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29 Best Unique Christmas Gift Guide for Little Girls (2023)

29 Best Unique Christmas Gift Guide for Little Girls 2023, top Christmas presents for the girls, and Christmas gift ideas for the little girls.
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Welcome to an insightful journey through the '29 Best Unique Christmas Gift Guide for Little Girls (2023),' written by Muhiuddin Alam on the reviews site, TheBestNTop.com.

Over the years as a leading Authority, I made countless articles many of which can be found on this site.

I have received many requests to recommend some of the best Christmas gift ideas for girls. In response, I'm pleased to offer my expert recommendations in this article.

Today I'm going to be sharing my top Christmas gifts for girls in 2023 with you. I'm really excited to share with you some Christmas gift ideas for girls. 

The Coolest Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Girls 

Christmas is a time when you do like to get your little girl gift ideas for a lot of things that they need and that we don't really purchase throughout the year 

but this year I kept it really simple mostly toys that they would want and then also some things that are great for learning some things that they need and things.

I'm going to share with you guys everything that I gave to the little girl princess gifts for Christmas this year. 

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first and that is this wooden cash register my girls don't have a cash register yet but they are really into play food playhouse play kitchen and all of that stuff so I thought a cash register would be a really great thing also my four-year-old is in school and starting to learn about coins and things like that and she's really into like money and purchasing things on her own 

so I thought this would be a good option but I found this wooden one on Amazon I always love the wooden toy style and of course the look but it's great because it's gender-neutral and it will last through my other kids and my little boy that I'm going to be having soon 

so I really like that but this one was from Amazon it comes with some fake money a fake bank card um and a little cash register so if you're into wooden toys I feel like this is a really great option and it wasn't super expensive either. 

2. Wood coffee maker kids

stick with the wooden theme I did go ahead and get two wooden play food items my girls have a lot of play food a play kitchen and all of that and that stuff gets pretty messy so my husband and I did not want to get a ton more play food 

but some things that they didn't have were a wooden coffee set and a wooden mixer set so they don't have a coffee um maker or mixer and I thought those would be good. 


these ones are so cute these two are from the same brand called Tiny Land and this was from Amazon but the colors I just thought were so pretty and kind of match a lot of toys that they have this is the little coffee maker it comes with like the coffee cup the sugar the milk 

the coffee order is like a little tag there or menu so really cute um and they can make their own little K-cups I guess you can say. 

3. Wood mixer set for kids


and then the mixer kind of the same thing really cute really pretty colors um it comes with like the cookies the eggs that you can crack butter flour sugar and then like a rolling pin and like dough and stuff and then the mixer of course so really cute finding wooden things on amazon I feel like is always a win because their toys can be really cute. 

4. Crayola art kit 


two things that my girls are really into right now are baby dolls and dolls and coloring and crafting so I went ahead and got them a lot of that type of stuff starting off with some crafting I needed to stock up on I always need to stock up on crafting things 

and I saw this Crayola kit on Amazon for I think 25 and it comes with like a bunch of washable markers crayons colored pencils and just like all different types of things a glue stick and paper and construction paper 

so I thought what would be a better way to stock up on craft supplies than just a big craft kit that I can wrap and put both of their names on I thought that was so cute it's called their Crayola super art coloring kit 

and it is just like the perfect size and a way for me to stock up on craft stuff to do with them but also a really fun gift for them so that is one way that I'm incorporating some fun crafting things into their Christmas.

5. Scissor skills 


and then I also got some activity books mainly for my four-year-old but these are great for like preschoolers my daughter's learning how to cut in preschool so I got her a pair of safety scissors for home and then this scissor skills activity pad. 

I think it was like five or six dollars and it just comes with a bunch of activities so that she can learn how to cut and then a pair of safety scissors so they are perfect for her to be able to use and if my little one gets a hold of them they're not going to hurt her anything. 

6. Preschool math book 


and then I also got a preschool math book she's really good with letters and things like that she's learning a lot in school and she's starting to want to learn how to add she's always asking me about two plus two, five plus six things like that. 

so I thought a good thing to get her for Christmas would be something for her to not only enjoy because she loves to learn but can also make it into a Christmas gift.

