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Why Do People Choose to Buy Apple Products?

Why Do People Choose to Buy Apple Products?, why Apple product is so expensive and most popular than other products?, Apple phones are so popular.
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In this article, we will share Why Do People Choose to Buy Apple Products? You may wonder why most people choose to buy Apple products. 

Well, Apple is an American company founded by Steve Jobs. It is considered the second-largest technology company in the world.

In addition to making our lives easier and more convenient, apple is also a leader in technological innovation. As Steve said, people don't really know what they want until you show it to them.

Are you one of the people who choose to buy Apple products, such as iPad, iPhone, iMac, MacBook Pro, and so on?


Why do people choose Apple products?

Maybe you don't know exactly who bought Apple products. Well, here are some of the reasons why people choose to buy Apple products.

Apple's products have been very popular with everyone. Compared with other mobile phones on the market, it is difficult to find out many reasons why it is so outstanding, but its absolute advantage is in front of everyone. 

Let's analyze why Apple phones are so popular.

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1. Apple's brand effect

If not surprisingly, the success of the iPhone and iPad owes the first place to Apple, their development company. 

Over the past decade, Apple has become one of the most trusted and praised companies in the high-tech sector because of its unique and beautiful products.  

The same goes for the iPad and the iPhone. As Apple provides consumers with the products they want year after year, these products are popular all over the world.

2. The celebrity effect of Steve Jobs

While there will be a debate about whether Steve Jobs is the best CEO in the tech industry, there is no doubt that he has a large number of fans who will buy whatever product he promotes. 

More importantly, jobs have a unique ability to attract audiences and media, and the level of hype about his products is unmatched by other CEOs. 

These qualities, together with Apple's stalwart fans, gave jobs a powerful boost to the success of the iPhone and iPad.

3. The arrival of touch screen

Before the launch of the iPhone, many experts will know that the development trend of the touchscreen industry will be in the future. 

However, few people think that there is a company that can launch such products that meet the needs of consumers in 2007. But Apple did, as evidenced by the launch of the iPhone. 

Apple also introduced the technology to the iPad, further strengthening its position in the touchscreen field. 

Now, if any smartphone doesn't have a touch screen, it's out of date. The consumer is a mobile phone that wants a touch screen. 

Since Apple is the first company to offer the right touch screen, it will naturally win the favor of consumers.

4. Do consumers need a physical keyboard?

When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, it also made it clear that a physical keyboard may not be a must-have for the future mobile market. 

Steve Jobs and Apple believed that the physical keyboard, as a relic of the past, was not in line with Apple's "cool" brand concept, so Jobs gambled that he didn't use a physical keyboard, and neither did the iPad launch last year. 

As a result, Apple has attracted a group of consumers who want a new generation of products not to live up to their old beliefs. 

Now, with more than 100 million iPhones and 15 million iPads on sale, it's clear that Apple's decision at the time was wise.


5. The right price

Another reason why iPhones and iPads sell well is that they are affordable. The iPhone 4 will only cost $199 for two years. 

The cheapest iPad on the shelf is $499. This price makes consumers and corporate customers willing to pay for it because they think it's fair. 

If the iPhone or iPad were more expensive, they might not be so popular, and I believe Apple knows that.

6. Competitive products can't keep pace

Android-based devices are quickly taking over shelves. Most analysts believe that Google's mobile operating system will dominate the mobile market as early as next year. 

But in terms of devices, no smartphone or tablet device can match the iPhone or iPad. Some devices may be close, and Android enthusiasts will definitely use the Motorola Droid X or Motorola XOOM as an alternative to Apple's mobile devices. 

But in most cases, consumers will think that Apple's products are better. Apple's products have better designs and more flexible software. That's why a single device can't match it.

7. Apple's App Store

When Apple launched its app store in 2008, many were uncertain about its future. Some people think it will be a big failure for Apple, while others think it will reach another height. Now, the store is running on iPhones, iPads, and even Mac OS X. 

This shows that the app store is undoubtedly very successful. Since its launch, more than 10 billion apps have been downloaded from the store. 

The store keeps consumers interacting with Apple's mobile products and extends the value of iPhones and iPads. Without an app store, Apple's mobile devices would never have been as popular as they are today.

8. Design is the key

Over the years, if Apple has proved anything, it is that the design of technology products is very important. The company's computers are always better for selling products on the market. 

The same applies to iPhones and iPads. Apple's latest iPhone, for example, has a glass-like finish and a prominent retina display that other products in the market can compete with. 

Unless other companies can find a way to offer beautiful products, it's hard to get suppliers to cut back on iPhone and iPad sales significantly.

9. The uniqueness of IOS

Both Apple's iPhone and iPad run the company's own mobile operating system, IOS. More importantly, there are no other smartphones or tablets on the market that run Apple's platform. 

This means that if consumers or corporate customers want to run IOS, they need to buy Apple's smartphones or tablets. That's one of the most important reasons why iPhones and iPads can succeed. 

Google's Android is increasingly used in other devices, but IOS is only used for Apple products. 

This uniqueness makes Apple sell more hardware because consumers realize that IOS is arguably the most agile mobile operating system in business applications.

