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Top 8 Best Small Air Purifier for Bedroom – Small and Large

Top 8 Best Small Air Purifier for Bedroom – Small and Large, best mini air purifier, portable air purifier for home
You will have everything you need to make the right decision on the best small air purifier for your bedroom

On this page, you will find everything if you want to quickly make the right decision to buy a small air purifier for your bedroom. our list of the most important indoor air purifiers. Still don't know? 

The best small air purifiers for bedrooms come in many models and a lot of sizes that amaze you completely. Read about them in the guide for air purifiers. 

If you want the stronger force of the air. Preferably one with a huge bed. If yours are bigger than average we suggest you pick.
The best mini air purifier is relatively new to the air cleaner market and functions as a comfortable, effective, and cost-efficient alternative product. And they are great when storage is limited, the likes of apartments or dormitories, RVs, kitchens, and offices. 

Their varied styles enable them to be used within a wide range of positions including tabletops, shelves, or even flooring. Whether you decide if you use it or not, the below list of the best mini air purifier is sure that will suit your needs.

One of the Covid mitigation strategies recommended by the CDC is the improvement of air circulation inside. The CDC suggests utilizing a personal portable air purifier for effective air cleaning. 

If you have asthma, allergies, or other air-borne illnesses it may be smart to invest in a dust purifier. We also asked for an expert opinion on what is air purification and how this system differs from other air purifiers. What is a portable air purifier for the home? Our bodies are talking about 20,000 breaths each day and 90% of our time occupied a room.

Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable or have difficulty sleeping while you are sleeping? Maybe a small air purifier for the bedroom can help you fall asleep quickly and comfortably, because sometimes some dust, smoke, or other allergen particles are inhaled during sleep Our body causes our body discomfort. 

Preventing a suitable best small air purifier for the bedroom can help us reduce air pollution so that we can have a healthy breathing environment to let us sleep comfortably. 

Today, I will select a small air purifier for bedrooms in the United States, UK, Australia, and Canadian people and recommend them for your reference.

In this guide, we will introduce 8 types of small air purifiers for bedrooms and recommend them to everyone. Whether you use it in a small bedroom or a large bedroom, you will find the right air purifier for you. Help you breathe easier:

Top 8 Best Small Air Purifiers for Bedrooms – Small and Large

1. Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

Visit the RabbitAir Store


If you are looking for an air purifier with the strongest performance and is most suitable for bedroom use, then this Rabbit Air MinusA2 will be your first choice. Because it has a very powerful ability to clean the air in a large area of the room, and it has a 6-level air purification system and a deodorizing system, it can be said to be the best in the air purification system industry.

Its 6-stage air purification systems are:

  1. Pre-filter
  2. Medium filter
  3. BioGS HEPA filter, it is a True HEPA filter with long service life
  4. Custom filter
  5. Activated carbon filter
  6. Ionizer
Combining all these air purification technologies, can clear almost all the pollution particles in the bedroom and help you have a good sleeping environment. Its unique custom filter options can also help you make personalized adjustments to this air purifier, including:
  • Bacterial defense filter: Reduce airborne bacteria, mold spores, and virus-carrying particles.
  • Pet allergy filter: reduce pet dander, pet allergens, and pet hair.
  • Toxin absorption filter: Reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other chemical substances.
  • Deodorizing filter: Reduce pets, cigarettes, cooking, and moldy odors.
Another main function of this bedroom air purifier is that it can be wall-mounted or placed separately on the floor, which can increase its placement options for you. And if you want to fully control it with an iOS or Android smart device, you can choose to buy a version with a WIFI connection.

The best part is that it can purify the air in a room ranging from 700 to 815sq ft. This is perfect for large master bedrooms or even basement bedrooms. Especially it can work better and more efficiently in smaller bedrooms. All in all, it can be said that this Rabbit Air MinusA2 air purifier is the most suitable air purifier for use in the bedroom.

2. The Alen BreatheSmart the Flex Air Purifier air cleaner 

Visit the Alen Store


If you have a large bedroom, then this Alen FLEX Air Purifier is very suitable for use. This is a device with a variety of colors to choose from.

