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47 Best Christmas Gifts Idea for Male Friends of 2023

47 Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for Male Friends of 2023. The Best Gifts For Him This Christmas - Men's Gift Guide.
Welcome to an insightful journey through the '47 Best Christmas Gifts Idea for Male Friends of 2023,' written by Muhiuddin Alam on the reviews site, TheBestNTop.com.

Over the years as a leading Authority, I made countless articles many of which can be found on this site.

I have received many requests to recommend some of the Christmas gift ideas for Male Friends. In response, I'm pleased to offer my expert recommendations in this article.

You don't need to check out any other articles else's. Below you will find Unique Gift Ideas for Him. 

And now I get to finally contribute to the Google community with an article of my own unique gift ideas for men.

The Best Christmas Gift For Guy Friends 2023

I'm gonna recommend a bunch of cool amazing gifts for your brother, your husband, your dads, your boyfriend, your grandpa, and some other guy in your life. 

So I'm really excited about that and I wanted to kick it off with a men's Holly gift guide because I think guys are so hard to buy gifts for so I'm hoping that this will give you the inspiration to buy gifts for the men in your life whether it be your brother, friend, boyfriend, husband, and dad anything like that. 

So let's go ahead and get started I have a lot of great useful gifts for men to show and most of these items were actually hand-picked by my boyfriend. 

So these are all approved by a guy these are what guys actually want so let's go ahead and get started okay.

when it comes to getting around sound without taking public transportation or ride-sharing an electric scooter could be the ticket and a sweet alternative that will get you around town in a blink these e-scooters require no assembly and are easy to carry or store anywhere and we will recommend you best e-scooters that will make sure you have a wonderful cruising experience so without any further ado let's dive into the article recommended 13 best electric scooters for Christmas gifts.

1. Golf Set 

my first thing is this little box those are my initials a little golf and it comes with 12 personalized golf balls pencils and tees this nice little thing would look nice on someone's desk and then last year I showed a little putting green that you can use like inside your house this is like my experience. 

so you could get them this nice personalized set you could get them maybe golf clubs you could get them that little putting green maybe around golf you guys can go golfing or you know maybe you say hear your husband go on a golf trip and here's your little thing so that's just a nice little fun thing this is from mark and graham and it is under a hundred dollars.

2. Candle 


so as I was saying with that precious gift I would look nice on someone's desk a candle is always a nice little thing to give your husband or your significant other this one is called voicemails no the brand [Laughter] maybe don't get your husband boy smells but this is cowboy kush smells great and you know it's just a nice name manly beautiful candle just so it's called boy smells no it's voicemails is the brand it's called California. 

3. Catchall 


okay, another personalized gift from Mark and Graham is this little catch-all it's navy it's got a nice little m on it if your husband is losing all his stuff like my wife likes to complain about me this is perfect I'm gonna try to use this maybe I'll put my keys in here or your money clip from mark and graham this is also under 60 bucks personalized. 

it's got about three cardholders you got your money clip on this back it's got my initials and if your husband's still losing him you can get him an air tag I'm excited about it I'm gonna put this in my wallet I believe if it's in here or on my car keys because I'm sick of asking my wife and I'm sick of my wife not helping me with that so perfect gift you got your catch-all put your money clip and if you're still losing your stuff you got your air tag.

4. Kindle 


so one of my favorite things since becoming a dad was when Rocco was sleeping in our room he was our newborn you can't watch TV so I decided to buy a Kindle you can read in the dark absolutely love it you can find out your husband's favorite author download a couple books on here. 

so the Amazon Kindle is considered a paperweight paper light something like that but really love it the battery literally lasts for weeks so this is perfect take it on the airplane nice and small it actually can fit in your pocket so it's really nice. 

5. Glass 


and if you're just chilling reading a book you can have this little whiskey glass from Cork Scale um I don't smoke cigars but you can it's got a nice little spot for a cigar so if your husband dad grandpa significant other like that it's perfect so this is 25. and to kind of like elevate this gift you can get them their favorite drink or maybe you can also give them their favorite cigar. 

6. Hoka running shoes 


so I always like to share a pair of shoes some of my favorite shoes this year are the Hoka Clifton eights pick these up from Nordstrom. they have just a really nice heel to them they're just extremely comfortable and they like to give me that extra inch that I need so these are perfect. 

