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Best keyboard for gaming: mechanical, membrane and wireless

Best keyboard for gaming: mechanical, membrane and wireless, best mechanical gaming keyboard, which mechanical keyboard is best for game
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Today we will talk about the best keyboard for gaming: membrane, mechanical and wireless. When buying a gaming keyboard, sometimes many people are confused by the many choices on the market and don't know which one to choose and some questions arise in mind like which mechanical keyboard is best for gaming? what is the world's best keyboard for gaming? 

Generally speaking, a mechanical keyboard is very suitable for playing games, but it is not necessarily suitable for everyone. When looking for the best gaming keyboard, it is important to consider your personal needs. It is also important to consider the build quality of the keyboard, switch preferences, and the comfort of operating the gaming keyboard for a long time. 

The keyboard is one of the indispensable computer peripheral products in our current life. The previous keyboard has been used as an input device for office typing, and the emergence of computer games. The keyboard has gradually become a game peripheral. 

Due to the relatively low performance of early computers, computer games in this period were relatively simple. Ordinary office and home keyboards can fully meet the needs of players. However, with the continuous upgrading of hardware performance, the fun and complexity of games are also increasing, and the requirements for keyboard performance are getting higher and higher, so professional gaming keyboards were born.
From the perspective of the current keyboard market, keyboards are divided into two categories: membrane and mechanical. Mechanical keyboards have attracted the attention of players and ordinary consumers since 2010. Mechanical keyboards have always been high-end products and even professional in a sense. 

A status symbol. With the improvement of domestic brands' R&D strength, the situation where the core components of mechanical keyboards are monopolized by foreign brands has been broken. Mechanical keyboards have become the first choice of many players. 

This is mainly because mechanical keyboards have a more comfortable feel and crisp sound than traditional membrane keyboards, and they have a longer service life.

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What is a gaming keyboard? 

As the name implies, a gaming keyboard is a keyboard used to play games. We need to choose different gaming keyboards to deal with different types of games. In the current gaming keyboard market, most gamers choose mechanical keyboards as their primary choice when choosing gaming keyboards. 

This is because good gaming mechanical keyboards feel better than membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards are far beyond membrane keyboards in terms of service life. The rarest thing is that mechanical keyboards can maintain a long-lasting excellent feel. 

Why choose a mechanical keyboard for gaming?

The membrane keyboard is cheap, its typing feel can never be as good as a mechanical keyboard. Fortunately, in the past ten years, mechanical keyboards have returned to the public’s sight and become users who pursue input feel (such as gamers, programmers, and text Enter personnel) and the first choice of gamers. 

     The main choice for gaming keyboards is quality and feel. How should players choose mechanical keyboards of different brands and models in the market today? Which brands of mechanical keyboards have the most comfortable feel? 

The author today recommends several best mechanical gaming keyboards for everyone to refer to when buying.

We have tested more than 100 keyboards. The following are the 20 best gaming keyboards we have selected and recommended for your reference:

Best keyboard for gaming: mechanical, membrane, and wireless

1. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 


Best gaming mechanical keyboard - SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

Connectivity: Wired |  Size: Full size (100%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

This SteelSeries Apex Pro gaming mechanical keyboard is the best full-size gaming keyboard we have tested. It is a mechanical keyboard with a unique OmniPoint switch that allows you to customize the travel distance (operating distance between 0.4 mm and 3.6 mm) to suit your needs. 

This means that you can set a lower pre-stroke to improve the response speed of the game or set a higher pre-stroke to improve efficiency and typing accuracy. It has optical switches with a linear feel, so they will not provide any tactile feedback when typing and will not produce too much noise.

The experience feels very good, it is very durable, and it has a magnetic wrist rest, it has a good ergonomic design. It also has a full RGB backlight with individually illuminated keys, dedicated media controls, and an OLED screen that can customize almost everything you need. 

