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9 Myths About Creativity You Need to Stop Believing Now

9 Myths About Creativity You Need to Stop Believing Now
Talented people will excite those around them. This is why these people and creativity are shrouded in many legends and rumors. Those who want to create but are not sure about their abilities often feel that creativity is innate. You need to understand whether you own it first, and then create something. 
However, Daniel Cole presented a scientific study in his "Innate Code", which proved that much of the knowledge we know about creativity is not true.

1. Deprivation helps creativity

In the movie "The Pianist", we can see what really happened to the artist in a critical situation. He showed how one of the most talented pianists of the 20th century, Władysław Schpilmann, survived Nazi-occupied Poland.

In short: one person has lost the right to the whole family, the house, and even the life. These events did not contribute to his creative achievements.

Remember Maslow’s Pyramid (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory): Before you turn to higher needs, you must turn off lower needs: sleep, food, and safety. If a person is often malnourished, sleeps poorly, and just wants to survive, his brain will be in a state of stress and he will not have the ability to work creatively.

2. Alcohol increases creativity

Research conducted by a group of Austrian scientists proved that small doses of alcohol make people smarter and more primitive. To do this, you need to drink about 300 ml of beer or 100 ml of wine.

But increasing the dose will slow down the work of the brain and worsen mental function. Continue to use, and the effect will disappear from 300ml.

What about creative geniuses? Many of them praised drinking life and work. However, they prefer to be sober. Stephen King wrote his words in the afternoon and went for a drink in the evening.

3. Drugs stimulate the imagination

It is true that some artistic geniuses are still illegal drugs, but they do not rely on them to stimulate creativity and imagination. These people are just to relieve their illness through drugs, or they are addicts.

In short, these drugs alone do not make a person a creator of genius.

4. Creative geniuses don’t need ordinary work

Ken Kersey, the author of the novel "Flying Over the Cuckoo's Asylum", is an assistant psychologist. Perhaps thanks to this profession, the work "Flying over the Cuckoo's Asylum" was born, which brought him a world reputation.

There are many similar creative talents who have had many ordinary jobs, and their creativity has a lot to do with their prohibition. So if you feel that your career interferes with creativity, this is likely to be an excuse.

5. Inspiration comes from the talent

For every genius, creativity is a continuous systematic work. For example, JK Rowling developed the Harry Potter book, which stipulates the structure of the text and character heroes took nearly 10 years.

Why is it difficult to create masterpieces through inspiration? This can have something to do with biology. When we learn new things, a neural network is created in the brain. If we train regularly-write, play the guitar, or play football, neurons will be covered by a myelin sheath. And the more myelin on our neuronal chain, the easier and better we can get new activities.

However, only constant practice can make the shell thicker. Therefore, continuous training makes us more creative, and freedom and originality will create opportunities for us. If the neural network is poorly trained, everything we do will appear to be slow and poor and remain at the level of amateurs.

6. Talent is born

As we have written above, only through continuous training can we create and strengthen neural networks? But it is not that simple. Recent research by Princeton psychologists proves that training alone is not enough to achieve success. In the end, people who change the status quo and traditions will become more successful.

7. Only those with artistic sense can get creativity

Some people feel the urge to create, but may not be able to achieve them because they are engaged in "boring" work. But in fact, creativity is absolutely achievable in all professions. For example, teachers, in this profession also needs to think in a creative way in order to make children interested.

It is not only in art that creative thinking is needed. We can use it in work and life to find difficult problems or just express ourselves.

8. All talented people have an unusually bright life

Some people don't care about art itself, but what can they get from it, fame or money? But in reality, what percentage of those who are talented, even geniuses, gain fame and wealth? The truth is really small.

Many of them are buried, and some are just enjoying a simple life. For example, Franz Kafka, one of the pioneers of Western modernist literature, has always lived in a place where life is unremarkable, Passed away at the age of 40.

9. Talented people are arrogant and confident

This seems to appear often in movies and TV sets, and talented and creative people always look weird. Such as Detective Charlotte.

In reality, many creative people even doubt themselves, which is why they try to prove that something is worthwhile. Some people are not confident in themselves so they want to destroy their own work. Take Kafka, for example. He asked his friend to burn his manuscript after he died, but his friend did not fulfill his wishes and published the draft.

Many of them doubt themselves, which is why they try to prove that something is worthwhile. Someone is so sure of themselves that they want to destroy his work. We can only read Kafka's book occasionally today. The author asked his friend to burn the manuscript after his death, but he did not fulfill his wishes but published the draft. The famous French painter Monet was even more successful: his stepdaughter and heiress burned about 60 of his paintings.

There are many stereotypes and false rumors about talented people, but in fact, most of them are far from the truth. Creative people and famous geniuses can indeed express their abilities in different ways, with different tendencies, personalities, and lifestyles. But they are not as weird as we thought. 
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