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Explore the development trend of modern furniture design

Explore the development trend of modern furniture design

Modern furniture design is of great significance to both furniture enterprises and consumers at present. 

The trend of modern furniture design has four aspects: 

  1. The overall design concept is people-oriented; 
  2. The permanent magic weapon of its design is continuous innovation; 
  3. Its design will have four elements: product positioning, style positioning, function and man-machine ratio; 
  4. Furniture materials and sentiment The organic combination of feeling.

Furniture, as an essential part of human life often appears in the market in the form of commodities, which results in the enterprises specialized in furniture. Furniture enterprises not only play the role of furniture product providers, but also take the responsibility of spreading culture and advocating a healthy lifestyle to meet the needs of different stages, different levels, and different consumers. 

All the competition in the market is around the commodity. The development of the commodity is guided by the market. The purpose of the design and development of furniture products is to improve the competitiveness of the designed furniture products in the market, increase the coverage of the products, and improve the adaptability of the products. 

The market needs furniture with different styles, complete sets, and distinct product levels. Generally speaking, modern furniture enterprises emphasize the integrity of furniture products and develop into series furniture and brand furniture.

Explore the development trend of modern furniture design

1. Significance of modern furniture design: more and more prominent

Successful furniture product design can enhance the corporate image, such as Hooker Furniture, Ethan Allen, Bernhardt, Baker, Stickley, Drexel, Bassett Home Furnishings, Simplicity Sofas, Best Home Furnishings, Bradington & Young, Crate & Barrel, Coaster, Gucci Italy, Pacific Green, Safavid, and other brands have been leading the consumer trend and the sales of these products should always be very good. 

But why do many manufacturers often lament the fierce market competition and market weakness? Because of the continuous improvement of the production level, most of the consumers' needs can be fully met. In this way, it is easy to cause market saturation. 

When making business strategies and plans, we can consciously guide people's consumption tendency through the development and design of new products to establish a corporate image, occupy the market, consolidate the market and achieve the purpose of sales. Generally speaking, the needs of consumers are abstract. 

People with different social backgrounds, different educational levels, and different incomes have different consumption of psychology and habits. First of all, furniture design should affect consumers' consumption concepts with advanced science and technology and strong cultural awareness. 

Our designers should actively create a more reasonable and healthy lifestyle, so as to gain consumers' recognition.

2. The overall concept of modern furniture design: people-oriented

Maslow, an American psychologist, divides human needs into five levels: physiological needs, security needs, social needs, and self-realization needs. With the change of the social environment and people's income, people's demand is also changing. Only when the lower level is satisfied, can the demand develop to a higher level. 

But when the low-level demand is threatened, it will also develop in the opposite direction. For example, when encountering natural and man-made disasters, people will give up the high-level demand to pursue food and clothing.

In modern society, when people's physiology is satisfied, they begin to pursue psychological satisfaction. After the basic functions of products are satisfied, people begin to pursue novelty, symbolism, culture, entertainment, and products with personality and beauty. 

Nowadays, the market is developing in the direction of individuation and diversification, and various demands and personalized consumption are becoming the mainstream. We design furniture more to meet the needs of the market and people's consumption. 

Then we design products that satisfy consumers, we must ask designers to have a general guiding principle in design: people-oriented. Furniture design not only meets people's needs for the entity function of furniture, but also meets people's needs for senses and aesthetics.

Explore the development trend of modern furniture design

3. The magic weapon of modern furniture design: Innovation

Value is the evaluation of the overall ability of consumers to meet the needs of their use of products. Value added is the new value-added to the original value of products, which is based on the original value of furniture products and created by effective labor in the production process. 

The added value of a product should include two aspects: 

first, the added value of a product created through the development and production of new products of an enterprise, such as the aesthetic appearance of the product, the rationality of the functional design, the means of material processing, the control of wood production, the working efficiency, the design of a product, including the packaging of the product, the value of the brand, etc. is actually a systematic project. 

Second, the added value of commodities created in the circulation field through market strategy, such as network marketing, sales environment, cultural packaging, publicity means, etc. 

High value-added products have higher technical content and cultural value than general products, so the market appreciation is large and they can get higher profits.

The core of furniture design to improve the added value of products is innovation. It is necessary to achieve the goal of "no one has me, no one has me, and no one has me". 

It is closer to the psychological demands of consumers. Through the observation of the functions, materials, shapes, colors, and other factors of the products, consumers have the price judgment in their hearts, which is the psychological price. 

