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Which is More Important in Life: Love or Money | Essay

Which is More Important in Life: Love or Money Money is more important than love!, The Importance of Love, The importance of money
I once saw a sentence on the Internet: "Love without bread is shabby, and bread without love is tasteless. Therefore, greedy people expect to have left-handed love and right-handed bread.

In this materialistic age, money has penetrated into all aspects of life, including love. Many people will use money as a standard when choosing love.

Money is closely linked with love. Everyone wants to have both at the same time, but this is not a simple matter. More often, we can only choose one of the two.

Love or Money, Which is More Important?

A few days ago, I saw a question on the Internet: which is more important, money or love?  Below the question, there are several comments, but my favorite is this one: "People think ugly and love beauty and people think poor and rich. If you are ugly and poor, please don't be too indulged in self-deception." 

Yes, if you are strong, you won't do multiple choice questions here; only if you are weak, you will stand in place and struggle repeatedly. You are just trying to use this meaningless contrast to conceal the fragility of your heart. 

Choosing between the pursuit of spiritual life and the pursuit of material life will not make your love look more beautiful, it will only wither.

Therefore, I always feel that the best love is not a multiple-choice question, but to go all out. If you can be your best self first, and then give him what he wants most, then you will become the happiest person in the world.

1. When comparing love and money together 

It makes people feel a bit mundane. Whether in books or film and television works, love is priceless, but now in the face of reality, when the two really choose each other, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise see wisdom. The problem lies with you. 

Once If You Are the One, the famous saying, “I would rather sit on a BMW and cry than laugh on a bicycle”, has subverted the values ​​of the entire society, and has also been complained about by many people. 

However, do you think I Am the person I don’t love living a life of glory and prosperity? Or is it to live a hard life with a loved one and be happy? 

We briefly talked about my views on this issue:
  • Live a prosperous life with those you don’t love 
  • life of abandoning money and love
  • Running a better life together because of love

  • Live a prosperous life with those you don’t love

In real life, there are certainly many people living this kind of life, living an enviable life on the surface. And this kind of life, whether she is happy or unhappy, only she knows. Money allows a person to meet material needs, but what is often lost is spiritual needs.
For example, we see many wearing brand-name clothing, shuttled between famous boutiques to pass the time, actually want to eliminate the endless loneliness in their heart. This is the status quo of the lives of some women and men who are prosperous and wealthy or successful in their careers.

  • Life of abandoning money and love

You may quarrel because of firewood, rice, oil, salt, and quarrel because of small trivial matters because you have no financial basis. We are familiar with the plot of the Titanic movie. A prodigal son who gambled to win the ticket gave up his life to encourage the rich lady. 

Their love can be abandoned even with their lives. It can be described as priceless, but if they really survived, When facing life in the future, it is unknown whether the two lives together in the future will be happy. 

Whether two different living environments, different education levels, and different thinking modes will really be happy for a lifetime is a matter to be discussed. . True love is the one who has ten dollars and is willing to spend nine dollars for you, not the one who only spends ten dollars for you with one hundred dollars. 

Everyone knows this truth, but it seems so pale and helpless when facing the social reality, it is necessary to live together, bear the responsibilities and obligations of a family together, and bear the financial pressure of the family together. So there is a saying that is very classic. 

A woman before 28 is married to love, and a woman after 28 is married to money. A woman will face old age. When she is no longer young, of course, she will consider whether she is really reliable for the rest of her life.

  • Running a better life together because of love

Love is still money. This question varies from person to person. No one will tell you the truly correct answer. You only know the answer by yourself, just as a person drinks water and knows how cold or warm it is. This is also a dilemma. 

In fact, love is a very beautiful and impulsive thing, it sometimes makes you lose your mind, and you will be together even if you are desperate. 

As said, "I once had a sincere love in front of me. I didn't cherish it. I regret it when I lost it." If you don't have money, you can earn it, but if your love is gone, you probably won't have it again in your life. 

