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How to Calculate the Age of a Person


Fill in your birth date in the list below, you can quickly calculate your accurate age, week age, month age, converted hours, minutes, etc., as well as the detailed date from the next birthday! It can also be used to calculate the actual age, month age, and week age of pets, dogs, and babies.

Come on! Chasing girls, you know how old she is, but do you know how many days she has been in the world? How many months? How many weeks? If she knew all of this, would she look at you differently?

If someone asks your age, you can blurt it out, but can you blurt it out if you want to be precise about your age? Anyway, I can't, but this age calculator can meet your requirements. You just need to input a 4-digit year of birth, and then select your birth month and date in the drop-down box, and then press the "calculate" button. The system can accurately calculate your age, month age, week age, and even hours, minutes, and seconds. It can also prompt the time from your next birthday, and it is a countdown, very cool!

Features of online calculation software for age calculator

People usually only remember how old they are, but if you ask how many days you have lived since you were born, no one can say it accurately. This tool can help you calculate exactly how many days you live.

Although the software has no practical significance, it can also, be used for entertainment occasionally. By calculating how many days you live, you can calculate and see how many hours and seconds you have lived

In addition, this tool can also be used to calculate how many days you and your lover have known each other, and the calculation results are very accurate.

When you see your age growing day by day, the next birthday is constantly approaching, will there be a sign of "life is short"? Then live happily and grasp every real day!

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How should a person's age be calculated correctly?

Mainly depends on how you want to calculate, generally under the three algorithms:

Virtual age

According to the calendar year of the calendar after birth, that is to say, one year old is born, and then one year is added to each New Year. Generally, it is calculated according to the Gregorian calendar. For example, a baby born at the end of December is considered to be one year old after birth, and one year old after January 1 of the Gregorian calendar new year. In this way, the baby is only a few days old and has been regarded as a virtual age of 2 years old. This calculation method is more practical.

One year old

Also known as full age, refers to the number of anniversaries or birthdays experienced from birth to the time of calculation. For example, a census was carried out at 0:00 on July 1, 1990. A baby born on December 15, 1989, is 2 years old according to the imaginary age. Actually, it is just more than six months old and has not yet had a birthday. According to one-year-old, it should be less than one year old, that is, 0 years old. The age of one year is usually 1-2 years younger than that of the virtual age. It is a commonly used age calculation method in population statistics.

One year old - 0 years old at birth, 1 year longer for each Gregorian birthday

Exact age

Refers to the number of days from the date of birth to the date of calculation. It is more accurate than the age of one year old to reflect the actual survival time of people, but it is rarely used in population statistics because of the complexity of its statistical summary. In real life, people usually don't calculate the exact age on a daily basis except for infants under one year old, especially those who are less than one month old.

In the monograph on soul medicine, there are four ways to calculate the age of human beings

Calendar age

That is, chronological age or chronological age - the age calculated according to the calendar after birth, also known as the actual age. It is the most commonly used method for calculating age. It is simple and easy to master, and it is also an objective record that does not change people's will.

Biological age

(life span) refers to physiological age: This is the age calculated according to the physiological and anatomical development status of normal the human body, which indicates the actual aging degree of individual tissue structure and physiological function and can be used to predict the future health status of an individual and estimate its life span. If a person is 60 years old, the biological age may be 60 years old, 50 years old, or 70 years old.

Psychological age

It is a term in the "intelligence test" of psychology. It means that the intelligence level of the human body is measured according to the results of the standardized intelligence test scale. The absolute level of intelligence can be seen by comparing psychological age with calendar age.

Psychological age refers to the age characteristics revealed by people's overall psychological characteristics, which are not completely consistent with the actual age. A person's whole life experiences eight psychological periods, namely, fetal period, infant period, school-age period, adolescence period, youth period, middle-aged period, and old age period. Each psychological age period has different psychological characteristics, such as naive and lively in early childhood; self-awareness in adolescence is enhanced, physical and mental leap changes and psychological activities enter a period of violent turbulence; in old age, psychological activities tend to be mature and stable, mature and prudent, with low elasticity of physical and mental functions and emotions tend to be melancholy and suspicious. The self-test scale is a scale to test each person's psychological age.

Relative age

The relative effective age (life span) of soul medicine refers to the time and space occupied by various life activities, including mental activities, which are different from other creatures (mainly including animals), dominated by the highest soul, in line with the ethics and moral standards of human society, and conducive to the benign development of nature and society.

It can be seen that the time and space occupied by all kinds of life activities, including mental activities, which conform to the ethical and moral standards of human society and are conducive to the benign development of natural society, are human relative effective age (life span). On the contrary, the invalid age (life span) is even negative.

Therefore, the calculation method of human relative effective age (life span) should be that the relative age (life span) is equal to the actual age (life span) plus or minus the multiple of the average annual labor volume or the annual material and spiritual wealth created by ordinary people at the same level.

It can be seen that a person is diligent and highly efficient, and his personal workload is equivalent to the workload of several people, dozens of people, hundreds of people, or even thousands of people, then his life span is greatly prolonged compared with that of ordinary people of the same level and his age is also greatly increased accordingly.

As for the criminals who have exceeded the bottom line of ethics, such as murder and arson, theft and robbery, local ruffians, poisoning and rape, as well as those with ethical and social diseases discussed in soul medicine, their effective age (life span) should be short or even negative. As a concept of human beings, time is very short, even not human.

Age calculator, fill in your date of birth in the list, and you can quickly calculate your accurate age, age, month age, converted hours, minutes, etc., as well as the detailed date from the next birthday!

Is a very practical age calculator, that can be used to calculate the actual age of pets, dogs, babies, age, weeks, etc.

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