When the psychological price is higher than the actual price of the goods, the added value of the goods is generated. The furniture designer should grasp the elements that can enhance the added value of the products, and create conditions for improving the added value of the furniture products. In a sense, it is also the survival of the furniture designer.

Explore the development trend of modern furniture design

The following is a brief introduction of the four trends of the future development of the furniture industry to provide some ideas for the relevant people in the furniture industry.

One: The application of new materials will profoundly change the furniture industry

Throughout the development of furniture industry, every great leap of the furniture industry is closely related to the application of new materials and technology. 

In the long millennium, wood, bamboo and other easily processed plant materials have become the main materials for making furniture, most of the traditional furniture in the past millennium is wooden furniture. 

In the modern era, steel and alloy materials began to enter the furniture industry, steel wood structure furniture began to appear, and the function, shape, and appearance of furniture have changed a lot; followed by PE, PVC, ABS A large number of representative polymer materials have promoted the rapid iteration of the furniture industry, bringing profound changes in four aspects.

The first is the emergence of a large number of new hybrid materials. Polymer materials can not only be used in furniture alone, but also can be polymerized with other powdery objects to form new materials, such as wood-plastic materials combined with wood powder, rice husk and straw; stone plastic materials combined with stone powder: carbon gold materials combined with fly ash, etc. 

These kinds of new materials have a variety of different physical properties and they play an important role in furniture manufacturing, especially in a special environment.

The second is the change of furniture materials from the consumption of natural resources to green and recyclable. A lot of modified new materials with the participation of polymer materials have the property of recycling. Once the furniture is no longer used, it can be broken into powder and then repressed into plates to make new furniture.

Explore the development trend of modern furniture design

The third is to solve the formaldehyde problem that has puzzled the furniture industry for a hundred years, making it possible to have a healthy zero formaldehyde. Furniture has changed from solid wood furniture to modern furniture based on a density board, which is made of wood chips glued by resin adhesive. 

Formaldehyde is inevitably contained in resin adhesive. The furniture and decoration materials made of density boards are distributed in the homes of residents, posing a great threat to the health of the human body and becoming a nightmare that the modern furniture industry will never forget. 

However, the new boards made of polymer materials combined with sawdust and other powder, because the polymer materials do not contain formaldehyde, there is almost no formaldehyde release from these new materials and the furniture made of them, which ensures people's health.

The fourth is to change the standard of judging the quality of the furniture from material value to use value. In the era of wood materials unified furniture industry, the functions of furniture are the same, so the standard to judge the quality of the furniture is not only the workmanship but also the degree of the rarity of wood materials. 

Furniture made of red sandalwood, yellow pear, Redwood, beech, and other precious wood not only has practical functions but also is given the function of maintaining and increasing value. With the new materials entering into the furniture production field, furniture has more shapes and functions, and there are obvious differences in the comfort of use. 

The main force of furniture consumption after 90 and 00 has changed from paying attention to expensive materials to comfort and beauty.

Furniture enterprises should attach importance to the application of new materials in products, and turn the focus of research and development to creativity, modeling, appearance, function, and the comfort of use, which will have greater development space.

Explore the development trend of modern furniture design

Two: Ergonomics is widely used in the furniture industry

The demand for modern consumers for furniture is changing from "some use" to "good use". All furniture is ultimately used by people, and comfort will become one of the important criteria to evaluate the quality of furniture, especially the table, seat, bedding and other furniture that people often use, which requires more strict comfort. 

Ergonomics (or called ergonomics) is more and more closely combined with the furniture manufacturing industry, which is to solve the problem that furniture makes people more comfortable to use, sit and lie down through large-scale scientific experiments.

No matter residential furniture or office furniture is rarely used by one person, it is shared by many people. Even if it is used by one person, in the age of children growing up, the demand for furniture size and height is constantly changing. People with different height, weight, and usage habits have different requirements for the same kind of furniture. 

Apart from specific users, the so-called engineering design of furniture is just like a castle in the air. Therefore, more and more furniture will integrate the mechanical adjustable function into the furniture design, so that a piece of furniture can meet the specific user needs of everyone through reasonable adjustment so that every user can experience the general comfortable feeling as customized.

This kind of adjustable function design is more obvious in the table and chair furniture. Taking the Da Baoli ergonomic computer chair as an example, the high-end chair type can even achieve the adjustment of 17 indicators, which basically meets all the adjustment needs of adults for the chair, and to a certain extent ensures the health of the sedentary office workers.