In fact, you can lead the one you love to work hard and fight together. Don't give up the one you love and the one who loves you. Some people can only meet true love once in a lifetime, so don't abandon love. 

Otherwise, no matter how much money you make, you won't be able to find your lost love. But in our lives, apart from love, there are family relationships, friendships, responsibilities, and obligations. Because we must always remember that we live not only for ourselves but for many people and society around us.

2. Which is More Important in Life: Love or Money

Before answering this question, let me talk about my understanding of love. Two people who love each other can have different domains and different pursuits in life, but one thing can be assured they have the same concept of pursuing love. 

In a specific environment or at an inadvertent corner, a man and a woman met, maybe there was a brief language exchange, maybe it was just a moment when their eyes were facing each other, they forced their inner turbulence, they couldn't hide the shyness of the first sight. 

But in short, they met, they had a good impression of each other, after that, they left contact information, they began to have more contact, they had a full understanding of each other, they began to appreciate each other, and they became the way of life Your soulmate, they are in love.

  • Are love and money related to each other?

You may ask, how can love have nothing to do with money? Then I tell you, if you have to say that there is a connection, it is after they have a love that they thought of their marriage. Only then did they begin to face this realistic and skinny question. 

Is money important? Is marriage with love important? I believe that more than half of the people choose money because they think that love without bread will eventually starve to death. 

This has laid the heaviest fortune in his future life. Well, since you have chosen money, don’t you tell anyone, you are lonely because the first choice is your cause and effect.

What I still believe is that there is beautiful love in this world at all times. There are so many people who struggle together, they pursue together, they may be poor, but they never lack comfort, they comfort each other spiritually, and they support each other in life. 

Some people give umbrellas when it rains, and some people give clothes when it’s cold. They chose their first love, and their happiness ended in one end.

  • What is your choice? money or love?

I am a small migrant worker and I have never had romantic love, so my understanding of love may be paranoid and superficial.

3. Money is more important than love!

Money is the material basis, and love is the spiritual civilization. What do you think is important? If there is a material foundation without spiritual civilization, it is a walking dead, and if there is a spiritual civilization without a material foundation, it is a sky garden. 

So, facing the two, I want to ask which kind of marriage everyone chooses:
  • Marriage with love without money.
  • Marriage with money and no love.
  • A rich and loving marriage.
  • Marriage without money and love.
Have you chosen? I just want to tell you that the above-mentioned marriages all have pain points, but the pain is different. There are heartaches, body pains, and some souls. So, it depends on the kind of marriage that makes you feel lighter and laugh more. 

4. In marriage, which is more important, money or love? 

Love and money are two events that seem to be unconnected. One is the belief in idealism, and the other is the reality of materialism. However, the two, there are inextricably linked. Love and marriage are dilapidated without the support of money. 

Life in poverty is not necessarily unhappy, but very few people are willing to live in poverty all their lives. On the other hand, a marriage with only money and no love lacks pleasure. Apart from material pleasure, it cannot get the care of people.

5. How to deal with the relationship between love and money? 

Let's talk about it below!

  First of all, we must correctly understand the concept of love and money! In theory, there must be true love between husband and wife, and money is also indispensable in marriage. The two complement each other to promote a happy marriage. The essence of marriage is the trivial matter of life, and what sustains the trivial matter of life is the source of money.

  The old saying goes well: "Poor and lowly couples are sad." A married life without money is bound to have a lot of troubles. And a marriage supported only by money will not last long. Many people still have many conflicts between husband and wife after they have enough material guarantees. 

For example, we can often see certain celebrity divorces or certain celebrities cheating. Are they short of money? What they lack is the communication between husband and wife, and what they lack is the relationship between husband and wife, so don't simply think that if you have money, you can manage the relationship between husband and wife.

