environment is clean, and you can study, entertain, and stay comfortable. There is no distraction, and efficiency will be improved a lot.

3. It is best to do things on your own with less trouble to others

For things like taking takeaways, couriers, and shouting on behalf of others, it is okay to trouble others occasionally if there is an emergency, but if you do this every time, anyone will have an opinion, and no one will help you until the day is really urgent.

4. Tell me something directly!

Differences in living habits and family education will cause various problems. Tell me if you have anything to do. Most college students are still a little bit ashamed. They may not completely change it, but they will pay more attention to it.

5. Make a good relationship with the dormitory aunt

At the very least, if you have a familiar face, stay at the door for school holidays, and come back late at night, you will inevitably have to trouble them. Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know who you are when you need help.

6. Don't make out too late with your boy/girlfriend at night

Don't make phone calls when you see that others are resting. Those who have a target are okay, and those who have no target hear all kinds of talks from you at night, and I really want to jump up and hammer you to death.

7. Buy a bed curtain

Not only can you protect your privacy and ensure the quality of your sleep, but the occasional use of lights at night also will not affect others too much

8. Don't flip other people's things casually

You need to ask for permission or you need to buy it yourself. Don’t think it’s a matter of politeness. It’s easy to go to other occasions after getting used to it.

9. Remember to turn off the alarm on Sunday

Most likely your alarm has woken up the entire dorm, but it has not woken you up

10. When drying clothes, pay attention to whether they are dry

Generally, dormitory buildings have washing machines, so you can dry them when you need them. If you wash it by yourself, don’t pay attention to hanging it on the dry, light color is fine, if the color fades the next day your roommate’s clothes will be a global limited edition

11. Get out more

I go to the library to stay for a while on Sunday and make an appointment to go out together during the holiday. I really feel better about life.


3. life

1. Keep it clean

The appearance and the mouth are like this.

Clothes don’t need much, clean and tidy is OK. Taking a shower frequently and shampooing frequently gives people a first impression. If you have time, you can also learn how to match them.

The same is true for the mouth. The fragrance of the mouth regardless of the occasion is not humorous, or lacking quality.

2. There is no need to refer to others for living expenses

Everyone has different colleges, cities, and habits, and others can't give them any references.

Bring a little more money in the first month of freshman year and live for a month or two, and you will probably know your level of expenditure.

3. Leave a photo of the plate, key, kettle, etc.

Why do you keep the photos? Lost the use, not let you be a posthumous photo!

Lost the wall to contact the school, the picture is hung up, and there is a high probability that you will find it soon. When others return it, remember to bring a bottle of water. Thank you. Both are happy.

5. Cultivate a hobby of your own

Don't just think about watching dramas and playing games during the break, whether you are basketball or music, at least cultivate one of them. These interests will also allow you to meet a group of like-minded people. Some things will really accompany you throughout your life.

6. Get out your driver's license as soon as possible

Many friends are under eighteen in the summer vacation and have not taken the test. It is best to take the driver's license test during the freshman year, otherwise, the time will only get more and more hurry.

7. do things well in advance plan

For example, weekend plans: when to study, when to entertain; vacation travel plans, where to live, and where to go.

It doesn’t hurt to do more preparations beforehand

8. Don’t fix it at school if something is broken

If you are not in a hurry, wait for the weekend to repair it at a nearby specialty store.

There are many pits in the school's repair shops, and you must be careful about the common occurrence of stealing parts.

9. Refuse to consume in advance

Small ones spend money, classmates borrow money, and big ones get campus loans.

What I am afraid of is not borrowing money. It is fine once or twice. I am just worried that everyone will develop a view of advanced consumption. So don’t start borrowing money from the beginning, the hole will really get bigger and bigger.

Usually, pay attention to some expenses, plan living expenses reasonably, and pay back as soon as possible even if there is an emergency loan.

9. When going out, call home more

Family members may sometimes worry about disturbing you, but we must take the initiative and make at least one or two phone calls a week to let them know about our recent living conditions.

Even if you have a bad time, you must tell them not to think that you can solve the problem except for things. Only the family members are the most solid support behind us at critical moments.

10. Pay more attention to some flea groups

Generally, schools have a lot of such groups. Many seniors will sell unnecessary materials, notes, bicycles, etc., if they need them, they can generally find very good things.

11. Poor students in college are not necessarily really poor

The declaration of poverty is in the hands of the monitor and instructor. In many cases, if you have a good relationship with the monitor, you can apply if you are not so poor, so you may face a lot of injustice.

But this kind of thing will happen frequently in universities and society from now on, just get used to it.

12. Don't compare blindly

Before financial independence, all the money spent was from parents.

It’s not easy to learn to be considerate of them. You don’t have to use an iPad for learning, and you don’t have to use tens of thousands of computers. Of course, the local tyrants are free.

13. pay attention to safety when going out at night

Regardless of men and women, it is best to go back to the dormitory early in the evening, not to go to places with few people, and it is best to find a company when you go out.

There are several emergency calls on your mobile phone, so you can contact them as soon as possible in an emergency.

