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Fake Friends vs Real Friends and How to Avoid Fake Friends

Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, how to identify true friends and fake friends in my life, True friends and fake friends

Today's topic is Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends. I have read countless books in my life. Now I share my many years of experience in identifying people and how to identify real friends and fake friends in my life.

When it comes to friends, perhaps the first anti-India in my mind will think of my childhood friends or my classmates who have been classmates for many years. At that time, innocence and friendship will always leave a deep memory in our youth, but will such friendship last forever? Will it become a strong ship of friendship in later life?

How to Identify Real Friends and Fake Friends

Method / Step: One

1. The answer is no because society is changing and people are changing with the times. Maybe the former partners and former classmates are not what you think they were. Maybe your friend has not been weakened by the changes of the times. Congratulations cherish it!

2. A true friend I think is regardless of level, even if you have tens of millions of that is only a number, and you have poor friends around you? Did you help them out early? In fact, this can distinguish how deep and true your friendship is?

Among the Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, there are new and old friends. And you can't get rid of old friends because you have new ones. Is it? True friend "good friend" is that whenever you need him, he will be on your side. She will help you when you are in the most difficult time. Fake friends are those who say it well. When you are really busy, she will pretend not to know.

To Identify Real Friends and Fake Friends in The Workplace

Among the Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, when we step into society and work, we will meet all kinds of people. Making friends in the workplace is especially important. It's a science to distinguish between true friends and fake friends. Some people are close to you to find a relationship with you. Some people are trying to make use of others' labor value to highlight their own bright spots and climb up. Some people are just reporting "multiple friends and multiple paths". 

Some friends will offer you some small favors or invite you to have dinner and drink just after they get to know each other. At this time, you are in the tens of millions Don't get carried away. Please check whether you are the place that the other party needs your help. 

Of course, I don't mean that the workplace is very dangerous and there are no real friends. Now, I analyze the existing images in the current general article. The real best friends don't want to be rewarded. The less the ingredients of interests, the higher the purity of friends.

Although there is an old saying that we depend on our parents at home and our friends abroad. But the difference between a true friend and a fake friend is learning and a test of the cumulative results of your life.

Among the Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, I'll tell you a story. There are three friends who enter a company before and after each other and hold different positions. 

Once, three people chatted with small and the company's boss before they came here and told small B and small C. So it wasn't long before little B often invited little to eat, drink and have fun, and the friendship among the three quickly grew into a friend without saying anything. 

After a long time, when little B found that he couldn't get help from little a, he gradually alienated them. In fact, little Blocked his eyes on the company's executives, walked around him every day, and gradually he climbed up step by step.


Method / step : Two

1. This story is obviously a typical example of upward mobility in the workplace. Do you think little B is snobbish or resourceful? After all, everyone's position is different, so when you meet this kind of false friend, immediately divide them into false friends in your life. This kind of person is not worth a deep acquaintance.

2. With the acceleration of the pace of life, the fickleness, and the utility of the society, there are so many indistinguishable truths between people that we are afraid of the appellation of "Friends of life". So, what are the true friends in life?

Real Friends and Fake Friends in Life

Among the Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, people's life is very short. They live a life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea every day. No matter you are rich or ordinary people, we will have friends around us, just more or less. Human nature is greedy, and your heart is full of endless desires. 

When you are happy, you can get a lot of people's flattery and flattery. Many people flatter you and make a lot of money every day. However, when you encounter misfortune, physically, professionally, or at home, when your past scenery is no longer, you can see who is with you. This person is A friend worth your life.

Here is A Very ClearStory to Illustrate this Point

Among the Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, it is said that there is a businessman who has done a successful business. In order to expand his home, he needs to buy a piece of land and build a big villa. 

At that time, there was a family next door who refused to sell it, which made the rich businessman very angry. Is there anything else in the world that money can't solve?

So a relative of the rich businessman took the initiative to persuade the family. The head of the family was a farmer and his wife, who lived in a very harmonious and loving life. 

