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13 important paradoxes in life: the blind pursuit of happiness is more painful.

13 important paradoxes in life: the blind pursuit of happiness is more painful, The Pursuit of Happiness, What is blind pursuit meaning?

Today's topic is "13 Important Paradoxes in Life: the blind pursuit of Happiness is more painful". There are many interesting problems in our daily life. The paradox is one of them. 

The paradox is a very extensive topic involving mathematical science, logic, philosophy, semantics, and so on. In logic, paradox refers to a proposition or theoretical system that can deduce contradictory conclusions, but on the surface, it can justify itself.

It only produces and exists in human thinking and its products. The essence set law of the objective material world does not change because of the contradiction in human consciousness. 

Therefore, the paradox is closely related to human thinking mode and theory.

What is The Paradox

The paradox is a contradictory proposition. That is to say, if we admit that the proposition is true, we can deduce its negative proposition; otherwise, if we admit that the proposition is true, we can deduce that the proposition is true after a series of correct reasoning; if we admit that it is false, we can deduce that it is true after a series of correct reasoning. 

There are many famous paradoxes at all times and all over the world, which shake the foundation of logic and mathematics, stimulate people's seeking knowledge and precise thinking and attract the attention of many thinkers and enthusiasts of all ages. 

Solving the problem of paradox requires creative thinking, and the solution of paradox can often bring people new ideas.

For example, the more famous barber paradox: there is a barber in a village, one day he announced that he only shaved for people who did not shave. Here comes the question: does the barber shave himself? 

If he shaves, he is the one who shaves. According to his principal,  he can shave without, if he doesn't shave, he is the one who doesn't shave. According to his principal, he should shave. This creates a contradiction.

Around 1900, there were three famous paradoxes in the set theory of mathematics. Barber's paradox is a popular expression of Russell's paradox. In addition, there are Cantor's paradoxes and Burali-Forti's paradoxes

These paradoxes, especially Russell's, caused great shock in the field of mathematics and logic at that time. Triggered the third crisis in mathematics.

There are three main forms of paradox.

  1. An assertion seems to be definitely wrong, but it is actually right (paradox).
  2. An assertion seems to be right, but in fact, it is wrong.
  3. A series of reasoning seems to be impeccable, but it leads to a logical contradiction.

There are several types of paradoxes: 

Logic paradox, probability paradox, geometry paradox, statistics paradox, and time paradox.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The right to pursue happiness is promised to Americans by the US Constitution, but no one seems quite sure which way happiness ran. It may be we are issued a hunting license but offered no game. Jonathan Swift conceived of happiness as "the state of being well-deceived" or of being "a fool among idiots," for Swift saw society as a land of false goals. 

It is, of course, un-American to think in terms of false goals. We do, however, seem to be dedicated to the idea of ​​buying our way to happiness. We shall all have made it to Heaven when we possess enough. 

And at the same time, the forces of American business are hugely dedicated to making the US deliberately unhappy. 

Advertising is one of our major industries, and advertising exists not to satisfy desires but to create them—and to create them faster than anyone's budget can satisfy them. 

For that matter, our whole economy is based on addicting the US to greed. We are even told it is our patriotic duty to support the national economy by buying things. 

Look at any of the magazines that cater to women. Their advertising begins as art and slogans on the front pages and ends as pills and therapy on the back pages. The art at the front illustrates the dream of perfect beauty. This is the baby's skin that must be hers. This, the perfumed breath she must breathe out. 

This is the sixteen-year-old figure she must display at forty, at fifty, at sixty, and forever. This is the harness into which Mother must strap herself in order to display that perfect figure. This is the cream that restores skin, these are the tablets that melt away fat around the thighs, and these are the pills of perpetual youth. 

Obviously, no reasonable person can be completely persuaded either by such art or by such pills and devices. Yet someone is obviously trying to buy this dream and spending billions every year in the attempt. Clearly, the happiness market is not running out of customers, but what is it they are trying to buy? 

Actually, the essence of happiness is in the pursuit itself, in the pursuit of what is engaging and life-changing, which is to say, in the idea of ​​becoming. A nation is not measured by what it possesses or wants to possess, but by what it wants to become.

The Pursuit of Happiness true story

In our life, we always hear some counterintuitive words, such as "the more we know, the more we don't know", or "the only constant changes, the only sure is uncertainty". At first glance, these words are a little strange, but after a careful taste, maybe you can get all of them, and apply the truth in the future life better.

Many of the most important facts in life are seemingly contradictory.

Although they may not seem possible, they tend to be proven by experience over time.

I think I'm a logical person, so when I face these paradoxes, I was skeptical at first.

But the truth is that life is often illogical and sometimes paradoxical.