14. Being alone is not ashamed

College is not the same as high school. You may have a disagreement with many people, or you may not like someone’s lifestyle. The circle is different. Don’t be hard-hearted. You can really go faster by yourself.


4. Study

1. Study hard

There is no such thing as waste. If you can get a scholarship, it is best to get it. The national scholarship is up to 8,000, which is a relatively high return on university investment than income.

More than that, these things are also useful for our research and job hunting. At least this is the most beneficial proof of our learning ability.

2. Don't miss the subject!

It may not be easy to get a high score, but if you don’t want to fail, you can study a little bit before the exam.

Moreover, those who can pass the course at the university either didn't listen at all or didn't review before the exam, or they were remembered by the teacher.

If you miss a subject, you have to make up the exam. If you hang up the exam again, it will be high. You need to clear the exam before graduation. It's very troublesome. And if you hang up too much, you may not get the degree certificate. Be careful!

3. It is best not to skip class

Many teachers didn't call their names in the first few classes, and there was a sudden attack in the middle. If they are called, they will be counted in the normal time. If the exam is bad, it can be saved.

4. Learn English hard

From freshman year, you can develop the habit of memorizing words and remembering a few before going to bed at night.

Then start preparing for the exam when the school can take the fourth and sixth grades. It is best to take the fourth and sixth grades as soon as possible.

5. Listen to the last few lessons of each semester

The teacher will usually give everyone the key points in the last few classes, and the chances of roll call will be great

At this time, you must take careful notes. If you don’t listen well, these are your life-saving straws when reviewing.

6. Not all schools can change majors and do what they can

If you want to change your major, you need to be at the top of your age, because the freshman year is basically a public course, so the majors are not affected.

However, some schools can transfer, and some cannot. According to the situation of oneself and the school, the process will be more troublesome.

7. Work hard at ordinary times, don't save all at the end of the day

As mentioned earlier, if you simply don’t want to drop a course, you should learn a little bit at ordinary times and pass the exam once, but the premise is to study at ordinary times. 

At least it is like a course like advanced mathematics and listens well from the beginning. Otherwise, you won’t be able to learn anything you miss.

8. Dormitory is not a good place to study

Is the computer not fun or the bed is uncomfortable, studying in the dormitory.
If there is no one else in the dormitory, the roommates are usually there, either playing games or chatting, it’s strange if you are not distracted

If you want to study on weekends, find an empty classroom or go to the library, which is quiet and nice

9. Keep reading

Usually, develop the habit of reading, there are many things that the school will not teach you, but the book will tell you.

Don’t study hard, or your knowledge is beyond your brain. You can make a sticky note to record what you see, which is a good improvement for yourself.

10. If you feel confused, learn

If you don't know what to do and feel that life is not motivated, then go and learn, regardless of professional knowledge or knowledge that interests you.

Constantly typing will make us feel fulfilled, and in the process, we will also calm down and gradually find what we want.


5. Part-time

1. It is best to find a part-time job at a university

Regardless of the length of time, whether online or offline, it is actually recommended that you experience part-time work, not just to make money, it can really make us more clear about the concept of money, how difficult it is to make money. 

In fact, many part-time jobs can Let us find the direction of future career development. These are more important than money.

2. Don't do low-return part-time jobs

Many part-time jobs such as takeaways and flyers are not impossible to do. It is just that their return is too low relative to the time we spent. This time could have done more meaningful things.

Of course, you can try to do it for a while and feel the difficulty of this process.

3. Do part-time jobs that can be promoted

What part-time job can be promoted? Precipitation is needed in the early stage, and then there can be income in the later stage, which is a part-time job that adds points to our resume.

For example, PS, PPT, self-media, etc., can also be related to your own major. These all require a growth process, but as long as you persist and grow up, at least your college life will be a very good income, and more importantly, It can still make us grow.

If you don’t know where to study or don’t want to spend money on courses, you can go to Xiaozhu’s official account [Strange Youth] and reply to the keywords of the corresponding course to get various course resources that I paid for. You overtake

4. Online part-time anti-fraud

An online part-time job is actually very good to prevent fraud, but there are not a few people who are deceived every year. Basically, pass for money, pass with low cost and high return, pass which looks simple, and you will find that the rest is basically nothing.

So if you want to work part-time online, it is best to master a technique yourself.

5. Offline part-time anti-fraud

In fact, it is best to find part-time jobs such as tutors and teaching assistants offline. If you have the conditions, you can go to professional-related internship positions. One is relatively better in the environment, and the other is good exercise for yourself.

It’s best to check with the seniors you’ve done before.

6. More internships in school

This year’s epidemic has affected the employment pressure, so if you don’t have a postgraduate entrance examination or other plans, you’d better plan for an internship at school. You can go to some professional-related units during summer and winter vacations, which is really good for your Exercise.

The four years of university are really short,

But we must always believe that universities are full of beauty,

But the right to decide whether it is good or not is often in our hands.

These suggestions can only be reminded to a certain extent, but they cannot be avoided.

Only we are really working hard on this path to find the beauty

Only then will I find that this process is the best thing in college.

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