It has very powerful functions, such as:

  • Variety of HEPA filter types: This allows you to customize the air purifier to meet your specific air quality needs. You can choose with options to remove dust, toadstools, pet odors, or extra smoke or smoke.
  • A variety of front panel colors and designs: you can choose to match your personal style and fit your existing bedroom decoration. Including white, blue, brushed bronze, stainless steel, black, rosewood, natural maple, and other colors.
  • Sleep mode: This will turn off all the indicators on the device and will not affect sleep.
  • Pink noise frequency: The fan has been tuned to emit pink noise, which can help you improve your sleep quality by 25%.
  • Verified by SleepScore: When using this air purifier in the bedroom, users will feel more energetic when they wake up.
  • Whisper silent: The noise level at the lowest fan speed setting is 39 dB.
  • 4Fan speed: different levels of purification efficiency can be selected.
This Alen FLEX Air Purifier can help you eliminate dust, dander, allergens, fur, cooking odors, etc. in the bedroom air while preventing the growth of mold and bacteria. 

You can choose a filter with activated carbon, which can absorb harmful air particles, including smoke, household chemicals, VOCs, etc. Its medical-grade H13 real HEPA layer can remove 99.99% of bacteria, atomized viruses, and airborne particles larger than 0.1 microns.

It can clean up to 700 Sq Ft of space every 30 minutes, which is very suitable for any space in super large bedrooms, living rooms, offices, kitchens, and basements. And it is very power-efficient and has obtained Energy Star Certified certification. Its Turbo speed is 50 watts. 

If you use its lowest setting, it will consume less than 50 cents of electricity per month, so compared to the 80 watts of the Blueair Classic 205 and the 61 watts of the Blue Pure 121, it is very energy-efficient. So, if you have a large bedroom and need an air purifier, then this is a very good choice.

3. LEVOIT Core300 Air Purifier for Home Allergies and the Smokers Quick Facts Pets Hair Air Purifier

Visit the LEVOIT Store


Nowadays, small air purifiers are popular because of their performance, portability, and simple design. For smaller bedrooms, this Levoit Core 300 is very suitable for use. 

It has the following very significant advantages:

Filter: It has a three-layer filtration system including a three-in-one pre-filter, a True HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. Its filter service life is about 6-8 months. After time has passed, it needs to be replaced to achieve the best purification effect.
  • Maximum CADR: 230 cubic meters per hour (m3/h) or 135 cubic meters per minute (cfm)
  • Room area that can be purified: 219sq ft, 5 air changes per hour (ACH)
  • Fan speed: three-speed options
  • Noise level: 24 – 50 dB
  • Rated power: 45 watts (very energy-saving)

Levoit Core 300 use evaluation: 

This Levoit Core 300 air purifier uses a three-stage filtration system: a pre-filter, a real HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. The pre-filter can capture larger particles in the air, such as hair and pet fur, which can also extend the service life of the HEPA main filter. 

Its main filter is a real HEPA filter, which can capture 99.97% of household dust, dust mites, pollen, and mold spores with a diameter of 0.3 microns. It also has a granular activated carbon filter, which will help absorb indoor cooking odors, cigarette odors, and some VOCs.

LEVOIT Air Purifier Core300 top control panel

The touch control panel on the top of it is very convenient to use and includes all the necessary functions for an air purifier. It has 3 fan speeds and four different timers: 2hr, 4hr, 6r, and 8hr. Its appearance has a sleek design and is easy to keep clean. 

It has a small footprint and can be placed anywhere in the house. It has a simple perforated grille on the outside, which can circulate a lot of air. Because it can inhale air in a 360-degree range around it, its performance is best when it is used in a place where there are no obstacles around it.

The Levoit Core 300 HEPA air purifier operates in two different modes: constant mode and timer mode. In constant mode, it will run continuously until the power is turned off. In the timer mode, it will run until the timer expires. 