  Secondly, it is necessary to understand that there is more money and less money to use. Marriage must have love and money. But don't be too greedy. Many people feel that their husbands are limited in their ability, unable to make a lot of money, and cannot make themselves and their families live up to the standard of the high life. 

However, we must understand that in this world, there are not so many richest people, there are not so many local tyrants, and ordinary people still occupy the vast majority.

  We can spur our husbands to be personal, but we can't be too eager for quick success and quick gains, always treat our husbands with ridicule and contempt, value money, ignore feelings, and we will never get a happy marriage!

  Finally, we have to understand that money is only an external object, and love is supreme. Husband and wife have a life-long relationship. What cannot be lacking is true feelings. 

After all, money is only a foreign object, it is only used to improve the basic living conditions of the couple's family. For different couples, they have different values. As for whether love is important or money is important, it depends on their values! 

6. Do you think money is more important than love?

One might say that money makes the mare go. In other words, many things can be bought with money. As a matter of fact, we cannot do anything without money in many cases. 

Therefore, money is indispensable to us. As for love, it’s the motive power of life. I take it for granted that it’s very valuable and necessary for happy living. In practice, I maintain that love is more important than love.

No doubt, love is above wealth. Can you imagine how terrible it is without love? But the problem is that many people don’t know the value of love until they lose it. They pursue wealth so hard without paying any attention to cultivating the love between people. 

They don’t realize that love is the most important thing that they should cherish most. Just having a think, what’s the use of wealth without love? Provided that we lose wealth, we may regain it by working hard. Put the case that we lose love, it’s impossible to make up for it!

To sum up, love is more important than money. Under no circumstances should we neglect the importance of love.

7. The Importance of Love

There is no shortage of love in our society and the whole world, but there are still many people who do not understand the meaning of love and the importance of love

Love is a simple and complex word, it contains many meanings. Such as: the love of parents for their children, and the love of lovers. The love between countries, the love of the country and society for the people, and so on. 

The love between men and women is the great desire of human beings. It has made countless of us obtain a great interest in life, and it has also caused countless of us to fall into deep pain.

Love is the strong attachment, closeness, yearning, selflessness, and omnipotence between us. Love means to live in the heart of the other party, with the attributes of intimacy, lust, and commitment, to have confidence in the longevity of this relationship, and to be able to share the private life with the other party.

Love is an integral part of our human nature. It refers to love between lovers in a narrow sense and also includes love between friends and relatives in a broad sense. Based on the emotion of love, love has developed different characteristics in different cultures.

Love is the desire of life, and love is the imagination of youth. The meaning of love lies in: letting wisdom and diligence brew the fragrance of life, interpreting the movement of life with expectation, and composing the faith of life with sincerity and understanding, tolerance, and trust.

Love is a kind of emotional dependence. The cultural process of love is a game. Its result is affection. Love and affection are images of objects and souls, which are defined as love. Usually, it refers to what people show in the stage of love. Special feelings.

Love is also the strongest form of interpersonal attraction. It refers to individuals who have reached a certain level of psychological maturity and have high-level emotions towards individuals of the opposite sex.

Love is a strong, innocent, and dedicated feeling between men and women based on a certain social foundation and common ideals in life, formed in their hearts, eager to develop an intimate relationship and longing for each other to become their own lifelong partners.

Sex, ideals, and responsibility are the three basic elements of love. Women usually fall in love with healthy, peaceful, funny, kind, and generous men. When men choose short-term partners, they tend to ignore women’s wisdom, education, loyalty, sense of humor, and age. But men who choose long-term partners value basic virtues.

The concept of love changes at different stages of life, especially in different stages of marriage. Men tend to fall in love with women's youthful beauty, while women tend to fall in love with men's wealthy status. 

However, the love that everyone needs to find is different, and the experience of adolescence has the most significant influence on a person's choice of love.

The essence of love is a chemical reaction. The special smell emitted by hormones and hormones is recognized by the brain and its preferences are known to produce a feeling. 