7. Doodle pad 


now my kids have drawing pads and things like that but they didn't have anything like this and I got one blue and one pink I actually haven't opened these myself yet to see what they look like in person but they're just big activity drawing pads and they're also a magnet so I can stick these onto the fridge. 

but it comes with this little pen up here and they can like to draw and it makes it like a little rainbow pattern so I thought this would be really good for like on the go in the car where they want to draw and they just need literally this pen and this board 

so I don't have to bring a ton of craft supplies with me but they can draw and doodle on here I did get a blue one and then I also got another one and it is just pink and that is how it's packaged just really small content these are like really thin 

so again perfect for the on-the-go throw it in the diaper bag and bring it along it's something to occupy them in the car but also something that I think they will actually like and enjoy at home as well.

8. Cocoa's Cranky Christmas: Can You Cheer Him Up? 


and then since we kind of is on the learning and creativity path here I will show you some books that I got so starting with two. I just got them each a Christmas book I got this one for my older one my four-year-old 

coco's cranky Christmas they're both gonna share these books but just for like name purposes when I wrap them so I thought that was really cute I love board books for my kids because they're just like easier to read and keep nice. 

9. Duck & Goose, It's Time for Christmas! 


and then this one for my two-year-old but again they will share this one is duck and goose it's time for Christmas so I love getting books for my kids for any holiday but especially Christmas if they're tiny they're good for stocking stuffers but they're also perfect gifts and my kids love to read lately so I had to include some books. 

10. Bluetooth cat headphones 


moving on to some more electronic-type gifts I guess you can say my kids do have iPods and they're actually getting new iPads for Christmas from their grandparents so something that I thought would be useful 

I got both of them a pair of these but just to show you one a pair of cat ear headphones my daughter actually has an iPod she likes to listen to music on it and she's always asking to use like mine or her dad's headphones but they're just like so big and bulky on her. 

so I wanted to get her her own these ones are actually Bluetooth so they're wireless but I thought she would like them because they're cute little like cat ears um rainbow and I think they light up as well 

but I like the Bluetooth so that there's no wire dragging around while she's listening and I got two of this one for each of them just because I know that if one has them on the other one is gonna want them even if she's not using them properly so um these will be good for both of them to have. 

11. Camera for kids 


and then another little I guess electronic-type gif I got my four-year-old camera. it's just a kid's camera these were so cheap on Amazon this was like 35 maybe and this one is pink they come in pink and blue obviously um but it does come with the SD card in it and the camera 

so that she can just take her own pictures she likes taking pictures on my phone or her iPod currently and it takes up so much space. 

so I thought for her to have her own little camera to walk around and take pictures of and fill up her SD card would be so nice it's a 32-gigabyte SD card that it comes with 

so I feel like that's a pretty big size and I think it's something that she's really gonna like and enjoy and get used out of and not only is it like a toy for her but it's also just something to like get her mind going and she just enjoys taking pictures. 

12. Mini Vanity Makeup Studio 


This is a mini vanity so she has had a bigger vanity in the past and it was taking up so much space in her room now they share a room and things like that so she wants a vanity again and she wants makeup she's like really getting into that 

and I thought it was so pretty it's like wooden white and pink or plastic I think actually maybe both wooden in plastic and it's a led vanity that comes with like all of the makeup and stuff like that but I did get her her own makeup collection. 

but it's just a way for her to store the makeup that I get her for Christmas that way she has a mirror to look into whenever I'm doing my makeup like in the morning and things like that she likes to stand on her stool look in the mirror pretend she's putting it on 

so I figured this would be something that we can do together but of course, it's like fake makeup and I thought it would be a really fun gift. 

