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20 Best Christmas Toys for Boys in 2023

20 Best Christmas Toys for Boys in 2023. unique and useful Christmas toys for boys: Most Popular toys for boys age 12
Welcome to an insightful journey through the '20 Best Christmas Toys for Boys in 2023,' written by Muhiuddin Alam on the reviews site, TheBestNTop.com.

Over the years as a leading Authority, I made countless articles many of which can be found on this site.

I have received many requests to recommend some Christmas toys for boys. In response, I'm pleased to offer my expert recommendations in this article.

Today I'm going to share with you the ultimate top Christmas toys for boys that I think would be perfect for your son this festive period. 

Top 20 Christmas Toys for Boys: Most Popular in 2023

When we talk about unique Christmas toys for boys many questions arise in our minds:
  • What will be the top toys for Christmas?
  • What will be the hottest toys for Christmas?
  • What is the most popular toy right now?
And which toys do their friends grow to gravitate to whether they have different age ranges as well? And I think I've got a really good mix of toys here that I think useful toys for boys will love.

It's finally here! 20 best Christmas toys for boys that I think they will LOVE for this year. I hope you enjoy it - Thank you so much as always for reading x. 


They're basically colorful magnetic tiles that you build with. So they look like this. You get different shapes, squares, rectangles triangles as well. And you can build castles, houses, dollhouses, car garages, or when they were very little, we would just build high towers, and then they would like to knock them down. 

They all like to stick together so they're fun to play with. And as an adult, I quite like playing with them with the kids as well. So there are 100 pieces in this set and this cost about 45 pounds. So it's not the cheapest gift, but I think it's worth the money.   

And this is probably all you need or they do smaller sets of like 50 as well. And then you can also because my kids loved, we also got little accessories like you can get Playmag cars, so then you can build cars and buses on top of them. So that has got to be my number one.

2. Kinetic Sand 


And the next gift that I wanted to share with you is Kinetic Sand. And if you've never played with this before, I would describe it as a cross between sand and Play-Doh. 

It's got a very soft texture to it. You can build castles with it, but then if you hold it in your hand like this, it kind of all falls apart. 

My kids also like to cut it as well. It's got a really cool texture to it and it never dries out to like say  Play-Doh does. It stays good pretty much forever. 

If you get this case, you can close it up and it's kind of like a sandbox that you can just get out of time and time again. It's also easy to clean up and I just really like it. So this box set here, but they also do so many others that are cheaper, but I just really liked that case.

3. Ice Cream scent kit 


But for Christmas this year, I've got my son this Ice Cream Kinetic Sand set, and the sand is actually scented in this one. 

They also do Glitter Kinetic Sand, and I've also seen a rainbow set, which was only about eight pounds. So I think this would also be a huge win this Christmas. 

4. Micro Scooter 


And the next one is a big one in size. This is a Micro Scooter and all of my boys have loved it so much. 

There are two big wheels at the front and just one at the back, so it makes it very easy for them to balance from a young age. 

And because there's only one at the back, they don't end up kicking a wheel while they're scooting along. 

My boys love to take it to the skate park, but equally, if we're just going out for a walk or on a school run, they love to scoot on that as well. 

And I would say, I think we've got the boys a scooter like this from the age of two because they do these little add-ons. You can get a seat on it when they're very small. You can imagine this with a big bow on it. It's a great gift.

5. Lego Classic brick box 


The next one feels very obvious, but I don't know how I could make a Christmas gift guide without including LEGO. And I especially love LEGO on Christmas Day because it's so nice for them to have something to do or to build. Often Dad wants to get in for and Granddad loves it as well. 

And there are just so many sets that you can get if your children are under the age of three. DUPLO is great as well. So this is a classic set, but it's a great starter. You get so many colors in it and you also get a place to store it with this LEGO brick. 

And there are also instructions inside of simple things that you can make. But as I said, they do in different sets for girls and boys literally almost everything you can think of. So my son, really wanted some Minecraft LEGO this year. My older son also likes the LEGO DOTS now as well. There's just so much different selection. I think I've also got it, where is it? I've got this NINJAGO set for one of the boys as well. 