The SteelSeries Engine software is available on Windows and macOS and allows you to set the macro to any key you want. There is also a USB pass-through port that can be used to charge mobile devices or plugin other devices (such as a mouse).
But its disadvantage is: it does not have a dedicated macro key, which may disappoint some gamers. In addition, even though it can be used on Linux, because the OS lacks software support, you cannot fully customize it when using it on Linux. However, it is fully compatible with Windows and macOS. 

All in all, this is the best full-size and best gaming keyboard we have tested, and it can meet the needs of casual and professional gamers.

2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 


The Best Tactile Switch Gaming Mechanical Keyboard - Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

Connectivity: Wired |  Size: Full size (100%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

  • Dedicated media control. Smooth, responsive buttons. Beautiful aluminum wire drawing process. Easy-to-use customization tool.

  • expensive. There is no audio jack.

Recommended reason:

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is an expensive gaming keyboard with a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, leaving little room for improvement.

K95 Platinum, as the new generation flagship gaming keyboard of Corsair, fills the gap left by the K95 Avengers. The new version of K95 has a new Cherry MX Speed ​​Silver (silver axis), the operating point and moving distance of this axis are smaller than the previous model. 

Some minor design changes also improve the overall aesthetics, making K95 Platinum the best choice for our editors to choose a new generation of gaming keyboards.

The plastic chassis of the keyboard is placed under smooth brushed aluminum. K95 Platinum uses a standard 104-key layout, and a group of six function keys in total is placed on the left side of the keyboard for mapping additional functions. Three buttons allow you to quickly switch the onboard profile, adjust the backlight brightness, and disable the Windows key. There is also a row of dedicated multimedia control buttons.

Cherry MX Speed Silver (silver axis) is a linear switch design similar to the popular Cherry MX red axis. The shortened stroke makes the keystroke process quick and easy. In the process of playing shooting games like Overwatch or Doom, K95 Platinum provides smooth input without losing any gaming keyboards. 

I have used so that it can respond to my fast input quickly and seamlessly. Although this type of feature may be unsuitable for novice typists, the clean linear motion of the switch is still an attractive feature.

The configuration management program (CUE) software provided by Corsair is not only intuitive but also incredibly powerful. You can easily record custom macros, switch lighting options, and multi-functional RGB lighting can stack a variety of effect combinations, from simple static lighting to outstanding colorful combinations. CUE also displays a real-time preview in the virtual representation of the device and shows which keys are mapped to custom inputs.

3. Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard 


Best TKL (no number keys) mechanical gaming keyboard - Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard 

Connectivity: Wired |  Size: TenkeyLess without number keys (80%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

The most suitable TenKeyLess (no number keys) keyboard we tested for gaming is the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition. It has excellent manufacturing quality, and its aluminum plate provides robust PBT keycaps. It also comes with a full RGB backlight, which you can easily customize through Razer's Synapse 3 software.

It uses Razer's proprietary linear optical switch, which has a very low driving point and a short pre-movement distance. These buttons feel very light and responsive and do not give any feedback, so there may be accidental button operations. 

All of its buttons can be used for macro programming. In addition to the five configuration files that can be directly stored in the onboard memory, it also allows you to create and save a large number of configuration files.

The ergonomic design of the entire keyboard feels mediocre because it has a high profile and does not have a wrist rest. In addition, although all keys are stable, the space bar oscillates slightly, and the overall typing quality is reasonable. 

But overall, this Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard is the best choice for playing games on the TKL keyboard.

4. SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 



Best universal gaming mechanical keyboard - SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

Connectivity: Wired |  Size: TenkeyLess without number keys (80%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

If you are looking for a more versatile option, you can check out this SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL mechanical keyboard. Its pre-distance setting is not lower than that of the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition, but it is more comfortable and provides three different types of switches, so you can choose according to your needs. 

You can also use SteelSeries' Red, Blue, or Brown switches, although we only tested the Brown switch, which has a soft tactile bump and is very light when typing. Thanks to the wrist rest that comes with the keyboard, it feels very good and has good ergonomics. 

It also comes with dedicated media and macro keys, and a small OLED screen, allowing you to change settings and configuration files without having to minimize the game. All keys are macro-programmable, and the supporting software is compatible with Windows and macOS.