Some feelings are innate, such as the feelings of parents for their children, and some feelings are acquired, such as friendship, brotherhood, love, patriotism, etc.

Love is a kind of mutual dependence, it is a giving rather than a one-way demand. The love between men and women is the purest and most beautiful beauty and emotional experience. Good love is the free and easy way of both parties taking freedom as the highest gift and cherishing of never abuse of this freedom.

Love is often expressed through kissing, hugging, caressing, and sexual behavior between men and women. The most important manifestation of love is that a person does everything he can for his lover. Love will bring psychological changes to both parties in love.

The first is idealization. Two people in love will ignore each other's shortcomings and exaggerate each other's strengths. Idealization can prompt both parties to believe that they have made the most correct choice.

8. What do you think about love in the social phenomenon?

That is real life too many people would like to choose a spouse by taking appearance as the most important standard. I won’t take it as a standard as many others do, they don’t really understand what love means, and after their marriage, some problems do appear, which becomes a serious social phenomenon .and if you do, is that means that you won’t love her anymore if she becomes old and loses her beauty.

I mean with the time passing, a couple dating and marrying, the most important emotion between a couple to keep their relationship becomes family love, instead of amor. so, I mean the appearance is the prerequisite condition of love, but not the determinant. 

9. The importance of money 

Money is a necessity in people's lives. In modern commodity society, it is difficult to live without money. There is a famous saying: "Money is not everything, but no money is absolutely impossible." This sentence fully illustrates the importance of money in life. I have summarized 10 points about the importance of money:

The main functions of money are as follows:
  1. Money is the courage of men. Men need money in society. Without money, they have no value in front of their families and have no status in society, and it is difficult to be recognized. For example, when a man goes to a shopping mall and sees brand-name clothing, the waiter asks, "Sir, let's try one?" If there is no money in his pocket, he has no courage. Therefore, a man must be rich.
  2. Money is a woman's face. Every woman likes to be beautiful and hopes to have a beautiful face, but the face of a rich woman is different from that of a woman without money. Rich women tend to take better care of women than those with no money. Apart from the difference between the cosmetics used by rich women and those with no money, the most important thing about the impact of money on a woman’s face is not in cosmetics, but in the effect of money on women. The kind of inner peace and tranquility that it brings. There is a saying, “Matching is born from one’s heart, rich and no money can be seen for inner peace, for life, for dressing, maintenance, and so on. For another example, a female university graduates at the age of 22, one has money and the other has no money. Ten years later, if you look at it again, a rich woman is definitely different from a poor woman. Therefore, women must also be rich.
  3. Money is human dignity. Money is respect for the country, and for individuals, it is also a kind of respect. Poor people have short ambitions, and few people can do that.
  4. Money is the root of marriage. Marriage without money is like building a house in the desert. It is not long-lasting. Money is the material basis for marriage, and marriage without a material basis is not strong. Therefore, when we choose a lover and a woman finds a husband, it is like choosing stocks. We must either find the rich or the blue-chip stocks, who will have great achievements in the future. If the man you are looking for does not have a desire to succeed, does not have a strong desire to make money, or cannot rise in the future, then you will basically have little prospects in your life.
  5. Money is love. When we express our love to our lovers, to our parents, to relatives and friends, most of it is achieved with money. If you shout "I love you" to your lover and parents every day, but you can't let them lead a good life, this is not true love!
  6. Money is the foundation of civilization. Spiritual civilization is built on the basis of material civilization. Without money, there is no spiritual understanding. When you are poor, no one talks about civilization. When you have money and your material life is better, the level of civilization will gradually increase, the level of civilization will increase, and the quality will gradually improve.
  7. Money is the bond of friendship. In a material society, there are few pure friendships between people. There are not many women and women, and fewer men and men. Others associate with you because you are valuable. If you are not valuable, you will have very few friends. When you have money, you will have many friends around you. When you are impoverished, many friends will leave you. Therefore, money plays a key role in your relationships.
  8. Money is the driving force of life. Making money is the driving force of life. If you want to eat, wear, buy a house, buy a car, and live, you must earn money because only money can achieve this. Some people say that I did this business or work because of love. Then I would like to ask: You do not pay you for the work you do. Can you still do it?
  9. Money can let others do things for you. go around, although money is not everything, sometimes, you can not do the things. love, money was able to do so.
  10. Money can make you feel free. Many people say that I don’t like my current job. I am scolded by my boss and controlled by others. I still need to look at the faces of others, but I still have to go to work! Because you have a mortgage, a car loan, and you want Life, you must go.
The above statement shows the importance of money to the people.