There are many things in life that don't seem to make much sense on the surface. But once you go back to the source, get to the bottom, and observe carefully, you can still find something from them.

Reality is not subject to logic. Logic has its limits. This is where paradox works.

There are many times when I look back on what I've been through in my life, I want to know how things happened, and the results should have been different.

With regard to such a moment, I think you may have a clue from my description below. They may be counterintuitive, but they hold true in reality.

If you can understand these contradictions and benefit from them, I firmly believe that your life will be better.

The Pursuit of happiness summary

1. The pursuit of happiness.

Instead, I feel unhappy

I have written about my "hard work" in pursuit of happiness, and whether I can pursue happiness in the end.

My pursuit of happiness is as terrible as my addiction. I tried my best to be happy, but no matter what I did, I couldn't be happy.

In fact, on the contrary, it is painful for me to pursue happiness blindly.

I find myself pursuing happiness for the sake of pursuing happiness. There is no meaning behind my pursuit. I want to be happy, but I can't get happiness just by pursuing it.

I think the best way to describe happiness comes from Eleanor Roosevelt——

Happiness is not a deliberate goal, but a byproduct of a better life.

2. Social media has alienated us

The term "social media" is misleading.

What's the point of social activities like sitting at your desk, browsing your mobile phone, browsing other people's personal data, and browsing Instagram news?

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends from all over the world, but it also makes us feel closer to each other, so it often makes us more distant rather than closer.

Our communication is more frequent than ever, but it's digital, not face-to-face.

No wonder more and more people feel depressed and lonely.

We need to relearn how to communicate with others on a "human" level, not through social media.

3. Being alone makes you more sociable

This sentence may seem strange or even puzzling to you at first glance, but the more you taste it, the more meaningful it will be.

Although solitude may make us less sociable, it's during this period that you learn to make yourself comfortable.

This is the key to becoming communicative.

Once you feel comfortable alone - which many of us don't feel today - you feel comfortable with other people as well.

Spending time alone and reflecting is good for self-development. Once you look at yourself long enough, you're eager to interact with others.

4. The only constant is change

Predictions of the future are almost always wrong.

However, if there is one prediction that is always correct for the future, it is:

Things are changing all the time.

You only need to look at the rapid progress of science and technology in the past 20 years to understand this.

We have developed a variety of smartphones with complete functions from mobile phones with the lowest computing power.

The rate of change is amazing, and not just in technology.

Everything is constantly changing. Although we may think things will stay the same for a long time, it is far from the case.

Whether we like it or not, change is always with us. The sooner we accept the fact, the sooner we can adapt to it.

5. The only certainty is uncertainty

This paradox and the previous one are of the same essence. We can be sure that change runs through our life, and we can also be sure that the future will be uncertain.

No one can predict the future accurately, and I doubt that will change over time.

Nothing can be predicted from now on. We can make assumptions and informed guesses, but we can never be sure.

Just look at what happened recently. If you ask someone in 2010 if Donald Trump will be elected president of the United States, or if Britain will vote to leave the EU in 2016, they may look at you like a fool.

But it's 2019, and you'll see that both of these things happen! But you can't predict what will happen in the future. Although these two things seem to be bad at present, they may not be good in the long run.

This means that if we make the right decisions today, we have the ability to shape our future. While the future may be uncertain, if we act, perhaps we can do our best to make it a better future.

If we don't, we will plunge into the future without knowing where we are going.

6. The more options, the harder to choose

Whenever I walk into a coffee shop or restaurant to order, I can't make up my mind about what to eat.

After all, with so many choices on the menu, it's hard to decide which one to buy.

May I have a sandwich?

I had tortillas the other day, and I don't want to eat them today.

I'd better order quickly because the people behind the counter are impatient.

These are my thoughts when I can't make a choice. They are all related to one thing - the choice paradox.

When we face more options, we become less satisfied with what we choose and more difficult to make decisions.

With more choices, there is a greater opportunity cost to choose a specific project, which makes us not too satisfied with any of our decisions.

Sometimes, less is more!

7. Failure leads to success

No one likes failure, but if you want to succeed, you have to experience failure.

I remember the first time I tried to ride a bike when I was little, there was no protective wheel. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't keep my balance. My bike kept turning over. My father had to follow me to make sure I didn't fall.

This situation lasted for several days and after countless falls, I was able to ride my bike without any help.

"We learn from our mistakes", the old saying is absolutely true.

It doesn't matter if you fail, as long as you learn from it and apply it to your future efforts.

Success comes from progress, and progress comes from failure. The connection between the two is much closer than you think.

8. Fear of death will make you enjoy life better

This is my own experience.

I remember reading an article in a knowledge book, which almost scared me because it said——

When all the hydrogen in the universe is exhausted, it will die.

It seems like a silly thing for a 9-year-old, but I do worry.

