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Will You Send Your Parents To A Nursing Home?


Will you send your parents to a nursing home? Would you choose a family pension?

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With the coming of the aging society, the problem of how to provide for the aged is put in front of us. Facing the problem of how to provide for the aged, many people are puzzled and helpless. Is it mainly based on the traditional "family pension" or "nursing home pension"?

Some people think that parents can enjoy more meticulous and professional care and make more friends of the same age, which is conducive to their parents' physical and mental health. 

The traditional concept of "caring for children and preventing the aged" which takes filial piety as the first, also makes some people think that sending parents to nursing homes are rebellious and unofficial behavior. Parents only have to live with their children, to enjoy the happiness of the family.

"When parents are old, will you send them to nursing homes?" For this question, let's listen to what many people say?

In my heart 

I will not send my parents to the nursing home if I am killed. When I was a child, they did not send me to the children's welfare home? My parents have worked hard to raise me up, so I should be respectful to support them. Parents all over the world hope to enjoy their children's family happy when they are old. Can this happiness be found in nursing homes? Even if some nursing homes have good conditions, they are not as good as their own homes anyway!

I'm a girl 

After my father-in-law died, my mother-in-law once said that she wanted to go to the nursing home, but my husband never agreed. He was worried that his relatives and friends would stab him in the back and scold him for marrying a wife and forgetting his mother. However, we are really not busy. We are busy working during the day to earn money and educating our children at night. My mother-in-law spends a lot of time alone, which is really pitiful.

Will you send your parents to a nursing home? Would you choose a family pension?

Destiny unpredictable 

I can only say it depends. If I ask now, I will definitely not send my parents to the nursing home. In ancient times, raising children to prevent old age, from my heart, I can't go to this camp. However, if my financial situation can't bear the expenses of several old people and children at the same time, I may consider sending the old people to the nursing home.

Go with the flow

In fact, my parents are willing to go to a nursing home. They said that there are special people to take care of the daily life there, and there are many old people of the same age who can communicate and entertain, and will not feel lonely and bored. Our parents are in the nursing home, and our children are also very relieved. They will not often worry about their accidents.

Love me and give it to me 

I will never send my parents to the nursing home, but my mother-in-law often says that she wants to go to the nursing home. I think if my mother-in-law insists on ongoing, I will find a nursing home closer to my family for the sake of respecting the wishes of the elderly. In this way, my husband and I can visit her at any time, as long as she is happy in her old age!

Will you send your parents to a nursing home? Would you choose a family pension?

A cloud in the sky 

Sometimes, it's not what you want. If conditions permit, who can bear to send their parents to the nursing home? But our family is facing the problem of four old people's support and two children's support. If there are two old people who are ill or even unable to take care of themselves in the future, we can only consider sending them to the nursing home if there is no way. I will not send the elderly to the nursing home until I have to.

I don't watch

I always think that to send elderly parents to nursing homes is a kind of abandonment. Parents have worked hard for decades to raise their children. Isn't it just a plan to have fun with their grandchildren and enjoy their old age? Although sometimes my parents would like to go to the nursing home and list a lot of benefits, I would not send them to the nursing home. Originally, the time with parents is very short. Do you want to live apart like this?

Only a mother is good in the world 

If conditions permit, I still intend to leave my parents at home to respect filial piety! In a nursing home, it seems that all the old people are old. There is no vitality in young people and the childishness of children. It is also psychological torture for the old people to see the old people passing away one by one every day.

Smart overwhelmed

my mother always said that she wanted to go to the nursing home and didn't want to live with me. She served me as an old lady every day. In fact, many nursing homes now have a comfortable environment and conditions. There, old people don't need to think about their own food, clothing, housing, and transportation, but how to be happy every day. Moreover, the medical facilities of the nursing home are better than those of the family, which can cope with the emergency of the elderly at any time.

Sunny smile 

Some days ago, my father told me that he would go to the nursing home when he was old. I was so angry that I told him that you are not childless. What are you doing there? Anyway, our family will be together. Where there are relatives, there is affection, warmth, and warmth!

I don't know what to say 

I'm an ordinary office worker. I can't make a lot of money. I can only earn a little wage. But I never thought of sending my parents to a nursing home. I want to make money with my husband. I want to buy a small house for my parents near us so that I can accompany them more. Then, my mother-in-law was sent to our family. My family is very happy. How nice!

Will you send your parents to a nursing home? Would you choose a family pension?

There is a moon in the sky

My parents and parents in law both said that they would go to the nursing home in the future, without our children's care. However, a few days ago, I saw in the news that some nursing home workers secretly beat and scolded the elderly and abused them. I was so frightened that I decided not to send the old man to the nursing home.

I laugh in the flowers 

A friend sent his parents to the nursing home and died soon, which made me firmly not to send my parents to the nursing home. In addition, parents do not like the atmosphere of the nursing home. In fact, think about it and understand that it is helpless and boring to leave the house for decades and go to a nursing home and get along with a group of strange old people!


The above is the answer to many netizens to the question of parents' pension, from which we can see. Whether it is the traditional family pension or the way of the nursing home, it can not be used as a standard to measure whether children are filial or not. True filial piety is "obedience", it is from the heart of love, understand and respect the real ideas of parents, no matter where they are, they can do filial piety!

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