If you are looking for a TKL gaming keyboard with ultra-light response keys, you can choose Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition, but if you want to use more general options on different switch types, you can consider this SteelSeries.

5. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard 


Best wireless gaming mechanical keyboard - Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard 

Connectivity: wireless |  size: full size (100%) | mechanical keyboard: yes

The best gaming wireless keyboard we have tested is this Razer BlackWidow V3: Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro. This full-size mechanical keyboard is mainly made of plastic, but it also has an aluminum plate material with almost no bending inside. 

Some keys are shaking a bit, but other than that, the ABS two-key plastic keys feel very stable. It has a straight design with two inclined settings and a detachable wrist rest, which makes it comfortable despite long-term use. You can pair it with up to three devices at once via Bluetooth and its proprietary receiver. 

Through the supporting software, you can also customize the complete RGB backlight, it also has a reprogrammed volume control wheel and fully programmable buttons with macro functions.

However, the supporting software is not compatible with macOS, and some keys do not work on Mac computers. Moreover, due to its full-size design and wrist rest, it takes up a lot of space. 

If you don’t have much space on your desk, there may be problems, but if your space is limited, you can remove the wrist rest to save space. In short, this Razer Black Widow Spider V3 gaming keyboard is one of the best wireless mechanical keyboards.

6. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 


Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, the most suitable mechanical keyboard for MMO (role-playing) games 

Connectivity: Wired |  Size: Full size (100%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

The best keyboard we tested for MMO (Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) role-playing games is the Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM XT. Thanks to its metal top plate and sturdy plastic base, its experience feels very good. 

It has a good ergonomic design, with a tilt setting and detachable wrist rest. The keycap is made of Doubleshot PBT, which feels very durable, and it also provides an excellent typing experience.

There are six dedicated macro keys on the keyboard, as well as full RGB backlighting and dedicated media keys. The iCUE software has a large number of customization options, allowing you to reprogram all keys, set up macros, and customize lighting. 

It has a clickable Cherry MX Blue switch that provides good tactile feedback and has a small stroke, but it sounds loud when typing. You can also choose linear Cherry MX Speed ​​or tactile Cherry MX Brown.
However, its compatibility with macOS and Linux is limited, although most keys can still be used on them. In addition, the switches we tested require considerable force to actuate, which is not always ideal when playing games. 

Generally speaking, this Corsair K95 RGB platinum mechanical keyboard is a very suitable mechanical keyboard for playing MMO games.

7. Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

The most cost-effective gaming mechanical keyboard - Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

Connectivity: Wired |  Size: Full size (100%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

The best gaming keyboard we have tested in the category with the most balanced performance and price is the Logitech G413. It is a very simple model with a good brushed aluminum finish and almost no bending, so the structure is quite good. 

It uses a tactile Romer-G switch, which has a smooth touch, can provide tactile feedback, and has a short stroke, which can provide you with a good typing experience.

It has some additional features, such as media hotkeys and USB pass-through. It also has separate backlit keys, although the only available color is red. These buttons feel light and responsive to games, and they also have a Windows key lock to prevent you from accidentally minimizing the game. 

The G HUB supporting software allows you to customize certain settings, such as red backlight effects and macros, although only function keys can be programmed via macros.

Its ergonomics is OK, because there is no wrist rest and only one tilt setting, so it may feel very uncomfortable after long-term use. Moreover, ABS keycaps feel cheaper, and there is no onboard memory. 

Nevertheless, this Logitech G413 mechanical keyboard is an excellent budget choice and one of the most cost-effective mechanical gaming keyboards we have tested.

8. SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard 


Best non-mechanical gaming keyboard - SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard 

Connectivity: Wired |  Size: Full size (100%) | Mechanical keyboard: No

The best gaming keyboard without mechanical switches we have tested is the SteelSeries Apex3. Thanks to the magnetic wrist rest, this full-size keyboard has a good ergonomic design and feels particularly good, especially in terms of price. Its keycaps are made of ABS plastic, the surface is soft, and the keys are stable, and will not shake at all.