You can set the timer to 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours by repeatedly clicking the timer button. You can set it to sleep mode, in which the fan rotates at the lowest speed and turns off the display. It also has a display lock to prevent the indicator from being touched unnecessarily.

The minimum noise is only 24dB, which is lower than the whisper sound level, and the maximum noise is about 50dB, which is a bit loud for an air purifier of 135 cfm. Therefore, you can use it in a small bedroom at night, and the fan speed can be adjusted to a minimum to help sleep. Overall, it is the best air purifier for small bedrooms under $100.

4. Blueair 411 Air Purifier Pure Blue air cleaner

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Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier is made in Sweden, this brand has more than 20 years of experience in air purification. It can be said that the Blueair air purifier is one of the best air purifiers. It can cover a space of 190sq ft., which is very suitable for use in small bedrooms. 

Blueair Blue Pure 411 uses a three-stage filtration system. Its pre-filter is a simple fabric that is easy to replace. It can also be washed with water. Its pre-filter is used to capture large particles.

Its three-stage air purifier systems are:

  • Pre-filter- It is worth noting that the fabric pre-filter of Blue Pure 411 is outside the air purifier. This is a big advantage of this pre-filter because you can easily check its status to clean it.
  • Particle filter- Blue Pure 411 polypropylene fiber filter is replaced True HEPA filters, which can help to capture 99% of all allergens, such as dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and fungi (which uses HEPASilent technology).
  • Activated carbon filter- it can effectively prevent smoke, odor, gas, and VOC.
You can also change its fan speed to customize the efficiency of clean air according to the size of the room. Blue Pure 411 is equipped with a 360° air inlet to maximize the efficiency of the fan power supply. It uses the unique HEPASilent technology to combine mechanical filtration and electrostatic filtration together.

As Blue Pure 411 is suitable for bedroom use, its room coverage rate is 161Sq Ft. Its ACH rating is 5 times, so its hourly air exchange rate is very high. The CADR of Blue Pure 411 also has powerful functions of 120 dust/105 smoke/120 pollen (cfm). With such a high CADR and ACH, Blue Pure 411 has been loved by many people.

5. Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA air purifier

Visit the Coway Store


Coway AP-1512HH air purifier is one of the most anticipated air purification equipment for many years because it has many advantages such as quiet working sound, 12.3 pounds very lightweight, and two operating modes: automatic mode and environmental protection model. The reason why Coway AP-1512HH air purifier is very suitable for bedroom use. 

It has a powerful 4-stage air filtration system:

  1. Pre-filter -The air first passes through the pre-filter. This washable pre-filter can efficiently capture large particles of contaminants in pet hair, human hair, and mold.
  2. Activated carbon filter -this filter can play the best role, and can deodorize and trap harmful gases to keep your room fresh and tasteless.
  3. True HEPA filter  -high-performance composite True HEPA filter, can capture 99.97% of allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold, and fungus particles as low as 0.3 microns.
  4. Ionizers  -important ionizers can capture even the smallest airborne particles and send them back to other filters. Can be turned on/off.

Its main features:

  • Amazing performance level, the advanced air filtration process
  • Smart functions (such as smart sensors and eco mode)
  • It runs very quietly (very suitable for use in the bedroom)
  • Low efficiency (very energy efficient)
  • Can cover a room of 360sq ft.
We have tested hundreds of air purifiers, and Coway AP-1512HH is clearly one of the best air purifiers in terms of performance and price. It is safe to say that if you want to choose the best air purifier in the price range of $200, then this Coway AP-1512HH is undoubtedly one of the best choices for use in the bedroom.

6. Molekule Air Mini Air Purifier

Visit the Molekule Store


Molekule Air Mini air purifier has become very popular recently with its innovative air purification technology. Molekule Air Mini uses the same new technology air purification system as the larger Molekule Air and provides a room covering 250sq ft, which is very suitable for use in the bedroom. The Molekule brand entered the US market in 2014, and the company is proud of its unique PECO air filtration technology.

With its unique Molekule air filtration system, the Molekule series is completely different from other air purifiers. In addition to the fascinating design, the PECO air filtration system of the Molekule Air Mini has left a deep impression. 