6. UNO 


As far as having something to do, it's also great to have some games to play. We have had so many different board games over the years, but these ones we always tend to go back to these ones. So the first one is UNO. 

This would also be a great stocking stuffer as well. The whole family plays UNO together. Even my five-year-old can play it as well. They just really enjoy it. It's very simple. 

And then Dobble is another one that we love. It's kind of like a matching game. You have to spot the pairs on two different cards. So again, even little ones can play it, but even if you're an adult it's quite fun and you can get different themed ones. So we've got the Harry Potter one. So again, it'll be a great stocking stuffer as well. 

And then this one is fairly new to our family,  but we keep playing it over and over again and it's really fun. It's called Go Sushi. I would say it's for like six or seven and upwards and it takes a little bit longer to learn, but once you learn it, it's really fun and we laugh so much when we all play this together. 

So all three of those we love. We also like the Orchard Games for younger children. We love the shopping list game.  The kids loved to play that when they were little. They also do some great matching games as well.

7. Wooden Cutting Fruit 


The next gift is for slightly younger children, probably five and under, but my kids loved this cut-up food. It's by Melissa & Doug. Melissa & Doug Toys in general are great. They're just very good quality. This is a wooden fruit that Velcros together. 

So you kind of put it together and we use the knife to cut it up, and then you just put it back together. And we used to play it over and over again with the kids. I think I got it for their first birthday present, but then we played it when they were two and when they were three and if they had friends around, they played with it in their little kitchen as well. So we really rate it. 

8. Ice Cream Cart


And next up we have the LeapFrog Ice Cream Carts and this has been so well-loved in our house. I  got it for my son's first birthday. And now that he's five, I still feel like I can't part with it just yet because if we have friends over girls and boys, they all play with this. 

You can turn it on. It has ice cream songs on it and it talks and it makes noises and they can make ice cream and they really enjoy it. He sort of pushes it around as well. I think is really reasonable because of its size,  it's like the main present for Christmas.

9. Fort Kit 120 piece 


And next up we have a fort-making kit. I've shared this a few times on my channel before, but my kids really like this. This is a set of 120. Basically, you get the sticks like this and the balls as well, and you clip them together and you could build all kinds of different shapes. And this is enough to make quite a big fort. 

And then you have like a frame that you can put the sheet over and we've even put our projector in it and you can watch movies and stuff. It's just very cool. 

And my son liked it so much that we actually ended up buying it for his preschool and also for his reception class as well because he wanted to have it there. So it would be nice to give a gift to the class so they can all play with it. 

10. Chocolate Bar Maker


And I also wanted to include some kind of cooking or baking set in this gift guide and this is a Chocolate, Bar Maker. I got this for my middle son a couple of years ago and he really liked it. So in this, you get all the molds and a  little thing that actually melts the chocolate so that you can make your own chocolate lollies.  

You even get the cute cellophane to make it look very professional. The only thing  I would say with this is you might want to also buy a bit more chocolate so that you can keep making more and more of the lollies. 

11. Bath Bomb kit


Then I also thought that this was a really cool idea. This is a bath bomb-making kit and this is actually on my son's Christmas list for this year. But in the first lockdown when we were homeschooling, our school wasn't telling us what to do. We did a bath bomb-making kit then and the kids really enjoyed it. It took up quite a bit of the day. 

We actually got more out of it than we thought we would and then the kids loved putting the bath bombs into the bath as well. So my son wanted this kit. You can decorate it, you add sparkles, and there are sprinkles. And like you can actually put little toys inside the bath bombs as well. So I thought that that was a really cute idea, especially if your child is also creative. 

12. Trampoline


And the next gift is a very big one. But when I  was thinking about the toys that my kids actually play with all the time, I couldn't include this item. So it is their trampoline. 

We got the kids a trampoline about a year ago for my son's birthday and they have used it every single day, even in the middle of winter, even when it's snowing they go on the trampoline and my husband and I often say to each other, 'That is the best  investment that we have ever made." 