10. Excellent marketing

Apple is one of the best companies in the world to promote its products. Its advertisement is very simple, to arouse the audience's purchase desire. With the release of advertising, product sales are also rising. 

In the field of technology, it is very simple to imitate the scale of specific equipment, but the quality of product promotion directly affects its success. 

As one of the most proficient marketers in the industry, Apple has proved this in many cases. And the beautiful sales figures for the iPhone and iPad are just further proof of that. 

Why are Apple products so popular?

I'm also a fan of Apple products. Although I'm not a fan, I'm still very fond of Apple's products. 

I am also a computer professional student, so digital technology products are also more interesting, the following to talk about their own views.

1. Innovative spirit

 I think that no matter how a company operates and how it publicizes, if it is a company without innovation, especially a technology company without innovation, then the company can not succeed in any way. 

The most important reason why Apple can become the world's top technology company is its super innovative power. 

Take Apple's iPhone as an example. From the first generation to the present, each generation of mobile phones is the industry benchmark at that time and has always maintained the highest position. Thanks to its latest technology. 

For example, its unique IOS system, or its own powerful or groundbreaking product, the iPad directly created a product field (iPhone also created the smartphone field), as well as its new products in recent years, each product has a large number of its own black technology, this innovation, no exaggeration, almost no competitor can match it, so it is the best brand.

2. Treat your mobile phone as a work of art

Apple's attitude towards making mobile phones a work of art is very attractive to me, because Apple's aesthetic is very advanced, always amazing, and will not feel bored. 

Although some people have always said that Apple mobile phones are ugly, in my opinion, they just think that they have seen more, so they feel that they are not innovative enough. 

If all other brands are abandoned, if any manufacturer is the first to make a mobile phone with the same shape, it will surely surprise four people. 

In addition, Apple has an attitude of only making high-quality products. When all products are held in hand, there is a feeling of playing with the artwork. 

This feeling is not seen in the products of many manufacturers. We can see that all products of Apple company are at the top level in the same industry, and the production level of its official website and advertisement is also at the top level in the world. To put it simply, it means "pushing the grid full".

3. User Experience

It is also very difficult for companies that only innovate and do not pay attention to user experience to win the favor of the public. Sony's mobile phone products may be a negative example (personal point of view). 

Apple not only has technology and innovation but also attaches great importance to user experience. Almost all of its products are very satisfactory. 

Even if some new features are not used by new users, they are easy to adapt to, and can also get a great experience after adaptation.

4. Additional Attributes

In a word, Apple's products are flagship products, that is to say, they are expensive. 

This also leads to many consumers buying Apple products with a show-off mentality; some consumers do not buy Apple products with the mentality that they do not follow the public and taste their own personality. 

But in my opinion, whether I buy a company's products or not, the most important thing is to see the products themselves.

Why is the iPhone always popular? What is the reason?

Talking about technology

With the continuous development of science and technology, smartphones have been deeply into our lives, but now there has been a very strange phenomenon, I do not know if you have found that, although domestic mobile phones are becoming more and more excellent, every people still like to pursue iPhone crazily. 

Although the price of the iPhone remains high, it still can't cool some people to iPho What is the passion for it? Let's take a look at it.

Brand image

As the world's first smartphone in the present tense, no one can shake Apple's status, and Apple, which has taken the lead, has also set up a smartphone benchmark image in many people's minds. Even though the smartphone market is in full bloom, it is still difficult for people to change their mind's obsession with Apple's mobile phone.


All people have vanity. As long as they are people, they will have vanity. There is no need for us to avoid it. For the first time, with a high-end Apple phone, this will undoubtedly give you a certain impression. (in my heart)

A series processor 

The core of the mobile phone is definitely the processor. That's right. Apple itself is also a front-line manufacturer of processor design and development. All Apple products use their own processors. The A-Series processor's running points are even more outstanding. 

We should know that there are only a few manufacturers with such technology in the world. After all, only with core technology can we have core competitiveness, right?

Technological quality

Apple has always been very strict with its own products, although each generation of products may have some small defects. 

But Apple products from the overall workmanship design can still let people see its intention. For each detail of the delicate consideration, careful polishing only brings you the most comfortable experience. 


Apple's IOS system is very powerful and different from the open system of Android, so I don't want to change it. It can be said that Apple's system is indeed one of the main reasons why a large number of Apple fans follow the iPhone. 

Many have said that once used, they can't change it. They feel that Android is too troublesome.

Apple ecology

Apple has its own ecosystem. To know that high-tech products are flooding, people need more than just mobile phones. In addition to mobile phones, tablets, computers, and so on have gradually become necessities in life. 

And Apple has built its own ecosystem. Now Apple has not only mobile phones but also computers, tablets, and so on. This makes many users feel convenient and simple.

Conclusion: People Choose to Buy Apple Products

Of course, the reason why the iPhone is so popular must be more than the above points, but in general, the reason why the iPhone can develop to today's scale depends on strength! 

Because the eyes of the masses are bright, not the most ingenious boutique, how did it develop into the global giant? 

After all, consumers are not stupid, easy to use, or not worth it, everyone has a steelyard. So what do you think? 

Do you prefer Apple products or Android products? Why? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area below. Thank you.

The #1 Reason Why You Should Use Apple Products

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