I am sometimes anywhere from a nine to a ten I have a nine and a half so I don't know how to help you there but nine and a half fits perfectly for me and they're just really comfortable and super lightweight like I've never had a shoe that was this lightweight and I love them got them in the car black.

7. Theragun 


so after you've crushed the gym you've crushed the walks with your hocus I found this Theragun Elite it is a Bluetooth wireless charging that has a bunch of in-app routines on how to use it to reduce your stress reduce your muscle soreness as a workout and buff like myself this is going to be absolutely perfect for me 

I'm gonna assume this is the best one because I've seen all the reviews and people love it and it's just gonna really get me through all those extraneous workouts that I do on my peloton. 

so it's kind of like a motorized it's a motorized massager yeah that's pretty cool if you've never seen it it's like let's read it easy to clean it comes with five different attachments and you can hook it up through your smartphone the app and your apple watch deep muscle treatment yes so if you got a workout buff like Alex has this is perfect for that. 

8. fragrance discovery set for men 


so if your husband just crushed his workout and he's kind of smelly you can get this fragrance discovery set for men of sense there are 17 little almost like trial sizes here and it's perfect if you don't know exactly what smell they would like I said and it's a perfect gift a little luxury.

9. Record player 

so another great gift is this record player from Crossley just looks nice sent out anyways but you can put um one of those calls those things records and then it's also Bluetooth enabled so you can hook up your phone to it too so it's not just like a record player and if you wanted to do the experience you can get them their favorite record it's perfect.

10. Leaf Blower 


so I've gotten to the age where we've been doing these gift guides for a long time that I get excited about a leaf blower this one is from Ryobi and it is wireless charging and it's just perfect I mean looks perfect so powerful I leave it out here because like we get a bunch of junk everywhere. 

I also got a pressure washer and I've cleaned all this up from the same exact company I absolutely love it and it's a really good gift and your husband will like to be cleaning up after stuff so win-win action.

11. leather wireless charger 


it is a wireless charger and you just plug it in in the backside of your phone here I believe AirPods do wireless charge so you can set it here it's also kind of like a nice catch-all if you didn't get the other one this would also be perfect comes in this nice tan leather just looks a really nice sophisticated great gift.

12. Cocktail kit 


the bartender kit I do not have any. stainless steel nice little mixer and it comes in this nice little storage lazy Susan's what these are called and what else there's just a bunch of stuff. 

and here you have corkscrews you got a couple of pores a beer opener a muddler and a couple of straws and ice tonks so if you're gonna use this and put this to the test you gotta know how to use it which leads me to my next gift.

13. Cocktail recipe book 


this is a nice little coffee book and it's actually booze and vinyl so they have a bunch of recipes that kind of coordinate with albums so it's a nice little book. 

if you're not the biggest drinker this would be a nice little coffee book in your man cave and maybe you'll learn a thing or two it's really interesting it is what do you think it's just a nice little hardcover book it is called booze and vinyl.

13. Mug 


I would say this like a heating coffee mug you can keep it heated on the plate so if you're super busy working from home you can operate it through a smartphone app and you can change the temperature to make sure you actually get to drink your whole coffee if you're like me. 

and you get busy in the morning you don't really finish it and you have to microwave it a couple of times and then it's just not that good after that so if you can keep it on this it's a nice little invention from the emperor.

14. Breakfast maker 


it is a breakfast sandwich maker she swears by it she said it's better than an egg McMuffin she says to cook delicious breakfast sandwiches in the comfort of your own home so this is what it looks like when you take it out nice little candy apple red you got your three little plates here. 

so you can make any type of sandwich you want any breakfast meat any type of meat bacon sausage you put the egg like this slide it and then you slam down your sandwich egg cheese you got your McDonald's at home we're not leaving the house and we are getting the best sandwich we can get.

15. Bacon Cooker - Microwave Bacon Cooker 


This cooks bacon in the microwave perfectly it's a minute per slice you drape the bacon over this and then it cooks it perfectly and all the grease drips into here so it's super easy to clean up all the grease actually just collects in here and then you can just toss the grease and then put it right in the dishwasher it is dishwasher safe and this is really nice and heavy-duty supposedly makes the perfect bacon so we love breakfast is the biggest most important meal of the day and I've cured all your breakfast needs. 

