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Why do people often say knowledge is wealth?

Why do people often say knowledge is wealth? knowledge is wealth, do you agree? Knowledge is the most precious asset in life.
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Knowledge is Wealth, Do you agree?

There is a saying: "Knowledge is power!" It is believed that many parents have instilled this kind of thinking in their children since they were young, hoping that their children will study hard and learn more knowledge so that they can have a good future.

The reason for reading is that it must be useful for reading. Parents must also know the power of knowledge, so they are anxious about their children's achievements and want their children to learn more.

In the old days, when asked about everyone's ideals, almost everyone would say: "I want to be a teacher! I want to be a scientist..." But now?

Many children’s ideals are always messy. Be a star, be an actor, be an idol, and ask them if they want to be a scientist. How many children know what scientists do?

Many parents may have a headache now, they also know the importance of learning and knowledge, but every time they talk to their children about this, the children will always say: "Why do you have to read? What is the use of reading, you look at the world Isn’t the richest man Bill Gates very educated? Isn’t he still so successful?"

It is precisely because of this ethos that slowly, many children have the idea of ​​"reading is useless". This idea is definitely wrong. Knowledge is absolutely the most important thing, and they have to live to learn.

In order for children to succeed, parents must give their children the correct education as soon as possible, including values, knowledge, education, and so on.

After this epidemic, I believe that many people have realized the importance of talent. Without the armed forces of knowledge, without them, and without the good life we ​​are now, we would not be able to tide over the epidemic so smoothly.

Therefore, please tell your children that knowledge is wealth, and anyone who knows how to "arm" himself with knowledge is "valuable".

It is urgent to educate children:

1) Don't think about unrealistic things

Now there are many variety shows on the Internet, such as male idols and female idols, and various auditions. It seems to be a very simple thing for children to feel successful. You only need to participate in a show or look good to be famous. You can earn money, so many children start to lose their jobs and do not study well. Parents play a very important role at this time. They must tell the children in the time that there are no shortcuts in life, and the situation of each family is different. No matter which path you take, a lack of knowledge will not work.

2) Time is money

Many children now have this idea: if you can't do it tomorrow, you don't have to worry about anything.

But the fact is that today's competition is getting more and more fierce. Time is money. If you learn knowledge earlier, you can always be ahead of others, and you can have a certain advantage in future competition.

"Tomorrow will come after tomorrow, and there will be so many tomorrows; I am born to wait for tomorrow, and tomorrow will be a waste." This principle must be understood by children, time does not wait for anyone.

3) Let children understand the importance of knowledge

Now that the quality of life is getting better and better, the children basically have not had any hardships, so they can’t understand the meaning of the sentence: "Reading is the only way out".

At this time, parents should tell their children that they can tell their children more cases about successful people.

And teach children not only to look at the success of others but also to see the hard work of others. Only in this way can children understand that there is no shortcut to success, knowledge is power.

This era, although it is an era of lack of faith and an era of entertainment supremacy, our parents can still re-establish faith for children, let them have poetry and distance! Knowledge is always priceless! 

Knowledge is the most precious asset in life

A person without knowledge is like having no money in his hands.

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, knowledge is updated faster and faster, and people who can't learn are illiterate. Those who are complacent and unable to keep up with the changes of the times will be eliminated. The core of the new economy is the creation and sharing of knowledge, and its root is innovation, and learning has become the most important investment.

How can a person who lacks knowledge become a strong person, how can he compete with others? Learning is the capital of success. This is because there is no use without learning, so be a knowledge-based person. 

In a person's life, it is inevitable to encounter setbacks and failures, and they will not go smoothly to their peak. The speed of learning and change is the key to success in this society of ruthless competition and friendly service. In the era of the knowledge economy, it is increasingly difficult for people without knowledge to move forward. 

In fact, it is not terrible to have no knowledge. The most terrifying thing is that there is no awareness of learning. The saddest people are those who have no knowledge and no awareness of learning. All economic forces depend on knowledge and are generated from knowledge. Market competition has developed from product competition to knowledge competition.

Sun Zhengyi, the former richest man in Asia, had a liver disease when he was 23 and stayed in the hospital for two years. In two years, he read 4,000 books, an average of five books a day. After reading four thousand books, Sun Zhengyi wrote development plans for 40 industries based on his reading experience. He finally understood the puzzle that he had been puzzling for many years to become the world's richest man, he must be engaged in the most emerging and most promising industry.