I'm so scared that every day I'm like a frightened bird. You can believe that I'll be scared of something I can't control. It's just like worrying about nothing!

Ironically, when I was hit by a car, I found that when I was hit by a car again, I was not afraid of death.

It seems that I have changed.

These things make me realize that death will happen one day, and that time will pass quickly. I should make full use of my time on this planet.

9. The more you know, the more you don't know

I've been trying to understand physics lately.

This is a subject that I have been interested in since I was young, but my knowledge of this subject is very limited.

In order to improve myself, I read many articles and books by famous physicists and listened to podcasts of outstanding scientists in this field.

I thought I had a preliminary understanding of the physical world, but I was wrong.

And it's a big mistake.

Because I found that the world of physics is a complex and constantly changing world, with many contradictions and unsolved mysteries. As a layman, I am only in the role of ignorance.

No matter how old we are, no matter how much we think we know, we always have a blind spot of knowledge.

But it's also one of the many good things about life - because there's always something new to learn.

10. Something easier to get, The less we want

Human performance in "scarcity" is interesting.

We will think that if something is scarce, it must be valuable. But this is often not the case.

Clubs are a good example: they create the illusion of scarcity that only selected people can enter.

However, once we get into the club, we often feel disillusioned, because we find that it is just that, just like other clubs we have been to, we waste so much time.

This is because we subconsciously think that those things that are easy to get are worthless, and those things that are not so easy to get are valuable.

That's why we dream of owning a Ferrari, of being an entrepreneur, of getting the latest toys at Christmas.

We are born to crave things that seem scarce. However, when we get those things, they don't really impress us.

Importantly, just because something is scarce doesn't mean it's valuable.

11. What are you afraid of?

This one should be about me and my trip.

For one reason or another, I'm afraid to do many things. Travel is one of them - more precisely, a person traveling abroad.

I've wanted to travel to Australia as a backpacker since I remember, but I dare not go alone.

One day, I couldn't stand my job anymore. Then I applied for a visa quit my job and booked a one-way ticket to Australia.

When I booked the ticket, I was shocked, and when the flight took off, I was even more scared because I knew there was no turning back.

I'm very afraid of being alone in a foreign country. I don't want the plane to land.

However, when I got off the plane and came to Australia, an interesting thing happened.

I'm not afraid anymore. I'm excited. I realized that I had to be responsible for myself and that travel had to continue.

I had a great year, and then I lived in different countries for another five years!

This is what we need to do: The more scared we are, the more we have to try.

12. The more you want to keep someone by your side, the further you push him or her away

Maybe it's a sense of need. No one likes to do what they feel obliged to do.

It may feel normal for the person you feel special to be with you all the time, but it will make the person feel that you need him / her very much, and he/she has the obligation to be with you.

When actions or feelings become obligations, they lose meaning. People are willing to spend time with you because they like to be with you, not because they think it's an obligation.

In any relationship, boundaries are important, and that's why these relationships work. Respecting other people's time and desires, rather than forcing them to spend time with you, is the best way to maintain a healthy relationship.

Otherwise, you may find that these relationships are in danger of falling apart.

13. The less you say, the more you actually say

This is the method I often use when I go to university.

At that time, I was very shy and didn't like to speak at the seminar. I will speak in some classes, but not all classes, depending on the topic and the audience.

During this time, I noticed an interesting thing.

In classes where I express myself more actively, people don't pay much attention to what I say. However, when I speak in classes where I rarely speak, everyone listens to me.

At first, I was confused, but then I realized why.

The more we talk about it, the more comfortable people will be around you. They start to form their own assumptions based on what you say.

However, when you don't talk much, the situation is different - because we're not sure what someone's point of view is, it's hard to form an opinion about someone.

Once you say it out loud, people tend to listen more because they are eager to hear from you.

As a result, the more we say, the more meaningless our words become. However, if you don't talk at ordinary times, once you speak, you will find that your words are of considerable weight.

What is blind pursuit meaning? What are we pursuing blindly?

Blindly? Seek not to be the blind purpose, everyone due should have self had wanted the East to pursue, Even if you don't know you are pursuing back to what are you still diving answer Pursue this kind of thing in consciousness. 

Everyone’s pursuit is different. Maybe you’re pursuing beauty, desire, money, power, satisfaction, and happiness... Maybe you don’t know what the real pursuit is, but you are living You will still get a lot in the bits and pieces. Everyone in the pursuit, the pursuit of things wants to get in the course of life, the subconscious dream of something inside knowledge. 

Sending you a suggestion may not work, but it is worth a try: adjust your mentality and let yourself sleep carefree, maybe you will dream, the person, thing, the thing you see in the dream is what you want Something to pursue. Work hard and pursue your own things! !!

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