Its air purification systems are:

  • Pre-filter- A simple MERV-12 pre-filter is used to collect larger particles, such as dust and dander, to slow down the process of volatile organic compounds (VOC) entering the PECO filter.
  • PECO filter– By using UV-C filters, PECO air filters can use free radicals to break down pollutants at the molecular level, including VOCs, bacteria, molds, viruses, and allergens.
Molekule Air the best mini air purifier has a powerful and innovative patented PECO technology in photoelectrochemical oxidation. This technology is derived from the popular PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) air filtration system, which is used in many air purifiers, such as Vornado PCO375DC, Vornado PCO575DC, etc. 

Molekule Air Mini has a rated power of only 18 watts and a maximum power of 80 watts. If you run the Molekule Air Mini for 8 hours a day, depending on the most commonly used fan speed, this will cost anywhere from $6 to $29 in electricity bills.

Its appearance is very beautiful and cute. You can put it in the study or workroom during the day and put it in the bedroom at night. Molekule Air Mini also provides a PECO filter ordering mode, because it is important to replace the filter regularly, and it is not best to replace it at the expected frequency (every six months), so as to maintain its air purification performance. 

And if someone at home has allergies or asthma, then it can also help you reduce the occurrence of allergies and asthma. Its disadvantage is that when the fan power is adjusted to the maximum, it feels very noisy.

7. The Bissell Air320 Air Purifier air cleaner

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This Bissell air320 smart purifier, with a high-efficiency filter and carbon filter, is suitable for large rooms and bedrooms. It has been certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). 

It has the following main features:

  • Integrated sensors to monitor air quality.
  • Automatic night mode, quiet operation.
  • Covering an area of 1000sq ft.
  • The 3-stage filtration system can remove 0.3-micron particles.

Bissell air320 uses a simple 3-stage air purification system, 100% ozone-free.

  1. Pre-filter - Fabric pre-filter is used to capture large contaminants such as pet hair, fur, and large dust. It is washable and can be used permanently.
  2. HEPA filter- Using a pleated high-efficiency filter, Bissell air320 can capture 99.7% of 0.3 microns or larger particles.
  3. Activated carbon filter- The honeycomb activated carbon filter is designed with actual carbon blocks and can capture odor-producing gases and volatile organic compounds (VOC).
Through normal use, the operating power consumption of Bissell air320 is 116 watts. If you use Bissell air320 for 8 hours a day, you need to pay about $41 a year in electricity bills, so it is still relatively expensive. And its filter is a HEPA filter, not a True HEPA filter.

8. The IQAir Air Purifier air cleaner

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This IQAir Air Purifier is very convenient and efficient to use. It has a stylish appearance, compact design, and powerful functions. IQAir's HyperHEPA filter technology can filter the air to a 0.003-micron level-smaller than most viruses.

The reasons that make it the best air filter for the bedroom are as follows:

  • The most acclaimed personal air purifier: twice won the Global Innovation Award.
  • HyperHEPA filter: This advanced filter can capture 99% of fine particles down to 0.003 microns (10 times smaller than viruses).
  • Enable Smart Wi-Fi: It can be controlled with a smartphone through its IQAir mobile app.
  • Proximity sensor: When the IQAir Atem is synchronized with your mobile device, the proximity sensor will automatically turn off when you leave the air purifier. This function helps to save energy and extend the life of the filter.
  • 3 Fan speed: the purification speed can be adjusted according to needs.

Because of its small size, it has a wide range of uses. It can become:

  • Small space air purifier
  • Car air purifier
  • Desktop air purifier
  • Travel air purifier
  • Portable air purifier
Overall, this is a good choice for people who want a modern air purification device with advanced intelligent control functions for small bedrooms with an area of no more than 80sq ft.

How long is the air purifier suitable for?

With the deterioration of air quality, people are becoming more and more dependent on air purifiers. Is it appropriate to keep the air purifier on? How long should the air purifier be on? Next, let’s take a look at the proper start-up time of the air purifier.