It will be one of the important breakthroughs points for furniture products to transform and upgrade the traditional fixed furniture in terms of adjustable functions to meet the needs of customers in terms of Engineering comfort.

Explore the development trend of modern furniture design

Three: meet the needs of customized furniture

With the improvement of people's living standards and the awakening of the new generation of young people's personality awareness, with the wide application of new materials, new technologies, and new processes, the increasingly short and flat sales channels such as e-commerce, the cost of personalized furniture production and circulation is constantly reduced. 

To meet the needs of customized furniture has become an important breakthrough point in the transformation of many traditional furniture enterprises.

There are two ways to meet the needs of customized furniture.

The first is that the customer provides housing data or specific needs for a certain kind of furniture, and the furniture factory issues the design draft and effective drawing. After the customer's approval, the factory carries out customized production. 

The material, style, structure, appearance, and color of the furniture can be customized individually. With the help of digital color printing technology, even the patterns or photos required by customers can be printed on the furniture. 

This way of Furniture Customization is characterized by the fact that the factory has undertaken almost all the work in the customization process and the labor cost and time cost are high.

The second way is to develop building block furniture, also known as modular furniture. Building block furniture refers to the furniture that consumers freely assemble and adjust the basic furniture modules with different functions, specifications, and colors according to their own actual needs and creativity, so as to meet the personalized requirements of different functions in different spaces. 

The characteristic of building block furniture is that manufacturers only need to produce standardized furniture modules, and hand over the work process of personalized customization to customers or auxiliary customers.

Explore the development trend of modern furniture design

Four: The era of intelligent furniture is coming

The traditional furniture is a fixed structure, without a soul, and people can only passively adapt to the existing furniture; modern furniture is more and more integrated into the ergonomic adjustment function, people can manually adjust various indicators, making the furniture more suitable for personal use; in the near future, with the enhancement of the function of the intelligent chip and the reduction of the cost, the data transmission is more and more convenient, and the information is more and more convenient 

With the increase of receiving and processing terminals, we can foresee the emergence of intelligent furniture, which can actively adapt to the needs of the host through data collection, computing and self-regulation.

Let's imagine the future of intelligent furniture.

In the future, the intelligent bed will generally, be equipped with a carbon fiber infrared heating system. Before the master needs to go to bed, the intelligent bed will heat the bed to a proper temperature in advance, and remind the master to go to bed at a fixed bedtime. 

The intelligent bed monitors blood pressure, pulse, sleep state and other physiological indicators during the master's sleep, and together with the intelligent bracelet worn by the master during the day, traditional data is sent to the intelligent terminal of the community doctor, and the doctor's health care suggestions are fed back to the master in real-time through the mobile phone, PC, and other terminals.

In the future, the smart bookshelf will automatically enter the relevant information of the owner's book, count the reading frequency and preference, and recommend the new book information to the owner by connecting to the mobile app. If the master has set up a plan to insist on reading, the bookshelf will remind the master of reading at a fixed time through the terminal.

Explore the development trend of modern furniture design

In the future, intelligent students' desks and chairs only need parents to input the basic body shape information such as children's height and leg length, which will automatically adjust the height of chairs and desks in accordance with the principles of ergonomics, and also automatically adjust the tilt angle of desks according to children's various activities of writing, reading, or painting, so as to timely adjust children's bad posture such as leaning forward, eyes too close to books, and heads askew Remind children to keep the correct sitting posture. 

If the children are reminded of their incorrect sitting posture for many times, the smart desks and chairs will report to the parents through mobile phones and other terminals.

The combination of the mechanical system, control system, information processing, and transmission system, and traditional furniture will produce a broader application imagination space. Maybe in the future, we think it is very normal for modern furniture to drag a power line.

Science and technology is the driving force for the development of the furniture industry, and imagination is the guide for the development of the furniture industry. 

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the improvement of social efficiency brought by the development of science and technology in recent years is equivalent to the progress of nearly 100 years in the feudal era. 

The rapid development of science and technology is also providing many development directions with broad market prospects for the furniture industry. Furniture enterprises should seize the rare historical opportunity, think about the development direction of furniture industry systematically with the attitude of foresighted, take scientific and technological innovation as the core competitiveness, upgrade to the middle and high-end market, and create a broad blue ocean market.

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