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The Future of Fashion & Technology

The Future of Fashion & Technology, Although fashion and technology are often seen as totally different fields, the two have converged constantly

The Future of Fashion & Technology

And why you should care even if you hate clothes 

Although fashion and technology are often seen as totally different fields, the two have converged constantly, mostly for the improvement of the two companies.

Take today's basic: Levis was Initially made for rustlers, diggers, and assembly line workers in the mid-1800s, It was not until the 1950s that Rebel Without a Cause and its star James Dean began its prominence and unlimited reception, an ideal case of the persuasive degree of that technology. and fashion they have when they come together.

The Future of Fashion & Technology

As technology advances, each progressive age of registration turns out to be closer and closer to home, and portable technology like the Apple Watch is clearly the next sensible advance.

After all, many devices, for a significant period of time, are loaded with geek misfortune (cell phone belt cuts, Bluetooth headphones for someone?). In case the technology is connected to you, I would rather not look like a cyborg.


Regardless of the efforts to pursue the fashion world, the modern appearance of Google Glass was generally considered too ridiculous to be used in any way by someone outside a research center.

Due to its smooth structure and limited time crusade, the Apple Watch has been somewhat more effective: a 15-second continuous spot that includes Chloë Sevigny worked excellently with the clock's adjustable groups and faces, but the clock itself is not too attractive as an extra in a severe sense. Regardless, it feels too much like a toy that should be given attention.

So how would you exploit these innovations without looking like you left a Star Trek program? Also, shouldn't something be said about the large number of ways in which innovation is improving the retail experience?

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Here are 6 contemplations that will help you exploit the accommodation, the style advice, and the generous advantages administered by the Fashion and Technology marriage.


It is not the superpower, however close;) In this cycle, imperceptibility refers to technology that cannot be seen or felt.

OMsignal, for example, is a state-of-the-art thread that is woven into pieces of clothing and can follow your heart, and respiratory rate, count your means, and calories consumed.


Similarly, the Jacquard Project transforms regular clothing and furniture into intelligent surfaces with a unique construction a thread that professes to be vague of traditional fabrics.



This goes beyond the Apple Watch, which in addition to its welfare control limits, is only a warning instrument. By collaborating with the creators of style, technology organizations can interest a larger crowd.

Take the joint effort of Tory Burch with Fitbit. Burch's elegant cowhide and metal arm jewelry structures transform a motion tracker and an additional mode suitable for life outside the recreation center.


At that time, there was Ringly: a line of excellent ringtones that interact with your phone via Bluetooth and notify you discreetly when you have content or calls. The discreet vibration and sidelight do not interfere with social circumstances and prevent you from rudely checking your phone at regular intervals to verify if someone has called.


Chronos is a small metal plate that turns any watch into a smartwatch. With only 33 mm wide and 2.5 mm thick, it adheres to the back of your watch and carries a variety of highlights from the smartwatch. Ideal for someone looking for the smartwatch experience without the affected appearance.


3-D and 4-D printing

At this point, you have learned about 3-D printing. Also called manufacturing of added substances, this procedure refers to the production of strong three-dimensional elements from advanced documents.

The ability to print explicit quantities at home or on a couple of squares away expels manufacturing and large-scale delivery of the condition, which possibly makes it the most ecologically well-arranged type of assembly.

Ordinary is an organization at the forefront of 3D printing for buyers. A fascinating brand that sells extraordinary items that really do not take into account a technological showcase, its incredible taste proposes that they would be equally effective without the 3D union. An ideal case of how the final destination of the direct assembly will look to the buyer.


The Massachusetts clothing and ornaments article, the study of the Nervous plan, is spearheading what spawned '4-D printing' with structures that naturally change shape once ejected from the printer. One can imagine the suggestions that this innovation can bring to different companies.


Social responsibility

Developing a sense of social duty has become a pattern among numerous new advanced design companies. While larger brands often try to give back, their efforts may seem like an exhibition tactic if generosity is not at the center of their action plan.

Eyewear retailer Warby Parker organizes social awareness in all grades of business. By dodging conventional channels, planning internally, and legitimately connecting with customers, they are ready to offer first-class glasses at moderate costs.


Globally, Warby Parker counts the number of glasses they have sold each month and makes a gift to their charitable accomplices. The charity empowers people to create nations to perform essential eye exams and offer glasses to their networks at reasonable costs.


It has been assessed that the normal American discards about 65 pounds of clothing each year, a terrible measure of waste. Applications like Depop and Poshmark allow customers to buy and sell used clothing and make exchanging used clothing fun and straightforward.


Smart Mirrors

Like it or not, shopping is one of our focal open exercises and a central social connector. To put it clearly, people like to go out into the world. Bright mirrors may not be the innovation that saves bricks and mortars, but, they will absolutely improve the usual shopping encounters and make them significantly progressively effective.

Memomi is a digital computerized mirror that allows you to change the tone of your clothes or include ornaments without actually doing it physically. Look at yourself progressively from all points or throw yourself through a variety of outfits in just seconds.


In November, Ralph Lauren dispatched intuitive mirrors in his leading area in New York City. It allows you to modify the lighting of your accommodating room, demand another size, carefully examine the things in the store, and connect with business partners. You can also send the data of an item to your phone if you need to buy it one more day.



Let's be honest: more is not more. If at some point, you have moved or faced a circumstance that has forced you to face the measure of the things you have gathered, you will understand.

Mylo will not sell a perpetual  line of fashion clothes for this same reason and accepts that it is smarter to put resources into a pair of timeless and well-planned pieces that will last forever.

After you have revealed to Mylo what it says, the application uses a calculation to propose the assemblies you can assemble for explicit events.


Thanks for Reading

Regardless of your identity, your main event, or the number of actions you put into your appearance, the advantages of the convergence of fashion and technology are evident. Jump on board and grab the future or stay behind.

Is it correct to say that you have the energy for the design destination? Did I miss some fascinating organization? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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