The rubber dome switches it uses has a long keystroke front distance, which can help reduce typing errors. The typing quality is not bad, and the typing noise is also very small. 

It has a 10-zone RGB backlight that can be customized through the SteelSeries Engine software, and with the help of hotkeys, you can directly control the brightness of the backlight on the keyboard, set macros, and change configuration files and other functions. You can also use the scroll wheel and buttons in the upper right corner to control the media.

Its tactile feedback is not very obvious, and the keys may feel mushy. Moreover, there is no dedicated macro key, and it has no onboard memory, which makes it necessary to reset when switching to another computer. Generally speaking, if you like a non-mechanical gaming keyboard, then it is very suitable.

9. HyperX Alloy Origins 


Connectivity: Wired |  Size: Full size (100%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

HyperX Alloy Origins is an excellent gaming keyboard. It has a low-key design, can easily fit most office environments, and has an excellent manufacturing quality that can last for several years. 

Its linear switch provides a comfortable typing experience while minimizing noise, and its full RGB backlight can be easily customized to give it a personalized feel. 

The disadvantage is that the accompanying software is only for Windows, but most keys can still be used on other platforms. 

Overall, even if this keyboard does not provide any particularly unique features, its overall performance and structure are still very impressive.

10. Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 


Connectivity: Wired |  Size: TenkeyLess without number keys (80%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

The Logitech G Pro mechanical gaming keyboard is an excellent RGB-illuminated gaming keyboard. It has a proprietary Logitech GX Blue Clicky switch, which provides excellent tactile and auditory feedback. 

This keyboard is compact and has an excellent overall typing experience, but if you can’t stand the click of the blue switch, you may need to look at other keyboards or get a tactile but quieter option.

11. Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard 


Connectivity: Wired |  Size: Full size (100%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

Razer Huntsman is a very good full-size gaming keyboard. It has a unique Razer clicky optical switch, which is sensitive to the hand and very suitable for typing. The board is well-structured, and stylish, and provides complete RGB lighting. 

However, it has no place to rest the wrist, because it is not an ergonomic keyboard suitable for long-term use. However, its design is great, but some people may not like its clicky switch.

12. Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 


Connectivity: Wired |  Size: Full size (100%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

This Glorious modular mechanical keyboard (commonly known as GMMK) is an excellent overall full-size gaming keyboard. This full-size keyboard comes with a variety of different switches, so you can choose the switch that better suits your needs. 

This keyboard is hot-swappable and easy to use. It also has complete RGB lighting and provides excellent customizability. You can also choose to buy its compact 60% model or TKL (no number keys) style.

13. Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard 


Connectivity: Wired |  Size: Compact (60%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

This Razer Huntsman Mini Keyboard is a special gaming keyboard with a compact form factor. Its compact size is very suitable for minimalist settings and leaves more room for moving the mouse. 

The build quality is very good, it has per-key RGB backlighting, and each key is macro-programmable. Its Clicky optical switch provides an excellent typing experience, unique tactile feedback, and incredible responsiveness. 

However, because it lacks a wrist rest, typing for a long time may be tiring, and some layouts may be a bit cramped. But it can still access media controls, function keys, and navigation keys by using accessibility features, and most custom operations can be done on the keyboard itself. Razer's Synapse 3 software is very feature-rich; however, it is only available for Windows.

14. SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 


Connectivity: Wired |  Size: Full size (100%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

SteelSeries Apex 5 is an excellent gaming keyboard with excellent features and proprietary hybrid mechanical switches. These switches have a satisfying tactile feel and audible click, comparable to Cherry MX Blues. 

Like other mechanical keyboards in the same series, it has an OLED screen that can be customized to display almost anything you want. 

The keyboard is highly customizable, and the software is intuitive and easy to use. For MMO players, there are no dedicated macro keys, but most gamers are very satisfied with the overall performance of this keyboard.

15. Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 


Connectivity: Wired |  Size: TenkeyLess without number keys (80%) | Mechanical keyboard: Yes

Redragon K552 is a decent mechanical gaming keyboard with clickable tactile switches. Its design is simple but practical, and its construction quality is comparable to high-priced gaming keyboards. However, the keyboard is general in terms of additional functions. 