When they got to know each other's intentions, the couple said a sentence that stunned each other. "Our husband and wife are satisfied with their current life, the house will not be sold, no matter how much money you give us, it doesn't mean anything to us."

When the rich merchant's relatives went back, they said this, and the rich merchant was furious about it. This world also has such vulgar people.

After a few years of this, the rich businessmen lost their accumulated wealth due to their business failure, and their wives ran away. Once, their relatives were afraid that they would come to borrow money from him, and they were all scared to alienate him. They didn't eat for a few days and sat at the door of their home sad. 

At this time, an old farmer came up and handed him two hot steamed bread. At the moment when he raised his head, his eyes filled with tears. It turned out that the steamed bread was not sent to others, but to the neighbors, he once looked down upon. The farmer and his wife didn't sell land and houses for much money.

Among the Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, I don't know what you have learned from this story, but what I want to convey is that a person can have a lot of money, but don't look down on the poor. 

Maybe the person you once ignored is your "noble person" in the future. In our life, we should make friends with such simple peasant couples and stay away from those who flatter and flatter when you are in the scenery.

Here's the essence: when you are in trouble, your true friend finds you. Adversity is love, but fire is gold. If you know horsepower from afar, you will see people's hearts for a long time.

Are You Still Like Your Friends?

Among the Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, "Sleeping in my upper bunk, sleeping in my lonely memories..." Whenever I hear this song, I can't help but recall the memories of my past school days.

When we were students, we shared our dreams and talked about the idea of flying high in the future, so I always thought that friendship among The students was simple and beautiful.

When we graduated from university and entered the big family of society, we gradually found that the once beautiful friendship was gone, and we gradually learned to be used to the indifference and indifference but not care, the warmth of human nature was swallowed up by money, and the soul was intertwined with evil in the dark.

At a classmate's party, I met a classmate in college. He used to be a roommate of my classmate for four years. We used to be speechless friends. He wore a famous brand that day. 

When we met, he was very official and didn't communicate much. In my opinion, he didn't have high enthusiasm for our classmates. Later, I learned that he now has several companies, Boss, it is obvious that the so-called identity is different, so there is a gap for students who are not of a life level.

However, it doesn't affect my mood. I choose to smile easily. Everyone has the right to choose friends and measure them. But it can clearly distinguish who your friends are all your life and who your friends used to be, so true friends and fake friends can be distinguished from small ones. Of course, we can't just ask our friends to do this and that. Also, you should treat your true friends in exchange.

Among the Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, in a word, the good old saying "different ways do not work together", "birds of a feather gather together, people divide together". Friends are all based on the word "fate". We can see people's hearts for a long time. We can follow our own hearts and slowly find friends.

How to Avoid Fake Friends 

Making friends is to share common hobbies, help each other, and avoid loneliness. Making friends is to make yourself happy physically and mentally and live better. 

When making friends, we also need to be extra vigilant to avoid getting on the thieves of the following 4 kinds of "fake friends":

1. In order to stand out 

"fake friends" will feel inferior and insecure with someone better than them. They are afraid of being compared and drowning in the crowd, so they will pick some green leaves that are more ordinary than themselves as friends. If you, unfortunately, become friends with this kind of person, then you become a foil or negative teaching material.

2. For a sense of superiority 

"True friends" will make themselves better and gain a sense of superiority through their own efforts, such as learning new skills and improving their body shape; while "fake friends" will only gain a sense of superiority through demeaning and sarcastic others. Get a sense of superiority. If you, unfortunately, become friends with this kind of person, then wait for them to speak ill of you secretly.

3. For revenge  

This kind of "fake friends" deliberately approach you because of jealousy, revenge, etc. They hope to grasp your weaknesses and collect evidence against you so that they can give you a fatal blow.

4. For bullying  

This kind of "fake friends" is almost abnormal. The purpose of making friends is to have an object for him to bully, criticize, abuse, and hurt. Once caught by this kind of person, if you don't cut off the relationship in time, you are likely to be bullied by him to doubt the value of life and living.