16. Blazer Mid '77 Vintage Sneaker 


I actually have another pair of these and I have a green one and then this is kind of like a tan but we're showing the tan today and I actually wore these when we went to Vail and Jackson Hole and wore these in the snow they're not boots or anything but they actually were surprisingly warm in their leather so they were waterproof. 

so it's kind of a nice shoe to use in the winter and I just think it looks cool and looks good with jeans you can either keep the jeans up above the high part that comes above kind of above your ankle or you can drape it over I'm not really into boots I'm more of a sneaker guy but this is kind of the closest I will get to that. 

17. Legend Slim Fit Pullover Hoodie 


next, we'll move into the sweatshirt and jackets that I picked out. so the sweatshirt I really like it's just plain simple black. what I really like about this besides it's really soft is the um drawstring here so you can kind of cinch it to your waist a little bit if it's a little too big I got this in a medium and I think it pairs perfectly with this jacket.

18. Jacket 


so if you guys watched last year's gift guide I also showed a bomber jacket. this one is black it's these jackets are surprisingly super warm and nice and they're perfect for weather like we have here in Nashville and they're just super easy to pack because they fold really nice and tight and they're lightweight I hate wearing heavy jackets so if you were to get them the jacket they could also wear the sweatshirt and don't forget the shoes they have their jeans.

19. Dopp kit 


so speaking of travel I think it's always important to get the man in your life a nice little Dopp kit. I absolutely love them I like having them all over the house to fit all my thanks and they come in these nice little pouches so you can kind of separate if you need like your razor or your nail clippers if you didn't want that stuff brushing up against your toothbrush it comes like this pretty nice big size this always fits everything I need since we go for longer trips I usually probably pack a lot more than what your average guy would use for maybe like a week vacation. 

so this always fit like huge face cleansers sunscreens deodorants I have a huge electrical toothbrush that I bring that always fits in this and if you guy see your husband's top kits they're always getting super messy with shaving cream maybe deodorant toothpaste these are washable so you can just throw them in the wash and they always come out looking brand new and it also comes with this extra little carrier so you can put all your needs in here and I just really like it I think this is the best stop kit I've ever had.

20. Phone charger 


so this is my favorite gift of the gift guide we are going to move into tech it is this wireless phone charger and it actually just comes apart like this this is wireless which I've never used before until I got this super nice just setting your phone on here so you just plug this in through a USB port and then you connect with your airport and apple watch charger so the magnetic part of the apple watch. 

if you have one of those that your husband doesn't have that's another great gift you put the magnetic charger right in here slap your Apple watch on there and it's perfect it just doesn't collapse so it just takes up so much space this is just so nice and small and then it's super lightweight and it works awesome.

21. Wireless headphones 


I also really think wireless headphones are a necessity now, especially when working from home it's nice to walk around the house you have your headphones in you can still listen to your work listening to your podcasts. 

I just really love this little case from keyboards just so we know whose is whose make sure that's important because they connect through Bluetooth.

22. Noise-canceling headphones 


this is noise-canceling so this is really important also if you've been working from home recently and the kids can't go to school or if you work at home with your wife or something you can make sure you're not hearing any outside noise and I can also say that the air pods sometimes will irritate my ears so I'm just excited to kind of use these above the head over the years and I will let you know how much I love them.

23. Projector 


so I'm really excited about this projector our movie theater actually went out of business it was regal and that's been my favorite thing to do for years it's been to go to movies so with Covid you got to bring the movie theater to you so we have this home theater projector and it will wirelessly stream from your phone to the wi-fi 720p just hook it up to your wall let it play and then you can play whatever's on your phone 

and this gift is just a nice little fun thing to do make it a date night with your husband get some popcorn maybe use your bartender keeper and get your book you got yourself a nice little date with this at-home project.

24. Candy Bento Box 


and you can't have a movie theater date without some candy this is from Sugarfina it's their holiday sips it's kind of like they're what you call these things they're like drink-inspired candies to drink inspired but like what do they call them like when it's a little kid is it just like a kid like a bento box so this is cranberry cocktail bears and I've actually eaten quite a bit of these. 

so you can have all this it's just a nice little fun little gift you could do I also think this is like a perfect gift that you want to buy someone for that maybe you're not super close with like a co-worker maybe a teacher or something like that.

25. Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner 


this holiday season we're gonna stay healthy we're gonna kill anything that's on our phone any germs any Cova germs any flu germs we're just gonna kill it because the phone is actually probably the most disgusting thing in the world because I know we all take our phones and sit on the toilet stream a little tick-tock watch some youtube videos don't act like you don't do it. 

so this is a phone charger actually plugged in wirelessly and uses UV light to kill off all the germs I think it's 99.9 of the germs and it works perfectly I've been using it the last couple of days it's really nice. 

so if you've been concerned about COVID cleaning your phone cleaning your groceries like we all used to do for a second check out this one it's a nice little phone charger and it's kind of discreet and doesn't really look like one does it so you can kind of have it, yeah it kills germs says 99.9 percent of germs okay. 

26. DJI Smartphone Gimbal Stabilize


So the first thing I have is this gimbal from DJI this is a phone stabilizer now this device will take your iPhone filming to another level Charlie and I love taking this on trips with us and I've actually used this for some of my b-roll sometimes whenever I need to do an overhead shot of the product and I need to be really stabilized so this is actually really cool because it pretty much what it does is that it eliminates any shakiness that goes on while you're filming. 

So how it works is that I'm just going to go ahead and open it up it comes like this it's pretty compact and small so I'm just going to be opening it up like that and I'm going to now put it on my phone and it works with any smartphone so I just have an iPhone and now I'm going to go ahead and turn this bad boy on [Music] okay so now it's on so right now I have it on portrait mode but I can change it to landscape mode. 

If I want to so basically whenever I move like this or I can be walking running moving on my arm whatever the phone itself will be stabilized in that same position so it's not going to move anywhere it's not going to be too shaky so I really love using this it makes your footage look very smooth cinematic and just overall very professional so this is a really cool product to have there's actually supposed to be another piece down here. 

I think it looks really cool because everything looks just so cinematic and a lot of people ask wow what did you use to film with and she's like we just used her iPhone and a gimbal that's it so this is great for you know not only people who like to create videos but even for travelers I think because you can create really cool films with this and just take your iPhone filming to a next level I absolutely love this because sometimes when I think I have a gentle hand when filming in post-production it still looks really shaky so I absolutely love this device all right.

27. Sony Bluetooth Wireless Headphones


next, we have wireless headphones from Sony and these are perhaps the best noise-cancellation headphones out there in the market right now Sony is always improving on this model but a full charge can last up to 30 hours so this is really great for long road trips or a long plane ride all right so.

28. Joby GorillaPod


next, I have a gorilla pod from the brand Joby this is really popular among video creators and so this is cool because it has a flexible wrapping leg it has a rubberized ring, foot grips, and also has a removable ball head so this is great for video creators or even travelers. 

if you know that he has a camera and he wants to document his travels and things like that but he needs something handheld this is really great for that and because of the flexible legs, you can literally wrap this anywhere around a chair a tree branch anything like that so that's really cool okay. 

29. Logitech Wireless Silent Mouse


next, I have a silent mouse I think this is essential for anybody who owns a computer because it's silent it's not going to have that annoying loud clicking sound like this one this is my open mouth and listen to this and then you can barely even hear it. 

so I love this because especially if I'm in a quiet area or let's say that you're a student and you're in the library studying you're not going to be the one with the annoying clicky mouse so this is definitely an essential I think for anyone. 

30. SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable External Hard Drive


next, I have an external hard drive this bad boy has two terabytes so there's a lot of space for you to store your videos and photos with this you can save time moving and editing your files with lightning-fast technology it has a rubberized design with an aluminum body very nice and sleek it's very slim and compact and it's in a pocket-size so it won't weigh you down when you're traveling this is compatible with pc and mac computers with a USB type a or type c connection so in the box, you get the external hard drive. 

this is super slim look at this it's so small and then you also get the two cords for your type A or type c connection depending on what you have this is actually Charlie's so when he was using us for the first time I was so amazed because he was transferring 4k files from one computer to the next and it took him only like a minute to transfer all those files if I was to transfer the files from my external hard drive it would have taken easily 30 minutes so this is really impressive and I think this is great for anybody who has a lot of footage that they need to store so awesome product all right. 

31. Apple AirPods Pro


so next I have Apple Airport Pros and this is actually not mine I'm still using the traditional stringy headphones those still work fine for me I'm still loving mine no problem there. 

But I think these are great because these are the pro versions so they have noise cancellation and they fit better in your ear I think this is a great product for anybody who has an iPhone or a MacBook all right. 