How long the air purifier needs to be turned on is actually determined by the air quality in the room. The worse the air quality, the longer it takes to turn on. On the contrary, the better the air quality, the longer it will take to keep it on.

When the weather quality is good or excellent, or when it is raining, it is recommended not to turn on the air purifier, because the dust and suspended solids will drop on a rainy day.

In the case of poor air quality, the start-up time is also related to the performance of the product and the size of the room. Generally, the working time of a general air purifier is four to eight hours to achieve a good purification effect. If the room space is larger If so, you can extend the time as needed.

When using the air purifier, it is recommended to close the doors and windows and to be more than 50 cm away from other household appliances and more than 50 cm away from the wall. If the air purifier is used with an active oxygen function, people cannot wait while the active oxygen function is on. Inside, because active oxygen will cause secondary pollution.

Another trick is that if the indoor air conditioner is turned on, you can place the air purifier on the opposite side of the air conditioner so that effective air circulation can be formed.

It should be noted that the electrostatic or plasma discharge purifier will produce a small amount of ozone during use. The long-term operation will cause the indoor ozone concentration to exceed the standard, so such purifiers are not recommended for continuous use. Whether it produces ozone or not can be identified by checking whether there is any peculiar smell at the air outlet after opening it for a period of time.

It is recommended to open more windows for ventilation in newly renovated houses because decoration pollutants such as formaldehyde are continuously released, and the emission will decrease with the passage of time, and the effect of opening windows to disperse formaldehyde on windy days is far greater Because of the CADR value of the air purifier, it is the best way to open windows for ventilation in the initial stage of newly renovated houses.

Will a small air purifier be effective in a large room?

It depends on how small the air purifier is and how big the room is. There are only two factors that affect the purification efficiency, one is the performance and thickness of the filter, and the other is the air volume.

The core indicator of an air purifier is the air volume and an air purifier with a certain air volume has a limited purification area. Here I don’t recommend just staring at the applicable area. The applicable area of many air purifiers is exaggerated. The air volume of a domestic air purifier is only 150m³/H, but the applicable area is 60 square meters, which is more than doubled.

So when choosing, be sure to check the air volume of that air purifier. Internationally, indoor air is required to be updated five times within an hour to meet the requirements of clean air. In this way, the applicable area of the air purifier can be calculated from the air volume. For example, the indoor height of a certain floor is 2.5 meters, and the applicable area = air volume/(5*2.5). Let me use my own olive green air purifier G2 to calculate it. 

The air volume is 290m³/H, so the applicable area is 290/(5*2.5)=23 square meters. When you buy on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.com, you can first look at the air volume of the product, and then calculate the result yourself according to this formula, and then compare it with the applicable area advertised by the manufacturer, and you will know that the manufacturer has There is no exaggerated publicity.

How to choose an air purifier for your home bedroom

1. Make clear two purchase goals before purchasing

Two shopping goals should be clarified before purchasing. 

One is to determine what the main source of pollution in the home is, is it pollen, dust, PM2.5, PM0.3, smoke, and other physical pollutants? Or formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, and Chemical pollutants such as VOC? Or biological pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, insects, and mites? 

The second is to clarify the area of the room where the air purifier is used, and then select the air purifier with the corresponding function according to the main pollution source; according to the area of the room Choose an air purifier that matches the cleanliness of the air.

2. Technical guides that need to be referred to in the purchase

  1. Purification technology
  2. Filter grade
  3. The amount of clean air
  4. Purification efficiency
  5. Real-time display of PM2.5 value
  6. Body structure
  7. Safety-secondary pollution
  8. Noise problem
  9. Power consumption problem

3. Use issues considered when purchasing

In addition to technical indicators, when purchasing an air purifier, you should also consider the problems you will encounter during use. First of all, you must see whether the design is humane and the operation is simple and convenient. Some people buy an air purifier and give it to their parents. I Will not use it, so whether the design of the air purifier is humane is also a factor that should be considered when buying. Some high-end air purifiers have a visual screen, and you can directly see the value of PM2.5, which is simple and convenient, and there is a child lock. The design prevents children from improper operation and is very user-friendly. Secondly, we must consider the issue of filter replacement and after-sales service.

