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Which Technology Company Do You Most Admire?

Which technology company do you most admire?
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Which Technology Company Do You Most Admire?

1. Facebook/Oculus Virtual Reality

Which technology company do you most admire?

Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of Oculus even before it went public should show its potential. Unfortunately for Oculus, it was a difficult journey, as John Carmack, a respected game developer, filed a lawsuit for his contribution and left his game company to join Oculus. 

The parent company of the game company claims that his donation was made when he was a former employer-employee. In addition, best buy's plan to sell headphones failed, and there were problems with the early delivery of headphones. Best Buy was also determined to lock in the game behind the exclusive deal.

2. Google

Which technology company do you most admire?

Starting with virtual reality, Google launched a $15 cardboard headset called Google Cardboard. The board is specially designed to use virtual reality applications on Android smartphones. 

Since then, it has launched a more robust headset called Google daydream view, which is conceptually similar to Google Cardboard and costs $79. You still put the phone in the headset, it can be your monitor. The headphones are mainly a pair of lenses that divide the screen into two images.

3. Microsoft Holographic Lens

Which technology company do you most admire?

Microsoft's virtual reality headset is still under development but has expanded to include hybrid reality (or augmented reality), where virtual images are superimposed on real-world objects. 

While Holo Lens is still under development, Microsoft is showing more and more practical applications for games and headsets, such as architectural engineering and CAD design.

4. Magic Leap

Which technology company do you most admire?

Magic leap is a very mysterious start-up company that has raised more than $1.5 billion, so it has a lot to do. When projecting the digital light field in the user's eyes, the virtual retina display installed on its head superposes the computer-generated three-dimensional images on real-world objects. 

This allows 3D objects to be placed in the user's view of the real world instead of a 100% virtual view like other headphones. As of June 2017, the company has not yet delivered goods.

5. HTC Vive

Which technology company do you most admire?

Vive, which currently costs $799, is a complex system of headphones, two handheld devices, and sensors that you can put around your room, so it can track your movements. 

HTC teamed up with valve to develop the room-scale game, so you don't just sit on the couch and play, you stand up and walk around. The box has 16 different components, which makes the setup a little intimidating.

6. Samsung gear Virtual Reality

Which technology company do you most admire?

Samsung's Gear VR, which uses oculus as a consumer device, costs $199 and is only available for the latest generation of Samsung phones. In fact, when you slide a Samsung phone into the handset holder, it acts like a computer device. 

The headset is designed for consumers, and so far the only app on it is a game from a third-tier developer.

7. WorldViz

Which technology company do you most admire?

Worldviz is a virtual reality company dedicated to providing 3D interactive immersive visualization and simulation solutions for universities, government agencies, and private enterprises. 

Its software allows customers to build 3D models for product visualization, security training, and architecture visualization. The company claims that customers save 90% of the cost of making real physical models by making large-scale virtual screens for building designs.

8. Apple


People are saying that if a company can really put virtual reality in the ideal position, then it can only be a great apple. 

When Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014, people were talking about Apple's missed opportunity. It is possible that Apple's name in the list of major virtual reality companies is a bit fictional.

9. Unity Technology

Unity Technologies is a San Francisco-based company founded in 2004. It is a leading developer of 3D game technology. It provides an ultimate development platform for the development of virtual reality games. Unity technologies are the developer of unity, which is considered to be one of the most popular game engines so far. 

According to Gartner, the global video game market will reach US $128 billion by 2017. More than 31% of the 1000 best mobile games use the unit. More than 600 million gamers around the world are playing games developed in a unified way. It has more than 4 million registered users.

Veer VR, the leading 360 / VR video-sharing platform

Which technology company do you most admire?

In addition to large virtual reality companies, there are many start-ups in the industry. Veer VR is a leading 360 / VR video-sharing platform. Founded in 2016, veer has become an industry leader by developing a cross-platform accessible virtual reality streaming application, serving millions of users from more than 150 countries. 

At present, veer has been launched in Apple App Store, Google Play, oculus rift, and other platforms; on November 14, with the launch of Vive focus, HTC also announced a series of top applications and platforms will take the lead in releasing its products, among which veer is honored to be one of the options. 

Recently, veer has also updated the new application veer editor for mobile upload of 360 photos, which enables users to upload panoramic photos on their mobile.!

Do you like virtual reality videos and immerse yourself in the virtual reality world? View veer virtual reality, and pay attention to and ask me any 360 or / virtual reality-related issues at any time!

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