The blue clicky switch may not be the quietest option for typing, but considering its price, it is still a good choice for those who are looking for a good-looking and basic mechanical keyboard Good choice.

16. Logitech G915 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 



Connectivity: wireless |  size: full size (100%) | mechanical keyboard: yes

Logitech G915 is an excellent thin wireless mechanical gaming keyboard. This is a full-size keyboard with dedicated macro keys, multi-device pairing, and full RGB backlighting. 

Logitech's G HUB software provides many customization options and is easy to use. However, it only works on Windows and macOS. The keyboard is low-key but easy to use. 

It comes in three variants: tactile (similar to Cherry MX Brown), clicky (blue), and linear (red). G915's craftsmanship is very exquisite, using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material, with an ultra-thin but sturdy and durable design. You can enjoy 30 hours of gaming time on a single charge. 

You can use LIGHT-SPEED or Bluetooth to connect to multiple devices. Switching between high-performance LIGHTSPEED wireless via USB receiver and Bluetooth is easy and fast to use. 

17. Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard  


  • Partition full backlight design, 
  • visual effect bidding, 
  • dedicated USB HUB, 
  • any 26-key anti-collision function

  • macro keys are easy to cause false touches 

Recommended reason:

     The Logitech G710+ mechanical keyboard adopts a full-size design, the panel is made of polished plastic, and the frame is covered with metal spray paint. The keyboard is equipped with a USB-HUB and audio interface, which is convenient for users to access the device. It is included in the package. 

     There is a detachable palm rest, which can reduce fatigue after long-term use. When the power is turned on, the white backlight will light up. The keyboard uses dual USB ports to connect to the computer, ensuring a sufficient power supply.

     The Logitech G710+ mechanical keyboard uses the German original CHERRY tea switch as the key switch and has a life span of 50 million times. There are 6 custom keys on the left side of the keyboard. The user can set the function of the keys through the driver software. The multimedia area on the upper right is Logitech A highlight of the G710+ mechanical keyboard is convenient for users to use when watching movies and enjoying music.

    The Logitech G710+ mechanical keyboard is exquisite in shape and comfortable to the touch. The CHERRY MX mechanical axis is equipped with a comfortable touch. It will not affect the touch after long-term use. The built-in backlight module has a good display effect. Even the daytime experience is very good. A product worth buying by players.

18. Razer Ornata Chroma Mechanical Membrane Gaming Keyboard 


  • Attractive price. Have a good typing experience for any application

  • The customization function is limited.

Recommended reason:

With a unique new switch design and an attractive low price, Razer Ornata Chroma is both an excellent gaming keyboard and an excellent price/performance ratio.

Under the cost limit, manufacturers have to sacrifice some input feel or game feel to reduce costs, but Razer uses an innovative new switch to achieve the best gaming experience and input experience at the changed price. This is our editor's best choice among low-cost gaming keyboards.

Razer adopts self-developed mechanical axis "Mecha-Membrane" technology, combined with the main features of mainstream typing technology in the consumer keyboard market, and achieves a perfect balance between the two. This allows you to enter content more quickly and reduce latency in games that require fast responses.

Ornata Chroma does not provide a USB or audio interface for connecting other devices or headphones. There are also no multimedia control keys; but you can use Fn+ (F1 to F2) to achieve functions such as volume, playback, macro recording, and light control.

Razer’s Mecha-Membrane technology, any product that combines two different technologies, not only retains the "crisp tactile click" of the mechanical buttons but also retains the "soft cushioning touch" of the silicone membrane keyboard. You may have a little bit at the beginning. Not used to it, but after a period of time, you may still like this feeling.

So, Razer Ornata Chroma's perfect touch and excellent price/performance ratio can be your best choice for a low budget.

19. SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL RGB Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 


  • Very fast response. Low-key, compact design. Excellent backlight and function customization options.

  • There are no dedicated media buttons, G-keys, or USB ports. There are no adjustable feet on the back.