4. Comprehensive consideration of the purchase

After considering the above three aspects, the purchase of an air purifier should also be considered from a comprehensive perspective, such as whether the manufacturer is a manufacturer specializing in the production of air purifiers, paying attention to distinguishing OEM manufacturers; whether it is in the real environment Really effective; whether it is safe and without secondary pollution. In addition, factors such as cost-effectiveness, reputation, brand strength, and service also need to be considered.

I hope can help you. thanks. 

FAQ about Best Small Air Purifier for Bedroom

Why use an air purifier? 

Formaldehyde decoration materials do not pass the test, and the volatilization time is long. High pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene are the culprits leading to acute leukemia. 

During the high incidence of pollen in spring, people who are susceptible to allergies are likely to be recruited. Symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes sometimes occur. Children have poor resistance and are prone to abnormal behaviors such as anorexia, hyperactivity, irritability, and lethargy, lack of concentration, and discontinuous speech. 

As long as the mites have bedding, there will be no escape from the mites in the house. In addition, the wet and rainy weather will accelerate the reproduction of mites. If you keep pets, it will undoubtedly worsen the situation. 

Second-hand smoke contains more than 3,000 chemical substances, which are extremely harmful to children's health, induce asthma, coronary heart disease, and other diseases, and can also cause lung cancer, oral cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, and other malignant tumors. 

Natural air is PM2.5. It has a large area and strong activity. It is easy to carry toxic and harmful substances. It stays in the atmosphere for a long time and travels a long distance.

What are the Quick tips for choosing an air purifier?

  • Find out where to place the air purifier so that you can choose the right size for your space.
  • Find an air purifier that can filter out pollutants suitable for your family or health needs (for example, removing pet dander or cigarette smoke).
  • Comparing CADR levels can show how effective air purifiers can filter specific pollutants.
  • Choosing HEPA filter (the gold standard of indoor air purifier) device.
  • Check the noise level (listed in decibels) in the product specifications. Depending on where you use the air purifier, quieter equipment may be required.
  • Calculate the daily maintenance and electricity costs of the air purifier so that you can budget beyond the budget of the first purchase.
  • Unless money is not an issue, skip bonus features, such as application integration.

How to choose an air purifier for different room sizes?

The current national standard requires that all products must be marked with "clean air volume". Clean air volume=2.3×room volume/time. In other words, an air purifier with a clean air volume of 100 can only be used in a room with a volume of 42 cubic meters if it wants to purify 90% of the inhalable particulate matter within an hour. 

Assuming that the height of the room is 3 meters, the usable area is 14 square meters. However, there are also many products that directly indicate the coverage area. Since the purifier is easy to move in each room, you only need to choose the product that meets the largest room area in your home.

1. The room area is less than 30 square meters. Generally speaking, for air purifiers less than 30 square meters, you should choose an air purifier with a purification air volume of about 150 cubic meters per hour. Such a purification air volume can already achieve a better purification effect in terms of the area of the room! In the face of such harsh air, it feels like a luxury to be able to breathe. So the air purifier is used quickly, what about the Hoover air purifier in the United States, now I will share my experience with you.

2. The room area is between 30-50 square meters. If the room area is 30-50 square meters, you should choose an air purifier with a purifying air volume between 250-400 when purchasing, and the air volume is also 300-420 cubic meters. Between meters per hour, it is suitable for 30-50 square meters of living room, study, bedroom, or office.

3. The room area is between 51-99 square meters. The room area of 51-99 square meters is larger, so you should choose an air purifier with a large enough air volume when purchasing. It is best if the purification air volume can be more than 400 cubic meters per hour.

4. For rooms with a room area of more than 100 square meters, if you want a better purification effect, you can choose a commercial air purifier with a large purification area. This type of purifier has a larger purification area than a home office and has a good purification capacity. Stronger!
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