13. Little People Big Dreams books


And I also wanted to show you some really cool books that my kids like and that I love to give to people. These books are called Little People, and BIG DREAMS, and they're beautifully illustrated by their education as well. They give a short history of an outstanding person. 

So here we've got Stephen Hawking. We have got Captain Tom Moore and also Gandhi as well. But we also have the Muhammad Ali book and they also do great ones on historical women and sets as well. So you can get a whole set.

14. Giant slime bucket


I feel like you're not going to thank me for the next idea, but it's one of the most requested and played-with Christmas gifts and it is slime. So in the past, we have got the kids like just a big bucket of slime, and my son especially loves it so much. He plays with it, but then you can also get these sets like an ice cream slime set.  This one I've actually got this for my son this year. 

And then you can also get this really cool DIY set, which is also a little bit cheaper. So this one is from Elmer's, I've got this one on Amazon and you can add glitter. You actually put it all together yourself and make a really cool slime. So  I feel like all children seem to just like slime. I know it's a bit messy, but an idea for you. Maybe Santa could get it for them. I don't know.

15. Fidget toys


And of course, I couldn't make this video without talking about Fidget toys. This is all my kids seem to be playing with at the moment. They love puppets. They also love really small puppets. my son got some for his birthday, including a  puppet board game and a puppet puzzle as well. You can get really small ones, which would be great stocking stuffers. 

And my kids love the little simple dimple and my eldest really likes Rubik's Cubes, which again I know is quite a niche, but it's still kind of like a Fidget toy. And they like them so much that for their Advent calendars this year, I found a Fidget toy Advent calendar that I've got for the kids. So every day in the lead-up to Christmas, they'll get a new little  Fidget toy so hopefully, they'll enjoy that.

16. Brio Train set


And for the next one, I don't have the original box, but I wanted to show you the boy's wooden train set. I got this initially for my eldest son and we've had it ever since we got a Melissa & Doug Wooden Train Set, but I think even Ikea does a version of it as well. 

There are quite a few. I think the BRIO one is also supposed to be really, really good. It's been so well-loved that the kids play with it all the time. We actually keep it upstairs in my son's bedroom and he'll often just get it out. There are trains that come with it, but he'll even put cars on it. You get a little bridge as well. 

17. Play-Doh Kitchen Bakery


And it has been one that he loves a lot. And the next one is quite a classic and it is Play-Doh sets. So this is what my son wants this year, but all of my boys have just loved playing with Play-Doh. It's also reasonably priced and I feel like I find it quite therapeutic to play it with the kids. 

So this year we've got him a Play-Doh ice cream set. We've also got him a Play-Doh breakfast Set, but you can get them even cheaper if you choose just to buy the colors. You can also get the dentist set. We used to have that. They really enjoyed that. 

18. Marble Run


I also wanted to recommend it to you guys Marble Run. All of my boys have really enjoyed playing with that. And when I asked you guys on Instagram, it kept coming up over and over again like people recommending that as a Christmas toy. 

It's quite cool because the kids basically need to build the Marble Run and you can see them working out how the marble is going to fall down the run and it's quite cool. Obviously, it's like a three-and-up game because you don't want anyone eating a marble, but it's a really cool one. And I think they even do an electronic version of it now called Marble Rush. So that would also be quite a cool one. 

19. Barbie Campervan


And another one that so many people kept recommending to the point where I thought, "I  cannot include this," but as a mom of boys, I've never had this toy in my house even though  I think my boys would probably love it. 

But when I asked you guys on Instagram, everyone kept messaging me saying the Barbie Camper Van and the Barbie Dreamhouse

People were saying their kids played with it for hours and hours. Those sound like two to definitely check out because they seem to love it, and it also looks like quite an impressive Christmas toy as well.

20. Toy Kitchen


And my last Christmas gift idea is another big one in size, but it doesn't necessarily have to cost a lot and it is a toy kitchen and a toy shop. So we've had a few of these in the past. Ikea has a great toy kitchen and you can get all of the toy food to go in it. 

Conclusion of the Best Christmas Gifts and Toys for Boys

Thank you so much for reading. I hope the shopping goes well and I'll see you soon. Bye-bye. 
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