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What Is More Important Than Wealth?

What Is More Important Than Wealth? In life, which one do you think is more important, experience or knowledge?
What is more important than wealth? I believe many people will say it is love before reading Darwin's quotations. Why is love more important than wealth? Because people are alive, if you have never enjoyed love in your life, or have never experienced the happiness of love in your life, even if you make a lot of money, it is undoubtedly a pity.

What's more, money can buy a lot of things, but not love, which shows how important love is. Some people are worth hundreds of millions, but marriage and love are a failure. Such a person is undoubtedly a pity. He would also envy other people's wives and children while he was alive.

What's more, love is the inheritance of the clan, something that must be done. Without love or marriage, no matter how successful a man is, he cannot inherit the line. If a man cannot inherit the line, it is undoubtedly a failure. At least it failed in love and marriage.

What is more important than wealth? Some people think that it is happiness, and money is hard to buy happiness. Yes, if you can live happily all your life, what money do you care about? 

There are many people in this world who have no money, no wealth, and live happily. This is worth learning because he has an ordinary heart that many people cannot do.

People with a normal mind tend to be indifferent to gains and losses, and to wealth more. On the contrary, they are more content to live a hard and simple life so that they can avoid many desires and live a peaceful and healthy life. . If there is a lot of wealth, there may be many opportunities to do evil and to indulge in lust.

It can be seen that in a person's life, too much wealth is not good, too poor is not good, it is almost the best. But to be able to do the same depends entirely on personal mentality. Mind, people who don’t know how to be satisfied will find it difficult to look at the world with a normal mind. That way, they will live very tired, will not be happy, and will not be happy.

Having said that, if everyone is not very satisfied with the above answers and analysis, we might as well read a passage of Darwin's quotations, and tell us what is more important than wealth? The text is as follows:

When it comes to fame, honor, happiness, and wealth, these things if compared with friendship, are all dust. ——Darwin

After reading Darwin’s quotations, it can be said that not only wealth, but also fame, honor, and even happiness, in Darwin’s quotations, friendship is not as important as friendship. Compared with friendship, it is all dust.

If we have met a confidant in this life, I believe you will understand the meaning of Darwin’s quotation. Compared with a confidant, you will not care about fame, honor, happiness, or wealth, but only want a confidant, nothing else. Because of having a confidant, there is no regret in this life, at least the confidant understands you.

Fame, honor, happiness, and wealth, they will not understand us, even these things will bring us a bad side, make people envy and hate, and make people unable to live with peace of mind, perhaps even fame Tired of wealth. Today I was fortunate to read this quotation from Darwin with everyone. We might as well use this quotation to analyze, explore, and reflect in more depth.

Mark Twain once said, "Great wealth is for a person who is not accustomed to holding money. It is a poison, it invades the flesh and bones of his character. "

If everyone knows this quote from Mark Twain and recognizes it, I believe they will not be obsessed with wealth. Fortune is really like this. The more it is, the more it increases people's desires. It's like a lot of money. If you don't know how to spend it, you will find some high-end entertainment clubs every day to spend money and enjoy life.

Many people are unable to resist this temptation, not to mention that many people are not good at mastering wealth. If they have more wealth, they will only be extravagant and wasteful. They will show up everywhere, buying luxury cars and mansions, and just doing some wealthy things. People who are wrong will be hated by others. While someone will frame him, he himself will be swallowed up by money.

If you have money, you will eat and drink, overeat, eat the best of everything, use the best, play the best, and in the end, it is surprisingly lazy. You need people to serve you everything, even eating. Asking people to feed, such people are undoubtedly harmed by wealth and lead a degraded and decadent life.

Shakespeare said, "Fame is a boring and deceitful thing;

Those who get it may not have any merit, and those who lose it may not have any fault. "

It really is like this. There are many people who are very famous, but he may not have done any merit, it is the result of using money to promote. Even a lot of people are acting for people to watch, even self-directed and acted, and feel like they love the poor, in fact, these poor people are invited to the local audience.