13. Perfectly Cute My Sweet Baby 14" Baby Doll - Brunette


I did also get them each a baby doll a bigger doll like our generation doll and then accessories for the dolls but I love these perfectly cute dolls. I don't know if they're new or I haven't seen them but they're only ten dollars a doll and the doll is a really good size 

but they don't really have any boy babies so they're having a baby brother come in April and I really wanted to get them a boy baby just to get them prepared and so they can have their own little boy baby doll. 

so I thought this one was cute they're 14-inch dolls they are soft um but they're really cute and for ten dollars I mean baby dolls can be really expensive so I thought it was really cute they come with a binky all of them as well and then this one 

I thought was really cute as well um they already have like one other one I think maybe one or two from this brand but of course, I wanted to just keep the collection going but I got them a boy and a girl and I'll probably write both of their names on these or maybe just like one of each or something I'm not sure but those are really cute.

14. Doll diapers


and then they also have accessories from the same brand so I got them diapers. they pretty much have a lot of baby accessories they have the crib they have the high chair they have the baby food the baby bottles but they don't have baby diapers 

and they're always asking to use real diapers that I have around my house so I figured getting them actual baby diapers would be a good idea and something that I can wrap for both of them. 

15. Doll potty 


It is basically almost potty trained she's like halfway there I would say I thought having a potty for her dolls would be a good way to get her excited for the potty and get her really on board with it because we haven't been like I haven't been pushing it she's just kind of been doing it herself 

but I actually got her baby a potty and this one's soft. it does have a harder bottom so it will sit flat but it's like a soft material it has a little flusher and it's the perfect size for these little dolls I think to sit right on top and she can have them go potty with her. 

so if you are in the midst of potty training which I feel can be anywhere from like two to four maybe even one-year-olds would be like a good gift especially for a little girl or even a little boy just so they can get more excited about the potty but I thought this was adorable.

16. Our Generation Avia 18" Fashion Doll


A bigger doll 'our generation dolls' is almost like off-brand American girl dolls. my kids like they like to play and they're so cute I thought this one looked like my little girl she's got like the pigtails the brown hair uh the brown eyes so this is for my four-year-old 

and then I got my two-year-old one too but it is back-ordered in the mail so I'm waiting for that to come they are each getting one of these that kind of looks more similar to each of them but they have been asking for like a big girl doll like this for so long and I thought it would be the perfect time for Christmas. 

if you want to get ones that like to look like them or match their race and their hair and their eye color and even their personalities they have different like sports and hobbies and they have so many accessories I got a few here that I'm actually going to show you and one is like a big gift.

17. Our generation car 


so to go along with our generation doll I figured they would need our generation car I did not know how big this was going to be until it came in the mail but it's like a pink and gold hot ride for their doll our generation dolls will fit perfectly it even has a radio that I guess works and a key and a horn it has like a center console and a gear shift like all things working. 

A working key, a trunk it's really hard but the trunk opens up there we go so the trunk is actually another seat that's really cool and the doors open and everything like that so really big this is like one of their bigger gifts but they love like to have cars for their little dolls so I figured for the big one that would work as well. 

18. Our Generation Pajama Outfit for 18" Dolls 


and then the only other like our generation accessories I got since the dolls come in day outfits I figured I'd get them each a pair of pajamas because I know that they're gonna want to bring them to bed with them and everything so they'll change them into their pajamas for bed which I thought was so cute so I did get them each a pajama set for their our generation doll. 

19. L.O.L. Surprise! Color Change Bubbly Surprise 


The next few things are going to be lol doll-related and if you have little girls they most likely are into lol dolls at least my kids are highly into them and they just love them so I had to go and get them a few things they already have so many lol dolls themselves and like the accessory, so I didn't want to get too much but I knew they would be disappointed if there weren't any under the tree. 

so I got them each one of these lol color change surprise bubbly surprise the color change lol dolls are like the elite in the little girl world so I got them each one of these like big cases I'm not exactly sure what this is 

I think it's like a bath bomb or something and then like there's a doll inside it comes in this like a huge thing I'm not exactly sure what's in here but I know my kids will be happy about it so I did get two of these.