32. Laptop Cooling Pad


Next, I have a laptop cooling pad so this is essential for anybody who owns a laptop, especially now but a lot of us are working remotely so although all laptops have a built-in fan. 

This cooling pad will help your laptop maintain a cooler temperature overall and it will also help extend the lifetime of your laptop. 

33. Wifi Adapter


So next I have a wi-fi adapter essentially what this is is that it extends the wi-fi range in your house so you can get a better and faster internet connection without being close to the router all right.

34. Flybird Strength Training Bench


So the next category is for the fitness junkie the first item I have is a weight training bench so this is really great for somebody who likes to work out at home especially. 

If they want to lift weights at home either with dumbbells or just doing chest and back workouts you can put this downstairs or in the garage and it's great for just at-home simple workouts alright. 

35. Theragun PRO - Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment


So next I have a massage gun so after a tough workout he can use this gun to help reduce muscle soreness and loosen tension I always see guys at my gym use this so I think that this is a great product to have especially if he likes fitness and things like that this massage gun is an advanced recovery tool not only for professionals but for everyday people it has a rotating arm and a very comfortable grip. 

It has four unique arm positions designed to create the ideal angles to reach any area on your body all it really takes is a quick 30-second sweep over muscle groups to increase circulation release tension and soreness and just enhance overall performance so this is actually an older model I'm going to like you guys a newer one on amazon that one has an improved motor. 

So it's gonna be a lot quieter and here it is so okay clearly this is not mine so I've used that one time and I felt like I was getting beaten up so I am I'm not a fan of this it's not for someone like me but if you know someone that likes to work out a lot then this could be really helpful for them all right. 

36. Endurax Extra Large Camera Backpack


I only have one thing and it's pretty awesome it is this ginormous traveler's backpack now this is actually meant to be for a DSLR camera so on the inside you get a lot of compartments to store your lenses and your camera but besides that, you can even use this for a travel backpack so I think this is awesome and it's so huge and roomy it has so many different compartments it even comes with a waterproof bag so you can put that over to protect this backpack so this top piece right here is a rug surface so it's going to be very protective and when you open it up you see all these compartments here for you to put your lenses and camera. 

But I said you don't have to use this as a camera backpack you can just simply use this as a traveler's backpack and you can take out all these little compartments here they're attached by velcros and then you can put you know your stuff in here so this is really cool and it just has so many compartments so it's such an amazing backpack this would be a great backpack for a carry-on so on top you have oh here is the missing piece of the gimbal that I was looking for okay. 

Anyways you have this top piece right here that opens to another compartment on top and there's some on the side here and there's even one on the other side so on this one you can open it and oh I think you can put your laptop in here yeah it's definitely large enough for a laptop it even has an accessory organization pack for you to put cords and cables and things like that this hiker type of camera travel backpack is large enough to fit two pro size mirrorless cameras six to eight lenses and a lot more. 

This is the ultimate protection backpack for electronics especially cameras and lenses and all these dividers and backpack are totally detachable and customizable too the zippers are very smooth and easy to open and close so this is definitely a high-quality backpack if you know that he loves to travel or that he has a lot of camera lenses so I think this is such an awesome backpack to have.

37. 16-Piece Arsenal Builder Car Wash Kit


The next category is for car enthusiasts so the first thing I have is a 16-piece car wash kit this bundle is awesome because it has all of your car wash essentials. 

So he can clean wax and protect his car this is a really great gift for somebody who just bought a new car or just loves cars in general okay.

38. Portable Jump Starter & Air Compressor


Next, I have this is extremely heavy this is a portable jump starter kit with an air compressor so this is really great for any unexpected incidents happening on the road, especially for long road trips this is really helpful to have you can definitely jumpstart your own car without asking strangers for help and you can even pump your tires if the air pressure hits a low level. 

So I'm gonna go ahead and put this down now because it's really really heavy but I've actually had to use this a couple times I'm not even gonna get into it but I just have the worst luck with cars it's just it's not for me so this is definitely really helpful for someone like me who just has the worst luck when it comes to cars and driving so yeah all right.

39. Jack Black Skin Saviors Set


So the first thing I have is a jack black skincare kit you can get this at Sephora Ulta Macy's and even Nordstrom I think this is for guys who love skincare and I actually have the moisturizer here to show you this is actually Charlie's this is his favorite moisturizer he loves this. 