As soon as he was discharged from the hospital, he decided to enter the computer industry with firm conviction and summed up a set of unique entrepreneurial plans from these four thousand books. So Sun Zhengyi founded his company. At first, he had only two employees. On the day the company opened, Sun Zhengyi stood on top of the company’s fruit box containing apples and said to two of his employees: “My name is Sun Zhengyi. After 25 years, I will become the richest man in the world. My company’s turnover will exceed One hundred trillion yen!" After the two listened, they immediately resigned. They all thought the boss was crazy-but they didn't know that Sun Zhengyi had read four thousand books in two years! However, Sun Zhengyi really verified his oath on the Apple box and became the richest man in Asia.

The competition for talent in today's society is, in the final analysis, the competition for knowledge and the competition for learning ability. Academic qualifications represent the past, and only the ability to learn can represent the future. With the development of the times, the degree of competition has become increasingly fierce, and competition has become the basis for promoting social change and development and has become the inevitable survival of mankind. Whether you can adapt depends on your learning intensity. Knowledge is energy, and the combination of knowledge and action is power. Learning knowledge is like a bank deposit with zero deposit and lump-sum withdrawal, coupled with unique creativity, you will have a unique harvest.


Knowledge is the most precious asset in life. The accumulation of knowledge is a life-long event, just like long-distance running. During the running, it doesn't matter whether you are in the front or not. The important thing is not to stop. The important thing is who runs to the end first. A person’s knowledge is far more than just grades and studies. Knowledge is multi-faceted, three-dimensional, and comprehensive. Society is developing, human beings are progressing, and society is very demanding on everyone. It can only be that human beings can adapt to the social environment instead of allowing the social environment to adapt to humans. If they stop, they will be eliminated by society. Therefore, we should seize the perishable time and work hard to learn scientific knowledge, so that we can have more wealth in the future.

"Knowledge is wealth", is this really the case?

Bacon once said: Knowledge is power. This sentence later evolved into "Knowledge is wealth." So can knowledge and wealth be equated?

Knowledge needs to be distinguished. The ancients said: It is better to believe in the book than to have no book. The emphasis here is to distinguish and treat book knowledge, choose the essence and discard the dross, and not take it all. Knowledge itself is an objective existence, such as scientific knowledge, social knowledge, etc., but due to deliberate or unintentional misunderstanding, it will be misleading. Therefore, it is very important to master knowledge with accuracy and gold content. , Such knowledge is the most valuable.

Wealth is divided into spiritual and material wealth. In terms of material wealth in a narrow sense, there is not an equal relationship between knowledge to wealth, and there are even more difficult gaps in the middle. Mastering a certain amount of knowledge seems to have only taken a few small steps in the preparation of the acquired wealth, and there is still a long way to go from the wealth itself. The transformation from knowledge to wealth must have sufficient conditions, the right way, the right time, and practical operations.

Knowledge needs to be polished in reality to have value and practicality. As the saying goes, the purpose of learning is to apply what you have learned to practice. Its effect depends on the depth of the ontology's understanding of knowledge, and it will also vary depending on the actual situation. Different people use the theory in their lives. Some people succeed, and some people find it difficult to work. The differences in their intelligence, timing, and environment, and grasp of opportunities will all affect the effect from knowledge to wealth.

Knowledge needs to be continuously enriched and revised in accordance with the reality of personal life. For example, when investing in a certain field, everyone reading the same books, some people gain a lot, and some people get nothing, knowledge is fixed, rigid, and immutable, but the specific situation of the user is changeable and dynamic. Knowledge must be constantly adjusted and enriched in accordance with its own reality. Truth itself cannot be wrong, but how to use it, skillfully, magically, decently, powerfully, and gain power is an art.

Knowledge is only a tool and a bridge to the peak of wealth, but not wealth itself. Knowledge is a necessary condition for obtaining wealth, but it is not a sufficient condition. To obtain wealth, one must have sufficient knowledge reserves, but a certain amount of knowledge reserves are necessary, which may not necessarily be able to obtain satisfactory wealth. The acquisition of wealth is a complex and comprehensive art. Knowledge is only one of the contributing factors. Without it, it will not work. With it, it will be handier, but it is not enough.

Although knowledge is not wealth, it can bring you closer to wealth, and closer to the latter. Charlie Munger said: The best way to get something is to make yourself worthy of it. Knowledge is actually a kind of reserve and planning on the way we intend to have something we like, in order to be worthy of possession, it can increase our bargaining chips, and at the same time, we must also clearly realize that this It's just one of the multiple factors. Success is by no means so easy.

Knowledge comforts the soul, at least the spiritual wealth of masturbation, but it is different from material wealth. Knowledge allows a person to broaden his horizons, see more and farther, and can also change a person's temperament and mind. Knowledge contributes to one's success, knowledge contributes to wealth, but not wealth itself.
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