"Fake friends" will spread negative emotions and thoughts to you, intentionally or unintentionally. For example, they will use their own and other people's experiences to encourage you, stop looking for a job, stop falling in love and get married, and stop breaking through yourself. 

"Fake friends" do not want you to succeed, let alone become weak. Only if you have been in a weak state can you satisfy their feeling of being above you?

Therefore, the most immediate way to avoid being targeted by these 4 "fake friends" or get rid of them becomes stronger!

In addition, when making friends, you must also learn to know people and understand the other party's intentions to be friends with you in many ways. Of course, if you know that the other person wants to be friends with you for a certain purpose, as long as the purpose is not evil and touches your bottom line, you don't have to categorically reject the intention to make friends. 

After all, everyone has his own purpose, multiple friends, and multiple paths. There is no absolute pure friend, proper tolerance and consideration of the other's selfishness are also necessary.


If the other party's intentions touch your bottom line, then you should not hesitate to push him away. If he still wants to get close to you, make it clear to the other party that you already know his evil intention. Although your clarification will be strongly refuted by the other party, he will not dare to approach you again.

Finally, if you have made "fake friends" and can only keep friendship with them for some reason, then you must control yourself and not be affected by their negative emotions and thoughts.

Among the Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, before you become strong enough, you can also take...

the following three ways to defend against the attack of "fake friend" negative emotions:

1. Warn them: you can warn them not to talk about their frustrations. If they insist, you should avoid them and reduce the time they spend communicating and getting along with them.

2. Refute them: challenge and challenge their statements and ask them to provide concrete and practical evidence. If they provide some evidence, they will analyze and refute the evidence one by one.

3. Firm faith: build a recognition that you have your own values and beliefs, and no one can waver. A "fake friend" claims that you can't do something, but he can't do it himself. It has nothing to do with you. You must be able to do it with your own efforts and awareness.

From the psychological point of view, a false friend will often show his feet in the following four places. You should pay attention to them and don't be cheated by them.

Fake Friends Signs

1. They can't share your joy and take your glory

Among the Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, a true friend will be happy for your success. They will share the joy of success with you in your moments of glory.

But a "fake friend" is not like this, because they have never been sincere to you, so they will not be happy because you have a good life. On the contrary, they will have a strong jealousy.

So if you succeed, there will always be people around you who choose to walk away quietly or quickly cross the topic. It's likely that the other person didn't really treat you.

2. They're going to belittle you, not give you advice

Among the Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, there is a saying that a true friend is someone who can criticize you. After all, it's better, to be honest than to listen. So many fake friends will pretend to be well-known for you to suppress you and ridicule you.

For example, when you get a promotion and a raise, the other person may say, it's nothing, you have to continue to work hard. When you accomplish an achievement, a fake friend will say, you did a good job, but it doesn't make sense.

A person who is really good for you will not only criticize you but also give you opinions. Fake friends, on the other hand, make your heart feel better by hitting you.

3. They "pretend" to suggest

Among the Fake friends vs real friends and how to avoid fake friends, there is also a kind of person who will control you, influence you, and let you do things according to his mode by making suggestions, so as to finally achieve their own goals.

A true friend, they will give you advice, but they will never force you to accept it. Because they can understand the differences between people, and more importantly, they are willing to accept an imperfect you.

4. See if he's willing to "wait" for you

We can become friends with others because we have the same interests and three views. But with the passage of time, people are also changing. Knowing that the gap between the two sides is too large, the friendship will naturally disappear.

Therefore, most people are only superficial friends, or "Acquaintances" are more suitable. A friend who is willing to stop and wait for your show that you are really important to each other.

Conclusion Of The Fake friends vs Real Friends and How to Avoid Fake Friends

In fact, in our daily life and work, we often meet such people, but we seldom observe them carefully. If we can see the signs of such people before the other party sends out hostile signals, we can avoid reverse posting and regret. The above are four signs that people around you look down on you. 

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