Reputation is really empty, useless, and even more deceptive. Carnegie has said, "So keep in mind that if the position is not earned by your hard work or earned by your grades, then you must not There is no real value in maintaining your reputation."

If a person's reputation is not obtained by his own efforts, by going through the back door, or by opportunism, there is no value at all. Just like buying a certificate with money, as long as anyone with money can buy it, then what is the meaning of such a reputation is just like a piece of clothing.

And those who have lost their reputation may not really have any faults. In this world, people still have to look down on money, reputation, and friendship. Because money and reputation may leave us at any time, but the friendship between Boya and Zhong Ziqi is forever and immortal.

We are really not as good as the money and reputation to exchange for a confidant so we must live a happy and happy life, living a day can be worth a lot of people to live a lifetime because we have a confidant, we know what really means to live. You have a confidant who listens to everything you do, so you can’t pretend to be miserable, only happy.

So what is more important than wealth? In Darwin's Quotations, I found a good answer!

Haruki Murakami’s heart-wrenching quotations begin with: "I am not a human!" satirizes modern people.

Kawabata Yasunari's thought-provoking quotations, the beginning is, I want to be a person! The ending sentence is harsher.

In life, which one do you think is more important, experience or knowledge?

I think experience is more important, because, in real life, experience is often more directly recognized and accepted. 

Of course, from the perspective of philosophy, knowledge, and experience are equally important, and they are a unity that complements each other.

1. Experience is another form of ability

People with ability are experienced people, people with rich practical experience. Experience is the accumulation of personal knowledge. The more you accumulate, the stronger your ability and the closer you will be to success.

2. Experience is the display of training results

Experience is a demonstration of professional training and practical testing. Experience requires intensive training, the application of a series of professional knowledge, and a process of transformation of results.

3. Experience is also a manifestation of learning ability

Experience is a manifestation of cultivating learning ability, and experience is a habit of continuous learning and training. Experienced to a certain extent due to a means of improving the level of learning ability.

4. The experience can often be recognized by society

In real life, no matter what profession it is, whether it is a manager or a managed person, what society only recognizes is experience. That is ability. The first is the recognition of experience so that you can use the carrier of knowledge to improve and improve your ability to experience. It will be a very successful experience and will be recognized by all sectors of society.

5. Experience is the precious wealth of life

Real life is cruel, only knowledge is not transformed into an experience, it is difficult to obtain wealth. Those who are often experienced can quickly gain wealth and success through transformational operations. The accumulating process is the process of life accumulation, and it is more directly transformed into wealth than knowledge, and it is the wealth that preserves the preciousness of life.

6. Experience is the precious wealth of life

In real life, many successful people get their current success after experiencing failure and success before. Because experience is the precious wealth of life, it is often that experience changes the breadth of life and makes one's life moister.

Of course, knowledge is also very important. Knowledge and experience are often a unity. Experience can only be enriched and perfected with the aid of knowledge. Sometimes knowledge is also a valuable asset in life. Equally important.

A wealth that is more precious than time and money is your ability to learn

Have you ever thought about what is the most precious wealth you have?

house? money? time?

They are indeed precious things, but they either don't really belong to you, or they are not fundamental.

1. Your most precious wealth

How can wealth be free?

Many people have spent their entire lives thinking about how to make a fortune but seldom thought about what to exchange. The basis for obtaining wealth exchanges.

Since it is an exchange, then you have to exchange what you already have, and the more precious you can exchange the better, right? This is a very simple truth. So the question is, what is the most precious wealth you are born with?

Money? Time? Body?

Time is beyond our control, it can only go by constantly.

Although the body can be controlled, it will age slowly, the value of exchange will be lower and lower, and it is still very limited

And money is more of a figure that we consume time and body, and exchange the "part of the wealth that has been exchanged". So the money itself does not belong to you, but you also get it through the exchange.

What else is there, brain?

The value of manual labor is low, so can I use my brainpower? Use my ability to think and create to exchange wealth?

Of course, this is fine!

But have you ever thought about how to get your thinking ability and creativity? Is it also through some kind of exchange? What is the exchange?