Jackpot also comes out with a lip balm kit every year so I'm actually using one of the lip balms right now this one is in the scent lavender I absolutely love it so they come out with a set every holiday season you could even buy this whole set and just give one lip balm to each person as a little add-on. 

40. Men's Undershirts


Okay next I have undershirts from Amazon so this comes in a three-pack and this is supposedly one of the softest materials you can put on your body says Charlie so you can take his word for it but this is great, especially for the winter season.

because you can put this under your work shirt or just wear it alone this is really soft and this one here has it in a gray color but they come in black and white as well all right.

41. Men's Leather Belt - 2 Pack


Next as a fashion accessory I have a belt kit from Amazon and this is from the brand Bullies I think fashion accessories are really great gifts you can give belts cufflinks ties anything like that I think are great gifts even socks too it comes with two belts two different colors a dark brown and a black and the buckle looks like this. 

It's very modern and sleek it's in this ruthenium hardware and I just really like it looks really nice and the leather is real genuine leather so very high quality and the bell straps are not smooth it has this really unique embossing detail on it and both are different as you can see so I think that looks really nice and it's just something different than just a plain smooth leather belt all right.

42. Adidas Men's Ultraboost 20


So the first pair of shoes I have is the Adidas ultra boost now these are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes you can put on your feet for men and women. 

So I just love these shoes and during this time of the year around Black Friday, they usually have pretty good deals I got mine last year for like 40 off so definitely check out adida.com okay. 

43. Nike Men's Benassi Solarsoft Slides


Next, I have these Nike slide slippers I have given these to multiple men in my life and they have all loved these are super comfortable I know some people wear these as house slippers and some use these as outdoor slippers so this is great for either occasion. 

So these are just really great they're super comfortable they come in a few different colors I think the gray looks really nice and modern so I think this is a great pair of slippers to give to any guy in your life all right.

44. Tempur-Pedic Men's Gerrard Slippers


So the last pair of shoes I have are house slippers from Tempur-Pedic and I'm sure all of us know this brand by now they make really comfortable mattresses and pillows so you can already imagine how comfortable these slippers are so these ones I am actually planning to give to somebody this year for Christmas and they are super comfortable. 

I was trying them on and they were so comfortable on my feet the soles are just heaven the cushions are so comfortable and they are very soft too so this is a great gift for like dads or you know brothers and things like that so I love this I actually want to get one for myself if they have a woman's version so yeah definitely a really great gift okay. 

45. Car Trunk Organizer


So the first thing is a trunk organizer this is crucial for keeping your car essentials organized in the back of your trunk so that it's not rolling around everywhere. 

So this is really great for somebody who has a lot of stuff in their cars and I feel like with guys they keep their cars really clean while girls are the opposite or are that just me I don't know so this is great for him to keep everything in his car nice and tidy and organized.

46. Portable Closet Organizer

Next, I have a portable closet organizer so this is really great for somebody who is limited with closet space, especially for people who are living in dorm rooms or small apartments it's portable. 

So you can literally just take it from one room to the next and it's really easy to set up and you can put your clothes and shoe accessories all in the portable wardrobe organizer to keep everything nice and clean all right.

47. Gift Card in Mini Amazon Shipping Box


So the last thing I have here are these Amazon gift cards in these adorable mini Amazon boxes I know that gift cards are not the most personalized gifts but everybody loves Amazon and I think anyone would love to receive these little cute boxes as a present. 

This is just so adorable it mimics the look of a real Amazon box look at that and the top piece right here is magnetic so you just open it up and the Amazon gift card will be right inside this is so cute and I think it would bring a smile to anyone's face who receives this because we all love amazon right so the amount of the gift card is customizable but the minimum is 25 however you're not paying for shipping or the box the only thing that you're paying for is the amount you put on the gift card so I think that's a really good value so I think this is a great present. 

If you just have no idea what to get him for Christmas and it's guaranteed that he will love this because everybody loves Amazon like I said you can definitely deck it out and customize it and just you know put bows and ribbons around it so that it looks a little bit more.

Conclusion of  Best Christmas Gifts for Male Friends

All right so those are all of my gift suggestions for the men in your life. I hope that you guys enjoyed this article and found some inspiration on what to buy for Christmas. 

If you guys did enjoy it please don't forget to subscribe to my blog for more articles like this and stay tuned because my woman's gift guide will be coming up next thank you so much for reading I will see you guys in my next article okay bye guys you. 
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