Recommended reason:

SteelSeries Apex M750 is an excellent keyboard suitable for experienced players who don't care much about fancy functions but are more concerned with response speed and fine control of backlight and key assignment.

SteelSeries Apex M750 is a highly customizable gaming keyboard designed to meet the most demanding individual needs of professional players. Whether you choose any game or adapt to your own game style, you can find a way to simplify keystrokes through this customization mode. Like other high-end gaming keyboards. 

you can choose an almost unlimited number of color combinations for each key, but you can also use the backlight to display incoming chat notifications, act as an audio visualizer, and more. But there is a potential main disadvantage: Apex M750's single choice of switch type and its physical compactness make it a poor experience for regular typing.

This keyboard of SteelSeries is mainly for e-sports professionals. Of course, if you are an e-sports enthusiast or aspire to one day become a professional e-sports professional, it is also very suitable for you.

SteelSeries Engine software provides powerful and detailed adjustable options for precise control of various aspects of keyboard lighting and key assignment. First, key binding, you can assign a key function to any key on the circuit board. You can also record and assign a macro here, as well as the function of a custom function. 

You can even specify whether the function is registered when you press or release the button. On the "Illumination" tab, you can choose from 12 lighting modes, including a button static mode that allows you to change the color of a single button or button group. Fine-tuning options include adjusting the speed and direction of the effect.

Apex M750, as the flagship product of the company's gaming keyboard lineup, is positioned above the Apex M500, but the appearance is almost the same except that one uses the Cherry MX red axis and the other uses the green axis. If you need more powerful customization options, the M750 is definitely worth the price. 

20. Logitech G610 Orion Red Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 


Logitech is also an old brand in the "peripheral" field. This model belongs to the "enthusiast" mechanical keyboard, this model adopts Cherry MX "red axis" mechanical type, custom white backlight effect lights to make your keyboard more stylish.

The keyboard trigger time is about 2mm, and the ergonomic engineering design can be matched with the arc of the palm to make the keycaps more forward. In the official software, set your own unique "macro" programming, making "work" a kind of enjoyment. 

In addition, this model is equipped with a professional media playback function, which can adjust the audio level at any time or jump directly to the "climax" part; even in the most intense game battles, with the help of the button anti-collision function, you can accurately reach every command. Rich operating style and reasonable price, it is one of the most popular keyboards.

FAQ of the Best keyboard for gaming

Is the membrane keyboard not suitable for playing games?

The membrane keyboard is very suitable for typing, but it is unresponsive when playing games. So when people play games, choosing a keyboard can be said to be a personal preference, not a difference in performance.

What type of keyboard is more suitable for playing games?

For gamers, mechanical keyboards are essential for fast-paced games, requiring less force per stroke and providing firm and satisfactory rebounds. Each button has its own mechanical switch, which can shorten response time and provide more tactile feedback.

Is a mechanical keyboard important to gamers?

Choosing a keyboard that best suits your gaming needs is a personal preference. Most gamers prefer mechanical keyboards because they are more tactile, more durable, and faster. At the same time, some game players appreciate the smaller footprint, portability, and lower price of the membrane keyboard.

What are the common functions of gaming keyboards?

Gaming keyboards are generally comfortable to use, and the keys are reasonably spaced, which is easy to use for a long time. The most important thing is that the shape of the gaming keyboard can usually fit your hand perfectly, so you can use the keyboard for a long time without hurting your hands and wrists. 

Most gaming keyboards have mechanical keys instead of membrane keyboards. The keys on these keyboards are easier to press and usually do not have to be pressed as hard as other types of keyboards. This means you can type faster than other keyboards.

Macro is definitely the biggest advantage of gaming keyboards. Gaming keyboards usually have one row or more buttons. You can customize the buttons to complete almost all operations in your favorite games. Most importantly, if you play other games, you can usually set multiple profiles. This makes these keys behave differently in every game you play.

The backlight on the gaming keyboard usually has a multi-color backlight that you can customize. They look cool, which makes the game more interesting.
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