20. L.O.L. Surprise! Present Surprise Doll 


and then I also got them each two regular lol dolls so like a present surprise these are both present surprises but they look different these are like their cheaper cheapest versions of mellow dolls 

so the dolls are inside of here so I got them each like two um and if these fit in their stockings I might put them in their stockings but they look a little bigger than I thought so if not I'll just wrap them up.

21. Star hairbrushes for kids


speaking of stockings let me show you guys a couple stocking stuffers I found these brushes these are actually a set of two and I thought a brush would be a good idea to put in each of their stockings so blue and pink and they have like unicorns and glitters in the back. 

22. Color change cups for kids 


we always need new cups for the girls they just like disappear so these will probably go in one of their stockings it is for both of them but they're like little tumbler cups they come with lids cups and these are color-changing tumblers come with four them in the straws so another little stocking stuffer. 

23. Socks 


I always like socks and underwear for stockings for everyone in my house even my husband so I got them socks lol doll socks 
these ones just have little animals they're the cat and Jack brand my kids almost wear the same size socks so they kind of just like mix and match them. 

And then I did get them like underwear and stuff that I'm not gonna show but always underwear is like a good stocking stuffer I also got them each.

24. lol toothbrush girls' electric 


LoL, doll toothbrush toothbrushes are always a stocking stuffer too just to like to replenish their toothbrush but one of them is still back-ordered in the mail but it's just the exact same one and it's lol and it's electric um it comes with the little cover and stuff but these are like four dollars.

25. LOL hats & gloves 


and then the last lol doll theme thing I think is their hat and glove set I always always get a hat and glove set for my kids for Christmas because they will be needing them around that time so a new one every year these came really big so they were only like one size 

but they will work and I know my kids will be happy they're like a sequin hat they're really like warm and fuzzy inside they've got the little pom-pom ears and then they come with a matching pair of gloves 

this one is like silver and pink and then I've got the blue and this one just says like one pom they can pick whatever one they like 

but these were the only two lol doll hat and glove sets that I could find on the entire internet and if you are looking for these I would snag them right now because I actually had to wait a while for one of them to come back in stock so they like sell quickly. 

26. LOL lip gloss set 


I lied there's actually more lol but it kind of goes along with makeup so I think I'm going to use this as a stocking stuffer it's a little lol lip gloss set and I got each of them one of these because they love them it's kind of just like chapstick.

27. Makeup kit 


and then to go along with the vanity I got them each a makeup set there's another one around here somewhere but this one I thought was cute I thought it came with a makeup bag but it doesn't but that's okay because that's why I got the vanity to store all of it in but I liked this one because it didn't have like a lot in it. 

It comes with hand lotion blush eyeshadow um lipstick and then the body glitter I will be taking away oh and then eyeshadow cream and nail polish so it was like the simplest one I didn't want a ton of makeup for them just like a few things that they can use each so I thought this kit was perfect.

28. Chuckle & Roar Whoa Dough 


and then I should have shared this earlier when I was sharing all the creative things but I wanted these for their stockings and they ended up being way bigger than I thought. 

my kids love play-doh but these are gluten-free and include eight colors like sensory dough and I thought they were just really cool because it was all of the colors in one 

and I didn't have to go and buy a bunch so again these were for stockings play-doh would have been a good idea for stockings but these are like big so I'm gonna have to wrap them up but I thought these were really cute.

29. Baby doll swing 


and then the last thing that I got is gonna be kind of hard to show so I will put a picture up if I have to but I got my kids a baby doll swing it's like a baby carrier and it also turns into a swing. 

I thought it would be cute if my kids had one for their baby dolls but I thought it would be like a cute bigger baby doll gift and as an accessory for their dolls.

Conclusion of Best Unique Christmas Gift Guide for Little Girls in 2023

That is everything that I got my kids for Christmas and everything that is on my 2022 gift guide for little girls. I hope you got some Christmas gift inspiration for your kids this year from this article. 

I think they would just make the perfect personalized gift for your kids, grandkids even siblings or cousins, or any little kids that you have in your family. 

And again thanks so much for reading today's article and don't forget to subscribe before clicking off this article I will see you guys in my next one bye everyone.
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