10. Money Can't Buy Love

Love is priceless, and money is innocent. Money cannot buy love, but love does not exclude money. 

Money cannot buy love. Love cannot be measured by money. Love is controlled by yourself. As long as you fight for it, love will blossom and bear fruit. But you can’t buy it with money. Money can only buy what you need, but Can't buy love! 

I have summarized 19 points about money can't buy love:
  1. Really don't need money to buy. truth. Money can't buy it. This is called true love.
  2. True love, no amount of money can be bought, no amount of roses can be exchanged.
  3. Some people always treat love as a game! Think that love only needs money! There are too many things in this world that money cannot buy! You must know how to cherish true love!
  4. In this world, money can't buy, I'm afraid there is only time, true love, and life.
  5. It is not necessarily happy to have a lot of money. Money cannot buy carefree and true love.
  6. money is not omnipotent. True love cannot be bought. The best marriage is a spiritual match.
  7. Money cannot buy love, but love needs money; in short, it is: Talking about money hurts feelings, and talking about feelings hurts money.
  8. Money cannot buy love; tears cannot win love. Women must know how to love themselves, learn to be strong, and more importantly, keep their dignity!
  9. Money cannot buy true feelings. Don't sacrifice someone who has betrayed you sincerely for money.
  10. Maybe your closest friend will become the most familiar stranger like this! Money can't buy true feelings, but it can destroy them, and let people see everything through.
  11. It is shameful to use money to measure feelings! !! Money can't buy true feelings, and you can't get your youth back! !!
  12. Money cannot buy family affection, money cannot buy true love, money cannot buy a peaceful heart, money cannot buy a rich spirit, money cannot buy nature, money cannot buy true faith...
  13. Youth is gone forever. Many things cannot be bought with money, such as time, love, life experience, companionship with relatives, health, for example, too much.
  14. There are still so many beautiful things in the world that cannot be bought with money, such as a graceful figure, such as flowing music, such as the eyes that discover the beauty, such as touch in life, such as art, such as love.
  15. The most precious things in the world cannot be bought with money, for example, family, love, and friendship, these all cannot be bought with money, you just need to protect and cherish them with your heart.
  16. The old people said: The number of gifts determines how happy you are after marriage. Let me say: Money can buy marriage, but love can never be bought!
  17. The most precious things in the world are true feelings and true love. Even if you have a wealth of wealth, gold and silver, you can’t get a person’s true love and true love. What money can buy is a body without soul and emotion, and cannot buy a person's sincere love for you.
  18. Money cannot buy true love, let alone a happy family. If you don't meet the person who can spend your life with you, you'd rather be single and never marry for money. It really won't be happy!
  19. Love does not matter whether it is high or low. Money cannot buy true love. As long as it is sincere, as long as it has feelings, as long as it is happy together and can share the joys and sorrows, it is true love.


Is money more important or love more important? I personally think that money is important, but love is more important! Human happiness is sometimes bought with money, but love money can not be able to buy!

I expressed this feeling. In the past month, my relatives in my family were terminally ill. They spent a lot of money to travel to and from the hospital, but what is the possibility of a cure? Can you keep your life? As you can imagine!
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