What is the most precious wealth you have? The answer is learning ability!

For example, if you work for your boss, it is useless to sit in the office. You will be fired from the boss because you have no output. If you want to get paid, you have to use your experience, knowledge, and actions to solve the problem. , And then use your completed work to redeem your salary.

Where did your experience and knowledge come from?

Yes, you have used your learning ability to exchange it in class and at work.

For another example, what do you want to do if you want to have good intimacy?

No one is born to deal with all kinds of interpersonal relationships and to be likable. Through continuous learning, we fill in the vacancies in emotional intelligence, and learn how to care for and love a person, instead of just giving the body and money to the other party and leaving it behind Your own soul is swaying in the wind outside, it can't be exchanged for long-term happiness.

So you see, all your value creation activities are ultimately obtained by the exchange of your learning ability!

2. What is the value of learning

Where does learning power come from?

The knowledge content of students’ daily class is an important part of our learning ability, but it cannot be obtained by rote memorization. It requires us to understand and analyze each knowledge point, and in-depth thinking about the way of thinking and thinking formed by it. , Which brings learning power.

For example, why do we do math problems? Is it just to get a higher score on the exam? We learn not to memorize those words and formulas, but to experience the application of these formulas in different forms of questions. This process of trial and thinking is what we want, that is The source of our learning ability.

Those who know how to learn will become smarter and stronger, while those who do not know how to learn will only see things more and more one-sided and extreme. This is the function of learning.

Many children encounter various difficulties in learning:

  • Inattention
  • Slow understanding and reaction
  • Poor memory, can’t remember knowledge
This is the lack of learning ability, which will seriously affect your character and behavioral ability.

Anything has two sides. We will constantly encounter many people and things in our lives. Some people will naturally learn lessons and knowledge from them, while others can only see the negative aspects. This is the importance of learning ability.

Learning is endless. Even if your body is disabled and time is running out, the ability to learn will always be with you throughout your life, so the wealth it can bring us is endless.

The experience and knowledge we use are accumulated little by little through learning. When we accumulate to a certain level, we can exchange for the ability to control the money that we want. In other words, learning ability is more important than time, body, or money!

3. Make good use of your learning ability

The learning power is like a whirlpool in the body, it will not disappear with time, and it will continuously draw more power outwards, becoming stronger and stronger. So we should be bold and brave to learn!

Where should we invest our learning ability?

1. Focus on things that can generate value

For example, the copywriting you are editing cannot be completed with the same template every time. Instead, you constantly learn new knowledge from the outside world and then form new copywriting through your combing and application. We should not complete every task in a rigid manner. We must force ourselves to have something new every day, and there must be a place to learn every day, in order to improve our learning ability.

Humility and the courage to try are the basics of learning. As learning ability continues to accumulate, our work experience and efficiency will also increase.

2. Interpersonal relationship

The knowledge of the outside world mainly comes from different people.

When we put our learning ability into people, our learning ability will also be strong, because everyone has their own shining points, we can learn how to get along with others and learn to discover by talking and communicating with others. The shining point in everyone-learn from the best. At the same time, we can also discover different people's different views on one thing through conversations, so as to learn to think about problems from different angles.

3. Improve yourself

So how can you become a strong person?

That is, to project all learning ability to self-growth, for example, read an hour a day to enrich your knowledge; write a diary every day to summarize today’s gains and losses; write an article every week to help others At the same time, sort out your gains this week... At the beginning of this method, the effect may be very small, not obvious, or even not noticeable at all:

"I just read one more hour today. I haven't changed much. I'm still me. It's a different kind of firework."

However, you have to know that the increase in energy density will increase exponentially. Every time you invest, you will bring some small improvements. Although the proportion is small, even if it only increases by 1% each time, how much will your energy density increase if you persist for 1 year?

Therefore, in the end, the difference between people is not only a few times the difference that we can usually perceive, but maybe hundreds or even tens of thousands of times the difference!

The most terrible thing is that people who are better than you work harder than you.

Spend your learning as much as possible on self-growth, and you will get the highest input-output ratio.
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